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Chapter 428 – Little Northern Flame Land

The Little Northern Flame Land is at the extreme north of the planet. It is where Xue Yu used to be located.

The ice here has never melted ever since cultivators came to this planet. The cold wind howls all day and the land is filled with ice. From a distance one can see a cloud of dark blue fog that would float around the area. Wherever this fog goes, everything with life will die.

This cold fog is called the Nine-Li fog. This mysterious natural power only appears in extremely cold places.

Aside from destroying everything, the Nine-Li fog has another effect which is to suck in what it can’t absorb and slowly refine it.

The Little Northern Flame Land is very large. When Xue Yue was here, they could only explore ⅓ of the land before they weren’t able to go in any further, so they ended up building their country on the border of this region.

However, some of the powerful cultivators knew that at the center of the Little Northern Flame Land was a field of red ice.

The ice there wasn’t cold but flames.

This is a very occurrence; fire that exists in ice forms a power that can amaze people. Thus, the cultivators on planet Suzaku named this place the Little Northern Flame Land.

There are some ancient restrictions in this land that have existed for a long time; the Nine-Li fog is one of those. There is also the Blood Flame Restriction. It has no effect on things without blood, but if anything with blood gets hit by the light, their blood will start boiling and then they will die within ten seconds.

Aside from those, there is also the ice that can absorb divine sense. This ice makes divine sense constantly weaken when the two come into contact.

At this moment, in the depths of the Little Northern Flame Land lied the body of a boy who was covered by the Nine-Li fog.

The boy was very handsome, but he had a struggling expression. He would occasionally open his mouth to spit out a strand of black gas that would push the Nine-Li fog away.

However, the moment the Nine-Lig fog was pushed away, it would come back and slowly refine the boy.

This boy was the demonic child that Corpse Sect head elder Sun Tai had released against the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

This demonic child was very strange. Back then, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s body was destroyed by it. Then the Giant Demon Clan ancestor was forced to escape with his origin soul and in the end used this place to trap the demonic child.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Sun Tai was sent away by the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s bloodline power, then with Sun Tai controlling it, the demonic child wouldn’t have been trapped.

The origin of this demonic child was great!

To talk about the origin of this demonic child, we first have to talk about the Corpse Sect!

The Corpse Sect is a very large sect; it is not something any sect on planet Suzaku can compare to. In fact, there are branches of the Corpse Sect in many planets.

The Corpse Sect is a very large organization with roots in many different cultivation planets. They are involved in the trade of bodies and collecting items of mysterious origins.

Very few people know where the headquarters of the Corpse Sect is located because this is a secret!

The structure of the Corpse Sect is like a tower; there are many different levels.

Inside the cultivation alliance, the Corpse Sect is one of the few recognized as an official sect. Compared to all the various sects on the many cultivation planets, the Corpse Sect is one of the few real sects of the current era.

A lot of older generation cultivators know that you can’t casually mess with the Corpse Sect. It is said that the person behind the Corpse Sect has some connection with the collapse of the Celestial Realm.

However, this is only a rumor; no one knows if it’s true or false.

But no matter what, there is no need to question just how powerful the Corpse Sect is.

In every Corpse Sect branch, there is a sect master and a head elder. The sect master is responsible for managing the affairs of the sect while the head elder is responsible for monitoring everything.

Inside the Corpse Sect there is a jade containing information on more than 3,000 different kinds of bodies. Once one of those bodies are found, they can be exchanged for some heavenly treasures.

The demonic child was something Sun Tai obtained in a desolate planet

The body of this demonic child is ranked 171 in the Corpse Sect. It has a hidden spirit root that hasn’t been determined yet; it’s a body created by nature to be possessed. When someone possess it, it will develop a spirit root to match that person.

Sun Tai was very happy after finding this body. He refined it for more than 1000 years to finally create this demonic child. It even had the ability to use spells, and just the body itself was already at the mid stage of Soul Transformation. The only strange thing about it was that it had to be kept inside a special formation to be nurtured and couldn’t leave the formation for too long.

Which was why when Sun Tai went to the Celestial Realm, he didn’t bring the demonic child with him. After he came back, he retrieved it and planned to go to a nearby planet with a large Corpse Sect branch. He planned to exchange the body for a rank 8 soul splitting pill to remove Zhou Yi’s seal.

It was at that moment that Wang Lin called for him, which was why he had the demonic child to use against the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

On this day, in the Little Northern Flame Land, two rays of light traveling faster than the speed of sound flew across the sky; two people in the front and one person in the back. One of the ones in the front was wearing a white robe and under his flowing, white hair was the face of a young man.

Beside this young man was a middle-aged man. His build was large and he gave off an very arrogant aura. If one looked closely, they would see that his body wasn’t solid but somewhat transparent.

The last person was a white-haired old man with his teeth clenched closely as he chased after them.

Wang Lin was among the three of them.

Situ Nan looked back at the Forsaken Immortal Clan fourth ancestor and shouted, “You’re too slow, you little brat; this old man had to wait for you so many times. If you don’t fly faster, this old man isn’t going to wait for you!”

The fourth ancestor was furious. He wanted to give up many times along the way, but every time he was about to, the middle-aged man would stop to taunt him.

The fourth ancestor found this very strange, but he wasn’t willing to give up. He had a secret technique that he could use to take back the Ancestral Spirit back, but the requirement was for the Ancestral Spirit to not have been refined yet.

This was why he kept chasing.

The three of them were very quick. They flew to the center of the Little Northern Flame Land and entered the area of the ice flames. Wang Lin was able to immediately see the demonic child inside the red flame.

Situ Nan’s eyes lit up. He stopped, let out a laugh, and looked back at the fourth ancestor who was quickly arriving.

“Before my body was destroyed, I cultivated in this place for a very long time, so I have a very deep understanding of the restrictions here.” Situ revealed a reminiscent look as his hand formed a seal and pointed at the air.

The ground immediately shook as a golden light began to gather and then it flew out.

Situ Nan laughed as he grabbed Wang Lin, then he moved 1000 feet away and looked at the fourth ancestor.

The moment the fourth ancestor arrived, the entire sky was covered by a white light. This white light was very bright and was carrying a mysterious power which landed on the fourth ancestor’s body. Red light immediately appeared under the fourth ancestor’s skin.

The fourth ancestor sneered. “The Blood Flame Light!” His Forsaken Immortal Clan was native to this planet, so they had a very good understanding of this place. He was able to immediately recognize what the white light was.

He waved his right hand and a giant tattoo appeared before him. The tattoo flashed and then all of the white lights were pushed away from the fourth ancestor’s body.

Situ Nan exclaimed in surprise and his eyes became cold. He then moved as fast as lightning toward the fourth ancestor.

The fourth ancestor suddenly raised his head toward Situ Nan and waved his hand. The tattoo before him turned into threads which attempted to trap Situ Nan.

Situ Nan laughed. He didn’t dodge but went through these threads and directly entered the fourth ancestor’s body. The fourth ancestor shouted, “Get out of there!”

He slapped his forehead and a nine-leaf plant appeared on it.

The moment this plant appeared, Situ Nan came out of the fourth ancestor, released all of his aura, and shouted, “Nine-Li fog!”

The fog surrounding the demonic child quickly flew to Situ Nan, trapped the two of them, and dragged them toward the ice flame that the demonic child was trapped in.

This happened very quickly. In almost an instant, Situ Nan and the fourth ancestor were surrounded by the fog. A pillar of ice flame formed around each of them.

At this moment there were three pillars of ice flame inside the Nine-Li fog.

Situ Nan revealed a look of joy inside the ice flame and then mysteriously came out of it. He flew into the ice flame where the demonic child was located and entered the body.

“Wang Lin, this Nine-Li fog is a natural formation, and it makes the perfect protection for me. It won’t take long for me to recover my cultivation. I’ll come find you when I’m done. You’ll have to be careful of Zhuque Zi during this time; don’t die before I come out!” Situ Nan’s voice came out from the Nine-Li fog.

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He looked at the child inside the fog and asked, “You don’t need me to guard you?”

“No need; this Nine-Li fog is the best protection!” Situ Nan’s voice contained a trace of excitement. After tens of thousands of years, he would finally have a body again. Even though he had been through a lot in his life, he couldn’t help but be excited.

“Foreign cultivators, just you all wait! Once this old man recovers his cultivation, I’ll definitely find you guys for my revenge!”

Wang Lin raised his head to look into the distance and calmly said, “You still haven’t told me what the Cultivation Planet Crystal is.”

“Cultivation Planet Crystal…. Before I became the ruler of a cultivation planet, I also thought that it was some powerful treasure. However, after I became the second generation Suzaku, I found that this item was simply too vicious!”

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