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Chapter 446 – Alter

Wang Lin stayed quiet and looked at Murong Yun.

Mu Yunhai’s heart skipped a beat.

Murong Yun faintly smiled as he clasped his hands and said, “Junior Murong Yun greets senior.”

Mu Yunhai nodded and asked, “Do you know how to enter the inner section?”

Murong Yun nodded and replied, “Senior Mu, junior does know the method of going in, but senior has to promise that you will take us in as well. If senior agrees, then I promise to tell senior everything I know.”

Mu Yunhai’s eyes lit up and he said, “Speak, this old man agrees.”

Murong Hai’s eyes revealed joy. “Junior will lead the way. Our destination is an altar; it’s the only passage into the inner section.”

Mu Yunhai asked, in a serious tone, “Are there dangers there?”

Murong Yu quickly replied, “There are. Junior saw several eight-leaf Forsaken Immortal Clan members die. There was a total of eight of them, but the first person to enter didn’t encounter any danger.”

Mu Yunahi frowned, then he looked toward Wang Lin and asked, “Fellow cultivator Ceng, what do you think?”

Wang Lin looked at Murong Yun with a smile that was not a smile and said to Mu Yunhai, “With the two of us working together, even if we can’t get past it, our lives shouldn’t be in danger.”

Mu Yunhai laughed, then he nodded and said to Murong Yun, “Little brat, lead the way!”

Murong Yun quickly nodded, then he looked at Wang Lin and warily smiled. “Senior is definitely not a Soul Formation cultivator. Junior didn’t know before; I hope senior won’t blame me.” With that, he flew in front. Mu Yunhai signaled Wang Lin and the two of them followed behind.

As for the ugly woman, she hesitated for a bit before following them.

Although Murong Yun’s speed was very fast, it was still too slow in Mu Yunhai’s eyes. Half an hour later, Mu Yunhai let out a snort and moved up, grabbed Murong Yun, turned toward Wang Lin, and said, “Fellow cultivator Ceng, you and I will each take one of them and get to the altar at full speed. If we are slow and the Cultivation Planet Crystal breaks, then all of us will die here.”

With that, he held Murong Yun and suddenly sped up before disappearing into the distance.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He waved his right hand and the ugly woman was immediately surrounded by a mysterious power. Wang Lin flew off into the distance while taking her along.

“Is senior Ceng Niu?” The woman was behind Wang Lin and a hint of her fragrance entered Wang Lin’s nose.

Wang Lin calmly answered, “I am.”

The woman wondered a bit and then suddenly said, “Senior, beware of Murong Yun.” After that, she remained silent.

Wang Lin and Mu Yunhai were very fast. With Murong Yun guiding them, they quickly crossed the plain.

Three days later, an endless mountain range appeared below them. Above the mountain range was a massive black cloud. This black cloud was constantly churning and it gave off a creepy aura.

On the western side of the mountain range was an extremely tall mountain peak. Most of the peak was hidden within the black cloud, so only half of it could be seen from outside the black cloud.

Under Murong Yun’s guidance, Mu Yunhai charged into the black cloud. Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and followed closely behind.

Inside the black cloud, Wang Lin opened his mouth and spat out a black light. The black light quickly disappeared within the black cloud.

Then he slapped his bag of holding and took something out. With one shake, it also disappeared within the black cloud. He did all of this very inconspicuously with the cover of the black cloud, so no one detected anything. Even the woman who was next to him didn’t notice because the difference in their cultivation levels was too great.

The mountain in the black cloud was a bit blurry; it was as if there was something wrapped around the mountain peak, giving it an ethereal feeling. On the top of the mountain was a large platform, and at the center of the platform was a black altar.

This altar was a tower with steps leading up to the top. There was a concave at the very top of the tower with black fog going inside.

Mu Yunhai held Murong Yun and landed on the altar.

Wang Lin landed after them.

They saw dried blood marks on the altar and the smell of blood was still lingering. They sometimes heard wails coming from the black cloud as if there were ghosts crying.

After Wang Lin landed, he let go of the woman and his eyes lit up. After looking around, he saw that this place was very different from how Situ Nan described it.

The altar that Situ Nan told him about was in a valley surrounded by mountains and not a mountain peak. His eyes quickly became cold.

Mu Yunhai spread out his divine sense and looked around. Then he said, “Junior Murong, is this the altar you were talking about?”

Murong Yun quickly nodded and said with confidence, “Senior, this is the place. However, senior should be careful; aside from the first eight-leaf shaman, the ones that followed him all died mysterious deaths.”

Mu Yunhai looked at Murong Yun before quickly grabbing Murong Yun and pressing his hand on Murong Yun’s forehead. Mu Yunhai’s eyes lit up and he whispered, “Soul search!”

Murong Yun let out a miserable groan and his body began to tremble. Mu Yunhai’s eyes lit up even more and then he let go of Murong Yun after a while.

Murong Yun fell down like a pile of mud. His body gave off a deathly aura and remained motionless.

“Fellow cultivator Ceng, this person isn’t lying!” With that, he jumped up the altar. “Fellow cultivator Ceng, I’m going to scout. Please guard me!”

“Okay!” A hint of mockery appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

Mu Yunhai arrived at the top of the altar in almost the blink of an eye. After standing there for a bit, his expression suddenly became strange. His eyes revealed a strange light as he looked at the concave on top of the altar.

Shortly after, joy appeared in his eyes and he laughed. “This is the place! Fellow cultivator Ceng, I’ll be going ahead!” With that, he walked into the center of the altar and disappeared.

The ugly woman hesitated for a bit. She looked at Wang Lin and then at Murong Yun before pondering in silence.

Wang Lin sneered and didn’t look toward the altar. Instead, he looked at Murong Yun and flicked a spell toward his forehead.

As soon as the spell arrived, Murong Yun suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed the spell, and crushed it, then he stood up and looked at Wang Lin. Black gas suddenly appeared and covered his face, then his originally handsome face became fierce.

“How did you figure it out?!” His voice contained a mysterious power.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he said, “I can tell you, but you have to answer a few of my questions.”

Murong Yun’s eyes lit up and he said, “Interesting. You answer me first.”

Wang Lin calmly said, “All cultivators like to keep themselves clean, so they keep spare clothes in their bags of holding. Rarely anyone would appear in such a disheveled state like you.”

Murong sneered and said, “Just because of that?”

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm. He stared at Murong Yun and said, “Of course there were other tells, but right now I want to know what you are”

Murong Yun snorted. “I’m made of soul pieces! Tell me what else gave me away!”

Wang Lin said, “Your clothes are far too old and not what the cultivators who just entered would wear. What is your goal?”

“I don’t have a goal; I just don’t want you guys to get the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Also, are those the only two points?” Murong Yun frowned.

Wang Lin let out a sigh and shook his head. “The last reason is the symbol on your clothes…” With that, Wang Lin’s right hand suddenly moved. He activated the celestial spiritual energy in his body and then a spell containing celestial spiritual energy suddenly appeared before him. As his right hand rose, the celestial spell rushed out toward Murong Yun.

Murong Yun sneered and didn’t move, but at the moment the celestial spell landed, his body collapsed into strands of black gas and disappeared into the surrounding black clouds.

Wang Lin didn’t chase and a hint of mockery appeared in his eyes. Soon, a scream came from within the black cloud and the strands of black fog flew back and condensed back into Murong Yun. His expression was extremely ugly as he looked around and said to Wang Lin, “You are not a normal Soul Transformation cultivator!”

A 30-foot-long flag flew out from the black clouds. The flag was moving like a wave inside the cloud. A large amount of soul fragments were coming in and out of the flag. There were ten primary souls inside the black cloud with their gazes locked onto Murong Yun.

Among these primary souls was a golden-purple Qilin. Its eyes revealed a fierce gaze.

Wang Lin had refined the one-billion-soul soul flag once more on the way here with Situ Nan. He fused his other two flags into it, so now the Qilin and Li Yuanfeng were both primary souls of the one-billion-soul soul flag.

Now this one-billion-soul soul flag had 28 primary souls!

“Do you think you can trap me like this?” Murong Yun sneered and charged out once more. He turned into black fog again and flew toward Wang Lin’s orifices.

Wang Lin’s body backed up and his eyes became cold. He raised his hand and whispered, “Seal!”

At this moment, another flag flew out from the black clouds. As soon as it appeared, a large amount of restrictions flew out of it. At a very quick speed, they closed in and created a cage the size of a person, trapping all of the black fog inside. The cage quickly shrank until it was the size of a fist.

This sphere was made of restrictions. The rows of restrictions completely sealed the black fog inside it.

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