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Chapter 461 – Killing Intent

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He knew that he couldn’t resist the man in the golden armor with his current cultivation level unless he brings out the Ascendant soul.

At this moment, Qian Feng and Liu Mei also frowned. Clearly, the two of them also saw through this.

Qian Feng’s eyes lit up and he suddenly said, “Ceng Niu, how about the three of us work together to block the sword energy from the man in golden armor?”

A hint of coldness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes as he nodded and said, “Okay!”

The reason Qian Feng asked Wang Lin for help was because he had no choice. It was clear that even with him and Liu Mei, they weren’t confident in being able to resist that attack. If they couldn’t resist the attack, then they couldn’t go search for the palace. Yunque Zi and the old man were already ahead of them; if they were any slower, it might be too late.

Now with Wang Lin on their side, the chances of the three of them succeeding was higher.

Qian Feng didn’t underestimate Wang Lin just because he was at the early stage of Soul Transformation. In fact, in his heart he believed that Wang Lin was someone who was qualified to fight him. He also knew that the one-billion-soul soul flag that Wang Lin possessed was something that could instantly kill him, so he dreaded Wang Lin deeply.

This is why he had Red Butterfly stall Wang Lin; it was so that he could get the Cultivation Planet Crystal without having to face him. However, after arriving at the spirit mountain, he realized that there were several barriers before he could get to the crystal.

He no longer thought of Wang Lin as a weakling like he did when he first met him; now he saw him as his equal, but deep in Qian Feng’s heart, there was still a powerful sense of pride.

In his view, if Wang Lin didn’t have the one-billion-soul soul flag, then there was no way Wang Lin could be compared with him.

After hearing Wang Lin’s response, Qian Feng pondered a bit and said, “Fellow cultivator Ceng, the two of us will go first and then we’ll let my junior apprentice sister take over. What do you think?”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he looked at Qian Feng and Liu Mei. Just at this moment, Liu Mei also looked toward him, let out a smile, and was about to speak when Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and said, “No need to be so complicated. I’ll go first and then the two of you can follow.”

Qian Feng was startled and his eyes lit up. To be the first to go meant that not only would he have to deal with the attack at full power, but he would also have to pay attention to any possible backstabbing from the people behind them. It was a very dangerous thing. The reason Qian Feng said that the two of them would go together was because he was afraid that Wang Lin would worry too much and hold back.

And with Liu Mei going after them, even if Wang Lin secretly attacked, then he wouldn’t need to worry.

Qian Feng decided that dealing with the sword energy would be their first priority this time; dealing with Wang Lin could wait.

As soon as he heard Wang Lin volunteer to go first, he was a bit suspicious. However, this was not the time to ponder over such things, so he said, “If that is so, then we will depend on fellow cultivator Ceng.”

Liu Mei slightly frowned. She felt like there was something strange about this. After pondering for a bit, she looked toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at her as he flew toward the golden-armored man. Liu Mei and Qian Feng followed behind. The three of them moved forward in a formation.

At the moment the three of them got close, the golden-armored man’s eyes became serious and he lifted his arm. Bright light gathered on the golden sword, creating a blinding, golden light.

Then he viciously swung the sword.

A 100-foot-long wave of sword energy that looked like it could split the heavens instantly closed in followed by the sonic boom of the sound barrier breaking.

The only sound that could be heard was the sword energy piercing through the sky. It moved very quickly and immediately landed.

The sea below them parted due to the pressure of the sword energy, creating a deep gorge.

When Wang Lin saw Yunque Zi and the old man hold the sword energy off, he only felt it from the side and didn’t participate. Now that he was facing it himself, he could feel the destructive force inside this sword energy.

When facing this destructive force, even his origin soul began to tremble and show signs of instability. Not only this, but every part of his body felt like they were being pinned down by a giant mountain.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with this feeling; it was the exact same feeling he had from the pressure of the spirit vein below the Soul Refining Sect, only this feeling was thousands of times stronger.

Before the sword energy even collided with him, blood already started coming out from the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth, but his eyes showed no signs of giving up.

When he noticed Wang Lin’s current state, Qian Feng paused for a moment and began to ponder. Should he take this moment to kill Ceng Niu and take the one-billion-soul soul flag, or help resist the sword energy?

This idea flashed through his mind and he made his decision. He would kill Wang Lin and take the soul flag. With the soul flag, he would have more than enough power to resist the sword energy.

All of this happened very quickly in his mind. After making up his mind, Qian Feng laughed and said, “Don’t panic, fellow cultivator Ceng. I’m coming!” Qian Feng moved forward like lightning.

This attack absolutely had to succeed, so Qian Feng wasn’t in a rush; he had to get close to hit Wang Lin with an attack that he will never forget. Qian Feng knew that he had to succeed in one attack, or else Wang Lin would have time to call out the one-billion-soul soul flag. If that happened, things wouldn’t go well.

With Liu Mei’s smarts, she immediately saw through Qian Feng’s intentions and hesitated. Then her eyes suddenly became cold. She didn’t follow but waited there.

She was a ruthless person, so it didn’t matter to her. Plus, if Qian Feng killed Wang Lin, Wang Lin’s aura would be removed from her last illusion. This would make it easier for her in the future because it was basically like removing an inner demon that she would have to face in the future.

At this moment, the sword energy arrived right above Wang Lin’s head.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he let out a snort. Since he was the one who agreed to go first, how could he not have considered Qian Feng’s change of heart?

All of this was part of his plan.

From the moment the sword energy was sent out and as soon as Qian Feng started flying over, Wang Lin was secretly calculating Qian Feng’s speed. When Qian Feng was 100 feet away from Wang Lin, Wang Lin let out a laugh and slapped his bag of holding. A pagoda suddenly flew out of his bag of holding and appeared before him.

Zhou Yi’s early stage Ascendant divine sense came out from the pagoda. The sword energy couldn’t help but pause for a moment after coming into contact with the divine sense. Using this pause, Wang Lin laughed, called back the pagoda, and charged toward the sea. However, he intentionally maintained a speed low enough to stay within 100 feet of Qian Feng.

The golden-armored man’s eyes became serious, but he didn’t attack Wang Lin and instead looked at Qian Feng. Now that there was no Ascendant level divine sense stopping the sword energy, it landed on Qian Feng’s body.

Qian Feng’s expression changed greatly. He didn’t even have the time to wonder why the sword energy didn’t attack Wang Lin and went after himself instead. At this moment, he let out a roar, slapped his bag of holding, and took out a red awl. A bright, red light came from the awl and charged toward the sword energy.

Wang Lin’s face revealed a hint of mockery. When the old man and monkey resisted the sword energy, Wang Lin felt that something was off. He concluded that the golden-armored man must have determined that the two were a pair and only sent out one sword energy.

Wang Lin calculated that the distance between the old man and monkey was about 100 feet and assumed that if he were that close to Qian Feng, the golden-armored man would consider them a pair.

If they were within range of each other, the sword energy would attack whoever was closest to it.

This was why Wang Lin declined the plan of him and Qian Feng going first with Liu Mei coming in second. Because with that, although he would be close to Qian Feng, he would be too close. If he were to make any abnormal movements, Qian Feng would notice and be on guard.

This was why he decided to go first himself. Although Qian Feng was suspicious, he still fell for the trap.

In fact, even if Qian Feng didn’t agree to Wang Lin’s plan or hadn’t suggested that the three of them work together, Wang Lin would still have faced it alone. He didn’t believe that Qian Feng would pass up the chance to kill him if he were to put himself in a dangerous position. Although, if that were the case, it would be more difficult to lure Qian Feng to come within 100 feet of him. However, Wang Lin still had a plan B and was 80% confident in luring Qian Feng close enough.

Then Qian Feng suggested the three of them work together and this confirmed Wang Lin’s suspicion. The Qian Feng indeed wasn’t able to resist his urges and gave up on trying to work together. He was going to use “helping to resist the sword energy” as an excuse to get closer but didn’t realize that Wang Lin had already see through it all.

Zhou Yi’s divine sense from the pagoda played a big part in this. This stopped the sword energy enough for Wang Lin to get away, making Qian Feng the closest person to the sword energy.

Although this took a long time to explain, it all happened in the blink of an eye. At the moment the sword energy sweeped toward Qian Feng, Wang Lin stopped. He didn’t fly away but coldly looked at Liu Mei in the distance.

Liu Mei was at the back and was a bit startled when she saw the situation change. She seemed to have realized something and quickly chased after Wang Lin.

When he saw Liu Mei getting closer, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he charged out. This time, he moved farther than 100 feet from Qian Feng.

As soon as Wang Lin was over 100 feet away from Qian Feng, the golden-armored man’s eyes became serious and he quickly swung his sword twice, sending one wave of sword energy toward Wang Lin and the other one toward Liu Mei.

Killing intent filled Wang Lin’s eyes. He stopped flying toward the sea and teleported to within 100 feet of Liu Mei the moment the sword energy closed in.

Liu Mei’s expression changed. She seemed to have realized something. Although she wasn’t sure, she seemed to have guessed the situation from Wang Lin’s actions. She was about to teleport away so Wang Lin would be above her, making him the one to take the blow of the sword energy.

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