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Chapter 444 – Scorched Earth Spirit

The entrance to the Suzaku Tomb was in Mount Suzaku, but the tomb itself was another world.

The Suzaku Tomb was surrounded by the mysterious power of the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Aside from the entrance at Mount Suzaku, there was no way to break in or out.

Aside from being filled with majesty, every generation of Suzaku found that it was filled with mystery.

This place wasn’t this big when the first Suzaku planted the Cultivation Planet Crystal. However, as time passed, or to be more accurate, as more soul pieces were added, this place grew as if it were alive.

It exists within the planet and gradually grows. Now it has its own mountains and rivers, its own sky and earth. Anyone who enters this place for the first time is shocked.

Wang Lin appeared somewhere on the edge of the Suzaku Tomb. The earth here was scorched and strands of black smoke came out from the ground and drifted into the sky. The sky here was not blue; there was rainbow-colored lightning flashing up there and large spatial rifts that would open up high up in the air.

These powerful fluctuations caused the earth below to light up and darken.

Wang Lin appeared on the scorched earth where strands of black smoke were rising up from the ground.

Shortly after, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked into the distance.

“Situ Nan said that the Suzaku Tomb isn’t large and is split into the inner and outer sections. The center of the inner section is where the first generation Suzaku’s tomb is located and that’s where the Cultivation Planet Crystal is.

But this place is far too different from how Situ Nan described it. My divine sense can’t even cover the outer section, much less find that alter.” Wang Lin frowned as he squatted down to touch the scorched earth and felt the heat with his hands.

“There is fire element within this earth. It doesn’t seem to be caused by after effects of a spell or battle but rather from a natural fire elemental spirit.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he flew away.

“There is no one within 5,000 kilometers of me. It seems all those who enter are scattered across this tomb.” Various thoughts flashed through Wang Lin’s mind as he quickly flew into the distance.

Just as he left, a pair of green eyes appeared in the ground. The eyes emitted a mysterious light as they looked at Wang Lin and then disappeared back into the ground.

Wang Lin was quickly flying toward the end of the scorched earth, but then he suddenly stopped and backed up.


A moment after he backed up, a pillar of blue flames silently appeared where Wang Lin just was. The blue flame was about as thick as a person and it caused the temperature of the area to immediately increase. The heat wave created by this fire quickly pushed away all the smoke coming out from the ground.

However, the black smoke was like a ghost; after it was pushed away, it changed directions and went into the blue flame instead of continuing to float up.

At this moment, a strange scene unfolded before Wang Lin. All of the black smoke within 5,000 kilometers flew toward the blue flame.

A large amount of black smoke gathered within the blue flame, then it came out from the blue flame and took the form of tentacle-like things.

As Wang Lin backed up, his eyes became cold. He slapped his bag of holding, took out the celestial sword, and slashed down without any hesitation.

A half-moon-shaped sword energy formed and charged toward the blue flame like a fierce storm.

At this moment, the black smoke quickly gathered to form a shield to protect the blue flame.


An earth-shattering sound came from the shield as it collapsed. The sword energy shrunk a bit when it broke through the shield and then it landed on the blue flame.

A crack as thick as an arm appeared on the blue flame and strands of black smoke came out from the crack.

The blue flame moved, causing a large amount of black smoke to gather around it and seal up the crack. As more black smoke gathered, the blue flame began to change until it took the shape of a human.

It looked like an eight or nine-year-old child. Its entire body released black smoke and its eyes were completely dark. It looked at Wang Lin and let out a happy smile.

“Don’t… Leave… play with me…”

Only a short period of time had passed since Wang Lin had swung the sword and the flame had taken the form of a child. Wang Lin coldly stared at the child. He was able to tell at a glance that it wasn’t some demonic beast but the fire spirit that was creating this heat.

Wang Lin coldly said, “Scram!” He flew past the flame child and was about to leave.

“Don’t leave…” The child waved its right hand and the earth before Wang Lin began to rumble. The earth suddenly rose, creating a 1000-foot-tall wall to block Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned. His body suddenly disappeared and when he reappeared he was several tens of thousands of kilometers away from the scorched earth.

The child floated to the edge of the scorched earth and looked at Wang Lin. However, it didn’t take a step outside. It was clearly limited to moving within the scorched earth.

The child’s black eyes stared at Wang Lin. These dark eyes gave off a creepy feeling. It suddenly let out a roar and then it jumped into the air with its arms open. A large amount of black smoke came out from its body. This black smoke was like a group of dragons. After it flew out, it entered the scorched earth.

Rumbling sounds came from the 5,000 kilometer area of scorched earth and the scorched earth began to slowly move forward.

Wang Lin fowned as he coldly looked at the child. Without a word, he turned around and flew away.

When the child saw that Wang Lin was going farther and farther away, it began to panic. It roared several more times as more black smoke came out from its body and dug into the ground, causing the scorched earth to move even faster.

However, this couldn’t compare to Wang Lin’s speed. Seeing Wang Lin’s figure slowly disappearing in the distance, the child’s face was filled with hostility. It let out a big roar into the sky, then its body collapsed into a ball of blue flame and went back into the scorched earth.

The scorched earth began to tremble violently and then suddenly it started expanding again. It wasn’t moving this time; it seemed to be stretching itself into a line that moved forward at a frightening pace.

As Wang Lin flew, his eyes became cold. He turned around and saw a line chasing after him like a dragon. At the front of this line there was a ball of blue flames with the child’s strange eyes.

“You’re courting death!” Wang Lin didn’t use celestial spiritual energy in that swing earlier. He took out a celestial jade and absorbed all of the celestial spiritual energy inside it. Then his eyes released a golden glow as he slowly raised the celestial sword. The celestial sword released a golden glow as it was filled with celestial spiritual energy and then Wang Lin swung down.

One swing of the celestial sword was like divine punishment. Its power was several times stronger than before. The sword energy moved faster than the speed of sound and quickly landed on the scorched earth that was charging towards him.


The earth trembled and at the moment the sword energy landed, cracks appeared on the scorched earth. The cracks quickly spread and in the blink of an eye, the scorched earth was covered in cracks.

Wang Lin whispered, “Shatter!”

With a bang, the line of scorched earth was shattered and dirt flew out in all directions. At this moment, a mysterious power came out from every speck of this scorched earth.

Wang Lin’s expression was strange as he reached out and caught a few specks of dirt. After checking them out, he turned around and quickly left.

Shortly after he left, those specks began to gather once more. It didn’t take long for the scorched earth to reform itself. The child looked toward where Wang Lin had gone and revealed a look of deep frustration.

“Don’t leave…”

The child suddenly turned around and saw a ray of light flying toward it. Joy suddenly filled the child’s eyes.

After leaving the scorched earth far behind him, Wang Lin’s expression was very gloomy. He was now certain that the child made of flames was not a fire spirit!

If it were a fire spirit, then that sword slash should have destroyed it, but that strike that contained celestial spiritual energy only made it collapse and did not inflict any injuries.

“Even the scorched earth wasn’t damaged at all; the blow from the celestial sword only made it fall apart. The scorched earth was originally just grains of dirt fused together anyways.

“This place is very strange; as soon as that scorched earth shattered, I felt like each of those grains was a soul…. Could those have been the soul pieces?” Wang Lin suddenly stopped and looked back behind him.

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