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Chapter 449 – The last illusion

A loud rumble came from the scroll followed by a large amount of grey gas. It suddenly turned into a dragon and opened its mouth to devour Liu Mei’s peacock.

The peacock let a cry. This cry was very crisp and could shake the high heavens. It then lifted its proud head and opened its beautiful tail. The seven-colored tail feathers gave off a demonic glow as the ruthless domain flew out.

At this moment, another color appeared under the life and death scroll. This ruthlessness could make ice even colder and force the four seasons to immediately change.

Wang Lin felt this coldness inside the valley; this was ruthlessness, a natural indifference. At this moment, the peacock was only an illusion; the one who was really looking at the dragon was Liu Mei.

Her eyes were indifferent, ruthless, and cold. Although she was similar to Red Butterfly, Red Butterfly was cutting off emotion, which was very different from having no emotion.

Only someone with emotions can cut off their emotions.

And the heavens were naturally emotionless. Since there were no emotions to cut in the first place, it was a step higher.

The dragon descended and its giant mouth arrived next to the peacock. In a flash, the dragon split into thin, grey pieces of fog that surrounded the peacock.

Wang Lin sighed. “Nothing in the world can escape life and death. Let those that exist continue to exist and let what is dissipating dissipate…”

He thought of Li Muwan.

The peacock let out another cry as the seven colors from its tail fused together to form a rainbow. The rainbow shot out from the peacock, pierced into the sky, and fused with the painting in the scroll in the sky.

“The most beautiful thing in this world is often the most ruthless. A rainbow is beautiful and is admired by hundreds of millions of people. However, it is ruthless because no one can make it stay. Just like how the peacock’s tail opening is beautiful but is also death…”

After the rainbow entered the scroll, the painting was no longer just black and white; it now contained a bit of color. The grey gas around the peacock was no longer monochrome; it also had other colors mixed in.

“999 illusions. I’m missing just one illusion to obtain 1000 illusions. Wang Lin, where is that last illusion? If you only have this much strength, if you can’t resist against me without the soul flag, then I’m very disappointed in you. I could have attacked you when I first met you in the Soul Refining Sect, but you were too weak then. You domain hadn’t reached its completion and become corporeal yet, so I had to wait.

“Your domain has now reached Soul Transformation completion and become corporeal, but you are still so weak. If this is all you have, then you won’t even be able to let me complete my last illusion!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. He raised his head to look at the life and death scroll and silently pondered.

Inside the painting in the scroll, the seven colors became even more dense and the painting was no longer just black and white. The mountain and sea became very life-like. Not only did the mountains and sea have color, even the trees had a hint of green on them.

“You say to let what exists continue to exist and what should dissipate to dissipate, but does your heart really think so? Wang Lin, I never thought that your domain had such a big weakness. No wonder you didn’t want to attack with your domain… so it was like this!” Liu Mei’s voice was filled with a heavy sense of disappointment.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold. He waved his hand and a strand of pink gas flew out from his hand and into the life and death scroll.

Wang Lin coldly said, “What should dissipate will naturally dissipate, but if something that should exist dissipates, then I definitely won’t agree! Liu Mei, I’m gifting you your last illusion!”

At this moment, a pink dot appeared on the life and death scroll and transformed into a charming figure. This figure wasn’t Li Muwan but the one Xu Liguo kept referring to as little sister fairy.

The third ancestor of the Forsaken Immoral Clan reincarnated into a cultivator and obtained her own domain, but when she returned to the Forsaken Immortal Clan, she gave up her cultivation and allowed her origin soul to shatter. However, her domain was very stubborn, so it didn’t dissipate.

After Wang Lin got hold of her, he kept her in his bag of holding. This was Wang Lin’s real ace against Liu Mei.

In fact, Wang Lin had thought of this plan before Zhou Wutai handed him the information about Liu Mei. Although this method was very vicious, if Liu Mei didn’t give up on Wang Lin, then he would use it without any hesitation.

After he saw the information from Zhou Wutai, he was even more confident that this domain was ideal for dealing with Liu Mei.

To break a ruthless domain that is based on having no emotions, one must use lust to create an emotion.

At the same time, an evil laughter came from within the scroll.

Mei Ji’s charming figure appeared inside the scroll. Her crisp voice was like a song. “What a ruthless heart to trap me for so long and only to release me when you have a use for me. Wang Lin, could your heart really be made of stone? But this little girl really does like this body!”

With that, she let out a charming laughter. This laughter even caused Wang Lin to become shocked. He required a few moments to recover.

Black fog came out from the celestial sword and Xu Liguo stared at Mei Ji, his eyes filled with desire.

“This is…” Liu Mei’s hesitant voice came from within the peacock.

Wang Lin’s eyes showed no mercy as he said, “Life and death domain, reincarnation cycle!”

The scroll in the sky suddenly closed with a bang like two giant waves from the north and south had just crashed together.

The moment it closed, the rainbow shattered and the colors were forced out of the scroll.

However, the scroll suddenly trembled and once more opened up, but this time there were neither mountains nor a sea in the scroll, only the figure of a woman.

This woman was very beautiful. Her eyes were filled with lust as she let out a laugh. She jumped out of the scroll, turned into a pink mist, and quickly descended upon the giant peacock above Liu Mei.

The peacock revealed a hint of hesitation in its eyes. This hesitation came from Liu Mei’s heart. This kind of hesitation was very rare when coming from Liu Mei.

Wang Lin calmly asked, “Liu Mei, did you want the last illusion?”

The hesitation disappeared from the peacock’s eyes as Liu Mei’s voice came from it. “Wang Lin, you’re really despicable!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. The pink mist that was Mei Ji descended from the sky like a meteor. The pink mist split into two right above the peacock and entered its eyes.

The peacock began to emit a pink smoke, then its body trembled once and collapsed into specks of light, revealing Liu Mei, who was sitting on the altar.

At this moment, a rosey red color appeared on her cheeks, making her already beautiful face even more charming and alluring.

However, Wang Lin’s eyes were still cold. He didn’t care if Mei Ji could successfully take over Liu Mei or if Liu Mei could complete her last illusion.

There was no grudge or deep hatred between Wang Lin and Liu Mei; overall, their relationship was complicated. If it wasn’t for the fact that Liu Mei kept looking for Wang Lin to cause him trouble, he probably wouldn’t have used Mei Ji.

Although it was granting Liu Mei’s wish, it was just as Liu Mei said; to use the lust domain to break her ruthless domain was too despicable.

But Wang Lin didn’t take any of this to heart. He began to walk forward.

He just needed to enter the altar to go into the inner section of the tomb. His first goal was to find the first generation Suzaku’s grave. It would be great if he could get his soul piece back from there, but if it was not there, he would find the king of those lifeforms and get his soul piece back that way.

After obtaining his soul piece, he won’t care about the matters on planet Suzaku. He will leave here and leave this whole mess behind!

In these past several years, Wang Lin had a feeling that Tuo Sen from the land of the ancient gods would be able to escape soon. He believed that he stood no chance against Tuo Sen at all.

At this moment, at the eastern side of the Suzaku continent, in an area covered by a black cloud. The Forsaken Immortal Clan’s first ancestor, Yunque Zi, the third ancestor, and a ten-leaf ancestral spirit were sitting there.

Their life plants were flashing above their foreheads and in between them was a skull.

There was a tattoo engraved on this skull. This tattoo was several times more complex than the ones on the skulls Wang Lin obtained; there was no comparison.

There was a powerful aura gathering above the skull.
Yunque Zi looked at the skull with respect and said, in a heavy tone, “The ancestor obtained enlightenment from the primal spirit of our clan and broke past the eleven-leaf stage to become the third twelve-leaf shaman in the clan’s history. This skull tattoo possess a certain power, so if all of us work together, we should be able to use it to send one of us inside.”

The first ancestor slowly asked, “Then who is going?”

The third ancestor, that beautiful and charming woman, was no longer in any mood to laugh, so she sighed. “It would be ideal for first ancestor to go, but your body is buried deep within the Immortal Graveyard. If you go with your tattoo soul, we don’t know if the Suzaku Tomb will affect you or not. How about…” Just as she got here, she suddenly stood up and looked toward the direction of the Suzaku tomb, then she slowly revealed a strange expression.

“That sliver of my domain from back then is trying to possess a body… Hmph, how could I let her do as she wishes?!”

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