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Chapter 450 – Thousand Illusion Lust Domain

Yunque Zi was startled and said, “Is that your old lust domain?”

The third ancestor nodded and said, “It is my lust domain. If she succeeds in the possession, she will definitely take part of my power. How can I let her succeed?

“That thing separated from me and was found by a little cultivator. I believe that that little cultivator is inside the Suzaku Tomb right now. Although I can’t destroy the domain, I can make some slight changes to it. Normally, it wouldn’t matter too much, but during a possession, it will make her possession fail!”

After the third ancestor finished speaking, she pointed at her forehead. The plant on her forehead began to move in a mysterious manner. Tattoos came out from the plant and disappeared in the air.

In the Suzaku Tomb, Wang Lin walked onto the altar and activated it. He felt the altar teleporting him and he was just about to disappear.

But just at this moment, a large amount of pink mist suddenly poured out of Liu Mei’s forehead. It was followed by Mei Ji’s scream.

“How could it be like this?! There is a force with the same type of energy as me interfering with my possession! How could it be so…” When Mei Ji was born, she lost all memories of her creator, so this was their first meeting from her point of view.

After she entered Liu Mei’s body and was breaking Liu Mei’s domain, she suddenly felt pain in her soul. This pain caused her to lose all her power and made her feel very weak.

As a result, Liu Mei’s domain counteracted and she was forced out.

At the moment Mei Ji was forced out of Liu Mei, Liu Mei’s eyes opened up and she said, “You’re the last illusion; you won’t be able to escape!”

After Liu Mei spoke, a large amount of the pink mist was sucked back into her.

Mei Ji let out a scream. She was still completely powerless. She felt despair before clenching her teeth and snapping, “If I can’t possess you, then let’s fuse!”

With that, Mei Ji used some unknown method that caused her body explode and her soul to collapse. Even her powerful lust domain also collapsed, and all of it went into Liu Mei.

All of this happened very fast. By the time Wang Lin turned around to look at Liu Me, Mei Ji had already collapsed.

At this moment, a large amount of pink mist came out of every single pore on Liu Mei’s body. The clothes on Liu Mei’s body turned to dust and disappeared. What appeared before Wang Lin’s eyes was Liu Mei’s extremely beautiful body that would charm almost any man.

Wang Lin didn’t have enough time to teleport away before the pink mist spread out in all directions. He could only quickly back up and create a gust of wind filled with celestial spiritual energy to shield him.

However, although he backed up very quickly, the pink mist was not affected by the gust at all; it was as if it was ethereal, so it quickly spread out.

It spread too fast. Even as Wang Lin backed up, some of the pink mist still entered his pores.

However, the amount of pink mist that entered Wang Lin’s body wasn’t too much, so after activating a bit of celestial spiritual energy, he pushed most of it out of his body. Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he continued to back away until he was finally able to dodge the pink mist.

“This pink mist isn’t a spell; it’s formed from a domain. That is why the wind had no effect on it!” Wang Lin’s expression was dark as he looked at the pink mist that was covering the valley.

A very alluring figure slowly appeared from within the pink mist.

Liu Mei’s originally white and flawless skin now showed a hint of rosy red and her eyes would sometime expose a ruthless gaze and other times expose a lustful gaze.

Her expression made it look like she was going through a painful struggle.

At this moment, the ruthlessness in Liu Mei’s eyes disappeared and lust filled her eyes. She let out an extremely beautiful smile as she raised her hand and pointed at the air. All of the surrounding pink mist suddenly rushed out in all directions at an unimaginable speed.

The pink mist spread like a shockwave, carrying an incredible amount of force; it was as if something had exploded.

The speed at which the pink mist spread was far faster than Wang Lin. In the blink of an eye, the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers became a world of pink. The mountains were also covered by this pink mist, giving off the illusion that it was all a dream.

Wang Lin wasn’t far from Liu Mei; they were at the center of the pink mist. Originally, with his mental strength, he would be able to withstand this if he stopped his breathing and activated his domain.

But when Wang Lin was retreating earlier, a bit of pink mist had entered Wang Lin’s body. Normally, he only needed to find a place to cultivate for about one incense stick of time to force it out of him completely, but now he didn’t have that time.

As the pink mist surrounded him, the pink mist inside him broke free from the seal and moved through his body. Thanks to the pink mist inside and outside his body, Wang Lin lost control for the first time.

The Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain was already at the mid stage of Soul Transformation. This was really only 999 illusions and each one represented a life Liu Mei had lived.

The Liu Mei in the Xuan Dao Sect was only one of the avatars.

Liu Mei had 999 avatars like this to experience 999 different illusions, and she only needed one more for her domain to reach the late stage of Soul Transformation. After reaching the late stage, she will only need enough celestial jades before she can take the life and death trial to reach the Ascendant stage. One step could be death or that one step could lead to becoming an Ascendant cultivator!

Mei Ji’s appearance was a great trial for Liu Mei. Without the third ancestor’s interference, Liu Mei most likely would have been possessed, becoming a puppet that only knew how to enjoy sensual pleasure.

That was why, in her eyes, Wang Lin was despicable.

The third ancestor’s unintentional help forced Mei Ji to collapse to fuse with Liu Mei, causing her life to become Liu Mei’s 1000th illusion.

Her domain was currently far above Wang Lin’s life and death domain, which was only at the early stage of Soul Transformation, so he obviously he couldn’t resist it.

The pink mist that covered everything within tens of thousands of kilometers was now slowly condensing back toward the valley.

This process lasted for two days. All of the pink mist outside of the valley had come back, but the valley itself was still covered in pink mist. From inside the mist, the painful cries of a woman could be heard, but that voice was also filled with pleasure. The voice was like the song of a fairy that would make anyone’s heart pound and blood surge.

After an unknown amount of time, the pink mist gradually faded, revealing a woman lying on the side of the altar. Clarity slowly returned to her eyes.

Ripples of energy were coming from the altar, meaning that someone had just teleported away.

Shortly after, all of the pink mist dissipated and the valley returned to what it was like before. The woman sat up straight and slightly frowned as she reached out to grab a bag of holding.

With a flash of white light, the woman’s naked body was hidden under a white dress.

She stood up, looked at the red spots on the altar, and began to ponder.

“I can’t believe that the last illusion of the Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain is this illusion. The moment this illusion appears, the domain changes to the Thousand Illusion Lust domain. All of this is like an illusion, yet it is so real. I never thought that my Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain’s last illusion would be obtained like this… Teacher wanted me to leave my mark on Wang Lin’s dao heart, but he never would have thought that my last illusion would contain his aura…”

Liu Mei’s eyebrows were furrowed tightly together as she looked into the distance and finally let out a sigh. She had a very complex feeling in her heart, and at this moment, she suddenly felt lost. Everything that just happened was completely outside her expectations.

Wang Lin’s body appeared in a wasteland in the inner section of the Suzaku Tomb. After he appeared, he looked into the sky with a very complex expression.

While being surrounded by the pink mist, he felt like he was in a dream. When the pink mist dissipated, he saw a woman below him. At that moment, his heart felt pain for her.

“I still have things to do right now, so I have to put aside the matter with Liu Mei for now. Thinking about it is useless… ah!” Wang Lin sighed as he touched the spot between his eyebrows. This was where the heaven defying bead was located.

Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul was slowly recovering inside the heaven defying bead, and one day she will awaken.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before he disappeared and flew off quickly into the distance.

The inner section of the Suzaku Tomb was also different from what Situ Nan told him. Situ Nan said that the inside of the Suzaku Tomb wasn’t large and that there was a mountain in the center.

The first generation Suzaku left the Suzaku Seal’s dao inside the mountain, and that was also where his corpse was located.

Every Suzaku cultivated here for several months to obtain the Suzaku seal’s inheritance.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and swept the area. This place was too big for Wang Lin to cover in his divine sense, but he detected multiple powerful presences. These presences immediately released their full auras when they noticed Wang Li; it was as if they were trying to provoke him.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. All of these presences were lifeforms made of soul pieces. Not only did the inner section have more of these life forms, but they were much more powerful than the ones outside.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he picked a direction and quickly flew that way. His first goal was to find the mountain which was supposed to be the center of this place.

He knew that he didn’t have much time left. If the Cultivation Planet Crystal shatters, he will have to use the method Situ Nan gave him. This Cultivation Planet Crystal was very tyrannical; it was the absolute power that the cultivation alliance gives to rank 6 cultivation countries.

After cultivators have reached the Ascendant stage and have experienced trying to find their own dao, they might get a chance to get their soul piece back from the Cultivation Planet Crystal.

However, none of the Suzakus could take back their soul pieces. If they did, they would lose their ability to use the Suzaku seal and in a way, lose their title of Suzaku.

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