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Chapter 434 – Do you wish to lie with me?

Wang Lin’s expression was ugly as he silently stared at her.

Xu Liguo’s eyes were locked onto the woman as he left the sword and flew toward her. He muttered, “Little sister fairy, don’t be scared. Your big brother Xu is coming!”

The woman let out a smile. Her eyes revealed a mysterious light as she raised her delicate hand and pointed at Xu Liguo’s forehead.

The moment her finger landed, Xu Liguo revealed a sneer and his body disappeared. Replacing him was a ray of sword energy.

“Slut, your grandfather Xu has already suffered once. How could I repeat the same mistake?!”

The smile on the woman’s face widened and then she gently blew at the sword energy.

The sword energy suddenly shattered when it was hit by her breath.

This scene scared Xu Liguo so much that he immediately returned to Wang Lin and went back inside the celestial sword.

Wang Lin asked, with a heavy tone, “Who are you?”

The woman looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Among the cultivators, I was called Mei Ji, and in the Forsaken Immortal Clan, I’m the third ancestor!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slowly said, “So it is lord third ancestor. Junior was rude to rush in here and will take his leave.” With that, he began to back away.

Ripples appeared in the woman’s eyes and she said, “Don’t go calling me lord third ancestor; I like it better when people call me Mei Ji. You can leave today, but only if you are obedient.”

The woman pointed at the air and the tunnel leading to the tenth layer immediately sealed up.

Wang Lin frowned. He coldly stared at the woman and asked, “What does senior mean?”

The woman placed a finger near her mouth. Her eyes were filled with an alluring charm as she smiled. “What other meaning could I have? I just want you to experience the beauty of life. I can smell a very clean aura coming from your body. I believe that you still haven’t tasted a woman yet. Lucky me.”

Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder and he calmly said, “For you to be here means you are gravely injured. Lord third ancestor, do you recognize this item?!” With that, he slapped his bag of holding and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared. The soul fragments flew out along with their ghostly wails.

These ghostly wails directly affected one’s soul.

The woman’s eyes lit up. She stared at the soul flag and said, word for word, “One-billion-soul soul flag!”

Wang Lin’s left hand pointed at the celestial sword and it began to glow. Then he swung the sword and slashed at the ground.

With a boom, a deep trench appeared on the ground.

Wang Lin looked at the woman and said, “I only used 10% of my celestial spiritual energy in that attack.”

“So it’s a celestial treasure!” The woman’s eyes became cold. “Do you think you can kill me with those two treasures?”

“If you were at full power, I would have no confidence, but I’m sure that you are heavily injured. Senior, don’t force me; it won’t be good for either one of us. As for today’s matter, I’ll leave this Immortal Graveyard and you can continue to heal.”

He had no confidence against this woman. After all, she was an existence similar to an Ascendant cultivator. Even if she was injured, she would still have some methods to use. She was unlike those eight-leaf shamans that Wang Lin could easily kill with the help of the Ascendant soul.

The woman faintly smiled. She looked at Wang Lin like he was her lover and let out an alluring laugh. “I’m not being hard on you, I only want to experience spring with you. Why keep me outside the door? Besides, the Immortal Graveyard has 19 layers in total. Once you get past big sister here, you can find the secret of my Forsaken Immortal Clan’s tattoo power. More importantly, it is guarded by the soul fragment of my Forsaken Immortal Clan’s first ancestor. You have the one-billion-soul soul flag; don’t you want to go collect the first ancestor’s soul fragment…”

Wang Lin stared at her. His voice was cold as he said, “I’’ll give you three breaths of time. Whether I leave or fight depends on you!”

The woman let out a sigh and pointed at the air. The tunnel that had disappeared reappeared.

“Since you don’t want to get comfortable with me, I can only let you leave, but you must leave behind that domain soul fragment.”

Wang Lin backed up and calmly said, “Once I leave the Immortal Graveyard, I’ll release it. With your power, it shouldn’t be hard to capture it.”

With that, Wang Lin moved like lightning toward the tunnel.

The woman’s eyes became cold. She sneered and thought, “I want to see how you walk into the trap!”

However, her smile suddenly froze.

She saw Wang Lin suddenly stop outside the tunnel. His hand moved and then celestial spiritual energy surrounded him. Then formation appeared under his feet and he disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was inside the formation he had placed in the tenth layer. After he reappeared, he didn’t pause and continued to escape.

“What a cautious little cultivator… He’s really making me like him a lot. If I suck him dry, it should allow my tattoo power to recover a bit.” The woman licked her lips and revealed a devious light in her eyes.

“If he had acted there, it would have been difficult. If he had destroyed this place, I would have had to steel my heart and kill him. That would have been a waste… Now that he has left this place, I’m free to use my power to capture him and enjoy myself. No one big sister fancies can get away…” She pointed at the scroll above her and said, “Capture him and bring him back here.”

With that, the scroll closed and disappeared.

“A Soul Transformation brat that hasn’t tasted a woman yet…” The woman touched her lips. Her eyes revealed a devilish gaze and she whispered, “Quickly come back, little guy. Big sister can’t wait anymore…”

Wang Lin flew every quickly with his divine sense spread out. He didn’t believe that she would just let him leave, so he moved as quickly as he could and soon arrived at the second layer.

He saw the tunnel to the first layer and was about to teleport there when his expression suddenly changed and he swung the celestial sword backwards.

There was a scratching sound as the sword energy hit something in the air behind him. The scroll that was above the woman’s head revealed its illusionary figure in the air.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he turned around to look at the scroll.

A demonic black gas was flowing out of the scroll. The scroll slowly opened up, revealing the ten golden-purple dots that formed a circle.

These dots released a mysterious power and then suddenly turned.

A snake tattoo materialized from the ten points of light and flew out. It suddenly turned into a fierce 1,000-foot-long dragon.

The aura coming from this dragon was on the same level as a desolate beast. The moment it appeared, it let out a sudden roar and charged toward Wang Lin.

The snake tattoo that appeared earlier was flashing on the dragon’s forehead.

Wang Lin swung the celestial sword. The sword energy went right through the dragon as if it wasn’t real.

“Could it be that celestial spiritual energy is useless against it?!” Wang Lin was shocked.

A fishy smell drifted over as the dragon charged at him. Wang Lin’s hand quickly formed a seal to create a restriction. This restriction, which contained celestial spiritual energy, quickly landed on the dragon’s head.


With a loud bang, the dragon backed off in pain. The restriction covered the dragon’s mouth like a big net, so it could longer open its mouth.

The dragon growled as it charged toward Wang Lin like lightning.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he moved the celestial sword to block in front of him. The dragon smashed into the celestial sword and Wang Lin used this force to reach the tunnel to the first layer. Then he disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, the ten dots on the scroll spun once more and a tiger tattoo appeared. It turned into a giant, 1,000-foot-long black tiger. The moment it appeared, it waved its paw and destroyed the restriction on the dragon’s mouth.

The dragon and tiger quickly chased after Wang Lin into the first layer. Behind them, the scroll released a demonic light and slowly followed.

Just as Wang Lin arrived at the first layer, the dragon and tiger caught up.

“To try to trap me with a mere treasure, you have underestimated me!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He slapped his bag of holding and an item appeared in his hand.

This item was the scroll that he couldn’t control even now.

Seeing the same scroll as this one, Wang Lin decided to follow his gut and try this scroll out!

The moment this scroll appeared, the dragon and tiger paused and didn’t dare to come closer. They stopped 1,000 feet away and began to roar. Their eyes were filled with suspicion.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he held up the scroll and opened it. His scroll was completely black and only had one golden-purple dot.

The moment the scroll opened up, the dragon and tiger stopped roaring. They started staring at the scroll with a mysterious light in their eyes. At this moment, the scroll with the ten golden-purple dots caught up.

This scene was somewhat strange.

The identical scrolls were thousands of feet apart with a dragon and tiger between them. They looked at the two scrolls and their eyes were filled with confusion.

At the eleventh layer, the third ancestor’s expression changed greatly.

“The Tattoo Beast Atlas. Why does this person have my Forsaken Immortal Clan’s treasure?! Could it be one that an ancestor left it outside?!” The woman’s eyes lit up and she whispered, “Return!”

The moment she said that word, the scroll with the ten dots trembled. The dragon and tiger turned into two rays of light and flew toward the scroll.

Just at this moment, the only dot in Wang Lin’s scroll flashed and appeared in the shape of a woman. One couldn’t see the exact features of this woman, only her silhouette.

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