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Chapter 439 – Difference in Dao

“Damn, after tens of thousands of years, I finally have a body again. Haha, after getting myself a body, I have to enjoy myself. Rumor has it that all the female cultivators on planet Feng Luan are beauties. This old man has always wanted to go there. Once we leave this place, I have to go enjoy myself! Wang Lin, do you want to go?”

Wang Lin frowned. He looked at the boy before him and calmly said, “Not going!”

The boy was Situ Nan. After he possessed the body, he shortened his adjustment time by devouring the fourth ancestor. Although he hadn’t completely recovered yet, his cultivation level was at the Ascendant stage already.

Situ Nan rolled his eyes and said, “You are too boring. All you do is cultivate, cultivate. What farts are there to cultivate?! Do you know why this old man began cultivating?

“Let me tell you, this old man cultivates to have all the beauties in the world, to steal all the treasures in the world, and get rid of anyone I don’t like! This is why I started cultivating back on planet Four Saints. Otherwise, with how boring cultivation is, who would do it?”

“When I reached the Foundation Establishment stage, I decide to give up on cultivation and secretly escaped to a small country with almost no cultivators. I became a lord there, partied every night, and had women serve me every night. That was the life. Anyone who I didn’t like would be killed with just one spell. Ten years, I stayed there for ten years.” Situ Nan began to recall the past. He clearly missed those days.

Wang Lin flew forward and calmly asked, “If it was that comfortable, why didn’t you just enjoy the rest of your life there?”

Anger appeared on Situ Nan’s face as he answered, “You think I didn’t want to? If it wasn’t for some vicious Core Formation cultivator who came looking for trouble, I would have enjoyed the rest of my life there. That Core Formation cultivator chased me down and I went through many hardships to finally escape. I clenched my teeth and continued my cultivation. This time I endured for decades and reached the Core Formation stage, then I braced myself again to reach the late stage of Core Formation before leaving closed door cultivation.”

Wang Lin laughed. He looked at Situ Nan and asked, “Then you went to get your revenge?”

“What revenge? That Core Formation cultivator had long been killed by someone else. After I came out of closed door cultivation, I went to a rank 2 cultivation country and continued my nights of partying and enjoying myself. Those Foundation Establishment female cultivators accompanied this old man all day long. There is no need to even talk about how good those days were. Also, I had a palace in the mortal word. I was an existence on par with the king. That little king was good; he always gave me good stuff to use. Even thinking about it now, I really miss it.”

Wang Lin rubbed his chin and laughed. “Could it be that you met a Nascent Soul cultivator later?”

Situ Nan’s eyes widened and he said, “That’s correct. Not even three years later, some Nascent Soul cultivator decided that he wanted one of my Foundation Establishment female cultivators for a cultivation furnace. This old man couldn’t beat him and had to run. This time I cultivated until I reached the late stage of Nascent Soul before I came out of closed door cultivation.

“After that I went around rank 3 cultivation counties living the life of a king and enjoying all the beauties. Back then, a lot of fellow cultivators were very envious of me!”

Wang Lin laughed loudly and asked, “What happened after? Could it be that you met a Soul Formation cultivator?”

Situ Nan let out a sigh and said, “Bad luck. After only ten years, I killed someone and angered a Soul Formation cultivator. I nearly died and was saved by the first generation Suzaku. He wasn’t the first Suzaku yet, and that’s how I met Ye Wuyou. However, his cultivation level wasn’t high and he couldn’t protect me forever, so I gave up my beauties and began to run for my life again. This time I learned my lesson; I went into close door cultivation to comprehend life and reached the Soul Formation stage. I stayed in closed door cultivation until I reached the late stage of Soul Formation.”

Wang Lin found Situ Nan’s cultivation path interesting, so he asked, “What happened next?”

“What happened after was I got my revenge. I went to that mid stage Soul Formation cultivator’s sect and killed him before going back to enjoying life. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long because Ye Wuyou found me and asked me to go to the Celestial Realm with him. So we went and gathered a lot of celestial jades and then I reached the Soul Transformation stage after going into closed door cultivation again.

“I originally wanted to go find a cultivation country and continue to live like a king, because at that point not many people could bother me anymore. This old man didn’t want to cultivate anymore because it was too boring and I wanted to live the rest of my life enjoying myself. But that old, thick-skinned Ye Wuyou said that if I wanted to play then I should play outside of planet Four Saints. We were going to create a rank 6 cultivation country where I could play any way I wanted to play. I wasn’t thinking straight at that moment, so I fell for that old thief’s trap.

“Damn him. For this dream, this old man cultivated endlessly and went all over the place with him. Finally, in the end, he became the leader of all the sects in the country of Suzaku and the two of us raised a rank 4 cultivation country step by step into a rank 6 cultivation country. Both me and him were successful in reaching the Ascendant stage and were given this shitty planet by the Cultivation Alliance.

“This old man was really looking forward to having some fun on this planet Suzaku. Unfortunately, the Forsaken Immortal Clan was here. The Forsaken Immortal Clan dared to steal from this old man, so how could I let them go? At that time, war covered the planet and the sky was dim. The Forsaken Immortal Clan had a few good women that this old man took and had my fun with.

“Later, Ye Wuyou sacrificed himself along with some old friends to seal the Forsaken Immortal Clan. At that time, I was very depressed and was about to leave planet Suzaku to find a weaker cultivation planet to continue my life as a prince. Unfortunately, that old thief Ye Wuyou even schemed against me in his death and made me the second generation Suzaku.

“What happened after that, you already know. My body was destroyed and I was forced to hide inside the heaven defying bead until I met you. Now that I have my body back, I have to get revenge and then have some fun on planet Feng Luan. Then I’ll find a cultivation country there and continue my life as a prince! Let me tell you, Wang Lin, cultivating just enough is fine. Life is something you should enjoy and have fun in.” Situ Nan’s eyes contained a hint of melancholy. It was as if he had seen through life.

Wang Lin calmly said, “My dao and yours are not the same!” His eyes were calm. He had heard about Situ Nan’s life and that was that. Wang Lin knew that he couldn’t be as carefree as Situ Nan and enjoy life like that.

From an unknown point in time, Wang Lin’s heart began to chase after cultivation. He wanted to know what the end point of cultivation was. This was where he differed from Situ Nan.

Situ had his own version of brilliance and Wang Lin had his own pride.

His pride was reaching the peak step by step; to stand above the world and understand the truth about the heavens.

Situ Nan looked carefully at Wang Lin and felt that he never truly understood this child who he watched grow up. Especially now, he felt very unfamiliar toward this Wang Lin, but within this unfamiliarity there was still a hint of a familiar feeling.

The reason he felt unfamiliar was because he had never seen this expression on Wang Lin’s face before. It was pride in one’s own dao.

Situ Nan hated this expression a lot because he had only seen this expression on one other person before, and that was the person he respected and hated at the same time, the first generation Suzaku, Ye Wuyou.

In his heart, Ye Wuyou was like a big brother to him; an existence that was like a teacher and brother at the same time. Although Situ Nan was very proud, he cared a lot about the kindness others showed him, and Ye Wuyou had give him a lot. There were many things he couldn’t say, but he remembered them in his heart. That’s why even with his temper, even though he wanted to leave, one word from Ye Wuyou made him give up on the idea and stay to become the second generation Suzaku. In his heart, it was like he was guarding planet Suzaku for Ye Wuyou.

From the first time he met Ye Wuyou, Ye Wuyou always had the same expression that Wang Lin had right now. Even when Ye Wuyou died, his expression was still filled with pride.

From the lowly disciple of a sect in a rank 4 cultivation country until he was the sect master. Then uniting all the sects in the country to become the sect master of the entire country.

Then he used a large amount of will power to raise a rank 4 cultivation country into a rank 5 cultivation country. Then he did the impossible by raising a rank 5 cultivation country into a rank 6 cultivation country!

Becoming a rank 6 cultivation country and being given a planet by the Cultivation Alliance. All of this was because he was Ye Wuyou!

Without him, the country of Suzaku would still be an inconspicuous rank 4 cultivation country on planet Four Saints. Maybe it would have already been destroyed.

At this moment, Situ Nan saw the same expression on Wang Lin’s face. His heart was filled with complex emotions before he let out a sigh and said,

“Forget it. It is too early to talk about this right now. The most important thing now is to send you into the Suzaku Tomb and take back your piece of soul from the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Wang Lin, the Suzaku Tomb is surrounded by the mysterious power of the Cultivation Planet Crystal, so aside from the current Suzaku, no Ascendant cultivator can enter; only Soul Transformation cultivators can enter, so I can’t help you this time. However, you can relax; even if you fail to get your piece of soul back, I still have another way for you to get it back, but that method is very complicated and difficult, so it would be for the best if you could get it back yourself.”

Wang Lin nodded. He looked toward the country of Suzaku and calmly said, “The matters on planet Suzaku are almost done. Once I get the Cultivation Planet Crystal, I’ll leave the planet. Situ, the universe is very large. I hope we will have a chance to meet again in the future!” With that, Wang Lin flew off into the distance.

Situ Nan laughed as he caught up to Wang Lin and said, “It’s too early to say that now. We can talk about it when we part ways. I believe we will meet again. If nothing goes wrong, I’ll be a prince on planet Feng Luan.”

As they flew, Wang Lin suddenly asked, “Situ, what realm is above the Ascendant stage?”

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