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Chapter 452 – Stealing the soul

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his origin soul returned to his body. His hand reached out and the celestial sword flew back into his grasp. Holding the celestial sword, Wang Lin charged into the depths of the mountain.

Shortly after Wang Lin left, the droplets that he sealed all popped. The water droplets turned to gas and gathered together to reform that woman.

A water lifeform can only be sealed for a moment; it is almost impossible to completely seal them.

This woman’s eyes were fierce as she looked into the depths of the mountain. Her body turned into water once more as she charged after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin moved very quickly, so he arrived deep within the mountain in a few short moments. There was a hunchbacked old man with half of his clothes torn. There were many glowing tattoos on his body. There tattoos floating in the air before him forming a seal with a mass of water in the middle. This water seemed to be boiling.

There was an eight-leaf plant on the old man’s forehead, and he was emitting a powerful tattoo energy.

The hunchbacked old man said, “I can’t kill you, but I can refine all these soul pieces that allow you to take form. It will take you a while to recover, so you won’t be able to chase after me anymore!”

This old man was the one that chased Wang Lin into the spatial rift back in the Immortal Graveyard.

In the end, he relied on his connection to the Ancestral Spirit to finally get rescued by his clan. His hatred for Wang Lin had reached its limit and caused him to go on a killing spree in this war. Among all the eight-leaf shamans, he’s the one who killed the most cultivators.

Wang Lin’s appearance shocked the old man. He had to keep all his attention on the water lifeform or else he would die, so he didn’t notice Wang Lin approaching. Also, Wang Lin’s cultivation level was much higher than before.

This was why the old man didn’t detect Wang Lin.

“It’s you!!!” The old man’s eyes immediately became cold when he saw Wang Lin and he let out a laugh. He pointed at a tattoo before him and it immediately charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin coldly snorted. He didn’t pause at all after he arrived here. Almost at the same moment the old man noticed him, he teleported next to the tattoos that were trapping the water lifeform and swung down the celestial sword.

With a loud bang, countless cracks appeared on the tattoos that were sealing the water and they shattered one by one.

The hunchbacked old man let out a roar as he charged toward Wang Lin. His hand extended toward Wang Lin and at the center of his palm was a very ancient tattoo.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Without a word, he reached out and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared. Without even attacking, the one-billion-soul soul flag could shock any enemy.

The hunchbacked old man couldn’t help but pause for a moment.

“This is…” His heart trembled. He felt like he knew this flag and couldn’t help but feel terror.

Wang Lin shook the one-billion-soul soul flag, causing a series of ghostly wails to escape as the soul fragments charged out. The loudest wail came from a purple Qilin that let out a roar that pierced even the high heavens. Right after it appeared, it opened its vicious mouth and tried to devour the old man.

Behind the Qilin were more than ten Soul Transformation primary souls.

The entire gorge was surrounded by the soul fragments and they all charged toward the old man.

The hunchbacked old man secretly cursed and backed up without any hesitation. If there were only a few Soul Transformation soul fragments, he wouldn’t have to worry so much; after all, a soul fragment couldn’t compare to a real cultivator.

Even if there were three or four of them, he would at least be able to escape or fight to a standstill.

But there were simply too many of them for someone of his current cultivation level to handle. That purple Qilin was especially terrifying; just looking at it made his heart tremble.

Adding on to that, there were countless weaker soul fragments. After taking all that into account, there’s no way he would fight, so he quickly escaped.

He would never have guessed that the little brat he could have easily killed 100 years ago had already reached the Soul Transformation stage and possessed the one-billion-soul soul flag that the Forsaken Immortal Clan feared.

The hunchbacked old man could even feel that a large number of the soul fragments had the aura of his Forsaken Immortal Clan. Those must have been his clan members who were captured and refined in the war back then.

At the moment the old man tried to escape, the woman who was chasing Wang Lin arrived. When she saw the scene inside the gorge, her eyes lit up. She turned into water and silently moved toward the old man.

Wang Lin didn’t have time to bother with the old man. He continued to swing the celestial sword down on the tattoo prison. A series of rumbling sounds could be heard as more and more tattoos shattered.

The water lifeform trapped inside turned from a mass of water into a woman. When Wang Lin saw her, his heart trembled.

This woman looked similar to Li Muwan.

With one last swing of the celestial sword, Wang Lin shattered the prison completely. The woman inside let out a joyous laugh and escaped the prison.

Wang Lin already knew this would happen, so there was no way he would let her escape. The only issue was that this woman was much stronger than the one that tried to stop him before; she was almost as powerful as a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator. Adding on her immortal body, she was very difficult to deal with. Even the old man couldn’t kill her; he could only trap her temporarily.

As soon as the woman that looked similar to Li Muwan tried to escape, Wang Lin took a deep breath and with one thought, all of the soul fragments connected to form a net. Aside from the few primary souls that were chasing the old man, the rest were all gathered here.

A powerful aura came from all sides, then the woman calmly looked around before her gaze landed on Wang Lin. She let out a laugh and said, “You saved me, yet now you are trapping me. What do you want?”

Wang Lin coldly asked, “Do you want to die or live?”

The woman smiled and laughed. “No one can kill me here. Even if you were to trap me, I only need to spend a bit of time to escape.”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he said, “Soul flag, fuse!”

With that, all of the soul fragments rapidly fused with the primary souls. In almost the blink of an eye, all of the soul fragments disappeared, leaving behind only six primary souls with power beyond a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator’s but not as powerful as an Ascendant cultivator.

These six primary souls surrounded the woman and coldly stared at her.

Wang Lin said, “Destroy!”

With one word, the six primary souls all moved and attacked with various spells and techniques. The woman laughed as her body shattered and the pieces flew in all directions.

Wang Lin was waiting for this because only when the her body was split into water droplets would he be able to find Li Muwan’s soul piece.

However, just as Wang Lin and the six primary souls moved, the entire gorge shook. This tremble came from the ground.

Not only here, but the entire Suzaku Tomb was shaking right now.

As the shaking continued, ripping sounds could be heard from the sky. It was as if there were giant hands tearing the sky open.

Countless spatial rifts appeared in the sky. The cold wind coming out of them could freeze a person. These spatial rifts weren’t like the ones outside; with those, you could safely enter them if you reach a certain cultivation level.

This place was different though. The spatial rifts here weren’t real spatial rifts; they merely looked like them. In the Suzaku tomb, there were dimensional cracks which were produced by the special power of the Cultivation Planet Crystal.

Even if a Soul Transformation cultivators were to enter, their soul would immediately die without any exception.

As the Cultivation Planet Heart continued to shatter the, Cultivation Planet Crystal’s collapse finally started.

The earth of the Suzaku Tomb began to crack and many cultivators who entered died under this natural disaster. Even many of the lifeforms who normally couldn’t die were killed.

The entire Suzaku Tomb was surrounded by a power death aura.

The gorge Wang Lin was in was no different. The ground shattered and a large number of dimensional cracks appeared to devour everything.

Wang Lin quickly used the soul flag to call back all the soul fragments. Right now, Wang Lin had no time to worry about the old man. His gaze was locked onto the woman that looked similar to Li Muwan.

Right now the woman was in a state of shock, so she revealed a horrified expression that she had never shown before. Her body was slowly collapsing and then, with a bang, her body turned into countless water droplets. The countless water droplets were also collapsing. This was a real death for her.

Wang Lin moved like lightning as he dodged many dimensional cracks and arrived before the mass of water droplets. His right hand reached out and grabbed a crystal-clear water droplet. At the moment he touched the droplet, he felt like he had touched Li Muwan.

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