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Chapter 438 – Lei Ji

Even after hearing the word “treasure,” Wang Lin still remained calm. He had killed the Giant Demon Clan ancestor and sealed the Giant Demon Clan once. If this founding ancestor were to go free and found out about it, Wang Lin would be the first person he would go after. Wang Lin hadn’t yet reached a point where he could fear nothing.

Moreover, the Giant Demon Clan’s founding ancestor hadn’t even said what the treasure was.

Wang Lin looked at the plants on the giant’s chest, then he slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared.

He hadn’t used the restriction flag in a while after obtaining the soul flag. Right now was the right moment to use it.

Wang Lin shook the restriction flag, causing ropes of restriction gas to appear, then he shouted, “Seal!”

With one word, all of the ropes of restriction gas turned into restrictions that glowed black. The restrictions moved like ghosts and landed on the giant’s chest. Each restriction was like a large net that sealed the plants on the giant’s chest.

At the same time, he charged out and tore off one branch of the plant.

Wang Lin was gentle when dealing with these plants to ensure that they would remain intact.

Until now he had only broken off two branches.

With the branch in hand, he landed on the giant’s neck. He felt a powerful life force coming from the giant when he touched the giant’s neck with his hand.

His eyes lit up as he pressed the branch down on the giant’s neck to draw blood.

“Save me… If you are willing to save me, I’m willing to become your servant and mount. I’ll also give you the Giant Demon Clan’s treasure, the Heaven-Opening Metal.” The call of help was even more real.

“Mount?” Wang Lin trembled and the branch in his hand paused for a moment.

“Correct, I’m willing to become your mount. Those powerful cultivators in the Cultivation Alliance like to use Giant Demon Clan members as mounts. If you save me, I’m willing to become your mount.” The voice was filled with eagerness.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he pressed the branch down on the giant’s neck. A black circle appeared on the giant’s skin as the branch dug into the blood vessel and disappeared.

At the same time, blood sprayed out. Wang Lin quickly pressed the jade bottle against the wound and collected all of the blood without missing a drop.

The collection speed from before couldn’t compare to right now.

A large amount of blood was being collected in the jade bottle until the body began to twitch. The powerful life force followed the blood into the jade bottle.

“Why aren’t you willing to save me when I’m willing to become your mount?! What exactly do you want in exchange for saving me?!” The voice was now a roar.

Wang Lin’s voice was calm as he collected the blood and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m the Giant Demon Clan’s branch leader, Lei Ji!” This voice was filled with a strong sense of pride.

Wang Lin calmly asked, “Lei Ji, how were you sealed here?”

“Because of the Corpse Sect. During the battle with the Forsaken Immortal Clan, I was hunted by two eleven-leaf shamans and was heavily injured after I escaped. The Corpse Sect saw that as an opportunity, so they found a powerful cultivator from another planet and captured me and sealed me here while I was seriously injured.”

Wang Lin looked at the jade in his hand. He spread out his divine sense and found that the bottle had collected a large amount of blood.

“You save me and I’ll become your mount. The members of my Giant Demon Clan won’t easily become someone else’s mount, but once we do, we would never betray our master.”

Wang Lin asked, “Mount? What benefit is there to having a Giant Demon Clan member as a mount?”

At this moment, the stream of blood coming out of the wound was thinning and the wound seemed to be healing. Wang Lin pointed at the giant’s neck, then the jade bottle flew into the air and was caught by him. At the same time, his right hand, which was filled with celestial spiritual energy, descended and hit the giant’s neck. A large amount of blood sprayed out once more and was collected by the jade bottle.

“Do you know of the star compass? A Giant Demon Clan member’s body is similar to the star compass but much stronger. Our bodies are the best tools for traveling among the stars. Also, the Giant Demon Clan member’s bodies aren’t affected by some places that cultivators can’t even go to. This is why those powerful cultivators in the Cultivation Alliance pay great prices for one of my clan members to be their mount.”

“Strange!” Wang Lin frowned. Although this Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s voice sounded very anxious, the replies were very detailed.

This point was very strange. It didn’t match someone who was very anxious; it was as if everything was just an act.

This person first offered to be a mount and to give him the Giant Demon Clan’s treasure. Then he began to answer Wang Lin’s questions in detail and thus delayed for time.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he pressed his hand on the giant’s neck. He used celestial spiritual energy, causing the giant to bleed even faster.

“And my clan’s treasure, the Heaven-Opening Metal, if you save me, I’ll give it to you. That is a treasure that is even more powerful than a celestial treasure!” The voice contained a hint of temptation.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he sneered and said, “What is the Heaven-Opening Metal?”

“It is a treasure that my Giant Demon Clan’s first ancestor left behind. There are a total of 99 pieces. Gather them all and they can be used to created an ancient god’s battle armor. Wear this armor and you can have the power of the ancient gods from legend. If you save me, I’ll reveal the location of one piece.” As more blood was drained, the voice became weaker, but the replies were still very detailed.

Wang Lin’s smile became even colder. He was confident now that this giant was stalling for time. The giant was probably trying to do something. The longer he spent drawing blood, the more it benefited the giant.

Thinking about this, Wang Lin decisively grabbed the jade bottle and jumped off the giant.

At the same time, he waved his hand and the restrictions sealing the plants returned to the restriction flag.

Without the restrictions sealing them, the plants began to move once more. A few of them arrived next to the wound on the giant’s neck, drilled inside, and began to move around.

“You… save me! If you save me, I can make the Giant Demon Clan members on planet Suzaku recognize you as their master!”

Floating in the air, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he whispered, “I can’t save you; saving you doesn’t benefit me. I’m not interested in any of the treasures you speak of, and leaving you here so I can gather blood at any time is for the best.”

The voice quickly said, “You must have great use for my blood. I have bone marrow essence; the energy from that is even more powerful than the energy from my blood. If you want, I can give it to you. I don’t even need you to save me; just send news of me to the Giant Demon Clan or the current Suzaku. How about it?”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He coldly laughed and no longer wasted time with this person. He turned into green gas and disappeared from this place.

After Wang Lin left, the giant’s body trembled and let out a roar.

“Only half an incense stick more of time! If that person had continued to drain my blood until there was only ⅓ of it left, it would have definitely lured out the main root in my body. Then I would have a way for my soul to leave this body!”

This person’s roar was filled with frustration. His closed eyes suddenly opened up.

Two lights even brighter than lightning flashed in his eyes.

As he roared, his expression turned painful as the skin that covered his backbone began to move. Shortly after, purplish-blue thorns poked out from his spine.

Rows of scary-looking thorns that were glowing purple appeared on his back. At the top of the giant’s spine, a purple plant half the size of the giant’s body came out. At the same time, it extend countless branches that slowly covered the giant.

A purple flower ⅓ the size of the giant blossomed. It slowly drained the life force from the giant’s body to grow.

The giant bitterly roared, “Corpse Sect! If I, Lei Ji, can break free one day, I’ll never let this go!!!”

Wang Lin’s body appeared inside the Corpse Sect. He pointed at the air, causing a soul fragment to appear. This soul fragment was the one he had left behind in the cave after he left to check out the situation.

The cave had a mysterious power that greatly restricted divine sense, but it didn’t have much effect on soul fragments.

When Wang Lin pointed at the soul fragment, his eyes lit up and he let out a smile. Then he moved and disappeared from the Corpse Sect.

Wang Lin appeared on the plain above the Corpse Sect. He suddenly looked to the north and saw a giant wave of blue gas coming toward him like a tsunami.

Inside the blue gas tsunami, a boy wearing red was walking this way.

This boy was very handsome; his face was as white as jade and he looked very cute. However, his eyes contained a very fierce flame that was well hidden. This wasn’t directed at Wang Lin; it was just how his personality was.

He walked over step by step. Even the heavens and earth seemed to tremble under his feet. As the blue gas passed, all of the grass and clouds turned blue, creating a bright blue glow.

“Haha, Wang Lin, what do you think of this old man’s new body?”

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