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Chapter 462 – Ye Wuyou

Wang Lin let out a sneer. At the moment she was about to teleport, he touched his bag of holding and several time domain carvings flew out.

“Time!” With a roar from Wang Lin, the carvings all exploded and a powerful time domain surged out. Although Liu Mei’s domain had reached its completion, this time domain was carefully prepared by Wang Lin. It was too weak to harm Liu Mei or even slow her down by much, but in a critical situation like this, it would be fatal!

Liu Mei’s body slowed down, allowing Wang Lin to move below her.

At this moment, the two sword energies suddenly fused into one and descended like crazy toward Liu Mei.

Killing intent filled Wang Lin’s eyes as he pointed at Liu Mei. A strand of restriction gas came from his finger and shot toward her.

Wang Lin didn’t even wait for the result; he knew that time was of the essence, so he charged into the sea without any hesitation. Once he entered the sea, he saw the giant palace emitting a golden glow.

Wang Lin charged toward the palace at top speed. There was a mysterious power within the sea. Wang Lin didn’t even need to test it to know that there was something preventing teleportation. He had experienced this at other mysterious places before, so he knew what this power felt like.

When he was about to enter the palace, a series of roars came from the surface and the seawater around Wang Lin quickly parted ways. A 100-foot-long wave of sword energy descended from the sky and quickly chased after him.

As the sword energy got closer and closer, Wang Lin could even feel its powerful aura. A sharp pain suddenly came from the top of his head.

He ruthlessly clenched his teeth. He saw that he was only 1,000 feet away from the palace, but the sword energy was almost upon him.

A trace blood came from the top of Wang Lin’s head and the pain increased.

900 feet, 800 feet, 700 feet, 600 feet…

He was getting closer and closer, but the the sword energy was closing in above his head. The roar of the sword energy seemed to echo inside Wang Lin’s brain. As Wang Lin rushed toward the palace, he coughed out a mouthful of blood, touched the bag of holding, and took out the axe.

He suddenly let out a roar, turned around, and placed the axe before him.

At this moment, the sword energy arrived and suddenly landed on the axe. Wang Lin’s face became red, he coughed out a mouthful of blood, and his origin soul shook. He touched his bag of holding and the pagoda flew out.

Zhou Yi’s domain quickly spread out and the sword energy paused.

Using this pause, Wang Lin charged out and crossed the 500 feet in an instant to enter the palace.

As soon as he entered the palace, the sword energy trembled and then disappeared.

Blood was seeping out of Wang Lin’s mouth as he put away the axe and pagoda. Then, while sitting down in the lotus position, he took out a large amount of pills and devoured them before feeling a painful sting from his entire body. He took out a piece of celestial jade and looked at it before throwing in his mouth. Then he felt the celestial spiritual energy fill his body.

Thanks to the rush of celestial spiritual energy, Wang Lin felt his body become light. The celestial spiritual energy instantly suppressed all of his injuries. Shortly after, he stood up and with one step rushed into the depths of the palace.

As for above the sea, the sword energy was closing in on Liu Mei. Just as she was about to dodge, the restriction closed in from behind her. This made her beautiful expression change; she clenched her teeth and spat out a white mist. A white ribbon danced inside the white mist and with one whipping motion, it destroyed the restriction. This white ribbon quickly wrapped around her and moved her 10,000 feet away from the sword energy. The sword energy missed and then disappeared.

That golden-armored man didn’t attack anymore; his only job was to guard this place and only allow those that are qualified enter the palace.

There was only one requirement and that was to be able to resist the power of one blow.

Qian Feng was also in a very sorry state right now. Luckily, as long as one leaves the area, the attack stops.

Qian Feng’s expression was fierce as he roared, “Ceng Niu!!! I swear that I’ll tear you to pieces! If I violate this oath, then I’ll die a painful death!”

Liu Mei silently stared at the sea with a gloomy expression. Seeing that Qian Feng was still cursing and roaring, she frowned and said, “Shut up! If it wasn’t for you having malicious intentions and the three of us really worked together, we would already be inside the palace rather than here.”

Qian Feng’s expression was fierce. He looked ruthlessly at Liu Mei and said, “Do you think I didn’t notice how the two of you were flirting and eyeing each other? Junior apprentice sister, don’t forget what you promised me!”

Liu Mei coldly looked at Qian Feng and said, “With Yunque Zi there, it will be hard for Ceng Niu to get his soul piece back. Yunque Zi won’t let him succeed so easily.”

Qian Feng took a deep breath, then he withdrew his fierce expression, touched his bag of holding, and said, “The old man gave me something that was meant to be used against the one-billion-soul soul flag. Since it can affect the soul flag, it should have some effect on Ascendant cultivators as well. After Yunque Zi comes out, I’ll use this. I only want my soul piece, but if he still won’t give it, I’ll just go all out!”

Inside the palace under the sea, what appeared before Wang Lin was a very large hallway. There were several lamps around the hall that were flicking and releasing a very demonic glow.

This light wasn’t produced by fire but by a mysterious substance that Wang Lin had never seen before.

The dim light caused this hallway to bend and turn, creating a very strange feeling.

Wang Lin revealed a cautious expression as he carefully moved forward. This hallway seemed to have no end. He had walked for a long time and the hallway still looked the same.

Wang Lin didn’t dare to spread his divine sense out too far. When he first arrived, he spread it out and some of it disappeared like it was devoured by something.

As a result, Wang Lin became very cautious.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin saw the flashing of spells in the distance. He stopped moving and carefully spread his divine sense forward.

But what he saw made his expression change. When his divine sense reached the end of the hallway, what he saw was a large, open area.

There was a very tall tower at the center of this open area. At the top of the tower was a throne and there was someone with a head full of black hair sitting on it.

This person looked middle-aged and seemed very normal, but he gave off a very majestic aura. His eyes were closed and there was no sign of life from his body. It was clearly a dead person.

However, his body was emitting a terrifying aura which surrounded the area.

The moment Wang Lin’s divine sense saw this person, he suddenly had the urge to bow toward him. He was forced to activate some celestial spiritual energy suppress this urge. There seemed to be a mysterious power here that would shake the heart of anyone that passed by.

Before this person floated an object. It was a ball of purple light.

This light shined on the middle-aged man and left a dark shadow behind him.

However, the light was currently dim and flickering as if it could go out at any time.

At the moment Wang Lin’s divine sense touched the ball of light, a powerful force suddenly came crashing toward his divine sense, so he quickly retreated.

In the hallway, Wang Lin’s face was pale and his eyes were filled with terror.

“The first Suzaku, Ye Wuyou!” He was immediately able to guess the identity of the middle-aged man.

As for the purple ball of light, it was the Cultivation Planet Crystal.

However, Wang Lin felt like something was wrong. Although it looked exactly like what Situ Nan described, he didn’t feel that connection with his soul piece when his divine sense touched it.

“Since you have arrived, come in.” Yunque Zhi’s voice came from down the hallway.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. When his divine sense went into the room, he saw the first Suzaku and the Cultivation Planet Crystal, but he didn’t see Yunque Zi nor the old man, both of whom were already here.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before walking forward. Shortly after, he arrived at the end of the hallway and walked into the large, open space.

Now that he had personally come here, the feeling of shock was even stronger. Compared to the 1,000 foot tower, he suddenly felt very small.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, then his eyes lit up and saw Yunque Zi’s figure in the corner.

Yunque Zhi’s face was pale. He was sitting crossed-legged and blood was seeping out from the corner of his mouth.

He looked much weaker than normal. He looked at Wang Lin and then hoarsely said, with a smile, “I was right about you; you were indeed the third person to get there.”

Wang Lin revealed a look of caution and asked, “What about him?”

Yunque Zi’s expression was ugly as he said, “I used a formation to trap him. He should still be trapped inside. Wang Lin, I’m gravely injured, so go get the Cultivation Planet Crystal for me. Whether it is for my Forsaken Immortal Clan or the cultivators, I can’t let the Cultivation Planet Crystal collapse.”

“Oh?” Wang Lin calmly looked at Yunque Zi and asked, “You want me to get the Cultivation Planet Crystal?”

Yunque Zi took a deep breath and let out a sigh. “I know you are very cautious. You can check my body with your divine sense; you’ll find that I’m almost completely out of power. That old man is not from planet Suzaku. His techniques are all very strange and I can’t trap him for long. Once he gets free, he will be able to steal the Cultivation Planet Crystal, and at that moment, everyone on planet Suzaku will be faced with a crisis.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He raised his head and looked at the ball of purple light before the first Suzaku. Without any hesitation, he backed up.

With speed several times faster than when he entered, Wang Lin flew toward the hallway like a madman.

Yunque Zi’s eyes lit up and he immediately disappeared. When he reappeared, he was before the passage, blocking Wang Lin. He gloomily said, “What are you running for?!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he backed up a few steps and stared at Yunque Zi. He waved his right hand and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared, then he calmly said, “Junior doesn’t want to die yet.”

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