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Chapter 442 – Zhuque Zi’s madness (2)

The fire phoenix let out a roar as it passed right through the leaf and the first ancestor and charged toward the fifth ancestor behind them.

Its speed was too quick, so the fire phoenix landed on the fifth ancestor in the blink of an eye.


After a loud bang, the phoenix disappeared and the fifth ancestor let out miserable scream as he started burning. Three breaths later, the fifth ancestor died!

Zhuque Zi’s face was pale and a deathly aura appeared around him. The Suzaku Seal consumed the user’s life force when activated, and with his current lifespan, he could only use it twice. After using it one more time, he will die.

Once a target has been locked onto by the user’s divine sense, the target of this Suzaku Seal can’t change. It didn’t harm the first ancestor, but it almost instantly killed the fifth ancestor.

If it were locked onto the first ancestor or Yunque Zi, the Suzaku Seal wouldn’t have killed them with one hit, but it would have injured them. This was why Zhuque Zi didn’t target them and instead targeted the relatively weak fifth ancestor to get an unexpected kill.

The first ancestor stared at Zhuque Zi and said, word for word, “Zhuque Zi!”

The fifth ancestor’s death didn’t seem like a big deal to these people; none of them showed any anger.

Yunque Zi calmly said, “Senior apprentice brother, you still have one more of those left! However, after you use that one, your life force will be drained. I gave you three months of time, so I assume you have thought clearly about all of this. Either you sacrifice every life on planet Suzaku to wipe out my Forsaken Immortal Clan or you listen to my suggestion and we split the planet in half! I need your answer!”

A hint of madness appeared in Zhuque Zi’s eyes and he laughed. “My dear junior apprentice brother, based on your understanding of me, what do you think I’ll choose? How about we play a game? If you win then I’ll give you this planet, but if you lose, your Forsaken Immortal Clan can die along with all the cultivators on this planet!”

Yunque Zi eyes were calm as he said, “Oh? Tell me about it.”

Zhuque Zi laughed like crazy. His eyes became cold as he said, “The Cultivation Planet Crystal is in the Suzaku Tomb. Any Soul Transformation cultivator can go in there as he wishes. If you guys can’t find it in time, then I’ll blow up the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Either the Cultivation Alliance wipes out your Forsaken Immortal Clan when they come to investigate, or everyone that was born in this planet after the country of Suzaku took over will die!”

Yunque Zi let out a faint smile and said, “The Cultivation Planet Crystal contains the soul pieces of every single cultivator on the planet. If you destroy it, brother, your disciples will die with you!” With that, he casually looked at Qian Feng and Liu Mei.

After Qian Feng heard this, his eyes revealed a mysterious light. He looked at Liu Mei and noticed that her eyebrows were knit even tighter.

“This old guy has a lot of secrets. I didn’t know the Cultivation Planet Crystal had such a use…” Qian Feng’s eyes became cold.

“Life and death is all up to fate. Qian Feng and Liu Mei, this old man will give you two a chance to go retrieve your soul pieces. If you can retrieve them, you can live; if not, you will die. Don’t blame me.”

After Zhuque Zi finished, he waved his hand, causing his hair to start moving without any wind. Then he chanted something and coughed out a mouthful of blood. Shortly after, a red light flew out of his body and took the shape of a red, heart-shaped crystal.

The madness in Zhuque Zi’s eyes became even stronger as he shouted, “Break!”

The red, heart-shaped crystal began to crack. More and more cracks appeared like it would break at any moment.

At this moment, all of the cultivators of planet Suzaku, no matter where they were, even the ones that had long left the planet, everyone who hadn’t broken past the Ascendant stage felt their hearts tremble!

From the rank 6 country of Suzaku down to the rank 1 cultivation countries; even the mortals felt pain in their hearts.

This kind of pain came from the soul; it was something that no one could resist. Even cultivators that specialized in the soul could only make the pain lessen slightly.

The cultivators who were running away, the cultivators who were healing, and the cultivators who weren’t sure what to do in this situation all felt the pain in their souls.

They felt like they would collapse if there was a bit more pain. If this feeling had lasted a breath longer, it could have driven someone insane, and a sliver more would have killed them.

Among the mortals, from the kings to the commoners, everyone on planet Suzaku trembled.

This pain didn’t take anyone’s status into account nor it care about whether they were mortals or cultivators. As long as you were born after the country of Suzaku took over the planet, you couldn’t escape it!

All of the plants, animals, and demonic beasts felt like the world was about to collapse.

Even all of the Forsaken Immortal Clan members that were rushing toward Mount Suzaku on the Suzaku continent felt this. Although what they felt was a lot weaker, they still felt like their lives were in someone else’s hands. It was as if one squeeze would end their lives.

The Cultivation Planet Crystal was more powerful than anyone had expected. Even Zhuque Zi felt like he was going to die. At this moment, he seemed to have understood something.

“So this is what the Cultivation Planet Crystal from the Cultivation Alliance is like…”

At this moment, the pursuers stopped chasing and the people escaping stopped running. Everything on the planet seemed to have stopped. The air was filled with heavy breathing and fear.

Yunque Zi also felt this pain; it caused his expression to slightly change. Although he had long thought of this, his heart still trembled.

The third ancestor’s expression changed even more. Her face was extremely gloomy and her teeth were clenched.

Although the first ancestor’s expression remained calm, his heart felt bitter. The Forsaken Immortal Clan shouldn’t have come out this early; they should have listened to Yunque Zi and solved this matter in a more gentle fashion. Grooming the next Suzaku and secretly controlling the planet was the best way.

However, it was too late now.

Next to Zhuque Zi, Qian Feng’s expression changed greatly. He now looked at Zhuque Zi with anger.

Only Liu Mei, who felt depressed, was looking into the sky and still hadn’t said a word.

The madness in Zhuque Zi’s eyes dissipated a bit; they were now showing a bit of clarity. However, the clarity quickly disappeared and he laughed like a madman. “The Cultivation Planet Heart hasn’t completely shattered yet; it is shattering bit by bit. The Cultivation Planet Crystal will collapse when it completely shatters. Yunque Zi, the game starts now. Let’s see if your Forsaken Immortal Clan can get the Cultivation Planet Crystal before it breaks. If you can get it, I believe you have ways to prevent it from breaking. At that moment, this old man will give you planet Suzaku! However, if you can’t get it or don’t have a way to stop it from breaking, then you can all die with this old man!”

With that, he waved his hand and all of Mount Suzaku began to rumble.

Due to this violent rumbling, dust was kicked everywhere and the earth below trembled. Under this heaven-shaking rumble, Mount Suzaku split in half.

A dark passage was suddenly revealed before everyone.

“I have opened the Suzaku Tomb. Yunque Zi, this game starts now! You know the rules of the Suzaku Tomb: any cultivators under the Ascendant stage can enter and Ascendant cultivators can’t.” Zhuque Zi’s eyes were filled with madness.

The first ancestor was looking at the slowly shattering Cultivation Planet Heart. He was about to attack when Yunque Zi shook his head and whispered, “It’s useless. The Cultivation Planet Heart and Zhuque Zi have been fused into one for a long time. He doesn’t even need to take it out to make it shatter; he did all of this to put pressure on us and make us watch our deaths come. Even if you were to take it, we would have no way of stopping it from shattering. I’m confident that with how crazy he is right now, he will destroy the Cultivation Planet Crystal!

“If it was three months ago, he probably wouldn’t have even given us this game as a chance and directly caused the Cultivation Planet Crystal to explode. Now that he had time to think it over, he gave us this rare chance. Alas, if you guys had listened to me, we wouldn’t be stuck in such a dilemma!”

The moment Mount Suzaku split in half, Qian Feng was the first one to charge into the Suzaku Tomb.

Liu Mei pondered a bit before letting out a sigh. She was the second person to enter the tomb.

Yunque Zi’s eyes lit up and he looked around. The Forsaken Immortal Clan’s junior master pondered a bit before walking into the tomb as well.

At this moment, the clouds in the sky churned as a large number of Forsaken Immortal Clan members appeared from within the black clouds. Several people flew out from the clouds. They seemed like they already knew of the matter ahead of time. Without a word, they entered the Suzaku Tomb. One of them was the eight-leaf hunchback old man who hunted Wang Lin before.

After three days, the news of the Suzaku Tomb opening spread across the entire planet. The news of the Cultivation Planet Crystal also spread like wildfire. At the moment, the most important thing to all cultivators was to go to the Suzaku Tomb to retrieve their own soul piece.

All of the cultivators from across the planet rushed toward the country of Suzaku to go into the Suzaku Tomb.

However, the Suzaku Tomb had a special restriction set by the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Once it exceeded a certain number of people, no more could enter.

Although a lot of people wanted to go inside, the number of people that actually managed to get in was very small.

Zhou Wutai was one of the people that went in, and along with him was the woman who was always wearing a veil, Zi Xin.

On the fourth day, Wang Lin and Situ Nan arrived at Mount Suzaku. Zhuque Zi had disappeared, leaving behind only the Cultivation Planet Crystal which was slowly shattering.

Yunque Zi and company were also not there; no one knew where they had gone.

A large number of cultivators and Forsaken Immortal Clan members were sitting around Mount Suzaku looking at the entrance to the tomb. At the moment, none of them were interested in fighting each other.

Wang Lin looked at the passage at the foot of Mount Suzaku and slowly walked over.

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