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Chapter 465 – Battling Qian Feng

Qian Feng was breathing hard right now. A lot of his life force was taken away by Zhuque Zi earlier, causing him to be very weak. His hatred for Zhuque Zi was monstrous.

“Fortunately, I didn’t use it while I was in a battle like he told me to, or else I would have been sucked dry by him before I even killed the enemy.” Qian Feng was infuriated, but right now was not the time to be mad at Zhuque Zi. Right now he needed to focus on how to deal with the killing intent that was currently targeting him.

In truth, Zhuque Zi hadn’t just started scheming against Qian Feng last minute. If it wasn’t for the Forsaken Immortal Clan appearing, he might have really found a way to avoid the heavens when his lifespan runs out and continue living by stealing Qian Feng’s body.

Zhuque Zi had been planning this ever since Qian Feng was a child. The reason he had Qian Feng devour all those domains wasn’t for Qian Feng but for himself.

The method he used on Qian Feng was in fact a secret spell that the previous Suzakus had been developing. This spell wasn’t complete and only had a 10% chance of succeeding, and even if it did succeed, it would only delay one’s death for several decades.

At the same time, there was a heavy price to pay for these several decades of life.

That copper doll was the key. It was created by the fourth Suzaku with some metal from another planet that was refined countless times. Then the later Suzakus added countless heavenly treasures to it, finally enabling it to use the spell that absorbs life.

In truth, the reason this copper doll had this power was due to the change in the Cultivation Planet Crystal, and the previous Suzakus were able to learn this power by studying the crystal .

However, this object wasn’t complete yet and it had many flaws. Right now, although Zhuque Zi used it to take form and looked full of life, it was only a temporary appearance.

Wang Lin waved the one-billion-soul soul flag in his hand and countless soul fragments immediately flew out, covering the heavens. Endless ghostly wails that shook even the heavens came out from the soul fragments.

“Fuse!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent, and with just one word, six not-yet-Ascendant-cultivators who were much stronger than late stage Soul Transformation primary souls appeared; the Qilin was one of them.

“I don’t need to make them fuse into an Ascendant soul fragment to battle the two of you!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, he slapped his bag of holding, and the axe appeared in his hand. He lifted the axe as he jumped into the air and then suddenly swung down.

Qian Feng’s expression changed greatly. He slapped his bag of holding and the Suzaku Awl quickly appeared. With one shake, a ray of red lightning shot out toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression turned cold and he swung the axe. A powerful sword energy shot out and at the same time, with a roar, he threw the axe. A sonic boom could be heard as the axe shot out.

The red lightning immediately collapsed and the axe quickly descended.

Qian Feng revealed a fierce look, then he let out a roar, his hand quickly moved, and then they pointed forward. A blinding, red light appeared and surrounded his body. The Mysterious Suzaku Formation had opened!

A sound that pierced the high heavens suddenly echoed in the area.

Qian Feng’s body was forced back several steps and he coughed out blood. The clothes on his upper body had ripped and turned to dust as a mysterious symbol appeared on his chest.

The axe was hit by a powerful force and sent back. Wang Lin charged out and grabbed the axe.

The six primary souls from the one-billion-soul soul flag split into two groups. Four of them jumped at Liu Mei and the remaining two charged at Qian Feng.

Liu Mei’s expression sank as she looked at the soul flag. She clenched her teeth and spat out a ray of white light from her mouth. The white light immediately turned into a white sash embroidered with golden threads in the shape of a symbol.

The sash quickly wrapped around Liu Mei and broke free of the four primary souls’ encirclement. Then she and the sash turned into a ray of light and quickly escaped.

Wang Lin shouted, “Chase, kill!” The four primary souls, one of which was the Qilin, quickly chased after Liu Mei.

Facing the attack of two primary souls, Qian Feng was forced back. His expression was very ugly as he took out a red fan, coughed blood on it, and then quickly waved it.

A large gust of wind suddenly appeared and charged out. This wind seemed to counter souls, causing the two primary souls to pause for a moment.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort, slapped his bag of holding, and four identical sword sheaths appeared before him.

A hint of coldness flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes as he pointed forward and the four sheaths quickly charged out like meteors. Four rays of sword energy shot out from the sword sheaths. They were each three inches long and contained heaven-shaking sword intent.

“Shatter!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as the four sword sheaths charged forth filled with sword intent.

Qian Feng’s expression changed greatly. He threw the fan forward as he backed up, and was just about to escape, but the moment the fan approached the sword sheaths, it was torn apart, and the four sword sheaths chased closely after Qian Feng.

Without the fan obstructing them, the two primary souls moved very quickly and caught up to Qian Feng. With one attack, Qian Feng’s origin soul shook violently and was almost forced out of his body. Fortunately, during the moment of danger, the strange symbol on his chest lit up, activating the Suzaku Formation and saving him from the attack of the two primary souls.

Qian Feng’s expression was ugly. He suddenly turned around and shouted, “Ceng Niu, don’t force me!” As he roared, he spat out a ray of green light which turned into a piece of green wood.

The green wood gave off a strange aura, then it suddenly grew and turned into a 100-foot-long piece of wood.

Qian Feng’s face was pale as he shouted, “Carve!”

The green wood shook and then wood shavings fell off from it; it was as if there was an invisible hand carving the wood. Soon, a figure took form, The figure was that of Wang Lin!

“Destroy!” Qian Feng shouted again. Right now his face was ashen, pale without a trace of blood, and his body was shaking. A large amount of his life force had just been taken, so he was obviously not Wang Lin’s match at the moment.

When Qian Feng shouted “destroy,” Wang Lin suddenly stopped moving forward and his expression slightly changed. Wang Lin could feel a destructive force coming from the green wood as a green blade formed from it and swung down on his head.

The shadow of death surrounded Wang Lin. Qian Feng was, after all, a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator and the current Suzaku’s disciple, so how could he be short of treasures? He most likely had many more treasures than Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had never heard of this green wood. Its strange power made it very hard to defend against. He wanted to dodge but found a mysterious power locking him in place.

Seeing the green blade closing in on Wang Lin, Qian Feng revealed a cruel smile.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. With a thought, a primary soul appeared before Wang Lin and exploded.

The explosion of the primary soul created a powerful shockwave that destroyed the force locking him in place, allowing him to dodge the green blade.

Qian Feng revealed a look of frustration and turned around to escape without any hesitation.

How could Wang Lin let him run? He reached out and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared in his hand. With one shake, a large amount of soul fragments flew out once more.

“Seal!” Wang Lin let out a roar and all the soul fragments scattered. Soon, the soul fragments formed a barricade of five kilometers in radius and trapped Qian Feng.

At the same time, Wang Lin swung the axe at the green wood. With one swing of the axe, the green wood was split in half. Qian Feng felt sweetness in his mouth and then he coughed up another mouthful of blood.

“Die!” While Wang Lin shouted, he threw the axe forward. At the same time, the four sword sheaths shot out like meteors. Four rays of destructive sword energy came out from the sword sheaths and shot toward Qian Feng form all four directions.

But it was still not over. Wang Lin shook the one-billion-soul soul flag, causing it to disappear in a shower of golden dust and fuse with the surrounding soul fragments. The soul fragments emitted a sealing power as a result of this. At this moment, a powerful restricting aura appeared within the area surrounded by the soul fragments. This aura was so powerful that even teleportation was affected by it.

Qian Feng’s eyes revealed terror and then he immediately shouted, “Ceng Niu, there is no great hatred between us! Why must you try to kill me?!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning as he stared at Qian Feng and said, word for word, “I’m killing you because I promised Red Butterfly I would!”

Qian Feng began to laugh like mad and said, “Ceng Niu, if you didn’t have the one-billion-soul soul flag, I could easily kill you! Now you’ve forced me! If I die, I’m going to waste your one-billion-soul soul flag!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he softly said, “Accept your death!”

The four rays of sword energy came from all directions toward Qian Feng. These four rays of light carried powerful auras; it felt as if they were about to shatter the space they were in.

Qian Feng’s face was fierce as he took a deep breath and activated the Suzaku Formation to its peak. A thick, red light quickly surrounded his body.

At the same time, he slapped his bag of holding and took out an item.

It was an iron sword!

An iron sword covered in rust that looked like it came from the mortal world!

The specks of rust gave off a powerful scent of blood. The rust was clearly a result of the sword being covered in blood.

“This is something my ancestor, the last Suzaku, left behind in secret. Even the current Suzaku doesn’t know of this thing. Ceng Niu, I have the Suzaku formation, and since you can’t break the formation, you can’t kill me. However, I can kill you with this sword!”

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