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Chapter 468 – Suzaku Tomb

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank and he calmly said, “Mo Zhi!”

“It is I. Brother Da Niu, you still haven’t answered my question.” The man took off his mask. Hr was indeed the person who Wang Lin met in the temple on that rainy night with whom he talked about life and death.

Wang Lin calmly said, “My future is not on planet Suzaku!” Wang Lin understood now why the white crystal flew toward him. It probably had a lot to do with this person.

Mo Zhi looked at Wang Lin, shook his head, and sighed. “Unfortunate. Since brother Da Niu doesn’t want to, then I won’t press this matter…” His eyes were suddenly filled with confusion and didn’t recover for a while.

This time his gaze fell on Yunque Zi.

“Forsaken Immortal Clan, ⅓ of planet Suzaku can be given to you, but every 1,000 years, you must hand over the skull of a nine-leaf or higher clan member. Yunque Zi, do you agree?”

Yunque Zi’s heart felt bitter. He knew that he had no right to refuse right now. This person represented the Cultivation Alliance; the Forsaken Immoral Clan stood no chance at all.

He heavily nodded. Yunque Zi seemed to suddenly become old and his eyes became dim.

Just at this moment, waves began to form on the sea below them and the collapse of the Suzaku Tomb started again. While the sea raged, Mo Zhi raised his hand and the white crystal in his hand suddenly began to shine brightly.

This light suddenly covered the sea and began to spread across the Suzaku Tomb. The light spread like tens of thousands of horses galloping over the sea and soon covered the entire Suzaku Tomb.

Mo Zhi softly said, “Close!”

With one word, the collapse suddenly stopped, the collapsed earth quickly reformed, and all of the rifts quickly closed.

After ten breaths of time, the entire Suzaku Tomb had recovered.

Mo Zhi looked at the white crystal in his hand one last time and then threw it into the sea. The white crystal quickly sank into the sea and disappeared.

Then he pointed at Zhuque Zi’s corpse and a heart-shaped crystal flew out from between his eyebrows. There were many deep cracks on the crystal; it looked like it could break at any time.

But at this moment, the cracks began to mysteriously close, and in three breaths of time, there were no cracks left on the crystal.

“The next Suzaku….” His gaze moved past Wang Lin and onto Zhou Wutai, where it paused for a moment.

Zhou Wutai’s heart started beating faster. He was very excited and his body trembled slightly.

“Green dragon bloodline, you are a qualified candidate, but… Unfortunately, your cultivation hasn’t reached the Soul Transformation stage…” Mo Zhi’s gaze moved from Zhou Wutai and onto Zi Xin, who was cultivating next to Zhou Wutai.

“Cultivation furnace… through luck, she was able to reverse the situation. That is also rare…” Mo Zhi’s eyes lit up like he had made a decision.

Zhou Wutai let out a bitter smile and secretly sighed. He knew that his cultivation level wasn’t high enough and that he had no hope of getting the title of Suzaku.

“Cultivation furnace… there is something strange about her!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had some issues with Zi Xin before, so they were more like enemies than friends. He noticed a change in her body; there was something between Zi Xin and Qian Feng. Although he didn’t know exactly what happened between them, Zi Xin was once Qian Feng’s cultivation furnace.

Him killing Qian Feng somehow granted this girl her wish, which was something Wang Lin wasn’t able to see through at all. He had been cultivating for a long time, but he had never heard of a spell that could allow the cultivation furnace to steal from her master instead. This spell was very mysterious and strange, but the most mysterious and strange spells had their own deadly flaws. Wang Lin then looked at Yunque Zi. He was confident that this matter was definitely related to Yunque Zi.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and said, “Lord Messenger…”

Mo Zhi looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin said, “Although he hasn’t reached the Soul Transformation stage yet, that doesn’t mean he never will…”

Right after he said that, Zi Xin, who was cultivating with her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes. Her cold gaze locked on to Wang Lin. Wang Lin could clearly feel a thick aura that belonged to Qian Feng on her.

Zi Xin coldly said, “Wang Lin, what do you mean?!”

Wang Lin looked at the girl with calm eyes and said, “Junior, when I started cultivating, you weren’t even born yet. The smell of your mother’s milk hasn’t even dried. Shut up!”

Zi Xin’s eyes lit up, then she suddenly stood up and the aura of a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator spread out. She stared at Wang Lin and said, “Wang Lin, back then you sent me into the spatial rift and I almost died. I have already remembered this in my heart. Before, your cultivation level was higher, but now your one-billion-soul soul flag is gone and your cultivation level is only at the early stage of Soul Transformation. If I wanted to kill you, it would be as easy as waving my hand!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at Zi Xin, revealing a hint of mockery, and calmly said, “And if I agree to become the next Suzaku…”

The moment he said that, Zi Xin was startled. She struggled in her heart. In the end, she lowered her head and longer spoke.

If Wang Lin really became the next Suzaku and used the Suzaku Seal to attack her, she would have no way of resisting…

At this moment, she bitterly found out that she was still afraid of Wang Lin. Even though she had Qian Feng’s cultivation, this feeling was still there.

Mo Zhi looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “Brother Da Niu, do you want to become the next Suzaku?”

Wang Lin calmly said, “Lord Messenger, even if I become the next Suzaku, I would only pass it to him.” Wang Lin pointed at Zhou Wutai.

Zhou Wutai was speechless. His body trembled and his gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with gratitude.

Mo Zhi faintly smiled. In his view, this title of Suzaku was simply too insignificant. No matter who he gave it to, it wouldn’t matter to him at all.

On the contrary, it was Wang Lin who interested him. After pondering for a bit, Mo Zhi pointed at Zhou Wutai. The heart-shaped crystal flew out and rushed toward Zhou Wutai.

Zhuo Wutai’s body trembled violently as the crystal heart slowly sank into his body between his eyebrows.

“Stay here for one year and comprehend the Suzaku Seal. From now on, you are the 15th Suzaku! However, I didn’t break the seal on the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Lets leave it like that!” As Mo Zhi said that, he waved his sleeves and Yunque Zi and Zi Xin disappeared.

At the same time, Zhou Wutai’s body slowly sank into the sea and disappeared.

At this moment, only Mo Zhi and Wang Lin were left.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before clasping his hands and saying, “Many thanks!”

Mo Zhi laughed and said, “Brother Da Niu, maybe in the future I’ll have things that require your help. At that time, don’t refuse me. I must leave planet Suzaku and report back to the Cultivation Alliance. If there is a chance in the future, we will meet again. Now, let us leave together.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He shook his head and said, “Lord Messenger, I still have some matters to deal with inside the Suzaku Tomb.”

Mo Zhi revealed a smile that was not a smile and nodded. He moved his hand and a red symbol appeared. “Remember this symbol. When you want to leave, use your celestial spiritual energy to form this seal and you can leave.”

Mo Zhi took one last thoughtful look at Wang Lin before turning around, taking one step, and disappearing without a trace.

At this moment, Wang Lin was the only one around.

“I have obtained both mine and Wan Er’s soul pieces. The next Suzaku is Zhou Wutai, and he is a grateful person. I have helped him, so even if I’m not around, he will look out for the people I know and thus, I can also allow my mind to be at ease.”

This was the reason why he wanted Zhou Wutai to become the next Suzaku; it was so there wouldn’t be anything for him to worry about in the future.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before flying into the distance.

He didn’t fly far before he saw three rays of black light flying toward him from the distance. The three rays of light turned into the three primary souls before Wang Lin, one being the Qilin. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he took out the soul flag, waved it, and all three primary souls went into the flag.

“This Liu Mei sure has some skill. She was being chased by four primary souls and was able to destroy one of them… She has already left the Suzaku Tomb. Once I leave here, I must kill her!

Even now, I still don’t have any great feud with this woman, but again and again she acted against me. She even worked together with Qian Feng to kill me! I can’t let her live!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he made up his mind.

That one “dream” with Liu Mei couldn’t affect Wang Lin’s decision one bit. It was just as Liu Mei had said: aside from Li Muwan, Wang Lin was ruthless even toward women.

“The loss on this trip to the Suzaku Tomb was too great. Only three primary souls remained and all of the soul fragments were destroyed… The power of the flag had greatly weakened… But with enough souls, it can be repaired to full power. Unfortunately, wandering souls can’t be used, or else fixing it would be lot easier!”

“The Cultivation Planet Crystal is such an important item that using it to evolve the Ji Realm must be a lie! Right now the most important thing is to find Xu Liguo. I must obtain that half-moon blade!” After Wang Lin released Xu Liguo, he had been keeping tabs on him. Now he locked onto Xu Liguo, took one step, turned into green smoke, and rushed over.

The matter of the Suzaku Tomb ends here.

As for the Forsaken Immoral Clan, after Yunque Zi came out from the Suzaku Tomb, they all retreated to the northwest and settled on a continent there. They wouldn’t casually interact with cultivators.

Many cultivators died during the war on planet Suzaku, leaving many sects extremely weak and thus, the sects began to mass recruit disciples.

Many people who weren’t all that qualified to cultivate were taken in by sects.

There were also some very talented people that were dragged out of their homes by some sects. They were treated as treasures, and digilent teachers personally taught them to prepare them to become the cores of their sects.

On planet Suzaku, there was only one early stage Ascendant cultivator left. He was the Earth Shattering Sect’s ancestor who spent all his days in closed door cultivation and didn’t care about the world. Although he was unhappy that Zhou Wutai was appointed by the Cultivation Alliance Messenger, he could only accept it.

One year later, Zhou Wutai walked out from the Suzaku tomb. Although his cultivation was only at the peak of the late stage of Soul Formation, with the Suzaku Seal, he could threaten Soul Transformation cultivators.

He became the person with the lowest cultivation level to become a titled cultivator.

He knew that his cultivation level was too low, so after he appeared, he quickly went into closed door cultivation on Mount Suzaku.

The entire planet of Suzaku showed signs of the long lost peace it once had…

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