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Chapter 418 – The true power of the 1 billion soul soul flag

The moment he appeared, he immediately killed several powerful Forsaken Immortal Clan members and fought with the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s junior master. All of this immediately shook the entire planet.

The battle between the two of them was a battle between each side’s next generation’s leader.

Although Qian Feng didn’t win and the battle ended in a tie, his fame soared through the heavens. Only after this battle did everyone know that he was Liu Mei’s senior apprentice brother and a disciple of the current Suzaku. He was ranked second under Liu Mei.

In addition, he had another identity that caught everyone’s attention.

This person was the descendant of the previous generation’s Suzaku.

Qian Feng was like a bright moon in the battle against the Forsaken Immortal Clan. In the end, he signed an agreement with the junior master of the Forsaken Immortal Clan. The country of Suzaku handed over all rank 3 cultivation countries so that the Forsaken Immortal Clan would suspend their attack.

Du Tian’s eyes lit up as he stared at the large, black cloud coming in from the distance and said, in a deep tone, “The Forsaken Immortal Clan has started their second attack. Ceng Niu, I can feel that a shaman as powerful as a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator is within that black cloud. As for whether there is an Ascendant cultivator or not, I don’t know. Bring out the sub-flag and we’ll charge over!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he looked at the black cloud. He reached out, causing the one-billion-soul soul sub-flag to appear. After he grabbed the flag, black fog came out of it and wrapped around Wang Lin.

Du Tian also took out the one-billion-soul soul flag. With a wave, he wrapped himself in black fog as well and charged toward the black cloud with Wang Lin. As they traveled, they were surrounded by sonic booms and the wailing of soul fragments.

Waves of roars suddenly came the black cloud as a large number of Forsaken Immortal Clan members appeared charged out. At this moment, Du Tian and Wang Lin charged directly into the black cloud.

Just as the Forsaken Immortal Clan members were about to attack, a shout came from within the black cloud and the Forsaken Immortal Clan members stopped and opened up a passage.

A middle-aged man in a palace robe without any tattoos on his body walked out from the black cloud. Beside him followed a hunchbacked old man. The old man’s expression was gloomy and he would occasionally cough a few times.

Wang Lin immediately recognized this old man as the person who had chased him into the spatial rift and then was left trapped inside.

The feud between the two of them was great, so if he recognized Wang Lin, he wouldn’t give up until he died. However, Wang Lin was wearing the straw hat and was wrapped in the soul flag, so that person couldn’t recognize him.

“Soul Refining Sect!” the middle-aged man whispered as his eyes lit up. He moved forward and blocked Du Tian and Wang Lin.

“You two from the Soul Refining Sect, stay!” The-middle aged man smiled and waved his hand.


A loud bang rang out. With just a simple wave, an invisible force suddenly appeared and trapped Du Tian and Wang Lin like they were in a cage.

Wang Lin’s expression slightly changed. Under this invisible force, he felt a very strong sense of danger.

“Nine-leaf shaman!” Du Tian’s voice came from inside the soul flag.

However, the soul flag surrounding Du Tian released countless soul fragments and then the 13 golden-purple primary souls descended like gods.

Du Tian shouted, “Charge!”

The soul fragments suddenly became crazy as they charged in all directions. This was especially true for the 13 Soul Transformation soul fragments. All of the Forsaken Immortal Clan members under Soul Transformation level strength died in just one touch from the 13 fragments.

The middle-aged man frowned. He had just reached the nine-leaf stage, so he was equal to an early stage Ascendant cultivator. However, he had never seen the terrifying power of the one-billion-soul soul flag. He had only read about it in the records of the war tens of thousands of years ago and knew that it was the weapon that the Forsaken Immortal Clan dread the most.

Now that he saw it, his expression darkened. He waved his hand, causing the black cloud to back off. The Forsaken Immortal Clan members inside the cloud created an opening in the middle.

Du Tian laughed as he brought Wang Lin to charge out of the black cloud and into the distance.

“Mu Ye, you bring the clan members to meet up with junior master. I’m going to test the power of the one-billion-soul soul flag,” the middle-aged man commanded, before chasing after Du Tian.

The hunchbacked old man nodded as he led the clan members to reform the black cloud. When they finished, they continued to move forward.

Du Tian flew away and then suddenly paused. “The nine-leaf shaman is following us. Ceng Niu, watch carefully and see why Ascendant cultivators fear the one-billion-soul soul flag.”

As Du Tian spoke, he turned around to face the Forsaken Immortal Clan member. A rainbow arched across the sky and arrived before him. It was the middle-aged man.

Du Tian didn’t waste time talking. His hand formed a seal and he spat out some blood. “500 million souls and 13 primary souls, appear!”

The sky suddenly darkened as if the entire sky was covered by something and the earth became hell.

An endless amount of wailing from the soul fragments began to echo around them.

The soul fragments flew out of the soul flag one by one, covering the entire area. The 13 golden-purple soul fragments stared at the middle-aged man that had appeared.

“Watch carefully. This is the proper way to use the soul flag. Thirteen soul formation!” Du Tian shouted as the black fog surrounding him turned back into the 30-foot flag. Then he waved it.

The 500 million soul fragments began to move in a mysterious manner around the 13 primary souls and formed a large formation that surrounded Wang Lin, Du Tian, and the middle-aged man..

Even with Wang Lin’s understanding of formations, he was only able to see through bits of it and couldn’t study it in detail.

“Soul refining!” Du Tian shouted as he reached out.

The formation suddenly trembled as all of the soul fragments let out a unified sound. This sound was like some kind of spell.

Shortly after, a black aura came out from amidst the soul fragments and formed a giant hand. This giant hand was doing the same thing Du Tian was doing; it was as if it was his avatar.

As Du Tian reached out, a white figure appeared around the middle-aged man. It was his soul. At this moment, the giant hand descended.

The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up. He didn’t use any treasure as he pointed at the air and said one word: “Stop!”

With a bang, the large hand suddenly stopped and remained motionless.

The middle-aged man extended his arm and then five different-colored lights gathered in his hand.

“Cauldron!” The five lights immediately shattered and formed five cauldrons around the middle-aged man.

Then then he muttered, “Refine!” The five large cauldrons trembled as strange tattoos appeared around them. The tattoos flashed as they rotated around the cauldrons.

The five large cauldrons formed five large vortexes inside the formation.

An ancient aura filled the formation and then some of the soul fragments were pulled into the vortexes.

Du Tian’s expression remained calm as he said, “You are indeed a nine-leaf shaman, and you have some skill. Thirteen primary souls, gather!”

The formation suddenly changed again as the 500 million soul fragments gathered toward the 13 primary souls, then the 13 primary souls started to become solid.

The 500 million soul fragments fused with the 13 primary souls, giving them each the power of a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator. They even had celestial spiritual energy inside their bodies.

This time the middle-aged man’s expression finally changed.

Du Tian’s eyes were cold as he said. “It’s not over yet. Thirteen primary souls, fuse into one!”

The 13 primary souls suddenly moved, creating countless afterimages. When the afterimages disappeared, the souls had fused into one.

500 million soul fragments and 13 primary souls refined into one soul.

The moment this soul appeared, the sky changed colors.

“Ascendant…” The middle-aged man sucked in a breath of cold air.

All of the primary souls in the one-billion-soul soul flag were Soul Transformation ancestors of the Soul Refining Sect. The one regret they all had was being unable to reach the Ascendant stage. They couldn’t achieve it when they were alive, and this desire grew stronger in their death.

In the end, the desire of all the soul fragments allowed them to fuse and create a power that matched an Ascendant cultivator.

This wasn’t even the full power of the one-billion-soul soul flag, only a part of it.

This power was enough to fight against early stage Ascendant cultivators but was no match for late stage Ascendant cultivators like the current Suzaku. What the current Suzaku was really scared of was the power of all 36 primary souls, especially the fourth one.

Du Tian stared at the middle-aged man and coldly said, “Scram. I won’t kill you today. My Soul Refining Sect won’t participate in the war between you and the country of Suzaku!”

The middle-aged man’s expression was very dark and the anger in his heart grew. With his cultivation level, if Du Tian didn’t have the one-billion-soul soul flag, he could have easily killed Du Tian already.

He stared at Du Tian as he pondered. After a bit, he said, “Just this kind of power isn’t enough to threaten me. Could the one-billion-soul soul flag only have this kind of power?”

Du Tian laughed as his eyes lit up and said, “Ten primary souls, appear!”

He waved the soul flag in his hand and then ten more Soul Transformation primary souls flew out.

This time the middle-aged man bitterly smiled. At this moment, he finally understood why his clan dreaded the one-billion-soul soul flag so much.

The middle-aged man said, “Since the Soul Refining Sect is not going to participate in the war, then I’ll speak for the Forsaken Immortal Clan and promise that we won’t even take a single step into the Soul Refining Sect!”

With that, he clasped his hands at Du Tian and carefully left.

Du Tian waved the soul flag to retrieve all the soul fragments and quickly left with Wang Lin.

“One-billion-soul soul flag…” After witnessing what had just happened, Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with passion. The world was large, and with that flag, he could go anywhere!

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