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Chapter 463 – Rob

Yunque Zi’s expression was dark as he sneered at Wang Lin and asked, “How did you see through me?”

Looking at Yunque Zi, Wang Lin said, with a heavy tone, “That isn’t the Cultivation Planet Crystal! Also, you have the ability to teleport, so even if you were injured, it wouldn’t be as serious as you said it was.”

Yunque Zi laughed. There was a hint of appreciation in his eyes as he said, “You are worthy of being one of the four people I chose. That is correct; that isn’t the Cultivation Planet Crystal. That is only a shadow. As long as one touches it, they can take their soul piece back.”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He didn’t speak but just stared at Yunque Zi. His grip on the one-billion-soul soul flag slowly tightened.

“This old man won’t lie to you: to draw your soul piece back through the shadow requires a heavy price. This is why I asked you to get it for me. If you do it, I’ll give you a powerful treasure as a reward. In the deepest part of the Immortal Graveyard, there is an ancient altar. It is there that my clan’s ancestor obtained the power to reach the twelve-leaf stage.

“If you help me bring me back the Cultivation Planet Crystal, I’ll bring you there to let your cultivation increase by a level. How about it?” said Yunque Zi with a heavy tone.

Wang Lin revealed a pondering expression.

Yunque Zi seemed to be a bit anxious as he quickly said, “Wang Lin, quickly go retrieve the Cultivation Planet Crystal; don’t force me to act. You know I don’t want to kill you.”

Wang Lin took a look at Yunque Zi and said, “And if you break your promise? Give me the true method to use the straw hat as a deposit!”

Wang Lin still had the straw hat that Yunque Zi gave him; however, the straw hat contained many restrictions, and they were very complicated, so without the proper method, he couldn’t unleash its full power.

Yunque Zi’s eyes lit up. From his point of view, there was no way for Wang Lin to escape, so all Wang Lin could do was follow his order. As a result, he took a jade, filled it with information, and threw it at Wang Lin. Wang Lin wasn’t in a rush as he looked through the jade. After making sure that it was real, he put it away, surrounded himself with the one-billion-soul soul flag, and flew toward the tower in the center.

In almost the blink of an eye, he arrived next to the first Suzaku. He looked at this once ruler of the planet, paid especial attention to the shadow, and finally turned his gaze to the Cultivation Planet Crystal.

He was standing beside the purple light, but strangely enough, there was no shadow of him at all.

Yunque Zi’s eyes lit up and he quickly said, “Put your hand on it and call out my name! Don’t try anything funny, or I promise I’ll kill you!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath, then he lowered his head toward Yunque Zi and said, with a heavy tone, “I once thought of you as my benefactor. Even when I found out that you were part of the Forsaken Immortal Clan, I didn’t want to oppose you. I just wanted to leave planet Suzaku and search for my own dao…

“Senior, you have truly disappointed me today. I don’t know if this shadow does what you say it does, but I know that if I do what you told me to, I will immediately die!”

At the moment Wang Lin said those words, Yunque Zi’s expression changed and he was about to charge out.

But Wang Lin shook the one-billion-soul soul flag and the surroundings were immediately filled with soul fragments. At the same time, Wang Lin quickly backed up and with a roar, all of the soul fragments from the soul flag charged toward the shadow of the first Suzaku.

At this moment, a series of crackling sounds came from the chair the first Suzaku was sitting on. And at the same time, a laugh came out from within the shadow and red lights started flashing from it like crazy. The shadow immediately shattered and the old man quickly walked out. The monkey on his shoulder, which was even faster, charged out at Yunque Zi.

Yunque Zi’s expression became gloomy and he stopped. His hand moved and one by one, golden tattoos appeared from the void and circled around him.

“Little fellow, that seal of yours was pretty good. Using the aura from this dead person along with your own cultivation, you created a shadow seal to seal me.

“This kind of shadow seal is very rare; it was rare even in ancient times. For you to be able to control it is not easy.

“If master’s original body was here, it would be destroyed with just one punch, but this is just a sliver of master’s divine sense possessing a body, so you were able to trap me for a while. To be able to do this much in your lifetime is already very good; you can brag about it in your next life!” The old man’s eyes started glowing red.

Yunque Zi let out a snort and the tattoos around him flew out. His target wasn’t the old man but the little monkey.

Yunque Zi shouted, “A mere puppet. As long as I destroy where that divine sense is hidden, then no matter how strong your real body is, you won’t be able to get here now!”

When Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out, he noticed the shadow behind Ye Wuyou. When he found himself next to the purple light and saw no shadow of himself, he felt that it was strange and decided to risk it.

If he failed, he would immediately enter the heaven defying bead to hide.

He believed that Yunque Zi didn’t lie about the effect of the Cultivation Planet Crystal’s shadow, but the price to extract a soul piece through it was one’s life.

Otherwise, Yunque Zi would have already gotten it himself instead of waiting. Even if the third person wasn’t Wang Lin, he would still have forced that person to get the soul piece.

At the moment the old man came out, Wang Lin shook the soul flag. The soul fragments surrounded him and he quickly retreated.

Whether it was the old man Tuo Sen was controlling or Yunque Zi, they were not people Wang Lin was willing to mess with right now. He had already confirmed that the Cultivation Planet Crystal wasn’t here, so he could only quickly leave.

But just at this moment, the palace suddenly shook. This shaking was extremely violent; it was as if the heavens and earth were being shaken. At this moment, cracks began to appear on the tower.

Another collapse of the Cultivation Planet Crystal had started.

From the bottom of the tower, a crack appeared and moved straight up like a dragon.

Finally, the the crack reached the top of the tower and arrived at the throne of the first Suzaku.

At this moment, with a crisp crackling sound, the throne Ye Wuyou was sitting on suddenly fell off. As for Ye Wuyou’s body, with the shaking from the crack, it turned to dust and disappeared.

Wang Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank.

At this moment, not only him, but Yunque Zi, the old man, and the little monkey all stopped fighting and stared at where Ye Wuyou had turned to dust.

A white crystal the size of half a fist floated up from the dust that was Ye Wuyou’s body.

When Wang Lin saw the white crystal, he immediately felt a connection to his soul.

“Cultivation Planet Crystal!” Yunque Zi took a deep breath and charged out, but the little monkey was even faster as it charged out with the old man.

At this moment, Wang Lin wasn’t close enough and he couldn’t be faster than them, so he clenched his teeth, surrounded himself with the soul flag, and charged toward the nearby hallway.

Wang Lin knew that with his current strength, he was no match for Yunque Zi nor the old man Tuo Sen was possessing. In fact, even if he managed to get it, he wouldn’t have time to retrieve his soul piece and would just invite disaster upon himself.

With a sigh, Wang Lin quickly flew toward the hallway.

The old man was closer. With a flash, he grabbed the crystal and laughed. “The day master will be free is before me!”

However, just at the moment he grabbed the crystal, his expression suddenly changed, his laughing stopped, and he revealed a look of disbelief. Just when he was about to release the crystal, his body shook and then started melting into strands of gas which entered the white crystal.

This all happened very quickly; in almost the blink of an eye, the old man was gone. The only thing that remained was a blob of red light that quickly fused with the little monkey.

The little monkey let out a laugh. His strength suddenly increased. His power was now the same as Zhuque Zi’s; he possessed the power of a late stage Ascendant cultivator.

Although the monkey was very close to the crystal, it hesitated for a bit and didn’t reach out.

At this moment, Yunque Zi arrived and reached out, but he immediately let out a painful groan as white gas appeared on his body. He quickly let go of the crystal in fear. Luckily, he didn’t touch it directly, or else he wouldn’t have been able to escape a horrible fate.

This change happened without any warning, causing Yunque Zi and the little monkey to be stuck in a difficult position.

Just at this moment, the white crystal suddenly let out a hum and charged toward Yunque Zi. Yunque Zi’s expression changed greatly and he dodged it. The Cultivation Planet Crystal charged past Yunque Zi and toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He saw what happened to the old man, so he started flying even faster toward the hallway. He was surrounded by the soul flag, making his speed much faster than normal.

The hallway wasn’t straight and had some curves, but the crystal seemed to have a life of its own. It was as if it wouldn’t give up until it caught Wang Lin.

Yunque Zi’s face turned gloomy and he quickly chased after it.

As for the little monkey, it also chased after the Cultivation Planet Crystal.

In the blink of an eye, there was no one left around the tower. Just at this moment, a purple light gathered above the tower and took the shape of the person wearing the mask from outside.

He revealed a look of confusion, but his eyes immediately became clear. “The Cultivation Planet Crystal is collapsing. This Zhuque Zi sure is bold…”

As Wang Lin fled, the white crystal chased closely after him.

The crystal became faster and faster, and it was closing in. When it was within 30 feet of him, Wang Lin suddenly turned around. His right hand formed a seal and celestial spiritual energy filled his body as he sent out a gust of wind toward the crystal.

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