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Chapter 447 – A beauty that can’t be replicated

Lifeforms made of soul pieces were very hard to kill, and even if they were killed, the victims would be the owners of the soul pieces and not the lifeform.

If Wang Lin were to use celestial spiritual energy and held nothing back, he could kill this thing. However, more soul pieces would come and reform this lifeform again. In a certain way, these lifeforms were undying.

However, when the Cultivation Planet Crystal shatters, these soul pieces will also collapse.

No one knows whether the next lifeform they face will contain the soul pieces of their loved ones. At that moment, how would they act? If it was your own soul piece, then that would be easier because you have a mysterious connection with your soul piece.

Of course, there were quite a few heartless people inside the Suzaku Tomb. There were a few people who, after observing for a while and learning the secret, began a slaughter. They destroyed one soul piece after another and then waited for the life form to reform by calling more soul pieces. They continued this stupid method in hopes of finding their own soul piece.

Qian Feng was one of them.

At this very moment, Qian Feng was at a mountain range in the inner section of the tomb. He was sitting outside a cave with a very gloomy expression.

He was the first person to enter the Suzaku Tomb, so obviously he met the lifeforms made of soul pieces. These lifeform couldn’t be killed, so in the end, both cultivators and the Forsaken Immortal Clan members met something like Murong Yun and rushed toward that mountain peak.

There were some people that were tricked by the altar, but Qian Feng didn’t fall for the trap and escaped. He spent a lot of time and effort before finally finding the real altar and entering the inner section of the Suzaku Tomb.

Although the inner section was smaller than the outer section, it was still very large. There were also a lot more of those life forms here and some of them were very powerful. Qian Feng couldn’t beat them, so he was forced to retreat.

During these days in the inner section, he still couldn’t find the first Suzaku’s grave. As time passed, more and more cultivators and Forsaken Immortal Clan members entered the inner section.

Qian Feng personally saw a familiar Soul Transformation cultivator’s eyes go dim and die after a few Forsaken Immortal Clan members went all out and killed one of those lifeforms.

This scene shocked everyone around.

Qian Feng found out that this person’s origin soul had shattered and he had completely died.

Everyone who had entered the Suzaku Tomb was very smart, so they immediately understood the meaning behind this. As a result, in the battle against these lifeforms, some began to hold back, but the more they held back, the harder it was to win. It was like a dead knot.

Qian Feng had been sitting outside this cave for more than half a month. His heart felt very anxious and this irritated him greatly. He didn’t know how long he had before the Cultivation Planet Crystal collapses. If he couldn’t get his soul piece back, then the only thing left for him was death.

“Zhuque Zi, you old bag of bones! If you are going to die, just die! Why does everyone else have to die with you?!” Qian Feng clenched his teeth and punched the ground.

He took a deep breath, his eyes lit up, and he looked at the cave before him. He began to silently calculate and then suddenly took out a black gourd.

His right hand formed a seal and then pointed at the gourd. “Red Butterfly, come out!” he said.

A ray of golden light came out from the gourd and Red Butterfly appeared before Qian Feng. She was wearing a red dress, she was still as beautiful as before, and her eyes were still without any life.

At this moment, the coldness and arrogance she once hard no longer existed; what remained was a heartbreaking sorrow and indifference.

This gourd was a treasure from his family that was said to have been left by an ancestor. Not only did it have its secrets, it could also store living things.

Qian Feng said, “Time is up, so it should have recovered. You go lure it out.”

Red Butterfly didn’t say a word as she slowly walked into the cave.

Qian Feng took a deep breath, his hand formed a seal, and the celestial spiritual energy in his body activated. The celestial spiritual energy slowly gathered on his finger until it formed a small, golden ball.

Qian Feng’s face was gloomy as he stared into the depths of the cave.

Shortly after, a roar came from within the cave and the ground began to tremble. Red Butterfly ran out from within the cave and stood next to Qian Feng.

At the same time, a tall figure came out of the cave. This was a 100-foot-tall giant and its body emitted black smoke. Every step it took caused the ground to shake.

As the giant was walking out of the cave, Qian Feng’s eyes became cold and he pointed at the giant. The small ball on the tip of his finger shot out toward the giant.

An angry roar came from the giant as its body collapsed into countless strands of black smoke to dodge the ball of light.

Qian Feng shouted, “Explode!”

With one word, the ball of light suddenly exploded, creating a powerful explosion that quickly spread in all directions.

The entire mountain trembled and a large amount of rocks began to fall off of it. All of the strands of black smoke that escaped were destroyed without any exception.

“This is the 69th one already and I still haven’t found my soul piece…” Qian Feng frowned. He knew that this method wasn’t the best method. However, this Suzaku Tomb was simply too big and he wasn’t powerful enough to go to a lot of places, so he could only use this dumb method and hope for a miracle.

On the mountain with the altar in the outer section of the Suzaku Tomb, Wang Lin held the sphere with the life form sealed inside and jumped down.

As for the ugly woman, Wang Lin ignored her.

Wang Lin’s voice was calm as he said, “I won’t kill you, but I can seal you, and this kind of seal is permanent. Once the owners of the soul pieces die one by one as their lifespans run out, you will die a true death!”

Throughout these past severals days in the Suzaku Tomb, he had been thinking of a way to deal with these lifeforms. After pondering for a long time, he thought of this method.

Using a large amount of restrictions to seal each of the soul pieces would create some kind of sealing effect. Then, by adding a soul fragment of the same cultivation level, it would prevent the lifeform from reforming again.

He only needed to wait for the owners of the soul pieces inside the lifeform to die naturally for this lifeform to die naturally as well.

Wang Lin didn’t have time to test if this method really worked, but when those words landed in Murong Yun’s ears, it was like he was shocked by lightning.

“I’m unkillable. When the soul pieces that I’m made of die, I can gather more soul pieces to reform myself!” Murong Yun’s roar came from within the sphere.

Wang Lin coldly snorted and landed at the foot of the mountain. He pointed at the ground and created a hole several dozen feet deep.

Wang Lin jumped into the hole, placed the sphere inside, and began placing down restrictions nearby.

Murong Yun noticed what Wang Lin was doing and quickly said, “What are you doing?!”

“I’m going to seal you here. I’ll come back in one hundred years to see if my method works or not.” As Wang Lin spoke, he continued to place down restrictions.

Murong Yun pondered for several breath before shouting, “You! What exactly do you want?!”

Wang Lin’s lit up and he calmly said, “I want my soul piece!”

Murong Yun quickly said, “That is not possible. We were created by the Cultivation Planet Crystal and are made of soul pieces, but we can’t pick which soul pieces we get. Also, I’m far too weak to collect the soul piece of a cultivator like you. Only those powerful lifeforms in the inner section can take the soul pieces of powerful cultivators from the Cultivation Planet Crystal.”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He shook his head, placed down the last restriction, and flew out of the deep hole.

At the bottom of the hole there was only the sphere formed by restrictions all by itself surrounded by flashing restrictions.

“I… I know the real method to enter the inner section!” Murong Yun didn’t dare to bet; if he lost, he would really die.

Wang Lin looked at the mountain range in the distance and said, “I also know!” The he pointed to the ground and the hole began to close. Just as it was about to completely seal it, Murong Yun’s roar came from within.

“We have a king in the inner section of the tomb. Only he can extract the soul pieces from the Cultivation Planet Crystal. This is the truth!”

“How do I find it?” Wang Lin pointed at the ground to stop from closing.

Murong Yun quickly said, “Once you get inside the inner section, go east. There are nine mountains that form a giant ravine. Instead of black fog, there is white fog coming out, making it easy to find. The king is at the bottom of the ravine.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he raised his right hand, left this place, and the ground began to close once more.

“You…” Murong Yun’s voice was cut off when the ground closed, leaving not even a crack.

When Wang Lin reappeared, he was in a valley in the depths of the mountain range. When he passed by this place earlier, he had his divine sense spread out, so he noticed this valley.

Inside the valley was an altar. This altar looked exactly the same as the one from before. However, when Wang Lin entered the valley, he suddenly stopped and looked forward. What he saw made his eyes become cold.

A woman whose beauty couldn’t be replicated sat beside the altar and looked at Wang Lin with her beautiful eyes.

“Liu Mei!”

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