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Chapter 467 – Cultivation alliance messenger

In an instant, all of the soul fragments and primary souls fused into one.

A soul fragment surrounded by a golden-purple glow suddenly appeared.

The aura the soul fragment gave off was the same as an early stage Ascendant cultivator’s. After it appeared, with a wave of its hand, its body turned from transparent to solid.

After creating the Ascendant soul, Wang Lin retreated without any hesitation. He knew that this Ascendant soul fragment couldn’t win.

Wang Lin was very clear about this point.

“Oh? You do have some skills; no wonder you were able to steal the inheritance of memory when you were only at the Core Formation stage! However, if it was before I got that drop of blood, this could have stalled me for a bit, but now that I have it, it can’t stop me for even half a step!” Tuo Sen’s red hair moved without any wind and his dominating aura spread out from his body.

Tuo Sen began to laugh like crazy as he moved forward, raised his fist, and threw a punch.

This punch looked normal, but both Zhuque Zi and Yunque Zi’s expressions were very ugly. The two of them were heavily injured by that one punch and forcibly knocked away.

The Ascendant soul fragment waved its hand and a purple lance quickly appeared in its grasp. It shook the lance before throwing it and then it grabbed Wang Lin and disappeared.

This was Wang Lin’s real objective: the fused Ascendant soul’s purpose was not to fight but to help him escape.

The lance pierced through the sky and collided with Tuo Sen’s fist. A loud rumbling sound could be heard as the lance shattered. Cracks quickly spread all over the lance, causing it to shatter.

Tuo Sen’s body didn’t move as he looked at where Wang Lin disappeared. He revealed a cruel smile as his right hand reached out and he shouted, “Come back!”

A giant vortex suddenly appeared in the sky and began to spin slowly. A suction force beyond imagination came from inside it.

While Wang Lin was running away, his body suddenly stopped and was pulled back at an unimaginable speed. In almost the blink of an eye, he was pulled back to within 1,000 feet of Tuo Sen.

“I said you can’t run away!” Tuo Sen only took one step to cross 1,000 feet and threw out a punch.

Wang Lin’s expression was ugly and a feeling of death filled with heart. This feeling was very strong as he made a decision in his heart.

With one thought, the Ascendant soul fragment suddenly turned around and waved its hands. Both of its hands moved and then a mysterious symbol suddenly appeared. The symbol gave off an amazing aura. The Ascendant soul fragment turned into a ray of light and merged with the symbol.

At this moment, this symbol was as black as ink.

“Break!” An ancient voice came from the Ascendant soul fragment.

A shattering spell! All of the soul fragments will explode and thus create an unimaginable amount of force.

A destructive aura came from the symbol. The aura wasn’t strong, but for the first time, Tuo Sen’s expression changed!

He immediately withdrew his fist and was about to retreat.

However, it was too late; the countless soul fragments and the primary souls all exploded. This explosion was even more powerful than when a fused Ascendant soul fragment exploded!

The black symbol moved like lightning and shattered several feet in front of Tuo Sen. A black ripple suddenly appeared, and it seemed to have intelligence; it didn’t spread out randomly but charged toward Tuo Sen.

A heaven-shattering sound that shook the entire Suzaku Tomb appeared.

At this moment, not just the ones inside the Suzaku Tomb but everyone on the planet could feel this aura that could destroy the heavens.

With a boom, Tuo Sen’s figure was thrown back like a meteor.

1,000 feet away, Tuo Sen’s figure was collapsing. The eyes of the little monkey inside his body dimmed, then it closed its eyes and died. However, the red light that formed Tuo Sen’s body reformed after dissipating!

Although it looked like it would shatter with just a gentle breeze, it still gave off the terrifying aura of a powerful expert.

“I didn’t think… that you would have this kind of treasure!!! Wang Lin, I underestimated you!” Tuo Sen’s voice came from that figure and was very cold.

Aside from the four primary souls chasing Liu Mei, all the other soul fragments in the one-billion-soul soul flag had exploded to create this terrifying explosion. However, even with that, it still wasn’t able to completely wipe out this sliver of divine sense from Tuo Sen. He was simply too powerful!

Wang Lin felt very bitter in his heart as he let out a sigh and touched his forehead. He wasn’t sure if he could hide from Tuo Sen in the heaven defying bead. He was unsure of what to do…

“I want to see where you can run to this time!” Tuo Sen’s body slowly solidified, then he took a step forward.

But just at this moment, a ray of light flew out from the sea. Its speed was simply too fast, and in the blink of an eye, it arrived ten feet from Tuo Sen.

The light disappeared, revealing the man wearing the mask. He raised his hand and pointed at Tuo Sen. His eyes revealed a mysterious light as he said, “Seal!”

Tuo Sen’s expression changed as he stared at this person, then he retreated once more.

The masked man’s eyes lit up as five rays of light shot out from his fingers. The five rays of light turned into five chains that flailed about.

In the blink of an eye, the five chains turned into five seals. The seals stacked on top of each other and chased after Tuo Sen.

“I couldn’t seal you before, but now that you have been injured by an Ascendant cultivator’s self explosion, I can seal you!”

As the overlapped seals closed in on Tuo Sen, his expression changed. Continuing to retreat, he shouted ,“Who are you!?!”

The masked man didn’t say a word as his eyes released a mysterious light. The seal flashed and suddenly disappeared but soon reappeared behind Tuo Sen and landed on him at a very fast speed.

Tuo Sen suddenly raised his hand and a red mist came out from his mouth. His body slowly dissipated until it was completely gone.

But the red mist didn’t disappear; it twisted and churned. Tuo Sen’s face appeared in the red mist and said, “I don’t care who you are, but when I break free, I’ll kill you!”

The red mist churned a bit before turning to red crystals and raining down on the surroundings like red rain.

The masked man reached out with his right hand and white specks of light appeared among the red mist. The white light condensed into a white crystal and landed in his hand.

At the same time, the iron sword that Qian Feng took out also appeared. He looked at the iron sword and then put it away.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled as he stared at the masked man.

At this moment, not only Wang Lin’s, but the gazes of everyone present were gathered on this person.

Yunque Zi’s eye were filled with terror. He immediately recognized that this person was a cultivator whose cultivation he couldn’t see through!

It has to be said that he could see through cultivators up to the late stage of Ascendant. If he couldn’t see through someone, then this person had to be beyond the Ascendant stage!

Thinking about this, Yunque Zi’s heart trembled violently.

Zhuque Zi’s eyes became serious as he stared at this person and at the white crystal in this person’s hand. Thinking about how this person had extracted the crystal from the void, Zhuque Zi’s body trembled. He revealed a look of disbelief and bursted out, “You… you are….”

The masked man let out a sigh. He calmly looked at Zhuque Zi and said, “Zhuque Zi, do you understand that what you did was wrong?”

Yunque Zi looked at this person and muttered to himself, “Ye Wuyou?”

“He is not the first Suzaku. Don’t just guess randomly!” Zhuque Zi quickly cut Yunque Zi off. He looked at the masked man and respectfully said, “Junior greets the Alliance’s messenger. Regarding this matter, junior understands what he did wrong.”

“Alliance messenger… the Cultivation Alliance’s messenger!” Yunque Zi sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Zhuque Zi, your lifespan has reached its limit, so you should be dead. There’s no need to force yourself to stay! Attempting to shatter the Cultivation Planet Crystal is considered a great crime in the Cultivation Alliance. Looking at the fact that you had your reasons, I won’t pursue this matter for now, but you should leave this world right now!”

Zhuque Zi’s face was filled with bitterness as he silently nodded. His eyes lit up and he said, “I can leave, but the Forsaken Immortal Clan…”

The masked man said, “I will deal with it!”

Zhuque Zi took a deep breath, sat down crossed-legged, and closed his eyes. He still had a bitter smile on his face as he died…

His lifespan was already almost up, but then he stole Qian Feng’s lifespan to last longer. Now that he had met the Cultivation Alliance Messenger, he had to give it all up…

At the moment of his death, he remembered something from a record left behind by the first Suzaku, Ye Wuyou. It said that there was always a Cultivation Alliance Messenger on planet Suzaku. The messenger changed every generation and they were very well hidden…

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slowly backed up.

Just at this moment, the masked man turned around toward Wang Lin and smiled. “Brother Da Niu, do you not remember me?”

Wang Lin was startled. He stared at this person for bit, and shortly after, his eyes lit up.

The masked man placed his hand on the mask and slowly took it off, revealing his true face.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. “It’s you!”

“We haven’t met in many years, but brother Da Niu is still as graceful as before. However, there is still one thing I don’t understand: why did you refuse to become the next Suzaku?”

On planet Suzaku, at the Sea of Devils, in the Land of the Ancient God, on the pillar at the middle of the blood sea, Tuo Sen suddenly raised his head. He was filled with unwillingness. However, that soon disappeared and was replaced with intense, red light.

“You can break my sliver of divine sense, but you can’t stop me from escaping!”

Beside him, a drop of dark red blood slowly appeared. Tuo Sen stared at the drop of red blood and revealed a dark expression.

“With this, it won’t be long before I can walk out of here. Wang Lin, I’ll spare you this time, but you definitely won’t be able to escape next time!”

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