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Chapter 453 – Tuo Sen’s messenger

As soon as he grabbed the water droplet, he immediately backed up, but a dimensional rift silently appeared before him. With a tearing sound, a large piece of Wang Lin’s clothes disappeared.

Cold sweat covered Wang Lin’s forehead as he carefully evaded the rifts and finally left the gorge.

This tremble lasted only ten breaths of time, but after these ten breaths, the entire Suzaku Tomb was a mess. Countless rifts had appeared on the ground and sky, and many places were on the verge of collapsing. Any small amount of spiritual energy fluctuations could cause a disaster. Anyone who was caught in a rift would die.

At this moment, the Suzaku Tomb became much more dangerous than before.

The collapse of the Cultivation Planet Crystal isn’t happening in an instant but slowly over time. This was all controlled by Zhuque Zi; this was a game brought about by his madness.

After the ground stopped shaking, the mountain range that Wang Lin was just in was now flat. It was as if everything that had just happened before the trembling was a dream.

The gentle breeze evaporated the cold sweat from Wang Lin’s forehead as a sense of dread filled his heart. He looked at the ruin below him. There were rifts that would open and close.

He pressed Li Muwan’s soul piece against his forehead and put it into the heaven defying bead.

Then he took a deep breath and slowly flew off into the distance.

As he flew, his eyes suddenly lit up and he looked toward a collapsed mountain range. The hunchbacked old man was on top of some gravel, but only half of his body was there. His weak origin soul was struggling to leave his body.

In the calamity that just happened, he lost half of his body and also his tattoo origin soul.

At the moment Wang Lin’s gaze landed on him, the old man’s eyes revealed panic. He quickly left his body and was about to escape.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He let out a cold snort and quickly chased after the old man. The old man’s origin soul was extremely weak, so it wasn’t much of a chase, but then a rift suddenly appeared before him without a sound.

The old man let out a miserable scream and tried to back up, but he was too late. His entire origin soul was swallowed by the oval rift, and when it disappeared, so did the old man’s origin soul.

Wang Lin quickly stopped. He silently pondered and then raised his head to look into the distance. After one round of collapse, this Suzaku Tomb had become extremely unstable. If he was careless for just a moment, he could die, so he began to hesitate.

A moment later, Wang Lin let out a sigh and flew off into the distance.

Planet Suzaku, Sea of Devils.

The Sea of Devils was one of the first places that was attacked by the Forsaken Immortal Clan. After all, it was very close to the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s base. Also, the mist that acted as a natural barrier for tens of thousands of years disappeared, and due to attacks from multiple other countries, the Sea of Devils was a mess. At its current state, it had no way of resisting the Forsaken Immortal Clan, so it ended up being conquered by them.

There was currently a person standing outside the Chaotic Broken Stars in the Sea of Devils. This person was covered in a deathly aura and his figure couldn’t be seen clearly. There were images of skeletons appearing all around him, creating almost a forest of skeletons.

He looked at the Chaotic Broken Stars with a look of hesitation.

“The divine retribution wasn’t from an ancient cultivator, it was only a junior refining an ancient treasure. This old man has traveled the entire planet in these past few hundred years and hasn’t been able to find any ancient cultivators, so my stomach is getting a bit hungry. Only here can I smell the scent of ancient cultivators, but this place is simply too dangerous. Should I go or not?!”

This person pondered a bit, then his eyes lit up before he started shaking his head and muttering to himself, “Forget it. I can’t throw away my life for my appetite. My injuries have recovered somewhat, so it is time to leave planet Suzaku. If I were to be found by that Situ Nan, there is no way I could win against him in my current state.”

His eyes became cold as he muttered, “I wonder how my old friend Sword Saint Ling Tianhou is doing on planet Tian Yun. I should go see him. Maybe I can ask him to help me deal with Situ Nan and get the whereabouts of that mysterious bead.”

Just at this moment, his eyes lit up, then he looked into the distance and said, “Even back then you liked to hide your head while your tail was showing. Long time no see, Po Jun!”

A hoarse laugh came from the void. Shortly after, the sky darkened. A large amount of seawater appeared in the sky and moved closer like a ten thousand man cavalry charge.

A man wearing a blue robe was standing on top of the waves and walked closer step by step.

There was a golden flower pattern embroidered on this man’s robe; it looked very intricate.

“Greed! Could it be that you thought about this place too?!” Although this man’s look was ordinary, there was a hint of viciousness in his eyes.

The person surrounded by deathly aura snorted and said, “You vex me just by looking at you. If you like this place, you can go inside. I’m leaving!” With that, he disappeared and flew off into the horizon.

The man on top of the seawater began to ponder and then jumped down. He landed outside the Chaotic Broken Stars. The seawater under him turned into a crystal which he then swallowed.

“Strange, this Greed never goes to any place without treasures. Everywhere he goes must have treasures. Ten thousand years ago, when I came to planet Suzaku, he had already been here for a long time. Although he was recovering from his injuries, could it have really been for this place instead?”

The man pondered a bit before walking into the Chaotic Broken Stars…

In the sea of blood in the depths of the land of the ancient god, on the only remaining pillar sat a man with a head of messy, blood-red hair. He suddenly raised his head. His vicious eyes could be seen underneath his messy hair. His crimson red eyes could shake the heart of any living being. He let out a cruel smile.

“Another one came… the day that I, Tuo Sen, escape will come soon, very soon… Wang Lin, you must keep my knowledge inheritance safe so I can retrieve it. Without my inheritance of power, your inheritance of knowledge is useless! Also, your inheritance of knowledge is not complete; there is one knowledge crystal that is in my hands!

“I spent so many years and so much effort to finally find this well-hidden knowledge crystal. After fusing with it, I remembered a lot of things.

“I could feel a mysterious power growing within the core of this planet over the years. This power is similar to the growth of a baby ancient god, this power is what your cultivators call the Cultivation Planet Crystal. I can use this object to break my seal and then I can use a soul exchange technique to leave this place.

“I will have to thank Tu Si. When he chose this place to divide his consciousness, some of the natives made him a god. This was all recorded in that last knowledge crystal. Tu Si responded to them by giving them the ancient god sacrificial grounds.

“Although countless years have passed and that native race is gone, the last stronghold of the Forsaken Immortal Clan is the last remaining ancient god sacrificial grounds. If I go there, I can use some of my spells.

“A junior of the Forsaken Immortal Clan was sleeping there, and in order to get the Cultivation Planet Crystal, I sacrificed a lot to push him from the eleven-leaf stage to the twelve-leaf stage. This allowed him to break the Forsaken Immoral Clan out of the seal and kill their way into the cultivation world.

“All of this has gone according to my plan, and the location of the Cultivation Planet Crystal has finally opened. Wang Lin, my messenger has finally met you again. Although you have changed a lot, how could I, Tuo Sen, forget you? Your divine sense has been engraved in my heart. No matter where you run, I can find you!”

Tuo Sen raised his head and began to laugh. His laughter filled the entire blood sea, causing massive waves to surge across the sea.

His eyes glowed red. The red from his eyes seemed to be several times thicker than the sea blood.

“Wang Lin, the day that I, Tuo Sen, escape is near! Once I devour you, I’ll be an ancient god, an eight-star ancient god! At that time, who in this system will be my match!?!”

As Tuo Sen laughed, a few squeaking sounds came from the blood sea. Two little monkeys appeared and moved next to Tuo Sen.

These two little monkeys’ eyes released a demonic red glow.

At this very moment in the Suzaku Tomb, the eyes of the old man with the creepy smile glowed red. The eyes of the monkey on his shoulder were even more red.

When the little monkey let out a squeak, the old man paused for a moment and looked into the distance. His eyes glowed red once more.

“He came!” The old man was about to move out when the monkey on his shoulder let out a growl.

But the old man paused a bit before turning around. His goal was the center of the Suzaku Tomb.

As the old man flew away, the little monkey looked before him and its eyes glowed red.

This old man was very fast; this person seemed to be able to detect when those rifts would appear, so he easily dodged them. Although he moved very quickly, there was no danger to him.

Shortly after the old man left, a ray of light flew in from the distance and Wang Lin landed. He looked at where the old man was and began to ponder.

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