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Chapter 469 – One Year

Far away from Planet Suzaku, Liu Mei was flying in the void with a golden-purple light under her feet. Her expression was very ugly.

“Wang Lin…” Liu Mei bit her lower lip hard as she moved through space like a bolt of lightning.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that master secretly gave me the fourth soul, I would’ve had no chance of survival against those four primary souls!” A flash of golden-purple light appeared on Liu Mei’s forehead. The image of a thin needle kept flashing.

“When we meet again, I won’t be in such a sorry state. Wang Lin, you definitely won’t be able to recognize me after the thousand illusion ruthless domain becomes the ten thousand illusion demon domain.” Liu Mei’s eyes became cold and her figure disappeared among the stars.

Liu Mei wasn’t the only one who left planet Suzaku; right now there was another girl quickly moving through space.

This girl was wearing a purple veil and her eyes were calm. She was Zi Xin!

Planet Suzaku, country of Chu, Cloud Sky Sect.

Right now there was one person sitting inside the villa that Li Muwan had lived in for a long time.

This person was wearing a white robe and his black hair was casually scattered behind him. Although he looked normal, he gave off a mysterious aura that made it hard for people to forget about him.

His eyes were calm and clear like a child’s, but they also looked very profound, making it easy for people to lose themselves within them.

At this moment, his expression was calm as he sat there and looked outside the window.

On the open space outside lied a tiger lazily basking in the sun. It would occasionally open its eyes, let out a low growl, flip around, and lets its stomach bask in the sun too.

Under the shade near the tiger was a woman sitting in the lotus position. This woman had a very pure appearance; her naivety made her even more charming. She sat there as if she was cultivating; two strands of white gas were coming out from her nose and floating above her head.

The man inside the villa was none other than Wang Lin!

One year ago he left the Suzaku Tomb and came back to Chu. Right after he returned, he immediately went into close door cultivation for a year.

In one year of time, Wang Lin healed all the injuries he got in the Suzaku Tomb and his cultivation level went up by a bit. Although he hadn’t reached the mid stage of Soul Transformation yet, his cultivation at the early stage of Soul Transformation was even more stable.

Seven days ago, Suzaku Zhou Wutai invited him to his appointment ceremony, but Wang Lin rejected it.

Zhou Wutai understood that Wang Lin would not stay, so he didn’t force the subject. He promised that as long as he, Zhou Wutai, breathes, then Wang Lin’s friends will live in peace!

Wang Lin looked outside the window before withdrawing his gaze. He slapped the bag of holding and the celestial sword flew out and floated before him.

The moment the celestial sword appeared, a half-moon blade flew out of the bag by itself. The blade circled the celestial sword as if it were very happy.

“Master, number four has already been tamed by me to be very obedient. Number four, come and greet master!” Xu Liguo’s voice came from the celestial sword, then black smoke floated out of the sword and took his form. He looked very proud.

The half-moon blade shook and then a dark blue smoke came out from the blade and turned into the shape of a boy. The boy’s figure was not distinct. After it appeared, it bowed toward Wang Lin as it sent out a divine sense message. “Greeting!”

After seeing this blade, deep down Wang Lin couldn’t help but admire Xu Liguo.

Back then, when he found Xu Liguo, he didn’t know what Xu Liguo did, but he was getting along very well with the half-moon blade.

When the half-moon blade saw that Xu Liguo was going to leave, it quickly followed. All of this was outside Wang Lin’s expectations.

Although Wang Lin still couldn’t control it or imprint his divine sense onto it, as soon as Xu Liguo encountered danger, the half-moon blade would help.

As a result, Xu Liguo’s pride shot up. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was terrified of Wang Lin and Wang Lin held his life, Xu Liguo would have already rebelled.

Wang Lin knew that he wasn’t a match for the half-moon blade. If he started fighting it, it would be a sticky situation. However, for some reason, the half-moon blade really liked Xu Liguo, so Wang Lin used Xu Liguo to control it.

During this year, Wang Lin had tried to study this half-moon blade. Just whose soul fragment was powerful enough to form this blade?

But even until now, he still hadn’t made any headway, and as time passed, Wang Lin no longer spent time on this matter.

“Master, I’m going to bring number four to stroll around.” After he saw Wang Lin nod in approval, he immediately charged out the window.

The half-moon blade quickly followed and released a series of blade hums.

The sword and blade disappeared in the sky going who knows where.

Wang Lin touched his bag of holding. He still had a lot of things to do before he leaves. A lot of treasures in his bag needed to be refined again. After all, this trip to planet Tian Yun was shrouded in a fog; he had no idea what was going to happen this time.

While he was thinking this, a very arrogant voice came from the void and entered Wang Lin’s ear.

“Wang Lin, come and look at the matter you asked me to investigate! I’m outside of Phoenix City in a village named Mulberry! In the future, don’t brother me with these small matters; I’m enjoying my life as a king too much, so I don’t have time for you.

“Thats right, when you are about to leave, just tell me and we can leave together!”

Situ Nan’s voice was filled with joy and then it disappeared.

Wang Lin revealed a smile. When he met Situ Nan again after coming out of the Suzaku Tomb, they were originally going to come back to Chu and leave together after dealing with some matters. However, halfway to Chu, Situ Nan saw a mortal palace and an urge to become a king appeared. No matter what, he wouldn’t go to Chu with Wang Lin and rushed toward that palace instead. Wang Lin didn’t know what method he used, but the next day, the king made Situ Nan a king equal to the real king!

From that moment on, he lived a carefree life. However, he didn’t forgot about leaving the planet and told Wang Lin to tell him when he was ready to go.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, stood up, opened the door, and walked out.

The moment he came out, the girl under the shade opened her beautiful eyes. After seeing Wang Lin, she smiled, ended her cultivation, and happily said, “Uncle, what do you think of Rou Er’s cultivation speed? I have already reached the second layer of Qi Condensation!”

This girl was Zhou Ru!

One year ago, after Wang Lin arrived at Chu, he immediately summon the pagoda and let Zhou Ru and Little White out.

Wang Lin had left a lot of food inside the pagoda for Zhou Ru to eat.

After Zhou Ru came out, she begged him to teach her how to cultivate. Wang Lin couldn’t win against her, so he gave her the chant for Qi Condensation.

Zhou Ru had become an adult in the blink of an eye. Wang Lin couldn’t help but think of Li Muwan when he looked Zhou Ru.

“Uncle, what’s wrong?” Zhou Ru walked up and gave Wang Lin a strange look.

Zhou Ru’s knowledge of Li Muwan was wiped by Wang Lin, so she naturally wouldn’t know anything about her. As for little white, he would naturally not tell her anything about it.

Touching a strand of Zhou Ru’s hair, Wang Lin revealed a gentle gaze. This kind of gaze was rare from Wang Lin. Although he looked like he was the same age as Zhou Ru, this gentle gaze looked very natural.

Wang Lin softly said, “Uncle is getting old. Looking at you made me think of someone I knew…”

Zhou Ru laughed. Her voice was like the sound of bells ringing in the gentle wind. She laughed and said, “Uncle, you aren’t old at all; a new junior apprentice brother just asked me yesterday if you were my older brother.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. This child spent all day yesterday cultivating, so there was no junior apprentice brother at all. She said that to comfort him.

“Uncle has already cultivated for 600 years, how could I not be old?” Wang Lin let out a sigh. His eyes showed the passage of time.

He had experienced far too much in 600 years. From a mortal no one knew, he reached the point he was at today step by step. At this moment, he was the person who decided who the next Suzaku would be. When he reflected on all of this, Wang Lin sometimes felt like it was all a dream.

600 years of cultivation allowed Wang Lin to see through a lot of time. Also, he had steeled his heart, making him even more exceptional.

“Ru Er, do you still remember your parents?” Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru.

Zhou Ru’s body trembled as she revealed a look of confusion. Shortly after, she lowered her head and said, “Only vague memories…”

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru with a hint of apology in his eyes. If it wasn’t for him, she would be with her parents and would’ve had a warmth-filled childhood, unlike now where she only had a tiger as a friend.

“Ru Er, uncle will take you home…” said Wang Lin softly. With one wave of his sleeve, a cloud appeared under them and flew off into the distance with Zhou Ru on it.

Little White quickly flipped over and no longer basked in the sun. He let out a roar, jumped into the sky, and quickly followed them.

On the cloud, Zhou Ru bit her lower lip and softly asked, “Uncle, you… you found my parents?”

“I found them. Zhou Ru, remember that once you see your parents, you must be filial to them. Remember that filial love is the first love people have. If you can’t be filial, then you can’t be considered a person!” said Wang Lin. It was as if his parents’ figures had appeared before his eyes.

Zhou Ru nodded, then she looked at Wang Lin with a bit of hesitation and said, “Uncle, didn’t you say you were going bring me when you leave planet Suzaku…”

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru and sighed. “Ru Er, our fate ends here…”

“Uncle!!” Zhou Ru’s body started trembling, her expression greatly changed, her eyes turned red, and tears began to fill her eyes.

“Don’t say anymore!” said Wang Lin, with a heavy tone. With one step, the cloud under them flew even faster.

Little White let out a roar behind them and continued to fly. He secretly thought, “Although this tiger grandfather can’t run as fast you, you’re dreaming if you think you can get rid of me that easily. Even if I cough up blood, I’ll still catch up!”

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