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Chapter 433 – The third ancestor is her

The fifth layer was larger than the fourth layer and not nearly as barren. There were the algae-like plants like the ones he saw back in Chu growing here. Looking from above, there were massive patches of these green plants.

The leaves on these plants moved in a mysterious pattern. If one looked at them for too long, their body would move along with the leaves.

On the fifth layer, Wang Lin noticed three Reincarnation Trees, and on top of each one sat an eight-leaf shaman. All of their injuries were grave and they were on the verge of dying.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and then he teleported toward one of them.

However, just as he appeared next to the Reincarnation Tree, his expression changed and he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was 1,000 feet away.

The algae-like plants had begun to move the moment he appeared and then collided with each other at the spot where Wang Lin previously was.

Shortly after, all of the algae plants on the fifth layer gathered together to form human figures.

These figures were completely made of algae plants and gave off a strange aura. Their lower limbs were linked with the algae plants on the ground and also moved in the same mysterious manner. In the blink of an eye, a countless number of these strange lifeforms appeared around Wang Lin.

“Foreigner, leave this place!” A genderless voice came from the mouths of these plants and echoed across the layer.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. Every one of these lifeforms had the cultivation of a Nascent Soul cultivator. He didn’t have time to deal with these lifeforms, so he waved his hand and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared in his grasp.

Wang Lin softly said, “Souls, scatter!”

The souls suddenly came out one by one and surrounded the soul flag. There was a bit more than 600 million soul fragments and 26 primary souls, including Du Tian’s soul, in the one-billion-soul soul flag.

These soul fragments couldn’t form a late stage Ascendant cultivator when fused together or even a mid stage Ascendant cultivator. However, they could still fuse to create an early stage Ascendant cultivator.

Wang Lin knew that he had to act quickly during this trip and not waste any time, so he took out the one-billion-soul soul flag immediately.

Wang Lin shouted, “Fuse!”

500 million soul fragments and more than a dozen primary souls fused to create a powerful Ascendant soul fragment.

The moment the soul appeared, the entire fifth layer trembled.

The remaining soul fragments and primary souls circled around Wang Lin while letting out ghostly wails.

Wang Lin knew that this Ascendant soul couldn’t stay up for too long, so he shouted, “Kill!”

The early stage Ascendant cultivator’s eyes lit up and he waved his hand. At this moment, all of the algae-like plants on the fifth layer disintegrated.

Wang Lin didn’t pause; he charged toward the Reincarnation Tree and pointed at it. All of the soul fragments around him charged forth to devour the Reincarnation Tree.

The Reincarnation Tree immediately collapsed and the eight-leaf shaman above it coughed out a mouthful of blood and died.

This process continued as Wang Lin led the Ascendant soul along with the one-billion-soul soul flag and swept across the fifth layer. The remaining two eight-leaf shamans that were healing were also killed by him, had their bodies refined, and he put away their skulls.

Wang Lin didn’t have any good will toward the Forsaken Immortal Clan. He quickly flew to the sixth layer, and in there he was like a demon that killed any Forsaken Immortal Clan member he saw.

His targets were the Reincarnation Trees.

On the sixth layer there were three Reincarnation Trees. Thanks to the power of the early stage Ascendant soul, the three people healing on the sixth layer died too.

Wang Lin charged through the seventh layer, the eight layer… directly to the tenth layer!

In the tenth layer, the Ascendant soul collapsed into weak soul fragments. They returned to the soul flag and couldn’t be called out again.

The one-billion-soul soul flag was put away by Wang Lin. Along the way, he got to study the soul flag. Although the Ascendant soul was powerful, its duration was too short and there was still a difference in power compared to a real Ascendant cultivator.

In addition, the damage to the soul fragments was extensive with every use. This was why Du Tian merely summoned it to scare people and not to have it fight.

Along the way, including the one he killed earlier, Wang Lin killed a total of 19 eight-leaf shamans. All of them were already heavily injured and died without knowing what really happened. All later layers had the mysterious plants acting as guardians like the sixth layer did.

If Wang Lin didn’t have the Ascendant soul, he would have been stopped at the sixth layer

Even the Forsaken Immortal Clan wouldn’t have expected an Ascendant cultivator to kill his way into their home.

After all, there were only three Ascendant cultivators on the planet excluding Yunque Zi. Zhuque Zi was at Mount Suzaku, Chu Yunfei had been scared off the planet, and the last Ascendant cultivator of the Earth Shattering Sect was heavily injured and currently recovering in a secret location.

If there were no Ascendant cultivators, then with the defenses prepared for the Immortal Graveyard, there would have been no problem.

From the sixth layer to the tenth layer, Wang Lin had a great harvest. He didn’t know what use the skulls had, but he didn’t expect the Forsaken Immortal Clan to have so many spirit stones stocked up.

According to logic, these spirit stones were useless to the Forsaken Immortal Clan. Their tattoo power came from demonic beasts, so theses spirit stones should’ve been useless to them.

Although spirit stones didn’t really catch Wang Lin’s eyes anymore, these were currency used among cultivators, so the more the better. Along the way, Wang Lin collected a large amount of spirit stones. Even if you place these spirit stones in a rank 4 cultivation country’s sect, they would be enough to last the sect 1,000 years.

But compared to these spirit stones, the skulls of these eight-leaf shamans interested Wang Lin much more. Each one of the skulls had a unique tattoo on it and the aura they give off matched that of a Soul Transformation cultivator.

Wang Lin had a feeling that these skulls weren’t simple and were worth far more than the spirit stones.

His feeling was accurate. On planet Tian Yun, these essences of people who used different types of powers than cultivators were worth a lot. The essences of members of the Forsaken Immortal Clan were in their skulls. If a secret technique was used, the tattoo could be removed from the skull, allowing someone to gain its power.

If one can obtain the skull of a nine-leaf shaman or higher, their value is even greater!

Among the stars, there are some natives on some planets with their own mysterious powers that are very different from cultivators’. These natives have caught the attention of the Cultivation Alliance. The Cultivation Alliance doesn’t wipe them out but captures them in a way. They allow generations of them to grow so that they can harvest each generation and create an endless supply of these essences.

To raise another race in captivity, they naturally have to be given food…

Wang Lin had a total of 19 skulls. After carefully putting them away, he looked at the entrance to the eleventh layer and began to hesitate.

He didn’t know how many layers the Immortal Graveyard had, and if he didn’t have the Ascendant soul, there would have been no way for him to get this far. He had on confidence about the eleventh layer.

However, he had a mysterious feeling that there was something in the eleventh layer calling him. Wang Lin sneered; he didn’t rush down but began to set a formation.

This formation was the one that Du Tian had taught him in order to counter the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s bloodline power; it was a small transfer array.

He easily placed down the formation and placed down a piece of celestial jade. Wang Lin looked toward the eleventh layer. It was completely dark and had black smoke coming out of it. This was different from the other layers.

Wang Lin held the celestial sword in his right hand, gathered his celestial spiritual energy, and jumped into the tunnel.

This tunnel wasn’t very deep, so it didn’t take long for Wang Lin to exit the tunnel and enter the eleventh layer.

At the moment he entered, his expression became strange.

The eleventh layer wasn’t very large and there were channels dug out across the ground. The channels formed the shape of a tattoo and there was red liquid flowing inside them. The thing that left an impression in Wang Lin’s mind was the red tattoo formed by the channels.

At the same time, a cold aura came out from the ground. This was clearly a place of extreme Yin.

In the center of the tattoo floated a naked woman. Her hair moved without any wind and she gave off a demonic aura.

This woman’s body was very voluptuous and perfect. There was no trace of tattoos on her body besides a nine-leaf plant on her forehead.

She was very beautiful; aside from the celestial corpse, the only person that Wang Lin has seen that was as beautiful as her was Liu Mei. He had never met her before, yet she gave off a familiar feeling.

There was an opened scroll floating above the woman, and there were nine golden lights on the scroll that formed a circle.

Strands of black gas were coming out from the scroll and entering the woman’s forehead.

The moment he saw the scroll, his heart trembled. The scroll looked very familiar; it looked exactly like the scroll in his bag that he still hadn’t figured out how to use.

At this moment, the blood tattoo suddenly glowed bright red and the woman at the center slowly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were very bright. There was hint of a demonic light in her eyes, making her look very alluring. Her slightly demonic gaze would cause anyone who looked at her to enter a state of confusion.

After seeing this woman’s eyes, he suddenly started trembling. He finally realized why this woman looked so familiar.

The celestial sword in Wang Lin’s hand began to hum. The sword spirit Xu Liguo flew out from the sword and muttered, “Little sister fairy…”

“Thank you for delivering the soul fragment formed from my domain when I reincarnated into a cultivator…”

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