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Chapter 445 – Murong Yun

A faint scream came from behind Wang Lin and then a happy laugh followed it. Although there was no speech, Wang Lin could clearly hear one line within the laughter.

“There is someone to play with me…”

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy. He tried to scan the grain of dirt in his hand with his divine sense, but he found that there was a force stopping him. Wang Lin frowned, then he activated some celestial spiritual energy and infused it into his divine sense. His divine sense spread out again and this time it broke through the force and entered the grain.

The moment his divine sense entered the grain, he heard the sound of a mirror cracking. Then the grain cracked open and a blue flame appeared in his hand.

When he saw this flame, Wang Lin’s body trembled!

“Soul piece!”

This was the soul piece of a mortal, and it contained a hint of fire element. The owner of this soul piece never cultivated and was only a mortal.

“That scorched earth is made up of these grains of dirt, and every grain is a soul piece. All of them should be mortal souls that couldn’t cultivate, and that child is some kind of spirit body formed by all of these soul pieces combined… No wonder the celestial sword couldn’t destroy it.”

Wang Lin’s expression was even more gloomy. He looked at the flame one more time before putting it back inside the grain. The moment the blue flame went back inside, the crack on the grain sealed itself.

He waved his right hand and without him stopping it, the grain flew back toward the scorched earth.

“Situ Nan said that the soul pieces are inside the Cultivation Planet Crystal, so why did I find soul pieces right at the entrance… Could my soul piece also be inside this kind of lifeform….”

Wang Lin frowned and flew forward.

The Suzaku Tomb was too big. After leaving behind the scorched earth, Wang Lin picked a direction and quickly flew that way.

The landscape of the Suzaku Tomb was no different from outside; there were mountains and rivers and the spiritual energy here was very dense. The spiritual energy here was several times more dense than outside. Even most sects’ spiritual energy gathering formations couldn’t produce this kind of effect.

Three days later, Wang Lin was moving like a meteor at low attitude toward the inner part of the tomb.

However, after three days, Wang Lin still hadn’t found the border. Right now he was flying over a plain. The green grass of the plain seemed to go on forever!

In the past three days, he hadn’t see one cultivator!

While he was flying, his expression changed and he turned around. He saw two cultivators flying across the sky like lightning in the distance. One was male and the other one was a female. When the two of the saw Wang Lin, they were startled.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he hid his cultivation level. He now looked like someone who had just reached the Soul Formation stage.

Two divine senses swept past him as if scouting him out. Afterward, the two of them seemed to have relaxed a bit and slowly flew towards him.

The two of them stopped several hundred feet away from Wang Lin. Neither of them looked very old. The male was a young man wearing a green robe. This robe was messy; it had holes and even some blood marks that had already gone black. On his sleeve was a mysterious symbol. It was clearly the symbol of a certain sect.

As for the woman, she was a bit ugly. There were countless pockmarks on her face. If a mortal saw her in the middle of the night, they would mistake her for a monster.

Although her face wasn’t pretty, her body had a womanly charm. If you ignored her face, she definitely had a certain charm to her.

The two of them were several hundred feet away from Wang Lin when the male shouted, “I’m Murong Yun. I wonder what your name is.”

Wang Lin remained calm and let out a smile. “I’m Qing Mu!” Qing Mu was the name Wang Lin used when he entered the Soul Refining Sect.

Wang Lin was able to see through their cultivation levels at a glance. The young man was at the mid stage of Soul Formation while the woman was at the early stage. Outside the Suzaku Tomb they could be considered strong, but inside the Suzaku Tomb, where so many have died, they seemed a bit weak.

They were only able to come inside because they were already in the country of Suzaku when the Suzaku Tomb opened up. If they had arrived a few days later, then there was no way they would’ve had a turn to enter.

Murong Yun carefully examined Wang Lin and said, “Has fellow cultivator just reached the Soul Formation stage?”

The woman looked at Wang Lin with a hint of coldness.

Wang Lin faintly smiled. “That is correct. I have just reached the Soul Formation stage.”

Murong Yun carefully examined Wang Lin. After confirming that he really was at the early stage of Soul Formation, he relaxed a bit and said, “Fellow cultivator, this place is simply too dangerous. How about we team up? The more people we have, the safer it will be, and we will have a higher chance of getting our soul pieces back.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and said, “After hearing fellow cultivator speak, you seem confident in getting your soul piece back.” As Wang Lin’s spoke, his eyes lit up without anyone noticing.

Murong Yun laughed and said, “Fellow Qing, you don’t know, but I was among the first wave that entered the Suzaku Tomb. I personally saw how Qian Feng and the eight-leaf shamans of the Forsaken Immortal Clan entered the inner section. If it wasn’t for the fact that my cultivation level isn’t high enough, I would have already gone inside the inner section.”

“Oh?” Wang Lin faintly smiled. “How did Qian Feng and them enter?”

Murong Yun let out a mysterious smile and said, “I can only tell brother Qing that the entrance is an alter. They searched for a very long time and finally went into the alter. However, the location of the altar is remote and very dangerous. We need to wait for more people before we go, then we will have a better chance.”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He looked at this person, faintly smiled, and nodded.

As the two were talking, the woman next to Mu Rong Yun said, “No need to speak anymore nonsense!” With that, she flew away.

Looking at the woman’s back, Murong Yun let out a sigh and said, “She looks like a great beauty from the back. What a pity…”

With that, he clasped his hands at Wang Lin and followed behind her.

Wang Lin rubbed his chin and slowly followed behind the two of them. He would occasionally place his gaze on Murong Yun. The mark on his sleeve and the black blood marks on his clothes made him ponder.

As they flew, Wang Lin calmly asked, “Fellow cultivator Murong, what kind of danger is there at the altar?”

A hint of fear appeared in Murong Yun’s eyes as he took a deep breath and said, “I only saw it from a distance. Three of the eight-leaf shamans and two Soul Transformation old monsters died. Even after they all died, I never spotted the enemy.”

Wang Lin revealed a smile that was not a smile and said, with a hint of mockery, “Fellow cultivation Murong’s luck was pretty good.”

Murong Yun was startled when he heard this, then he let out a wary smile and said, “I was really far away and escaped right away, so I wasn’t caught in the fight. However, one thing I’m sure about is that there is a powerful existence there that is very dangerous. We need more people to have a chance at entering.”

Wang Lin looked at Murong Yun with a strange smile on his face and no longer spoke.

Murong Yun’s heart sank. He took another good look at Wang Lin before turning around and carrying on.

The three of them flew very quickly across the plain with the ugly woman in the front. In the afternoon of the second day, the woman stopped. She looked into the distance and coldly said, “There is someone up ahead.”

Just as she spoke, a sword pierced through the air and swept toward them. As the fierce sword energy closed in, a cold aura surrounded the area.

A white flying sword quickly closed in. The person on the sword was an old man with grey hair wearing a grey robe, but with eyes were like lightning. His expression was very gloomy and kept on looking behind him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He was able to tell at a glance what was wrong. A bolt of twisting lightning was chasing the old man. The bolt of lightning seemed to be alive and was closely chasing after him.

As he was escaping, the old man’s divine sense swept past the three of them and he exclaimed when his gaze landed on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had seen this old man before. He was one of the 16 Soul Transformation cultivators outside the Suzaku Tomb. His cultivation level was at the early stage of Soul Transformation.

He didn’t stop and quickly said, “Fellow cultivators, retreat quickly. That thing is very strange!”

Just at this moment, Murong Yun casually looked at the thing that was chasing the old man. His gaze was very ordinary, but the bolt of lightning immediately stopped and let out a roar of discontent before running around and leaving.

Everything happened very quickly. If it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin had been paying special attention to Murong Yun, he wouldn’t have seen what just happened.

The lightning quickly disappeared. Even the old man on the flying sword was startled. He stopped, looked behind him, and his eyebrows knit tightly together.

Murong Yun moved up a few feet. He clasped his hands and said, “Junior Murong Yun greets senior.”

The old man coldly looked at Murong Yun and ignored him. His gaze landed on Wang Lin as he clasped his hands and said, “Many thanks, fellow cultivator Ceng!”

After thinking for a while, he couldn’t figure out why that thing had stopped chasing him. In the end, he thought that it had something to do with this Ceng Niu. After all, Ceng Niu was very famous, so he had to have some powerful spells.

The moment he said “fellow cultivator Ceng,” the ugly-looking woman suddenly turned around and carefully looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and shook his head. “That is not me.”

The old man’s eyes faintly narrowed and he smiled. “Let’s not talk about this. I’m Mu Yunhai. Does fellow cultivator Ceng have any clues about entering the inner section of the tomb?”

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