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Chapter 443 – Who is this person?

Most cultivators on the planet were gathered in the country of Suzaku right now, and they all had one goal:

Enter the Suzaku Tomb to retrieve their soul piece.

The limit of the Suzaku Tomb caused a lot of powerful cultivators to gather here. Although they were mostly Soul Formation cultivators, there were 16 Soul Transformation cultivators as well. The 16 of them surrounded and completely blocked the entrance.

These 16 were close to the country of Suzaku, so they got here within a few days, but even so, they were too slow and missed the chance to enter.

Before they arrived, the number of people that went inside the Suzaku Tomb had already reached the limit.

The only way to go in right now was to wait for the people inside to die. If one person died, one more person could go in.

Among the 16 Soul Transformation cultivators, only one of them was at the late stage, three of them were at the mid stage, and the rest of them were at the early stage.

These 16 people were scattered around the entrance of the Suzaku Tomb. All of them had their gazes locked onto the entrance. If there was a green flash and a ripple appeared, that meant that someone inside had died and another could go in.

With these 16 people waiting, none of the surrounding people dared to get close. They were all waiting for these 16 to go in before fighting over who had the right to enter next.

After all, entering this place meant that they would have a chance to retrieve their soul piece. For a chance to save their own life, everyone on planet Suzaku was willing to give it their all.

The higher their cultivation level, the more true this was.

Wang Lin’s figure closed in from the distance. He was wearing a white robe that made him look very calm.

Along the way, Situ Nan had told him everything about the Suzaku Tomb in detail. However, Wang Lin wasn’t very confident about this trip. The Suzaku Tomb seemed several times more dangerous than he originally expected.

“Situ Nan gifted me a jade that allows me to leave the Suzaku Tomb, so I should only have a problem if I don’t manage to get to the Cultivation Planet Crystal and retrieve my soul piece from inside it. Although Situ Nan has a way for me to not die, not only is it very difficult, but my soul will be missing a piece. This will affect my future cultivation.”

Wang Lin’s figure slowly closed in. The cultivators around Mount Suzaku were either chatting with each other, silently cultivating, or thinking about something else.

The moment Wang Lin arrived, some cultivators raised their heads to look at him. Their eyes lit up then they quickly lowered their heads and made way.

There were a lot of cultivators around, but whenever they saw Wang Lin, their expressions would change slightly and they would move out of the way.

Wang Lin walked past the cultivators one by one when a very arrogant voice came from the front. “Stop!”

The moment the voice came, the cultivators scattered while Wang Lin continued moving. 1000 feet away from Mount Suzaku sat five cultivators. No cultivator dared to get within 100 feet of these five.

Among the five were three males and two females, and their ages varied greatly. There were two young women, two young men, and an old man. The five of them were all at the peak of the late stage of Soul Formation. The old man even had a strand of celestial spiritual energy inside his body. He was clearly ready to refine his body and reach the Soul Transformation stage.

However, he didn’t have enough celestial jades, so he had only refined a small portion of his body. But even with just this, it made this old man much more powerful than normal Soul Formation cultivators.

The person who shouted was a young man who was sitting next to the old man. This young man was very handsome and was filled with a noble spirit, but if you looked closely at him, you would see hidden intentions in his eyes.

Normal people wouldn’t be able to see through this, but Wang Lin, although he still looked like a young man due to the dew from the heaven defying bead, was an old monster who had cultivated for hundreds of years. He was able to see through that person at a glance.

As he calmly looked at the young man, he continued to walk forward without even pausing.

The young man’s eyes were filled with caution as he walked up and shouted, “Fellow cultivator, don’t break the rules. My teacher was here first. Once those Soul Transformation seniors have entered, it will be our turn. Since you came late, you should be in the back!”

Wang Lin’s gaze landed on the old man with the bit of celestial spiritual energy in his body. The old man was wearing a black robe and looked like a skeleton. His eyes gave off a ghostly light that could shake anyone’s heart. When he looked toward Wang Lin, his eyes became serious. It was as if he had understood something.

“My teacher is the honored Brutal Nanming…” When the young man saw that Wang Lin’s eyes were still calm, he called out his teacher’s name.

The old man’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Shut up!” While the young man was still startled, the old man stood up, respectfully clasped his hands toward Wang Lin, and said, “Brutal Nanming greets senior. My disciple was rude and offended senior. I hope you can forgive him.” With that, he quickly moved out of the way.

The moment those words came out, the people around the old man were startled, but they quickly got up and respectfully got out of the way.

Wang Lin nodded toward the old man as he walked past them and then he came within 1,000 feet of Mount Suzaku. The moment he stepped foot in this area, aside from the one late stage Soul Transformation cultivator’s, 15 gazes gathered on him.

“Teacher, what cultivation level is that person at? Could he be a Soul Transformation old monster? Disciple wasn’t able to detect a trace of celestial spiritual energy in his body though.” After Wang Lin left, the extremely arrogant young man sent a voice transmission to the old man.

“Of course you weren’t able to notice; even I didn’t notice until he got close. That person is not only at the late stage of Soul Transformation, but he’s the kind of late stage Soul Transform cultivator who is just below Ascendant cultivators. He must never be messed with. Only late stage Soul Transformation cultivators can reach such a state where celestial energy flows naturally through their body and shows no hint of it.” The old man sent a voice transmission back.

The moment the 15 gazes landed on Wang Lin, their eyes all lit up. Shortly after, they all withdrew their gazes and began to ponder.

They recognized Wang Lin as someone who was on their level and would be part of the first group of people to enter the Suzaku Tomb.

Wang Lin walked toward the foot of Mount Suzaku. He sat down near the entrance and silently pondered.

Among the 16 Soul Transformation cultivators that were there, the only late stage Soul Transformation cultivator was a middle-aged man. He was wearing a purple robe and looked extremely normal. He was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. An ancient sword was stabbed into the ground before him. Its golden tassel flowed in the wind. The two bells on the tassel were creating a crisp ringing sound.

A small monkey with red eyes was sitting beside him. The monkey would sometimes scratch its head and scream at the entrance.

At the moment Wang Lin sat down, the middle-aged man opened his eyes. His eyes were calm as he looked toward Wang Lin and said, “Ceng Niu!”

The moment he said that, the other 15 Soul Transformation cultivators were shocked and looked at Wang Lin once more.

The name Ceng Niu was very famous on planet Suzaku; almost every cultivator on the planet knew this name. If his battle with Red Butterfly hadn’t caught the attention of the Soul Transformation cultivators, then the deaths of Li Yuanfeng and the Giant Demon Clan ancestor definitely made them pay attention to him.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. He looked at the middle-aged man and asked, “Have we met?”

The middle-aged man faintly smiled. He rubbed the little monkey beside him and answered, “We have not.”

Wang Lin no longer spoke and closed his eyes to rest.

The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and he faintly smiled. “Fellow cultivator Ceng Niu sure has great willpower; you used the celestial refining method to wash away your mortal roots in one go. This makes you much stronger than people who have to wait until the mid or late stages of Soul Transformation to wash away their mortal roots. If anyone other than us Soul Transformation cultivators look at fellow cultivator Ceng, they will think that you are at the late stage of Soul Transformation rather than the early stage.

“There aren’t many people who used this method to reach the Soul Transformation stage; it’s no wonder you were able to kill Li Yuanfeng and the Giant Demon Clan ancestor!”

Wang Lin slightly frowned. He opened his eyes to look at the person and asked, “Is something the matter?”

The middle-aged man shook his head and said, “Nope.”

“I’m resting, so please don’t disturb me!” With that, Wang Lin closed his eyes again.

The middle-aged man’s eyes became cold, then he applied some pressure on the little monkey. The monkey immediately began to shrill and its eyes started glowing red.

Just at this moment, the passage leading into the tomb released a glow and a green ripple spread out. This meant that someone inside the tomb had died and another person could enter.

The middle-aged man frowned, then he glanced at Wang Lin before getting up and walking toward the passage. The red light slowly faded from the little monkey’s eyes. Although its eyes were still glowing red, the light was several times weaker than before.

The middle-aged man thought in his heart, “Wang Lin, you don’t recognize the current me, but I recognize you! We haven’t met in a long time…” The moment he entered the tunnel, he looked back at Wang Lin and revealed a creepy smile.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as watched the middle-aged man enter the tomb. He had never met this person before, but the creepy smile gave Wang Lin a familiar feeling. However, after thinking for a long time, he couldn’t remember where he had seen this smile before.

After the middle-aged man went in, the three mid stage Soul Transformation cultivators stood up and rushed toward the passage.

The remaining cultivators’ eyes all lit up as they got up and rushed to the passage. A lot of people inside the tomb had died this time, so a lot more people could go in as well.

Wang Lin followed them closely and also entered the passage. With a flash of green light, everyone before him disappeared.

Then the green light flashed again and one of the Soul Transformation cultivators was pushed out. He let out an angry roar as he went back to where he was sitting and sat down with his fists clenched!

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