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Chapter 437 – Save me…

This sound reached Wang Lin’s ears and went directly into his soul. This was the exact same cry from before.

He ignored the voice and quickly moved through the small hole. With his cultivation, he could quickly move to the hidden chamber through the small hole in the wall.

Shortly after, Wang Lin arrived at a cave with countless small holes in the walls. He came in through one of these small holes.

There was a giant coffin at the center of the cave. This coffin looked very ordinary and had no decorations at all. However, a powerful Yin aura was leaking from inside it. This Yin aura was turned into white gas which was being sucked away by the small holes in the wall.

The coffin was completely empty aside from the giant hole in it. The Yin aura was coming from this hole.

Wang Lin didn’t stop; he dove into the coffin. The Yin aura here was very thick; it formed waves of Yin energy that attempted to stop him from going deeper.

“Save me…” The call for help became even more eager as it came out from the hole and echoed in Wang Lin’s ears.

Wang Lin went into the hole. The deeper he went, the stronger the Yin aura got. The Yin aura circled around Wang Lin but wasn’t able to get inside him.

As Wang Lin went deeper, a mass of blue gas appeared before him. The blue gas seemed to have formed a door that sealed off the area.

Wang Lin had encountered this blue gas before as well. Back then he had to squeeze in from the side. However, now the Yin gas collapsed as Wang Lin smashed into it.

“Save me…” The call for help became even more clear the moment the blue gas was swept away.

Wang Lin’s body back then couldn’t handle this Yin energy. If he had made a mistake, the Yin energy would have invaded his body and then frozen him solid. But right now he felt extremely comfortable as he smashed through all the doors formed by Yin energy.

When he was near the bottom of the hole, Wang Lin smashed through the last Yin energy door and made his way inside.

This was a very large cave. According Wang Lin’s analysis, it was roughly the same size as the plain above.

At the center of the cave was a large cloud of white fog that released a powerful Yin energy. This white fog took up ¾ of the cave.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the air. His eyes lit up as he stared at the white fog.

There would occasionally be flashes of ghostly light coming from within the white fog as the purple vines moved. The more the vines moved, the more white fog appeared.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, he took a deep breath, and blew out a breath of air. A gust of wind appeared and blew away a large amount of white fog, but the moment it was blown away, more appeared.

Wang Lin remained calm as he let out a cold snort. He slapped his bag of holding and took out a celestial jade. He held it in his left hand while his right hand formed a seal. He pointed at the white fog with his right hand and whispered, “Wind, move!”

A basic wind skill that could be used by Foundation Establishment cultivators was being used by Wang Lin right now. However, this spell contained celestial spiritual energy, so its power was beyond imagination. A gust of wind several times more powerful appeared and blew toward the white fog.

This gust looked like a tidal wave quickly blowing the white fog away. Then it turned into a tornado and pulled in any white fog that got close to it.

The fog was like falling leaves being picked up by a gust. All of the fog was blown away by the tornado,so what was hidden inside it was revealed.

A large, naked, blue-skinned body was floating in the air. His skin wasn’t rough like the ancient gods’ but mirror-smooth.

The top of the corpse was covered in purplish-green plants. Every time the plants moved, the corpse would shrink a bit but quickly recover. This cycle was creating the white fog.

What shocked Wang Lin was that on the forehead of this giant was a faint axe that was flashing weakly.

He was now confident that this person was the Giant Demon Clan’s founding ancestor that had brought the Giant Demon Clan here.

This person was the one that charged into the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s army with the giant axe and killed three nine-leaf shamans.

Wang Lin now had a much better understanding of how the Forsaken Immoral Clan’s ranking was done. Ignoring those below the seven-leaf stage, seven and eight-leaf shamans were similar to Soul Transformation cultivators, while nine-leaf shamans were similar to early stage Ascendant cultivators.

To be able to kill three early stage Ascendant level cultivators was not easy, and let’s not forget that he charged into the middle of the enemy’s troops to do so. That kind of fierceness and battle strength was rarely seen.

“Save me…” The call for help was even clearer here and continued to enter Wang Lin’s ears.

Wang Lin ignored the call. Instead, he took a closer look at the giant body. He could feel a powerful life force coming from the body, but there seemed to be a mysterious formation that stopped the life force from moving.

As for the purplish-green plants, their roots were like sharp needles that pierced through the giant’s body. They were absorbing his boundless life energy and turning it into Yin energy.

This wasn’t the first time Wang Lin had seen this, but even now he was still shocked.

This Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s body, although it wasn’t as strong as the ancient god’s, was several times stronger than Wang Lin’s current three-star ancient god body; it was comparable to a five or six-star ancient god’s body.

“The Giant Demon Clan founding ancestor’s cultivation level is indeed shocking!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

“Save me… save me…” The calls for help became more frequent. It seemed like this Giant Demon Clan founding ancestor had noticed Wang Lin’s presence.

Wang Lin ignored the cry for help and instead landed on the giant body. The moment he landed, those purplish-green parasitic plants began to emit a sizzling sound. Shortly after, the plants began to move. Their sharp and bloody roots came out from the giant’s body and pointed at Wang Lin.

As this happened, the giant’s body kept twitching as if it was in pain.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the plants, then he waved his hand and flames covered the area. The flames contained celestial spiritual energy, so the plants immediately backed away from them.

He didn’t want to harm these plants. With his experience, he could tell that these plants had a lot to do with the restriction inside this giant. If he destroyed the plants, he might mess with the seal and free the giant. Wang Lin didn’t want to sit down with the giant and ask if he could borrow his blood.

At the moment those plants backed up, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword appeared. He swung the sword down on the giant’s body.

The sound of two pieces of metal scraping against each other could be heard and sparks flew out from where the sword landed. A powerful pressure had suddenly repelled the sword.

This force pushed the celestial sword back three inches, causing Wang Lin to exclaim in surprise. When he saw how easy it was for the planets to stab into the giant’s body, he thought that it would be easy to cut it with the sword.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked around at the surrounding plants. He quickly got out of there with the celestial sword in hand.

The surrounding plants let out sizzling sounds, then bolts of purple lightning came from within them and attacked Wang Lin.

Wang Lin waved the celestial sword, causing all of the plants to retreat. He reached out and caught one of the plants and ripped it in half.

As he examined one half of the plant, he saw a green liquid that gave off a rotten smell coming out from the tip.

After grabbing a bunch of plants, Wang Lin pressed them down onto the giant’s body. Then he heard a sound similar to the crackling of wood burning. Black gas immediately rose from the spot where the plants’ roots touched and then they easily went into the giant’s body.

Just at this moment, a powerful force came from the plants. They broke free from Wang Lin’s hand and disappeared into the giant’s body.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He looked at the surrounding plants that wouldn’t dare to come closer and sneered.

“These tentacles are interesting!” He touched his bag of holding and took out a jade bottle. He got this jade bottle by accident during his trip to the Celestial Realm. There was nothing special about this bottle; it’s only feature was that it could hold a large amount of liquid. Its function was similar to that of a bag of holding.

Holding the jade bottle in one hand, Wang Lin pressed his other hand on the wound on the giant’s body. With some force, he pushed out blood into the jade bottle.

“Save me…” Wang Lin was standing on the giant. This call for help seemed to be right next to his ear; it was very clear.

Wang Lin continued to ignore the Giant Demon Clan’s founding ancestor; he wouldn’t save someone who he couldn’t control unless he had a reason. Once this person regains his cultivation, he will have no use for Wang Lin.

And even if this person promised good treasures, it would be hard to attract Wang Lin. Aside from the blood he was here for, he didn’t want to get into any unnecessary trouble.

The blood came out drop by drop, which was pretty slow. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked at the blood vessel on the giant’s neck. There had to be a lot of blood there.

However, there were a lot of purplish-green plants covering the giant’s chest. They were everywhere, leaving no place to get a foothold.

“Save me… I’ll give you the Giant Demon Clan’s main treasure…”

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