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Chapter 431 – The dove took over the magpie’s nest

“Brother Wang, this jade contains information on Liu Mei’s domain. I know that senior has his own reasons for this, so whether you look at it or not is up to you.”

Zhou Wutai left with the half-full bottle of wine and left the jade.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he scanned the jade with his divine sense. As time passed, his expression became more and more gloomy.

“Liu Mei’s dao… The Thousand Change Ruthless Domain…Hidden under the thousands of different emotions is a ruthless heart. I already noticed this back then, but if Liu Mei continues to mess with me, I do have a way of dealing with her!” Wang Lin crushed the jade with his finger.

He stood up, walked into the ancient transfer array, activated it, and disappeared.

The country of Chu was the closest country to the Forsaken Immortal Clan.

There was naturally a lot of Forsaken Immortal Clan members here.

The Cloud Sky Sect of Chu had long since fallen to the Forsaken Immortal Clan; it happened the moment they emerged. All of the cultivators had tattoos imprinted on their bodies.

The mortals were fortunate and weren’t affected much; only the few villages too close to the Forsaken Immortal Clan were hit by accident during battles.

Aside from taking away the children who could cultivate, the Forsaken Immortal Clan didn’t kill mortals.

On this day, Wang Lin walked out of a transfer array on the western side of Chu.

The sky over Chu was dim. Although it was daytime, the light seemed to be completely absorbed by the black cloud. Looking at it from a distance, it was no different from night.

What was really eye catching was that plant growing out from the Immortal Graveyard that pierced the heavens. Looking at it from so close, it was very shocking and made one feel very small.

Forsaken Immortal Clan members could be seen flying across the sky with cultivators following them. The cultivators all had tattoos on their bodies and their eyes were dim.

In addition to all of this, there were countless mysterious plants growing across Chu. These plants moved around in a creepy way and were growing rapidly.

Chu has changed too much since Wang Lin left.

The activation of the transfer array caught the attention of the Forsaken Immortal Clan. Almost at the instant Wang Lin appeared, a large amount of black clouds closed in from the sky. There were seven or eight shamans inside the black cloud. The moment they saw Wang Lin, they began to activate their tattoo powers to attack.

Wang Lin remained calm. He didn’t even looked at the shamans before moving his body and disappearing.

When he reappeared, he was already at the village Zhou Ru was born in.

This place was completely desolate and one of the strange plants was growing here. There was not a single living thing remaining. Wang Lin let out a sigh as he left.

Wang Lin didn’t go to the Cloud Sky Sect because he was not a saint. If he went and removed the tattoos off the cultivators there, it would not be a good thing; it would most likely invite the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s wrath.

Wang Lin saw many Forsaken Immortal Clan members while he flew through Chu. However, most of them were at the four-leaf stage and very few were at the five-leaf stage.

Wang Lin originally wanted to leave this place to go to the foreign battleground to gather wandering souls, but at this moment, his heart trembled.

“Right now a majority of the Forsaken Immortal Clan members are concentrated on the Suzaku continent. I’m afraid there aren’t many left here…

“The last time I went there, I only got to the third layer. This Forsaken Immortal Clan must have a lot saved up from these past tens of thousands of years. Since I’m about to leave the planet, I should go check it out to prepare for the future!” Wang Lin’s eye lit up and he suddenly turned toward the Immortal Graveyard.

He flew very quickly and in the blink of eye he arrived above the hole leading to the Immortal Graveyard. The plant’s aura was even more powerful from close up. It was so large that it covered up the entire entrance to the Immortal Graveyard. Wang Lin looked like an inconsequential ant when he stood next to this plant.

He suddenly thought of something when he looked at the giant plant. Then he waved his right hand and then hid himself.

Shortly after, a ghostly light came from the plant as a five-leaf shaman appeared from within it. He turned into a black cloud and flew off into the distance.

After he left, Wang Lin reappeared. His eyes lit up and he pointed at the plant. A ray of spiritual energy shot out toward the giant plant.

The moment the spiritual energy touched the plant, it collapsed into golden specks.

“Interesting!” Wang Lin sneered as he slapped his bag of holding and took out a wood carving. He held it in his hand and whispered, “Convert!”

The wood carving immediately trembled as it released a green light. The green light rapidly took form and shortly after turned into an avatar that looked just like Wang Lin.

This is a spell only Soul Transformation cultivators can use. This spell creates an avatar from an object.

When the avatar appeared, it instantly charged toward the giant plant that covered the hole.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the avatar and at the moment the avatar got close to the plant, a few black tattoos on the branches began to flash.

The tattoos flashed once and immediately turned into black threads which pierced the avatar’s body. The avatar’s eyes dimmed as it turned back into a wood carving and fell to the ground.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He thought that it was no wonder the Forsaken Immortal Clan had left. Since they had this mysterious plant protecting their base, no normal people would be able to enter easily.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he slapped his bag of holding and a golden soul flag appeared. This wasn’t the one-billion-soul soul flag but the one with the Qilin beast as the primary soul.

Wang Lin had a total of three souls flags; one of them was the one-billion-soul soul flag, the other was the 1,000-soul soul flag with the Qilin, and the last one was a rather ordinary 1,000-soul soul flag he made.

He waved his soul flag and a Core Formation soul fragment flew out. The Core Formation fragment then flew toward the giant plant. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the soul fragment.

However, the soul fragment managed to go through the plant without any obstruction.

Even up until now, no tattoo appeared on the plant.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He took out several more soul fragments to test and all of them entered without any problem.

“Interesting. It cuts off spiritual energy and the carving but freely allows souls to travel through. This plant is very interesting!” Wang Lin waved the soul flag and then more than 200 soul fragments along with the Qilin soul came out.

With a thought, all of the soul fragments gathered around Wang Lin to form a soul fragment armor.

The Qilin soul fragment formed a Qilin tattoo on his face that released a golden glow.

Wang Lin then charged toward the large plant without any hesitation.

This time he could feel a cold sensation sweep past his body as he went through the plant and went inside.

It was a bright and glistening world inside the plant. There was black gas coming out from the Immortal Graveyard. This gas was being absorbed by the plant.

The surroundings were completely silent. Wang Lin looked up and found that the higher up the plant he looked, the more golden glows there were. This continued on forever and Wang Lin couldn’t see the top; he could only see cave-like structures in the branches of this plant.

When he looked down, Wang Lin saw the hole that he was familiar with. It was pitch black and he could only see the black gas that was rising from below.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before diving in.

Wind whistled in his ears as he charged down the hole. As soon as he landed on the first layer, his body disappeared without a trace.

Entering the early stage of Soul Transformation made Wang Lin’s divine sense and teleportation range even wider. With one teleportation, he arrived at the entrance to the second layer.

He scanned the entire first layer and only found several shamans who were all only around the three-leaf stage.

Wang Lin didn’t stop as he directly went into the second layer. Then with another teleportation, he arrived at the third layer where he had waited with the Treasure Refining Pavilion elder for the Reincarnation Fruit to grow.

This place was completely empty except for a large hole where the Reincarnation Tree used to grow.

After looking around, Wang Lin disappeared once more. This time he reappeared outside the entrance to the fourth layer. When he appeared here, his expression slightly changed and he quickly hid himself.

Shortly after, he saw a giant face closing in toward the entrance to the fourth layer. When it got close, it turned into a six-leaf shaman.

This person was middle-aged and most of his body was covered in tattoos. Behind him were more than a dozen cultivators with dim eyes.

The six-leaf shaman jumped into the entrance and the cultivators behind him quickly followed.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he quietly followed behind these cultivators and entered the fourth layer.

The fourth layer had more light than the earlier layers. The six-leaf shaman turned back into a giant face, grabbed all the cultivators, and flew off into the distance.

Wang Lin was also grabbed along with them. Thanks to Wang Lin’s cultivation level, the six-leaf shaman didn’t notice a thing.

The six-leaf shaman moved very quickly, so after one incense stick of time passed, they arrived at the center of the fourth layer. There was a Reincarnation Tree about one person thick and 30 feet tall here.

However, this tree was a bit strange; instead of branches there was a circular light floating on top of the tree. Inside the light was a fully naked old man with a fist-sized hole in his chest. His body was covered in tattoos and an eight-leaf plant slowly flashed on his forehead.

At the same time, there was a tattoo giving off an ancient aura floating above his head. This tattoo was very complicated; one look would make you dizzy.

Under the tree stood more than a dozen six-leaf shamans. None of them were talking and behind each of them stood more than ten cultivators.

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