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Chapter 464 – Suzaku’s Inheritance

Wang Lin’s goal was to blow it away. This object was simply too strange, so he really didn’t want to touch it.

But with a flash, the crystal broke through the gust of wind and in the blink of an eye it got close to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and reached out to grab the crystal so he could throw it away. However, when he touched it, he found that there were no negative effects.

He was startled for a moment, then his eyes lit up and he continued to escape without any hesitation.

But just at this moment, a mysterious power from the crystal entered Wang Lin’s arm. This energy moved through his body, toward his brain, and exploded with information.

Strange symbols appeared one by one in his mind.

These symbols flashed and moved like lightning inside his brain. Wang Lin wasn’t surprised by this because he had been through this once before. When he absorbed ancient god Tu Si’s inheritance of knowledge, the same thing happened.

As those symbols flashed in his head, various scenes echoed in Wang Lin’s mind.

The scene showed a man filled with majesty and pride standing on top of a giant star compass, This star compass was completely black and had purple lightning traveling through it. Wherever the star compass went, there would be loud, rumbling sounds.

Before this man was a pagoda floating in space, and there were three large and clear words on the pagoda:

“Celestial Seal Pagoda”

The man quickly entered this pagoda.

“Stop!” A voice came out from inside the pagoda. This voice was also filled with majesty and would cause anyone’s heart to shake.

But the middle-aged man’s expression remained the same as he bowed and said, “Junior is Ye Wuyou from the country of Suzaku that has just reached rank 6. Junior is here on orders from the Cultivation Alliance to get the Suzaku Seal.”

Wang Lin’s body trembled. His entire mind was absorbed by a vortex into this memory. However, in the real world, not only did his feet not stop moving, but something even more strange happened.

A ray of red light suddenly appeared under his feet and a powerful force suddenly came from Wang Lin. However, this force didn’t come directly from him but from the red light under his feet.

As the red light flashed, Wang Lin’s speed reached an unimaginable level. Moving at this pace, Wang Lin quickly made his way toward the exit of the hallway.

Yunque Zi, who was chasing him, exclaimed out loud. His expression was ugly and he couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing.

“Suzaku Seal! How could this Ceng Niu give off the aura of the Suzaku Seal!?”

In the scene inside Wang Lin’s mind, the man walked into the pagoda. This pagoda seemed like it had many floors. The man only got to the third floor before he stopped.

“The Suzaku Seal is a low ranked technique and an inheritance technique. One has to be the titled cultivator to use it.”

The voice came from the void, and at the same time, a red seal appeared in the air. This seal was very complicated and for a moment he felt like this seal looked similar to the tattoos on the skulls of the Forsaken Immortal Clan members.

But after looking at it closely, it was completely different. This feeling was very strange.

At this moment, the seal slowly floated toward the man and imprinted on his forehead. Wang Lin suddenly felt pain. This was pain Wang Lin had never experienced before; it was as if something was being carved onto his soul.

At this moment, he seemed to have lost himself and become that man. Waves of pain continued entering his body. Wang Lin couldn’t stand it anymore and began to roar.

His body moved even faster and the red light was now blinding.

The look of disbelief in the eyes of Yunque Zi, who was chasing Wang Lin, became even stronger. He stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Lin and muttered to himself, “This…. This is the Suzaku inheritance… How could it be like this? Without fusing with the Cultivation Planet Heart, how could this kid go through the Suzaku’s Inheritance…”

As for the little monkey, it stared at Wang Lin with glowing, red eyes and a dark expression.

Wang Lin’s roar echoed in the hallway. He was moving like lightning when he finally exited the palace and appeared in the sea.

He didn’t stop and directly charged toward the sea’s surface.

He was completely surrounded by red light, and the aura of the Suzaku began to spread.

His eyes were no longer clear; they were filled with chaos and struggle.

Inside his mind, the pain came wave after wave. It had reached the point where he almost couldn’t stand it any longer. The veins on his forehead were popped out and his eyes were bloodshot.

The injuries he had suppressed previously suddenly exploded forth, but they were forced down once more by the red light.

Inside Wang Lin’s mind, a voice filled with majesty suddenly echoed.

“Are you willing to become the titled Suzaku… To protect planet Suzaku until your life ends…”

This voice was like lightning striking his brain and echoed in his mind. Wang Lin’s eyes regained clarity. At this moment, he had a feeling that if he agreed now, he would immediately learn the Suzaku Seal. Although he was only at the early stage of Soul Transformation, with the Suzaku Seal, he could battle Ascendant level cultivators.

Wang Lin replied in his mind, “I’m not willing!”

Wang Lin’s goal wasn’t to stay here and become the next Suzaku.

As soon as he he replied, he heard a sigh in his mind. The red light suddenly moved away from his body and gathered on the crystal in his right hand.

Along with the red light, the symbols also left Wang Lin like a flood. It was as if they were never there.

During this time, Wang Lin quickly shouted in his heart, “Soul piece!”

“One life… for a life…” The voice came from the void once more; however, this time a strange symbol appeared in Wang Lin’s mind and released a strange light.

When he felt this symbol, Wang Lin understood.

To take out your soul piece from the Cultivation Planet Crystal, one must trade a life for it. The only other way was to wait for your soul piece to be absorbed by one of those lifeforms and then fight them for it. However, to find your own soul piece among the endless pool of soul pieces in the Suzaku tomb was something that couldn’t be forced; it depended on one’s luck.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s body came out from the sea. Yunque Zi was following closely behind him, and as for the little monkey possessed by Tuo Sen, it had disappeared without a trace.

When Wang Lin charged out of from the sea, he had already regained control. He now knew that Na Duo lied. This crystal didn’t have anything to do with divine sense, let alone allow it to evolve.

At this moment, he didn’t have any regrets as he threw the crystal and shouted, “That is the Cultivation Planet Crystal!”

He didn’t just throw it at any random person, but at where Liu Mei and Qian Feng were at.

The two of them had been waiting. When they saw Wang Lin and company appear, Qian Feng was about to use the treasure Zhuque Zi had given him, but then he saw Wang Lin throw a white light towards them.

His eyes lit up and he didn’t immediately go to catch it. However, he soon regretted it as he saw Yunque Zi fly past Wang Lin and charge toward the crystal.

Qian Feng clenched his teeth. Without a word, he slapped his bag of holding and took out a bronze doll. There were many black holes on the bronze doll and each hole was emitting black light.

After taking out this treasure, Qian Feng’s hand quickly formed a seal. His face suddenly became red and he coughed out a mouthful of blood that landed on the bronze doll.

The bronze doll absorbed all the blood. Then it began to emit a red and black light and then a purple halo appeared over its head.

Yunque Zi suddenly stopped, then he gloomily stared at that bronze doll.

Yunque said, in a heavy tone, “Zhuque Zi!”

At the moment he said those words, Qian Feng’s body suddenly began to tremble and strands of white light came out from his orifices without his control. This light was absorbed by the bronze doll.

Qian Feng’s eyes were filled with fear. He suddenly raised his right hand, which was holding a piece of jade, and suddenly crushed it. A mysterious power came from within the jade and knocked him away. The strands of white light immediately shattered and a small portion of them returned to his body.

The bronze doll had absorbed a large amount of white light and then melted into a pool of liquid bronze. However, the bronze seemed to be boiling as strands of red gas came out and took the form of Zhuque Zi.

The current Zhuque Zi was no longer as old but filled with more life.

“Junior apprentice brother, this game has now entered its climax. This old man used Qian Feng’s life to take form here so we could have a good reunion!” As he spoke, he waved his right hand and the white crystal flew into his hand like lightning.

Zhuque Zi suddenly pushed the crystal against his forehead and it fused with his body.

Yunque Zi’s expression was gloomy as he let out a snort and waved his hand. One by one, tattoos appeared, and the aura they gave off was very shocking.

Zhuque Zi let out a laugh, then he moved and his body suddenly emitted a large amount of red fog. This fog moved violently and surrounded Yunque Zi as well as everything within a five kilometer radius.

Inside the red mist, the shockwave of spells could be felt. The battle between Zhuque Zi and Yunque Zi started now!

However, no one could see the battle clearly because it was covered by the red mist.

Zhuque Zi didn’t notice that as the red mist was spreading out, the little monkey had entered it and disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, outside the red mist, the remaining five people were watching.

They were Qian Feng, Liu Mei, Zhou Wutai, Zi Xin, and the last one was Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent. His hand reached out and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared in his hand. He stared at Qian Feng and Liu Mei and slowly said, “Accept your deaths!”

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