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Chapter 448 – The third encounter with Liu Mei

This woman was Liu Mei. She was wearing a light pink dress with blue butterflies embroidered on the edge. Her dress gently flowed with the wind. Her silky, black hair was casually draped over her shoulder down to her waist, which, along with her slim figure, made her all the more alluring.

Liu Mei let out a smile and whispered, “Wang Lin!”

Wang Lin’s expression was cold. He looked at the altar beside Liu Mei and blandly said, “Move aside!”

Liu Mei revealed a hint of weakness in her eyes and gently asked, “Do you hate me, Wang Lin?”

Wang Lin slightly frowned, then he coldly looked at Liu Mei and said, with a heavy tone, “Move aside!”

At this moment, a breeze came from the mountain and lifted up Liu Mei’s silk-like hair. This elegant scene was also filled with a refined sense of beauty.

Liu Mei’s figure was very beautiful. She gently put the strands of hair that were lifted by the wind behind her ears. Then she looked at Wang Lin with resentment in her eyes and stood up.

“Wang Lin, you’re such a cold-hearted person. Could it be that besides Li Muwan, you can’t allow another person into your heart…”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He coldly looked at Liu Mei and touched his bag of holding. The celestial sword appeared in his hand. Without any hesitation, he activated his celestial spiritual energy and swung the sword.

A slice that could shatter the heavens!

The swing with celestial spiritual energy traveled through the valley like a meteor.

Liu Mei’s expression remained calm. She pointed at the air before her and the figure of a peacock appeared. At this moment, the sword energy arrived.

The peacock’s eyes started glowing green, then it shook its body and several feathers quickly fell off its body and created a shield.


The sword energy collided with the feathers and the resulting shockwave caused both Liu Mei and Wang Lin’s clothes to flap loudly in the wind.

Liu Mei’s eyes lit up as she looked at Wang Lin and said, “You are indeed at the early stage of Soul Transformation. Wang Lin, your cultivation speed is really fast!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He looked at the celestial sword in his hand and gently stroked it. Then he said, with a heavy tone, “Liu Mei, I’ll say it one last time: move aside or I’ll attack with all my power!”

Liu Mei bit her lower lip, shook her head, and whispered, “I can’t let you. Wang Lin, you have no chance of surviving inside. How about you give me your domain and I’ll get your soul piece back for you?”

Wang Lin looked at Liu Mei and began to laugh. “Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain. Liu Mei, do you still think I haven’t seen through you yet?”

Liu Mei’s expression remained calm and she smiled. “Of course not. I believe that the big-eared cultivator came to battle with me just for you.

“That is correct; my domain is the Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain. Your life and death domain is one of the most ruthless things under the heavens. The heavens have to be ruthless or it won’t form daos. Wang Lin, on a fundamental level, we are the same!

“I used 1,000 avatars to experience various lives filled with emotion to cultivate my ruthless dao. And you use emotions to experience death, see beyond it, and comprehend the reincarnation cycle. I’m sure you have already comprehended that the life and death domain of the reincarnation cycle is also a ruthless dao!

“You and I are the same kind of people!”

While Wang Lin stared at Liu Mei, he slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared.

He didn’t want to use the soul flag right away; the soul flag should be saved for when he tries to take back his soul piece or when fighting the king for his soul piece.

He shook the restriction flag, causing the restrictions to fly out. Strands of restriction gas spread out and surrounded the valley.

Wang Lin shouted, “Liu Mei, Zhuque Zi is about to die. Our battle is pointless.” Liu Mei was, after all, at the mid stage of Soul Transformation, so he couldn’t win quickly without using the soul flag. If he gets delayed here for too long and fails to get his soul piece back, it would be bad.

Liu Mei smiled and looked at the sky. The gentleness in her eyes disappeared and was replaced with a cold and ruthless gaze.

“Wang Lin, even if my teacher hadn’t ordered it, I would still have come to fight you because I need your domain to complete my Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain. Wang Lin, you can attack!”

Wang Lin’s gaze was now completely cold. His hand formed a seal as he pointed at her and said, “Restrict!”

The restrictions from the restriction flag suddenly began to congregate. They were all flashing brightly.

This light gathered before Wang Lin to form a black lance. Purple lightning moved along the black lance, causing cracking and popping sounds.

Wang Lin moved forward and grabbed the lance. Celestial spiritual energy immediately surged from his body into the lance, causing the lance to glow golden-purple. All of the restrictions had celestial spiritual energy infused into them, so a primal aura appeared from the lance.

“Scram!” Wang Lin yelled as he jumped into the air and stabbed toward Liu Mei. He was like a dragon diving into the sea.

The lance charged forward as if it could pierce the heavens, creating sonic booms along the way.

Liu Mei’s cold eyes revealed a mysterious light and she said, “Although you have a lot of treasures, the amount of celestial spiritual energy you can use with your early stage Soul Transformation cultivation is too little.”

With that, her delicate hand pointed forward and with a green flash, the figure of the peacock appeared before her once more. This peacock’s eyes released a demonic light as it floated above Liu Mei and stared at Wang Lin, who was still charging toward Liu Mei.

At the moment Wang Lin’s lance closed in, Liu Mei whispered, “Open!”

With one word, all of the feathers on the peacock suddenly opened.

The beautiful figure of a peacock opening its tail feathers appeared within the valley. It suddenly became very bright as if all the light in the surrounding area had gathered on the dazzling sight of the peacock.

At the same time, a powerful surge of celestial spiritual energy came out from the peacock and surrounded the area.

Although it sounds like these events took a while to unfold, it all happened very quickly. Wang Lin closed in with the lance like lightning.


A loud boom occurred at the moment the peacock opened its tail feathers. The powerful impact of the celestial spiritual energies forced Wang Lin’s body to pause for a moment.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy. Although his body paused for a moment, his reaction was very fast. He flicked his wrist and the lance flew toward the peacock at an even faster speed.


Another earth-shattering explosion occurred. The lance was like a fierce dragon as it slammed into the peacock. The purple lighting on the lance disappeared and the lance collapsed into strands of restriction gas which shattered and faded away.

Although the peacock was still beautiful, its color had dimmed. Liu Mei’s face was a bit pale as she whispered, “This treasure of yours isn’t a pseudo celestial treasure or a celestial treasure; it is very strange!”

As Wang Lin threw the lance away, he quickly backed up, reached out with his hand, and a 30-foot-long flag suddenly appeared in his hand.

The moment the flag appeared, the coldness in Liu Mei’s eyes deepened. She looked at the soul flag and whispered, “I didn’t expect senior Du Tian to really give you the one-billion-soul soul flag. However, Wang Lin, I already knew that you had the soul flag, or else I wouldn’t have chosen to wait for you at this alter.

“I was the second person to enter the Suzaku Tomb and this is the battlefield I have chosen for the two of us. If you choose to use the soul flag, I will destroy the altar. It will take several days for it to reform, so you will be delayed for several days.”

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he looked at Liu Mei. Situ Nan had explained this altar to him before. This altar was created by first generation Suzaku with the purpose of transferring people. Once the Cultivation Planet Crystal has opened, it will be surrounded by the crystal’s mysterious power and gain some extra abilities.

Even if it was destroyed, it would only need a few days to rebuild itself and remain here forever.

Its characteristics were similar to those of the lifeforms made of soul pieces.

Wang Lin asked, in a serious tone, “What is your purpose?!”

Liu Mei looked at Wang Lin and faintly smiled. “I don’t have any purpose; I just want to have a domain battle with you.”

As Wang Lin stared at Liu Mei, his right hand tightened and the one-billion-soul soul flag disappeared. His left hand formed a seal and pointed between his eyebrows. The sky darkened and a rift opened as if two invisible hands had torn it open. Waves of grey gas came out from the rift. As more and more grey gas appeared, a giant scroll suddenly emerged from the grey gas and covered the sky.

The moment the scroll appeared, it released a mysterious power that surrounded the area.

Liu Mei’s eyes lit up, then she took a deep breath, sat down cross-legged on the altar, and closed her eyes. At the moment she closed her eyes, the peacock before her let out a sharp shrill and floated up. It was now directly above Liu Mei. Its body suddenly expanded, making it a 100-foot-tall peacock.

Its tail feathers were now even larger and it almost completely covered the entire mountain range.

“My domain is the Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain. Every feather on this peacock is one illusion. In truth, my domain doesn’t have 1,000 illusions yet; it only has 999. Once I obtain the last illusion, my domain will reach the late stage of Soul Transformation. Wang Lin, give me the last illusion, okay?” Liu Mei’s voice came from the peacock.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he raised his hand and pointed at the sky. A heaven-shattering explosion came from the scroll in the sky as mountains and rivers appeared in the scroll. Strands of grey gas came out from the black and white painting inside scroll.

“I’ll give you the last Illusion you wish for, and it will be one you will never forget in your life!”
Wang Lin’s voice was cold as he pointed down toward Liu Mei.

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