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Chapter 441 – Zhuque Zi’s madness (1)

Situ Nan said, as he stared at the war chariot, “Celestial treasure! Although it is a low quality celestial treasure, it’s one of the most powerful low quality celestial treasures, extremely close to mid quality. Little brat, how do you have so much good stuff in your hands?! If this spirit beast was a bit stronger, it might be able to raise it to a mid quality celestial treasure.”

“Low quality…” Wang Lins eyes lit up. He had three war chariots and this one was the smallest. The other two were both stronger, especially the last one.

“I have seen some ancient records about celestial treasures that use beast spirits. These can only be produced in the Celestial Realm, and after the Celestial Realm collapsed, these treasures almost went extinct. Unfortunately, although this is a low quality celestial treasure, it requires a special technique to use like mid quality celestial treasures do. To use it by force can’t unleash its full power. What a pity!” Situ Nan let out a sigh. He truly admired Wang Lin right now. Although this brat’s cultivation level wasn’t as high as his, he sure did have quite a few treasures. Back when he was at this cultivation level, he didn’t even have a single celestial treasure.

Wang Lin looked at Situ Nan, took out a piece of jade, and after recording some information on it, he threw it to Situ Nan.

“Look at this!”

Situ Nan caught the jade. When he checked it, his expression changed greatly. He looked at Wang Lin and said, “This is… the technique to control this celestial treasure?”

“That is correct. Using this technique allows you to control this God Slaying War Chariot. I can even promise that this technique was left behind by the creator of this celestial treasure.” Wang Lin nodded and looked at Situ Nan with a smile that was not a smile.

Situ Nan put away the jade, let out a mischievous smile, and said, “Are you planning on giving me this God Slaying War Chariot?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as his hand formed a seal and pointed at the war chariot. A ray of black light flew from the chariot toward Wang Lin.

“Why would I not gift it to you?!” Wang Ling grabbed the beast trap and put it away. Situ Nan was about to get revenge, and if he didn’t have any treasures, Wang Lin would be a bit worried about him, so he decided to give Situ Nan the war chariot. With Situ Nan’s new body and the war chariot, his quest for vengeance will go a lot smoother.

Without the beast trap controlling it, the beast spirit let out a roar as it wrapped around the war chariot and quickly escaped.

Situ Nan laughed as he quickly chased after it.

“Don’t run! Come and play with this old man!”

The four armies of the Forsaken Immortal Clan covered the skies of the north, east, west, and south parts of the Suzaku continent.

In the eastern army, the fifth ancestor’s eyes became cold. He waved his hand and softly said, “The three month wait is almost over. The day of the country of Suzaku’s destruction is about to arrive!”

The moment he finished talking, he immediately started moving along with the huge black cloud behind him. His target was the center of the country of Suzaku, Mount Suzaku!

At the same time, the other three Forsaken Immortal Clan armies moved and started the last attack on the country of Suzaku.

The two giant Reincarnation Trees on the Suzaku continent began to glow brightly and then two shining Ancestral Spirits walked out of them.

These two Ancestral Spirits both had ten-leaf plants on their foreheads. The moment they appeared, they also rushed toward the Country of Suzaku.

On the country of Suzaku’s side, the four defense lines were immediately forced to retreat.

This was a large war, so the entire Suzaku continent was trembling as the sound of countless spells echoed across the land.

Zhuque Zi was curerntly standing on top of Mount Suzaku. His red robe was flowing in the wind along with his white hair. He stood there completely motionless.

Chu Yuanfei had left. The Ascendant ancestor from the Shattered Earth Sect was hidden away in closed door cultivation. Right now, the only Ascendant cultivator in Suzaku was Zhuque Zi.

His figure revealed a hint of sadness and loneliness, but even more so, a hint of madness!

“Cultivators of planet Suzaku, I am the current Suzaku. All of you no longer need to defend; let the Forsaken Immortal Clan come! Qian Feng and Liu Mei, the two of you come here.” Zhuque’s divine message swept past the entire Suzaku continent.

All of the cultivators that were defending let out sighs as they heard this and scattered as they ran for their lives.

Without cultivators stopping them, the four Forsaken Immortal Clan’s armies charged toward the center of Suzaku like violent storms.

If one were to look from above, they would see the entire Suzaku continent being covered by four giant, black clouds that were quickly closing in on the center.

Zhuque Zi had his hands behind his bad as he looked at the blue sky and said, “Everything will be decided!”

Shortly after, two figures flew in from the distance and stopped next to Zhuque Zi. They were Qian Feng and Liu Mei.

Qian Feng was wearing a black robe and his eyes gave off an evil aura. He silently stared at Zhuque Zi with a gloomy expression.

Liu Mei was still beautiful. She looked like a fairy with the white silk robe she was wearing. Right now her eyebrows were tightly knit, but she also remained silent.

Zhuque Zi’s figure contained a trace of loneliness as he said, with a heavy tone, “The country of Suzaku can’t fend off the Forsaken Immortal Clan. Qian Feng, Liu Mei, the two of you will go through a life or death trial today. Whether you two live or die will depend on your luck.”

At this moment, the black clouds closed in like raging tsunamis. The black cloud from the east only had one person: a middle-aged wearing a grey robe who looked like a scholar. With one step, he arrived 1,000 feet away from Zhuque Zi. “Zhuque Zi, I’m the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s fifth ancestor.”

Another person walked out from the western black cloud. This person looked very young and his whole body was covered in tattoos, except his tattoos weren’t black but golden!

If Wang Lin was here, he would’ve recognized this person at a glance.

This person slowly said, “The Forsaken Immortal Clan’s junior master greets Zhuque Zi.”

Three people walked out from the southern black cloud. The three of them closed the gap in one step and stopped 1,000 feet away from Zhuque Zi.

Two of them were in an illusionary state. They stared at Zhuque Zi but didn’t say a word. The other person was a woman. She was very beautiful and her eyes contained a hint of charm. She looked at Zhuque Zi, let out a smile, and said, “This little girl is the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s third ancestor, and these two are my clan’s ancestral spirits.”

From the northern black cloud, Yunque Zi walked out. He whispered toward Zhuque Zi, “Senior apprentice brother.”

Zhuque Zi suddenly turned around toward Yunque Zi and asked, “Should I call you Yunque Zi or second ancestor?”

Yunque Zi shook his head and said, “Forget about it. Senior apprentice brother can call me whatever you wish.”

“All of you have come. The only eleven-leaf shaman in the Forsaken Immortal Clan, first ancestor, you might as well come out too.” Zhuque Zi’s eyes sparkled as he looked into the sky.

A ray of five-colored light gathered in the sky and a transparent figure slowly took form. The figure descended slowly and said, “Zhuque Zi.”

This first ancestor looked extremely ordinary, yet with just one palm, he had scared Chu Yuanfei away. This power was similar to that of a late stage Ascendant cultivator, and to some degree even surpassed it.

Yunque Zi said, in a heavy tone, “Senior apprentice brother, our goal isn’t to destroy planet Suzaku but to find a way for us to coexist. If you promise to hand over the Cultivation Planet Crystal, we can stop this war. We’ll split the planet in half and never bother each other again!”

Zhuque Zi let out a laugh that contained a hint of mockery and said, “If it wasn’t for the fact that you all were afraid of me destroying the Cultivation Planet Crystal, you would have already attacked without wasting time on all this nonsense.”

“Arrogant!” The fifth ancestor’s eyes lit up as he hit his forehead and a tattoo appeared. He pointed at the tattoo, he spat some blood on it, and shouted, “Seal!”

The tattoo immediately began to glow blood red and smashed toward Zhuque Zi.

The fifth ancestor knew that Zhuque was powerful; this was only meant to test the waters, so he didn’t move closer.

Zhuque Zi’s eyes became cold and he sneered. It seemed like he wasn’t going to react, but then a golden glow appeared around him. Cracking sounds came from the tattoo as cracks appeared on it and then it shattered shortly after.

At the same time, the fifth ancestor’s expression changed and he quickly backed up. At this moment, a bloody dot appeared on his forehead and blood started to drip out of it.

The first ancestor frowned and arrived before the fifth ancestor. He reached out and took out a golden needle. However, the moment the needle appeared, it disappeared without a trace.

Zhuque Zi’s expression was gloomy as he moved. His speed was too fast, so fast that besides Yunque Zi and the first ancestor, no one even saw what he had done.

“Suzaku Seal, attack!” Zhuque Zi’s ancient voice came from the void.

When he reappeared, he was already pointing down from the sky. The sky darkened as a large amount of the flames appeared around his body. The flame covered everything within 1,000 feet of him and the ground began to shown signs of being scorched.

Aside from Yunque Zi and the first ancestor, everyone quickly backed up to avoid the impact of the flames.

At the same time, a fire phoenix came out from Zhuque Zi’s body. It let out a screech before it closed its wings and descended toward the ground.

The first ancestor charged into the sky. His body started releasing a black glow, then he raised his hand and pointed up. A mysterious eleven-leaf plant suddenly appeared on his forehead. One of the leaves fell off and floated toward where he pointed.

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