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Chapter 451 – Wan Er’s Soul Piece

But not all Ascendant cultivators succeed; the success rate is only 50%.

Only after reaching the level above Ascendant or if a rank 5 cultivation country ascends to rank 6 can one’s soul piece be safely retrieved.

Yunque Zhi wasn’t able to retrieve his soul piece; in fact, ever since the country of Suzaku arrived, no one has managed to retrieve their soul piece. This had a lot to do with Situ Nan’s seal.

Although the seal on the Cultivation Planet Crystal prevented future Suzakus from controlling the planet, it also stopped anyone from being able to retrieve their soul piece when they reach the Ascendant stage.

In some more powerful cultivation planets, like the ones controlled by rank 7 or 8 cultivation countries, there were sects that were powerful enough to match a rank 6 cultivation planet. These sects have found ways to avoid the Cultivation Planet Crystal.

If that wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be any strife within the Cultivation Alliance.

At this moment, far away in space on a large planet, many rays of sword lights were flying across the sky. These people were not fighting but rushing to some place.

This planet was far too large; it was tens of times the size of planet Suzaku, and with a planet this big, it would naturally have more mortals.

Five smaller planets orbited this large planet. There were also countless cultivators living on each one of them.

There were even smaller planets farther out with powerful formations protecting them.

The largest planet, the one at the center, was planet Tian Yun.

The five smaller planets were under the control of planet Tian Yun, which was a rank 7 planet. As for the even smaller planets, they were personal planets of very powerful cultivators. Unless people were personally invited, no one could enter them.

Planet Suzaku was simply too small compared to this.

There were many sects on planet Tian Yun, but of course the most prominent was the Heavenly Fate Sect.

The Heavenly Fate Sect says that everything in life depends on fate. Everything has already been set, so you can’t force it and you can’t escape it. This decree of the sect gave them a transcendental feel.

The person who set this decree was a person that a majority of the population on planet Tian Yun respected; he was the All-Seer.

At this moment, the All-Seer opened his eyes from his closed door cultivation. He had a gentle expression on his face, and although he had white hair, he didn’t look old, giving him a transcendental feel. His bright eyes showed off more energy than many youths’ eyes.

There wasn’t a hint of death on him; he was filled with endless vitality.

He was currently at the Heavenly Fate Sect’s Celestial Fate Pagoda. At this moment, both of his eyes revealed a mysterious light and he muttered to himself, “When I was visiting an old friend, I passed by a semi-wasted cultivation planet and met a child. This child was able to comprehend the life and death domain of the reincarnation cycle and was trying to reach the Soul Formation stage. Not many people can do this, so when I saw that his cultivation was lacking, I gave him a hint and said that i would accept him as my honorary disciple for 100 years. Today I suddenly had a feeling… I believe that this child will arrive soon… I don’t know what cultivation level he is currently at, but if he manages to get here, if his cultivation level isn’t at least at the late stage of Soul Formation, I’ll be disappointed….”

The All-Seer pondered a bit before slightly shaking his head and closing his eyes again.

Inside the Suzaku Tomb, Wang Lin had slowed down and kept his divine sense in a smaller range than before. There were simply too many of those lifeforms around here, and some of them would be hard for Wang Lin to deal with unless he used the one-billion-soul soul flag.

He moved very carefully. Whenever he detected danger, he would immediately change directions and go around it. This caused his journey to slow down a lot.

On this day, what appeared before Wang Lin were two heaven-piercing mountains. Between the two mountains was a small path with no end in sight that led into the depths of the two mountains.

The two mountains were surrounded by a luscious jungle.

While Wang Lin stood at the foot of the two mountains, he pondered a bit and his eyes sparkled.

He had already been in the inner part of the tomb for a few days now. According to his calculations, the center of this place should be through the path.

However, along the way, Wang Lin could clearly feel that the closer he went to the center, the more of those lifeforms there were. Some of the more powerful ones were not things Wang Lin could deal with.

After pondering for a moment, Wang Lin walked toward the small path between the two mountains. He was very cautious with each step and constantly watched his surroundings.

These lifeforms could take many forms, so if one was careless for even a moment, they would be ambushed.

Along the way, Wang Lin looked at the surface of the two mountains on either side of this narrow path. There were patches of wet spots on the smooth, mountain surfaces, and sometimes drops of water would fall from the sides of the mountains.

After walking several dozen meters, Wang Lin’s expression changed and he realized that something was off!

He carefully looked at the walls of the two mountains and his eyes lit up.

“If this place is wet year-round, then there should be moss growing. After all, the rest of this place is similar to the planet outside. However, this place looks like it just became wet recently!”

Wang Lin’s right hand pointed to the face of one of the mountains and his finger immediately dug into it, creating a one-inch-deep hole.

The outer half inch of the hole was wet, but the latter half inch was dry.

Without any hesitation, Wang Lin quickly backed up. In the blink of an eye, he was already out of the small path, and right as he backed out, the water on the walls of the mountain began to move. The water came out from the walls and droplets of crystal clear water started floating above the small path.

These were countless water drops; at least tens of thousands of them, and every single one of them represented a soul piece.

These water droplets condensed into a human figure. The water moved in a mysterious fashion and finally took the shape of a woman.

This woman looked normal, but she gave off a strange aura. After she appeared, she stared coldly at Wang Lin and slowly said, “You can’t go inside!”

Wang Lin slowly backed up. The one type of lifeform he least wanted to mess was one made of water. This type was the most difficult lifeform to deal with. Even though the one before him was only as strong as a Soul Formation cultivator, it would still be hard for him deal with.

Water was a substance that could gather and scatter; even though he could seal it, it was very difficult to get it all. A few days ago, Wang Lin encountered a water-based life form and he had to give up and move around it in the end.

This was why once he noticed that there was a chance that a water-based lifeform was here, he backed up without any hesitation.

Just as he backed up, he spread out his divine sense to check what was further down the path. Before, his divine sense wasn’t spread out much to avoid unnecessary trouble, but now that the water lifeform had showed itself, he spread it out without any hesitation and was shocked.

Deep into the mountain path, he saw someone. This was someone he knew. This person was currently fighting against a water lifeform and had the upper hand.

However, when he saw the water lifeform this person was fighting against, he felt a sense of familiarity with it. This feeling wasn’t strong, but it was there.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled as he backed up. After the woman made of water droplets saw Wang Lin back up, she quickly moved deeper into the mountain.

Wang Lin stood outside the mountain and pondered.

“Something is not right. Why does that water lifeform give me this feeling? I don’t have a water spirit root, so my soul piece can’t be inside a water life form. This is strange.”

Wang Lin slightly frowned. He hung around for a bit and just as he was about to leave, his expression suddenly changed and he turned around.

He suddenly felt pain in his heart. It was as if there was a soul piece inside there, weakly calling out to him for help.

“Wan Er!” Wang Lin was startled and he understood!

Wan Er was inside the heaven defying bead, and the heaven defying bead existed within his soul. Naturally, this gave him the ability to detect Wan Er’s soul piece.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. This time he didn’t hesitate to fly into the depths of the two mountains.

Just as he entered the path, the woman who blocked him earlier took form again to block him. She raised her right hand and waved it. Soon, a large amount of water droplets filled the small path.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. Without a word, he took out the celestial sword while not slowing down at all and threw it forward with a shout. After that, he pointed his left hand between his eyebrows.

Wang Lin’s body trembled for a moment as his origin soul came out of his body. His origin soul was over 100 feet tall; it caught up to the celestial sword in an instant and continued to charge forth.

In almost the blink of an eye, Wang Lin’s origin soul charged through the woman’s body and the celestial sword pierced through her body.

The woman let out a miserable groan as the soul pieces that formed her body collapsed and scattered, but Wang Lin’s origin soul had already entered her body. His origin soul divided from 1 to 2, then from 2 to 4, and from 4 to 8 until his origin soul had split into countless smaller pieces that entered every single soul piece.

At the same time, a shout came from Wang Lin’s origin soul.


In an instant, countless restrictions appeared from Wang Lin’s origin soul and sealed each one of the soul pieces. Then he reformed his origin soul and flew toward his body which was still flying in this direction due to momentum.

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