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Chapter 466 – Tuo Sen’s Killing Intent

After Qian Feng finished speaking, he swung the sword. A primal aura came out from the sword; this aura felt like it came from a primal spirit.

The moment the iron sword appeared, even Zhuque Zi and Yunque Zi, who were fighting in the distance, were stunned.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared hard at the iron sword. To be more accurate, he was staring at the rust on the sword.

“There are several drops of dried blood on that sword that give off a very familiar aura… blood of the ancient god!!! This is real ancient god blood, far superior to the aura the Giant Demon Clan blood gives off!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the rust spots.

“Not right! How could an ancient god be so easily hurt? There is no way that sword is normal!” Wang Lin’s eyes became serious and this time he looked toward the sword itself.

The moment the iron sword appeared, someone walked out from the sea. No one noticed this person appear; it was as if he was completely invisible.

It was the person wearing the mask. His eyes revealed a mysterious light as he stared at the iron sword and muttered to himself, “This is…”

Qian Feng was forced to use this sword. This sword was his family’s greatest secret. It belonged to the previous Suzaku, who somehow found it and secretly hid it in the Qian family.

When the previous Suzaku left behind the sword, he said, “I can’t see through this sword with my current cultivation. Future generations, unless it is a disaster that will destroy the family, you mustn’t use it!”

After Qian Feng became Zhuque Zi’s disciple and just before the war with the Forsaken Immortal Clan, Qian Feng secretly went to the hiding place of the iron sword and took it.

He wanted to kill Wang Lin and didn’t trust the treasure Zhuque Zi gave him, so he took out the iron sword. This was his real counter to the one-billion-soul soul flag.

At this moment, a laugh suddenly came from the red mist where Zhuque Zi and Yunque Zi were battling. Shortly after, a shadow shot out toward where Wang Lin and Qian Feng were.

In the blink of an eye, the shadow pierced through the soul fragment encirclement, causing all the soul fragments in its way to dissipate with miserable screams.

The encirclement was pierced through by this figure, leaving behind a wide opening.

When Wang Lin saw this figure, his expression changed and he backed up. However, just at this moment, waves of creepy laughter came from the figure and a red figure came out from within it.

The moment he appeared, he casually waved his hand at Wang Lin. Wang Lin coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his body shot out like a meteor. His body didn’t stop until he was 10,000 feet away, where he coughed out another mouthful of blood. This time there were even small pieces of his internal organs in the blood.

The red figure turned into a man with red hair and a half-transparent body, and inside his body was a small monkey.

Rays of red light were coming out from the little monkey to form this figure.

Wang Lin’s heart felt bitter as he said, “Tuo Sen!”

The figure moved once more and arrived next to Qian Feng. He reached out to throw Qian Feng aside, causing the Suzaku Formation to activate on its own to stop him.

However, when the figure reached out, a series of crackling sounds came from the Suzaku Formation, and with one hit, it shattered.

Qian Feng’s face suddenly turned extremely pale. The shattering of the Suzaku Formation gave him a serious injury on top of his current injuries.

After throwing Qian Feng aside, the figure grabbed the iron sword.

After taking a careful look, he began to laugh like crazy and said, “It turns out to be this. The blood on this sword is from a nine-star member of my clan. Good! With this and the Cultivation Planet Crystal, I’m 100% confident I can escape!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and reached out with his right hand. The one-billion-soul soul flag appeared in his hand and then, after one shake, all the surrounding soul fragments gathered toward the flag. The axe and sword sheaths also flew toward him under his command.

The figure looked at Wang Lin, revealed creepy smile, and said, “Little brat, wait until I obtain the Cultivation Planet Crystal and then I’ll come and deal with you!”

With that, he wiped his hand over the sword. The rust on the sword began to move as if it were alive and finally formed one drop of dark red blood.

The figure revealed a look of joy and swallowed the drop of blood. Then, while holding the sword, he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was inside the red fog where Zhuque Zi and Yunque Zi were fighting.

Zhuque Zi’s surprised exclamation and Yunque Zi’s angry roar came from the red mist followed by the sounds of spells.

Qian Feng was seriously injured after being thrown away, but he managed to stabilize his body and was just about to escape.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He waved the soul flag in his hand and was surrounded by it as he charged toward Qian Feng.

Wang Lin thought, “I need to use Qian Feng’s life to trade for my soul piece and then leave the Suzaku Tomb at top speed!” Wang Lin’s speed reached its limit as he rushed at Qian Feng. Qian Feng was caught by the countless soul fragments and taken away by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s body appeared before Qian Feng and pointed between Qian Feng’s eyebrows.

Qian Feng’s face was pale and his eyes revealed a hint of madness. His Suzaku Formation was destroyed, his iron sword was taken, his treasure was broken, and his life force was stolen. He was also seriously injured, making him extremely weak. Now that he had been caught by Wang Lin, he was going to die without a grave.

“Even if I die, I’ll have you die with me!” Qian Feng’s eyes were filled with madness; he was prepared to explode.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he softly said, “Soul piece!”

The purple symbol that was left in his mind immediately began to shine and appeared between him and Qian Feng.

To exact your soul piece from the Cultivation Planet Crystal, you must trade a life for it.

At this moment, just as Qian Feng was about to explode, he let out a miserable scream and his eyes dimmed. The purple symbol gave off a demonic light and two soul pieces appeared on it.

Of the two soul pieces, one belonged to Wang Lin and the other to Qian Feng.

Qian Feng’s soul piece slowly shattered and then Wang Lin’s soul piece slowly dissipated into specks of light that slowly entered Wang Lin’s forehead.

Wang Lin’s body started trembling. He could feel that there was something extra in his body, and he was filled with the sense of being whole.

On the contrary, Qian Feng, whose eyes dimmed until there was no light, died before he could explode. Four rays of light shot out from his forehead and disappeared.

The four rays of light were the four elemental spirits Qian Feng devoured from Red Butterfly.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He waved his hand and grabbed one of the elemental spirits while the other three disappeared.

As for Qian Feng’s body, it fell from the sky and into the ocean. Qian Feng’s bag of holding flew up and was caught by Wang Lin.

Zhuo Wutai and Zi Xin watched all of this from a distance. They looked at each other and then Zhuo Wutai let out a secret sigh. In the end, he still wasn’t able to tell what he wanted to tell Wang Lin in time.

The hatred in Zi Xin’s eyes disappeared. She looked at Qian Feng’s sinking body and began to laugh. The hatred in this laugh was extremely monstrous.

“Qian Feng!” Zi Xin’s eyes became cold, then she quickly sat down and her hand formed a mysterious seal. At the same time, flashes of light came from between her eyebrows and several puppet cultivators appeared to protect her.

“Cultivation furnace… in the end, who is whose cultivation furnace… Wang Lin, in the end, you still weren’t able to see through it… You killing Qian Feng granted Zi Xin’s wish, ah! Unfortunately, even I don’t know what kind of spell Yunque Zi used. This kind of spell is unheard of… it is simply too strange. Even with a sliver of the green dragon’s inheritance that has awakened in my mind, I have no memory of this spell…” Zhuo Wutai revealed a complex expression as he looked at Zi Xin.

Zi Xin was currently emitting a rainbow-colored light and a powerful aura filled her body. This aura was very similar to Qian Feng’s.

Wang Lin was wrapped by the soul flag and was about to charge out of this golden sea.

But just at this moment, a heaven-shaking sound came from the red mist that Zhuque Zi released. A second later, Yunque Zi’s figure was thrown out of the mist. Blood came out of his mouth, his eyes were blurry, and when he landed, he almost fell down.

At the same time, Zhuque Zi was also thrown out. His expression was ugly. The vitality he had before disappeared; he was now covered in a deathly aura and blood was coming out of his mouth.

A mad laugh came from within the red mist. Shortly after, the red mist disappeared, revealing Tuo Sen’s red figure holding the white crystal. His eyes were releasing a red glow.

“Once I’m free, I’ll definitely let you two experience my real strength!” While Tuo Sen laughed, his body turned into a ray of lightning and charged toward Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin! Now it is your turn!” Tuo Sen’s voice was filled with coldness, and when it entered Wang Lin’s ears, it startled him. Wang Lin was still wrapped by the soul flag and quickly flying away.

However, Tuo Sen’s speed was even faster.

In almost a blink of an eye, he caught up to Wang Lin. His gloomy voice entered Wang Lin’s ears.

“You can’t escape, Wang Lin. I have waited for a very long time to devour your inheritance of intelligence…”

Wang Lin’s face was gloomy. He waved his hand and the axe appeared in his grasp. He suddenly turned around, focused all the celestial spiritual energy in his body on the axe, and viciously swung down.

A ray of axe energy several hundred feet wide and filled with celestial spiritual energy shot out. This ray of axe energy felt like it could split the heavens.

However, Tuo Sen’s figure’s eyes started glowing red, then he raised his hand and gently pointed at the ray of axe energy, causing it to collapse.

Wang Lin quickly backed up. His face was completely pale and he put away the axe, then he took out the soul flag, shook it, and said, “Fuse!”

With one word, all of the soul fragments besides the ones chasing after Liu Mei began to fuse like crazy. The fusion speed was so fast that it was completed in almost an instant.

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