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Chapter 430 – Messenger

Chu Yunfei’s eyes became cold and he said, “What do you mean?”

Yunque Zi shook his head and said, “You should go. Your cultivation isn’t a match for me and you are heavily injured. Brother Chu, don’t come back for 1,000 years.”

Chu Yunfei’s eyes became even colder as he said, “What if I don’t agree?”

Yunque Zi let out a sigh before he waved his hand and a piece of black wood appeared. The black wood exploded into a cloud of black mist and then there was a flash of golden light followed by the appearance of a powerful pressure.

An illusionary figure appeared within the golden light. It arrived before Chu Yunfei in an instant and gently patted him.

Chu Yunfei’s expression immediately changed and he quickly backed up. He waved his hand and his celestial spiritual energy quickly gathered before him.

However, the palm went right through the celestial spiritual energy and pressed down upon Chu Yunfei’s chest at an unimaginable speed.

Chu Yunfei coughed out a mouthful of blood and quickly backed up before escaping toward the horizon.

“Yunque Zi, I’ll leave planet Suzaku!” Chu Yunfei’s voice came from the distance. It contained a hint of depression.

“Why did you stop me from killing him?” The illusionary figure turned around and looked toward Yunque Zi.

Yunque Zi calmly looked at the figure and said, “The moment you act, Zhuque Zi will detect it. Let’s go.” He and the figure both disappeared.

The moment they left, the clouds turned red and slowly revealed Zhuque Zi’s figure.

“Yunque! Get out!” Zhuque Zi’s face was filled with anger as he roared. His voice suddenly spread out in all directions.

“Senior apprentice brother, the battle between the two of us is unavoidable. Because we were in the same sect for 1,000 years, I’ll give you three months to recover. After that we will have our battle at the foot of Mount Suzaku!”

Yunque Zi’s voice slowly came from the empty air.

Zhuque Zi took a deep breath. His expression was gloomy as he muttered, “I know your objective, Yunzhu. You are playing with fire!” Then he disappeared.

Yunque Zi and the figure slowly appeared somewhere in the sky above the Suzaku continent. The figure asked, “Why give him so much time? It shouldn’t take that long to kill Zhuque Zi.”

Yunque Zi looked at the figure and said, “In the Forsaken Immortal Clan, including me, there are three nine-leaf shamans, one ten-leaf shaman, and you, an eleven-leaf shaman. If all five of us attack together, it will not be hard to kill Zhuque Zi!

“In addition, although only two of the Ancestral Spirit Trees were successful, two more ten-leaf shamans will descend soon, so with the seven of us, killing Zhuque Zi will be even easier!

“However, Zhuque can’t be killed right now!”

The figure pondered a bit and said, “You have been among the cultivators for too long and forgot your origin. Do you still remember how many clan members were sacrificed to send you into the country of Suzaku…”

Yunque Zi’s eyes lit up and he sneered. “First ancestor, I’ll tell you one more time: don’t underestimate Zhuque Zi. Zhuque Zi has the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Although it has been sealed by the second generation Suzaku, every Suzaku in the past tens of thousands of years has been looking for a way to break the seal. The previous Suzaku even found a weak point. With my understanding of the current Suzaku, if we kill him, he will definitely destroy the Cultivation Planet Crystal before his death to kill every cultivator on the planet. At that moment, when such a big calamity unfolds, the Cultivation Alliance will definitely send people to deal with this. Do you think our Forsaken Immortal Clan can deal with the Cultivation Alliance?”

The figure remained silent.

“If things had gone according to my plan, we could have nurtured a cultivator to be the next Suzaku and then continue this charade which would allow our Forsaken Immortal Clan to continue to exist. This is the best method; however, the ancestor was too eager, so he broke you all out and destroyed all of my plans.” Yunque Zi was very gloomy.

“Even my identity was forced to be revealed by all of you to prove that I’m a member of the Forsaken Immortal Clan. In my view, it was pointless!”

Yunque Zi slowly said, “First ancestor, if you want our clan to last, we must get our hands on the Cultivation Planet Crystal and allow one of the people I picked to become the next Suzaku so we can indirectly control all of the cultivators on the planet.

“I had already picked four candidates and only needed a few decades for my plan to come into fruition. The scheme I had planned for countless years was destroyed by you guys!

“The two successors Zhuque Zi has chosen are Qian Feng and Liu Mei. That Qian Feng has learned the Suzaku Tactic, so I believe that he is a body that the current Suzaku has prepared for possession. Every generation of Suzaku has tried to find a way to use possession to extend their lifespan, and I believe that this Suzaku has found a way.

“This is why I found my second candidate, Zi Xin. If Zhuque Zi succeeded in his possession, he would be under this girl’s control. Even if I were wrong and Zhuque Zi really has been grooming Qian Feng to be the next Suzaku, when he becomes the next Suzaku, he would still be controlled by Zi Xin.

“The third person I picked was Zhou Wutai. This child has the bloodline of the green dragon. Since the Green Dragon Clan helped us in the war a long time ago, I picked him as one of the candidates. That is why I went to the Four Sect Alliance and he is what I have prepared to deal with Liu Mei.

“However, what is interesting is that while I was at the Four Sect Alliance, I met a cultivator named Wang Lin. His talent was ordinary and there was nothing special about him, yet he was able to comprehend the life and death domain. In the heat of the moment, I made him the fourth candidate on a whim.

“I originally didn’t pay much attention to this person, but his development later on shocked me greatly. At the Celestial Realm, he took Red Butterfly’s arm. After he returned, his cultivation level skyrocketed and he even caught the attention of Zhuque Zi.

“This person also has too many secret and sometimes even I can’t see through him. Thus, in the end, I picked him as the main candidate for my plan!

“Even now he is still the main candidate! And also the most crucial component of my plan!”

The figure pondered a bit before raising his head. He then stared coldly at Yunque Zi and said, “This explanation is still not enough!”

Yunque Zi’s eyes because serious and he said, “I don’t know how much the Cultivation Planet Crystal will affect my Forsaken Immortal Clan. If it does have an effect, then all of the clan members that were born since the cultivators took over will die, including you and me. Is this explanation enough?”

The figure pondered again. Then he let out a sigh and said, “Who was the first candidate you picked?”

Yunque Zi faintly smiled. “When the messenger has completed his task and if nothing goes wrong, then my first candidate will become the next Suzaku!”

The figure finally asked, “Why give Zhuque Zi three months?”

“Because I want to wait until he activates the Cultivation Planet Crystal! I won’t act now, but when I do, I won’t give Zhuque Zi a chance!”

Outside the transfer array to Chu, Wang Lin looked at the burly man who had taken off his straw hat. Although Wang Lin’s heart trembled slightly, it didn’t show in his face. He smiled and said, “Long time no see, brother Zhou!”

The burly man put the straw hat down on the side, slapped his bag of holding, and took out table with cups on it. He said, “Brother Wang, I’m craving a bit of wine. Do you still have any of that wine from back then?”

Wang Lin’s eyes faintly lit up as he looked at the straw hat. He slapped his bag of holding and a bottle of wine appeared in his hand. When he looked at the wine, the image of Da Niu appeared in his mind. After all these years, he had less than ten bottles of Da Niu’s wine left.

He placed the wine on the table, sat down, poured a cup, and drank it all in one go.

Zhou Wutai let out a mischievous smile as he picked up the wine, poured himself a full cup, and took a sip, then he said, “The wine is still the same as before and the person is still the same as before, but our hearts are completely different now. Although the setting is the same as before, the two of us have changed.”

Wang Lin pondered. He held the cup and didn’t speak.

“Brother Wang, aren’t you curious about why I am not dead? I still remember when you took the Rain Cauldron from me.” Zhou Wutai looked at Wang Lin with a smile that was not a smile.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Rather than Red Butterfly getting it for cheap, I took it. However, even if I didn’t, I believe brother Zhou had other plans anyway.”

Zhou Wutai laughed. He poured another cup and said, “Let’s not talk about the past anymore. Brother Wang’s fame on planet Suzaku has been high for these past several years. For this, I offer you a cup!”

With a smile on his face, Wang Lin poured himself a cup and chugged it all down.

Zhou Wutai’s eyes lit up and he said, “Brother Wang, I offer you a second cup to thank you for killing Li Yuanfei and sealing Xue Yue!” With that, he drank his cup.

After two cups there was suddenly silence between the two of them.

Shortly after, Zhou Wutai looked into the distance and said, “Wang Lin, senior wants you to look for him…. for him to teach you how to truly use the Yunque hat.”

After seeing Zhou Wutai coming with the straw hat, he already knew that Zhou Wutai had something to do with Yunque Zi. From what he learned, the straw hat was not something Yunque Zi would casually give out.

Wang Lin immediately understood why Zhou Wutai didn’t die after seeing the straw hat.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Tell Yunque Zi I won’t go looking for him.”

Zhou Wutai revealed a complex expression and said, “Brother Wang, you and I are both pawns in his game. Senior gave this straw hat to another person. You should know her, her name is Zi Xin!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he sneered.

Zhou Wutai shook his head, then he stood up and picked up the wine. He looked slightly depressed as he said, “Brother Wang, how about giving me this half-full bottle of wine?”

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