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Chapter 419 – Second generation Suzaku? Situ Nan?

With arrogance in his voice Du Tian said, “This is the power of my Soul Refining Sect’s one-billion-soul soul flag. What do you think?”

Wang Lin replied, “Very powerful!”

Du Tian laughed and said, “There isn’t really a proper way to use the soul flag. For example, the sixth generation ancestor was good with formations, so he used it to create formations.”

As Du Tian rushed back to Pilu, he told Wang Lin more about the one-billion-soul soul flag. “The tenth generation ancestor’s domain was devour, so he used the soul flag to devour souls to make himself stronger against enemies.”

“However, the one skill that the one-billion-soul soul flag always has is fusion. The Ascendant soul you saw was created by fusion. Although it can’t last forever, it can fight against an Ascendant cultivator for one incense stick of time.”

“However, none of these are the flag’s real aces. What can really threaten Ascendant cultivators is the fourth primary soul. In tens of thousands of years, the fourth soul has only appeared once. When that happened, my sect’s last early stage Ascendant ancestor was fighting together with the second generation Suzaku against four late stage Ascendant cultivators from other planets.”

While stealing celestial jades was the main reason they came out, Du Tian also wanted to teach Wang Lin about the one-billion-soul soul flag so that he can better control it two years from now.

Du Tian didn’t hold anything back from Wang Lin; he treated Wang Lin like a real direct disciple.

These secrets about the soul flag were normally only passed down from master to disciple. Although Du Tian and Wang Lin were not officially master and disciple, their relationship was similar to that.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as he asked, “Together with the second generation Suzaku?”

Du Tian nodded. “After beating the Forsaken Immortal Clan, the first generation Suzaku sacrificed himself along with several late stage Ascendant cultivators to seal the Forsaken Immortal Clan. Then he appointed someone as the second generation Suzaku.”

“This person was very talented and outstanding, very different from all the future Suzakus after him. He didn’t suppress any rank 5 cultivation countries and while he only ruled for a short 1000 years, he had a higher cultivation level than every Suzaku that came after. It is said that he was already one step into the the realm after Ascendant and was only half a step from the next step.”

“This person was no doubt the number one expert in the history of planet Suzaku!”

After hearing this, Wang Lin’s heart trembled. He thought about the one thing that Situ Nan had always said, which was that he was the number one expert of planet Suzaku.

“What was his name?”

Du Tian shook his head. “It has been far too long for anyone to still remember his name; we only remember him as the second generation Suzaku. Maybe the current Suzaku knows.”

Wang Lin continued to ask, “What happened to him in the end?”

Du Tian slowly said, “His whereabouts are unknown.” Du Tian sighed and continued, “It is rumored that the battle against those foreign cultivators wasn’t any less intense than the battle against the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s ancestral spirit. In the end, my Soul Refining Sect’s ancestor wasn’t a match; after all, he was only an early stage Ascendant cultivator. He used the fourth soul to get out alive and killed one of the foreign cultivators. However, the fourth soul took heavy damage and has been in deep sleep ever since. According to my calculations, it should have almost fully recovered by now.”

“Although the battle was won, the second generation Suzaku was hunted down by the foreign cultivators and disappeared.”

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. He remembered when Situ Nan told him that he fought against some foreign cultivators.

Eventually, his body was destroyed by them, but his Nascent Soul escaped into the heaven defying bead and then his life was saved.

Situ Nan’s hatred for those people could only be considered monstrous.

According to Du Tian’s story, the second generation Suzaku’s fate was very similar to Situ Nan’s.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes lit up. He had a grudge against the current Suzaku; if Situ were to awaken, would he help the current Suzaku…

Du Tian looked at Wang Lin and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and asked, “With the war between the Forsaken Immortal Clan and the country of Suzaku going on right now, if the second generation Suzaku was still alive, would he help the current Suzaku?”

Du Tian laughed and shook his head. “Let’s not count on the possibility of the second generation Suzaku being alive, but if he was, he wouldn’t help the current generation Suzaku because there is no connection between them. It is rumored that the second generation Suzaku was very arrogant; if it wasn’t for the fact that he owed the first generation Suzaku, he would have already left the planet to hone himself elsewhere.”

Wang Lin nodded. His eyes lit up and he asked, “How many generations of Suzakus have there been?”

Du Tian snorted and said, “The current Suzaku is the 14th generation, and the one I hate the most.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit before suddenly asking, “Senior, the Forsaken Immortal Ancestral spirit you talked about earlier, what is that?”

Du Tian shook his head and said, “I don’t know what it is either and I have only seen the records from the sect. Back then, during the big war with the Forsaken Immortal Clan, this ancestral spirit appeared and caused a large amount of Ascendant cultivators to die. Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. The continent of Suzaku is close. Let us hurry so you can reach the Soul Transformation stage.” With that, Du Tian suddenly sped up.

In these few short months, Du Tian took Wang Lin across almost half of the planet. Now they could see the continent of Suzaku appearing before them.

“That’s right, the ancestor recorded one of the names of the four foreign cultivators. That person said that he was from planet Five Elements and was called Na Duo1. Yes, that should be correct. Once we go back, I’ll give you the jade with the records.”

“Na Duo!” Wang Lin’s body trembled.

“What is wrong with you?” Du Tian turned toward Wang Lin and looked at him with a questioning gaze.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and said, “I have met this Na Duo.”

Du Tian was startled. His eyes lit up and he asked, “You’ve met Na Duo?”

Wang Lin told Du Tian about the matter regarding Na Duo.

“Interesting! An old monster that has lived for tens of thousands of years must have broken past the Ascendant stage and touched the next step. Otherwise, it would be impossible to live until now!”

The two of them flew very fast across the sky and soon arrived in the northern part of the Suzaku continent.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. Du Tian seemed to have noticed even earlier, because he grabbed Wang Lin and backed up.

A green light screen had appeared on the edge of the continent of Suzaku and it covered the entire continent.

“The Suzaku formation!” Du Tian’s expression was ugly.

The Suzaku formation was the most powerful formation on the planet. It could be big or small, but when used at full power, it could cover the planet to protect it from foreign cultivators or beasts that lived in the void.

At its smallest, it could shield just one person and be extremely powerful.

“It looks like the country of Suzaku is very determined to win against the Forsaken Immortal Clan. The amount of spirit stones required to activate the Suzaku formation is beyond imagination and a lot of celestial jades are required to use its power. Hehe, enough to match a late stage Ascendant cultivator.” Du Tian’s eyes lit up and he pointed forward. A strand of black gas came out from his finger and landed on the green light screen.

The moment the black gas got close, the green light screen trembled and formed a green fist that punched the black gas.


After a loud bang, the black gas disappeared and the fist returned to the green light screen.

Du Tian sneered. “It even contains the blood of the Giant Demon Clan, so the formation has the power of the Giant Demon Clan bloodline.”

“You shouldn’t have left so much trouble behind when you went to the Giant Demon Clan; if I had gone personally, I would have killed them all to prevent any retaliation in the future. When the Forsaken Immortal Clan attacked, the Suzaku’s second disciple, Qian Feng, went to the Giant Demon Clan, unsealed them, and moved them all to the country of Suzaku.”

“I was wondering why the country of Suzaku was being so generous, but it seems they were after the Giant Demon Clan’s blood. With this much Giant Demon Clan blood, this formation contains some power from their bloodline power.”

Wang Lin remained silent. With Chi Hu there, there was no way he could have killed them all.

Du Tian’s eyes became cold as he stared at the Suzaku formation and shouted, “The Suzaku formation has surrounded the entire continent. There must be someone controlling the formation every 5,000 kilometers. Come out for this old man or else I’m going to make an opening before the Forsaken Immortal Clan even arrives!”

“This old man’s patience has limits! I will only give you three breaths of time!”

Two breaths later, a figure appeared inside the green light screen. This person had long hair, wore a white robe, and was very handsome, but he exuded a hint of evil. Overall, he gave off a mysterious charm.

This person let out a smile and said, “Senior, please don’t be angry. Since you asked junior to come out, junior will come out.”

Du Tian coldly said, “Open the formation!”

“As you’ve ordered.” The evil-looking young man raised his hand and pointed at the green light screen. A hole opened up and Du Tian snorted as he entered the continent of Suzaku.

Wang Lin closely followed.

However, just at this moment, the evil-looking young man’s eyes lit up and he waved his hand, causing the green light screen to close. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He was stuck outside.

“Junior, you are courting death!” Du Tian’s eyes became cold as he looked at the evil-looking young man.

This person didn’t show any fear as he let out a gentle smile and said, “Senior, please don’t be angry; I just want to fight with fellow cultivator Ceng Niu who shook the entire planet. Ceng Niu, do you dare to fight with me?”

The evil-looking young man looked at Wang Lin, who was outside the green light screen.

“Who are you?” Wang Lin frowned.

“Fellow cultivator Ceng Niu, although it is the first time we meet, I know a lot about you. My concubine Red Butterfly just can’t stop thinking about you.” The evil-looking young man let out a smile.

“Qian Feng!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

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