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Chapter 432 – Ancestral Tattoo Skull

After the six-leaf shaman Wang Lin was secretly following arrived, he turned back into a person, and at that moment, Wang Lin hid himself.

With his cultivation, no one here could detect him. Only the eight-leaf shaman on the tree was powerful enough to detect Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was able to see at a glance that the eight-leaf shaman was seriously injured and very weak.

Just at this moment, all of the shamans around the Reincarnation Tree sat down in the lotus position and began to recite a complex chant. Soon, tattoos began to appear in front of each shaman and floated before them.

At this moment, the cultivators behind the shamans all walked up to the foot of the Reincarnation Tree and sat down. There were almost 100 cultivators filling up the area.

Wang Lin knew that all these cultivators had very similar cultivation levels; all of them were at the Core Formation stage.

The moment those 100 or so cultivators sat down, all of the six-leaf shamans let out roars. The roars were loud and strange and they caused all of the tattoos to charge toward the Reincarnation Tree.

In the blink of an eye, the tattoos disappeared into the Reincarnation Tree. However, the Reincarnation Tree immediately trembled and then strands of soft branches began to grow from it. The branches moved like snakes as they grew and soon began wrapping around the cultivators.

In the blink of an eye, almost all of the cultivators were wrapped by the branches and dragged into the air.

This scene was very weird to Wang Lin. Countless branches grew from this Reincarnation Tree and wrapped around the cultivators. With the movements of the branches, this Reincarnation Tree almost seemed alive.

“He is healing!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Countless tattoos appeared and after a flash of light, all of the cultivators’ bodies started trembling. All of the nutrients from their bodies were being rapidly depleted.

At the same time, all of the spiritual energy charged from their bodies to the tree branches like uncontrollable wild horses.

After the nutrients and spiritual energy were absorbed by the tree, they were somehow converted into the mysterious energy that the eight-leaf shaman could use to heal.

The wound on this person’s chest slowly closed and his aura was also gradually recovering.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and then he suddenly moved. At the speed which none of the six-leaf shamans could detect, Wang Lin charged up and appeared next to the eight-leaf shaman.

His speed was at fast as lightning. The moment he appeared, his palm smashed down on the light surrounding the eight-leaf shaman.

Wang Lin’s right hand released a milky-white glow. This meant that he was using celestial spiritual energy.

His choices were to either act or not act, and if he did act, then he would not show any mercy and would kill the enemy in one strike!

The eight-leaf shaman inside the white light opened his eyes which were filled with terror.

Wang Lin’s palm landed on the white light and then an earth-shattering sound filled the fourth layer. The powerful impact caused waves of shockwaves to spread, knocking the surrounding six-leaf shamans back more than 1,000 feet. Each of them coughed out blood, and the tattoos on their bodies all became unstable; one misstep would mean their deaths.

One of the six-leaf shamans shouted, after coughing out blood, “Soul Transformation cultivator!!!”

The moment that person shouted, all of the other six-leaf shamans trembled and then began to escape.

If it was before Wang Lin had reached the Soul Transformation stage, he couldn’t have used such destructive power without using a treasure. The power of that palm just now was as powerful as a punch from his original body which was a three-star ancient god.

It was because that palm contained celestial spiritual energy!

The reason Soul Transformation cultivators are powerful and will receive respect on any cultivation planet is because of the existence of celestial spiritual energy.

The light around the eight-leaf shaman shattered, causing the old man to tremble and cough out blood. Then the ancient tattoo over his head quickly descended to block the celestial spiritual energy.

A powerful force surged from the tattoo, causing Wang Lin’s palm to slow down for a split second.

With this pause, the eight-leaf shaman let out a roar and quickly backed up. He moved as fast as a meteor to escape.

“You can’t escape!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he pressed down on the Reincarnation Tree.

Celestial spiritual energy surged into the Reincarnation Tree and following a series of crackling and popping sounds, the entire Reincarnation Tree shattered into small pieces.

The branches extending from the tree all shattered and the 100 or so cultivators all fell down.

The moment they landed, their eyes became clear and their confusion disappeared.

“Leave this place!” Wang Lin said this one sentence as he charged out after the eight-leaf shaman. He slapped his bag of holding and the mosquito beast appeared. The mosquito had been with Wang Lin for a long time and it had long since gained intelligence. Without Wang Lin even needing to give it an order, the mosquito knew what its master wanted.

After it appeared, the mosquito beast let out a roar and turned into a black ray of light as it chased after one of the escaping six-leaf shamans. Its large proboscis then stabbed into the head of the six-leaf shaman. The six-leaf shaman let out a miserable scream as his insides were sucked dry until he was only a bag of bones and died.

After killing one, the mosquito threw away the dried up corpse and charged after the next one.

With its speed, no matter how fast those six-leaf shamans ran, they weren’t faster than the mosquito.

Those Core Formation cultivators who survived got up. One of them immediately recognized Wang Lin and shouted in excitement, “Founder!”

Wang Lin turned around to look at the person who had called him founder. This person looked unfamiliar and he didn’t ask as he chased after the eight-leaf shaman.

Although all of this sounds like it took place over a very long period of time, all happened in a few seconds.

Wang Lin flew like lightning. Before him, the eight-leaf shaman’s face was pale while he clenched his teeth and tried to escape.

He was originally an eight-leaf shaman under the fifth ancestor. Even within the Forsaken Immortal Clan, he had a very high position. During this war, countless cultivators died by his hand.

One month ago, he was heavily injured by a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator. After almost dying, he was sent back here to recover. However, he didn’t expect a Soul Transformation cultivator to appear while he was recovering.

“As long as I can escape to the eleventh floor, I’ll be saved. The third ancestor was injured by Zhuque Zi while protecting an Ancestral Spirit. As long as I can reach the eleventh floor, the third ancestor will definitely save me.” The eight-leaf shaman clenched his teeth and charged toward the entrance to the fifth layer.

Wang Lin chased closely after the old man. His eyes became cold as he slapped his bag of holding and took out the celestial sword. He took a deep breath and then poured celestial spiritual energy into the celestial sword.

Wang Lin whispered, “Accept your death!” Then he raised his right hand, the celestial sword started glowing white, and he slashed down. There was a bright glow that seemed to light up the entire fourth layer as the sword energy from the celestial sword shot out.

The eight-leaf shaman’s expression changed greatly. Without even looking back, he could feel the powerful aura behind him that made his hair stand up. If he wasn’t injured, he could have dealt with it, but right now he was heavily injured and had almost no energy left.

The old man let out a bitter roar as he suddenly turned around. His eyes were filled with madness. He looked at the incoming sword energy and hit his forehead with his palm as he shouted, “Ancestral Tattoo!”

The tattoo that was floating above him while he was healing and helped block that palm from Wang Lin appeared. This tattoo was very complicated and was filled with an ancient aura.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he stopped 1,000 feet away. At the moment he stopped, the sword energy collided with the tattoo.


A loud boom created a shockwave 30 feet tall that quickly spread and shaved three inches off the ground.

Crackling sounds came from the tattoo and then it shattered. The eyes of the eight-leaf shaman slowly dimmed and his life quickly dissipated.

A large amount of blood came out from the wound on the old man’s chest. Although his eyes were dim, he looked at Wang Lin with a vicious gaze and asked, “Who are you?!”

“I won’t tell you who I am!” Wang Lin moved forward and appeared next to the old man. His hand formed a seal and he placed a restriction on him. Then he waved the celestial sword and the old man’s head detached from his body.

The old man’s body fell to the ground.

Wang Lin’s right hand pointed at the head. After a while he frowned and muttered, “No soul?”

At the moment he cut off the old man’s head, he activated the Soul Refining Sect technique that could ensure the soul would stay in the skull and not dissipate.

He pondered a bit as he looked at the skull. Then he waved his hand and a ghostly fire surrounded the skull. With some sizzling sounds, the old man’s head was quickly refined.

However, this person’s skull showed no signs of melting under this flame. There seemed to be a broken, black symbol engraved into the skull.

This symbol was exactly the same as the ancestral tattoo the old man had just used.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin placed the skull inside his bag of holding and flew away.

As he flew, he could hear sonic booms getting closer to him. The mosquito beast quickly came into view. Its mouth was stained with blood and its eyes were glowing with a look of pleasure.

After putting away the mosquito beast, Wang Lin checked the fourth layer again. After finding no more Reincarnation Trees, he entered the fifth layer.

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