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Chapter 429 – The secret of the Cultivation Planet Crystal

Wang Lin frowned as he waited for Situ Nan to continue.

“The Cultivation Planet Crystal… it’s dog farts! It is something the Cultivation Alliance created and they give one to every single cultivation country that reaches rank 6.

“Planting it within the cultivation planet and activating it will cause the entire planet to be surrounded by mysterious power. From the day it opens, any living thing that is born on that planet will be missing a piece of its soul.

“This piece of soul is absorbed by the Cultivation Planet Crystal and absolute power over the crystal is given to the country by the Cultivation Alliance. Hehe, a rank 6 cultivation country is like a king because of the existence of the Cultivation Planet Crystal!

“With this object, any generation of Suzaku can kill any living thing on the planet unless that person or creature is one step past the Ascendant stage and forcibly retrieves their piece of soul. Otherwise, there is no other way.

“However, my speculation is that the Cultivation Planet Crystal isn’t a secret in a lot of other planets and people have found ways to deal with it or else there wouldn’t be so many rank 6 countries that got toppled by the people of their own planet.

“But in general, this Cultivation Planet Crystal gives ultimate control of the planet to the rank 6 cultivation countries.

“When I became the Suzaku and found out about this, I secretly sabotaged it and sealed the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Although the crystal can still absorb the pieces of souls, it can’t be used until the seal is broken. This is why the current planet Suzaku is such a mess; otherwise, it would be as sturdy as an iron drum.

“Haha, all of the Suzakus after me must’ve hated me for this, but I just don’t like that shitty crystal!”

Even with Wang Lin’s mental strength, after he heard this, his expression couldn’t help but turn ugly and his heart trembled.

Wang Lin asked, in a serious tone, “So if Zhuque Zi gets control of the Cultivation Planet Crystal, he will only need but a thought to kill me?”

Situ Nan said, “There is an item called the Cultivation Planet Heart that is linked to the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Only the current Suzaku has possession of it. He will have to give up some of his lifespan to activate it and it will allow him to kill anyone. A piece of your soul is inside the crystal, so if you want to have a peaceful future when you leave the planet, you must extract your soul from the Cultivation Planet Crystal.”

“Then that means that what I heard about the Cultivation Planet Crystal being able to help the Ji Realm evolve is false.” Wang Lin frowned.

“This matter is difficult to talk about since I don’t have the Ji Realm to study. Okay, let’s talk about it all once I recover. Wang Lin, you don’t have to worry too much; I’m still there.” Situ Nan quieted down and began his possession.

Wang Lin stood still. After a long time, his eyes turned cold.

“How could my life be in someone else’s hands?!”

“No wonder so many cultivation countries betrayed Suzaku the moment the Forsaken Immortal Clan appeared. No wonder Zhuque Zi wanted to wipe out rank 5 cultivation countries that could become rank 6. So this is the reason behind it all.”

“If Zhuque Zi could still control the Cultivation Planet Crystal, then the situation now would not be like this. With an attack from all cultivators on the planet, the Forsaken Immortal Clan would be in danger of being wiped out.”

“If Zhuque Zi could control the Cultivation Planet Crystal then he could have easily taken the one-billion-soul soul flag from senior Du Tian rather than wait until now.”

“Cultivation Planet Crystal! Na Duo had no reason to lie to me, but his tone back then was also filled with uncertainty.” Wang Lin’s figure disappeared from the Little Northern Flame Land.

“The most important thing right now is to get the Cultivation Planet Crystal and retrieve that piece of my soul. Then I’ll leave the planet to find the All-Seer [1]. With the current mess planet Suzaku is in, it is not fit for cultivating.

“However, I still need to make some preparations before that. The one-billion-soul soul flag has weakened, so I need to take another trip to the foreign battleground to capture wandering souls and see if they can be used to help replenish the soul flag. If it is possible, I’ll catch a few soul devourers to use as primary souls. When I do that, the one-billion-soul soul flag’s power should recover.

“Also, there is that small bottle of blood from the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. That bottle is very important to my original body which is still on the moon; it can allow my original body to use the ancient gods’ techniques! That person who was begging for help under the Corpse Sect in Zhao must be the Giant Demon Clan’s founding ancestor. I need to go there to see if I can get more blood.”

“Unfortunately, the amount of spiritual energy the original body needs to reach the four-star stage is unimaginable. I also need the aura of an adult ancient god which will be very difficult to get.”

“In the ancient god clan, going from three stars to four stars is a rite of passage. Once the original body makes a breakthrough, then according to the memories I inherited, it will match an Ascendant cultivator.

“Tuo Sen inside the land of the ancient god is also a big issue. If he leaves the land of the ancient god, the first thing he will do is find me. With my current cultivation, even with my original body, I’m no match for Tuo Sen. Even if Situ Nan also acted, the result would be the same.”

“After all, Tuo Sen has inherited Tu Si’s strength, and during his peak Tu Si was an eight-star ancient god that could destroy a planet with his palm.” Wang Lin frowned. Tuo Sen has always been a thorn in his heart. One of the reasons he wanted to quickly leave planet Suzaku was because of Tuo Sen.

“I must return to Chu to send Zhou Ru home.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he turned and flew toward Chu.

Along the way, the sky was almost completely covered by black clouds. The black clouds were filled with Forsaken Immortal Clan members. They were using the black clouds to quickly fly toward the Suzaku continent.

The more Wang Lin saw, the more sullen he became. Although he hated Zhuque Zi, he was still a cultivator. Along the way, he killed countless Forsaken Immortal Clan members. Unfortunately, there were simply too many, so he had to give up and keep himself hidden as he flew toward Chu.

Almost all rank 3 cultivation countries had either been destroyed or fallen under the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s control.

All of the Forsaken Immortal Clan members were gathered on the Suzaku continent when the second battle with the country of Suzaku began!

During the journey to the Suzaku continent, the Forsaken Immortal clan attacked everyone on the way. A large number of rank 4 cultivation countries had fallen in their wake.

The entire planet was covered in blood.

Less and less cultivators were appearing in the sky of planet Suzaku and the black clouds seemed to be in the sky all the time.

The attack the Forsaken Immortal Clan has been preparing for tens of thousands of years finally exploded in full force on planet Suzaku.

The country of Suzaku immediately began their fierce counterattack the moment the second battle began. Qian Feng was appointed the leader of this battle, so all cultivators had to listen to his orders.

Large amounts of cultivators were sent to various places to fight the Forsaken Immortal Clan.

Every rank 5 cultivation country became a battleground. The entire planet was trembling and was about to collapse from this war.

However, the country of Suzaku wasn’t strong enough to resist, so it kept being pushed back.

Almost every day a large amount of cultivators died in battle.

At the same time, one shocking piece of news after another spread from cultivators who managed to escape.

All of the sects from the the rank 5 cultivation country of Water Ink had switched sides!

The rank 5 cultivation country of Peony had switched sides!

The rank 5 cultivation country of Qin had switched sides!

The betrayal of three rank 5 cultivation countries was like three sucker punches to the already retreating country of Suzaku.

Eventually, the country of Suzaku had to pull their line of defense back to the Suzaku continent.

However, even more shocking news spread out. These news caused the hearts of every cultivator on planet Suzaku to tremble.

This generation’s Suzaku’s junior apprentice brother, the one who lost the fight for the title of Suzaku, Yunque Zi, appeared.

He suddenly appeared in the same battlefield as Zhuque Zi and pulled off a sneak attack on him, causing Zhuque Zi to be gravely injured.

Yunque Zi’s identity was the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s second ancestor!

Wang Lin heard this when he was returning to Chu. The shock in his heart was indescribable.

He had a hunch that Yunque Zi would come looking for him.

However, one person found Wang Lin before Yunque Zi. On this day, Wang Lin had just opened an ancient transfer array. The destination of this array was Chu.

The moment he walked into the array, Wang Lin stopped and turned around to look into the distance where he saw a burly man wearing a straw hat closing in.

“Brother Wang, it has been many years since we last met. Do you still remember me?” The burly man stopped ten feet before Wang Lin and took off his straw hat.

At the eastern side of the Suzaku continent, the Heavenly Jade Sect’s Ascendant ancestor’s expression was very ugly. Earlier he was hit by the shockwave of the Ancestral Spirit and was left with injuries which he was forced to suppress. Then the battle with the Forsaken Immortal Clan began, so he had no time to rest before going back into battle.

In the battle three days ago, the fifth ancestor appeared once more. During their battle his injuries broke out and he was forced to flee. He was heading back to the Heavenly Jade Sect because he decided that until his injuries were healed, he wouldn’t be helping Zhuque Zi.

“If it comes down to it, I’ll just leave this planet. With my cultivation level, I’ll be a powerhouse on any cultivation planet.”

Seeing that the Heavenly Jade Sect was in sight, Chu Yunfei suddenly stopped and looked into the distance.

A person walked over from the horizon. This person was wearing a red robe, his face was old, he gave off an ancient aura, and a powerful pressure could be felt from him. He stopped 20 feet before Chu Yunfei and stared at him.

“Brother Chu, we haven’t met in many years. Is everyone still fine?”

Chu Yunfei’s eyes became serious as he looked at the person and said, “Yunque Zi!”

The red-robed old man raised his head, let out a sigh, and said, “So it seems brother Chu still remembers me. Forget it. Brother Chu, I came this time to give you some advice: leave planet Suzaku!”

The current Yunque Zi had no trace of his previous messy self.

[1] I’m renaming Tian Yunzi to All-Seer. He is the old man who agree to accept Wang Lin as a disciple for 100 years if Wang Lin can reach his planet

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