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Chapter 420 – Qian Feng

The evil-looking young man gently nodded and said, “I didn’t think brother Ceng knew my name. I believe it was my mischievous junior apprentice sister that told you. She must have said a lot of bad things about me.”

With a cold voice, Du Tian said, “Enough. Qian Feng, open the formation. I don’t have time to waste with you. If you don’t open it now, you will stay here forever.”

Qian Feng laughed. “Senior, I don’t have any ill intent. Could it be that the successor senior chose doesn’t even have the guts to fight with me? Senior can rest assured; I won’t use any killing moves, we will only be sparing.”

Du Tian sneered. He raised his hand and was about to use a spell when Wang Lin said, “Okay, I’ll fight with you.

Qian Feng’s eyes lit up. He let out a laugh as he walked out of the green light screen. He stopped ten feet away from Wang Lin and smiled. “Good. No wonder brother Ceng is someone who killed Li Yuanfeng and the Giant Demon Clan ancestor…”

Wang Lin didn’t waste words with this person. The moment Qian Feng walked out, Wang Lin took out his celestial sword, activated his celestial spiritual energy, and slashed down on Qian Feng, cutting his sentence short. Although this was the first time Wang Lin had met Qian Feng, he had no good feelings toward him. The first move Wang Lin made was with 120% of his power.

This slice was clean and as fast as lightning.

Qian Feng’s eyes became cold. He didn’t use any treasure but pointed at the air before him.


A loud bang echoed in the sky. This slice from Wang Lin contained celestial spiritual energy, making the celestial sword several times more powerful than before. This move also contained all of the celestial spiritual energy Wang Lin could use at once, so its power was astonishing.

Qian Feng was forced back 1000 feet before he could get rid of the force from the celestial sword. His expression was no longer calm; his eyes were cold and glowing as he stared at Wang Lin’s celestial sword. “Celestial treasure!”

His right index finger was trembling as a stream of blood dripped down from its tip. His entire right arm was also completely numb.

Qian Feng didn’t expect Wang Lin to attack with full power on the first strike.

After pushing Qian Feng back with one slash, Wang Lin opened his mouth to spit out a ray of black light. He caught it in his hand and it turned into the one-billion-soul soul flag. With a wave, all of the soul fragments flew out.

Wang Lin knew that he couldn’t win against Qian Feng. After all, Qian Feng was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation. The only way to approach this was to act first and attack Qian Feng so fast that he wouldn’t know how to react.

The moment the soul fragments appeared, Wang Lin quickly said, “Devour!”

There were 12 primary souls among the countless soul fragments. They let out dark smiles as they pounced toward Qian Feng.

From the moment Qian Feng walked out of the green light screen to being surrounded by the countless soul fragments, it all happened in very quickly. So fast in fact that Qian Feng felt like he didn’t know what to do.

After all, he didn’t understand Wang Lin and had been looking down upon him in his heart. Otherwise, with his cultivation level, there was no way he would give Wang Lin the chance to use the soul flag.

And from his point of view, Wang Lin was simply too despicable. With his status, no matter who he faced, the opponent would at least talk with him for a bit before starting the fight. However, this Wang Lin unexpectedly cut him off and attacked him the moment he came out. This type of action was no different from a sneak attack.

Even back when he fought against the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s junior master, he wasn’t in such an embarrassing position.

This scene made Du Tian very happy. He began to laugh out loud and thought, “This Ceng Niu really has the essence of my Soul Refining Sect. If one is going to act, then one must take the best opportunity.”

At this moment, Qian Feng was surrounded by the one-billion-soul soul sub-flag. The countless soul fragments created a powerful pressure, especially the 12 primary soul which were very dangerous to him.

The gentleness disappeared from Qian Feng’s face and was replaced with a trace of hostility. He slapped his bag of holding and a fiery red awl came out.

“Suzaku awl!” Du Tian frowned. He thought that the current Suzaku was really spoiling this Qian Feng or else he wouldn’t have given Qian Feng this kind of treasure.

Du Tian sent out a voice transmission. “Ceng Niu, that treasure belongs to Zhuque Zi. It is considered a pseudo celestial treasure, so it’s very powerful.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He was a very decisive person, so at this moment, his eyes became cold as he said, “Explode!”

With one word, 100 million soul fragments immediately exploded.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosion of 100 million soul fragments created a destructive force beyond imagination, causing Qian Feng’s expression to change greatly. Without any hesitation, he put away the awl and sat down in the lotus position. The entire Suzaku formation flickered and disappeared before reappearing in front of Qian Feng.

Right now his body was emitting a powerful green light. A powerful vortex then came out of his body and absorbed all of the force from the explosion.

The powerful impact from the 100 million souls exploding caused the green light to tremble violently, and Qian Feng, who was inside, coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Wang Lin secretly sighed as he waved his hand and called back the 12 primary souls. Now that the Suzaku formation was gone, he calmly entered the continent and stood beside Du Tian.

After the 12 primary souls returned, Wang Lin’s one-billion-soul soul sub-flag turned into a strand of black gas and exited his origin soul. It went back to Du Tian and returned to the real one-billion-soul soul flag.

Wang Lin’s sub-flag’s two uses were up.

Du Tian eyes became cold. He raised his hand and then lowered it. Right now he couldn’t kill Qian Feng as he had the Suzaku formation around him. Unless he used the fourth soul, there was no way to break the Suzaku formation that was now only protecting one person.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. It was as if the battle earlier had never taken place.

After three breaths of time, the green light screen disappeared and Qian Feng walked out of it with a gloomy expression. He stared at Wang Lin with anger and frustration on his face. However, he immediately suppressed his emotions. After taking a deep breath, the gentle expression returned to his face. He said, “Brother Ceng sure has some skill! I have learned much from this.”

Wang Lin calmly said, “No problem!” His gaze paused at the forest not far away, then he let out a sigh and flew toward the Soul Refining Sect.

Du Tian let out a mischievous smile as he looked at Qian Feng, then he casually scanned the forest not far away before disappearing toward the Soul Refining Sect.

The anger in Qian Feng’s eyes returned. He clenched his fists as he stared at where Wang Lin went and shouted, “Red Butterfly, come out!”

A person wearing a red dress walked out. She was very beautiful and graceful. However, her eyes were filled with confusion and loss as if she were a puppet without a soul.

When Red Butterfly arrived beside Qian Feng, he suddenly turned around and pointed at Red Butterfly’s forehead. Her face immediately became deathly pale as her lifeforce was quickly drained.

Qian Feng had the opposite reaction; his face became red. All of the injuries he had suffered earlier quickly recovered and in the blink of an eye he was fully healed.

He withdrew his hand and looked at the wound on his finger. There was still blood coming out of that wound.

“Lick it clean!” Qian Feng raised his finger next to Red Butterfly. Red Butterfly opened her small mouth, put Qian Feng’s finger into her mouth, and gently licked it with her tongue…

Qian Feng didn’t even look at Red Butterfly but continued to stare at where Wang Lin disappeared to and muttered to himself, “Wang Lin, you dare to hurt me? You are dead! Teacher is getting old and confused; why else would he have sent junior apprentice sister to go take your dao heart? Your domain is mine, and junior apprentice sister’s domain is mine too. Even teacher’s domain, if I can find a way, I will devour it too…”

“This Ceng Niu’s soul flag is too powerful. That old man Du Tian is also getting old, but instead of giving it to the country of Suzaku, he is giving it to Ceng Niu! However, the soul flag has already caught teacher’s attention and he is determined to get it. I want to see how much longer you can last!”

Wang Lin and Du Tian quickly returned to the Soul Refining Sect.

The Soul Refining Sect was just as they left it. When they returned, Du Tian didn’t stop for a break before taking Wang Lin straight to the back mountain.

Once inside, Du Tian handed a bag of holding over to Wang Lin. He looked at Wang Lin and said, “Focus only on reaching the Soul Transformation stage. With me guarding you, as long as I’m alive, no one will bother you!”

Wang Lin stared at Du Tian. After a while, he whispered, “Thank you!”

Du Tian laughed and waved his hand. “No need to thank me, just remember what you promised me.”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and seriously said, “Senior, rest assured!”

Du Tian nodded and disappeared from the cave. When he reappeared, he was outside the cave. He sat down with his divine sense spread out and began to guard Wang Lin.

The one-billion-soul soul flag silently flapped before him.

“This Ceng Niu really has guts. To make the soul flag explode…. Luckily, he only had the sub-flag, so all of the soul fragments were just illusions created by the main flag. Although 100 million soul fragments exploded there, they weren’t destroyed. I’d be really heartbroken if they were real.”

Du Tian looked at the flag and thought of the past. He didn’t look like he was looking at a treasure but at his seniors.

A hint of sadness appeared in Du Tian’s eyes as he whispered, “Ancestors of the Soul Refining Sect, junior Du Tian is about to come meet you all.”

He pointed on the one-billion-soul soul flag and one primary soul flew out. This soul had a gentle expression and exuded the air of a celestial.

Du Tian stared at the soul. He sighed and muttered to himself, “Senior apprentice brother, I don’t know if I’m right or wrong to hand the soul flag over to Ceng Niu. However, with the battle between the Forsaken Immortal Clan and the country of Suzaku, our Soul Refining Sect will be hard to save. But this Ceng Niu will leave the planet, so he can help my Soul Refining Sect start again elsewhere. Maybe that is the true meaning behind your prediction…”

Du Tian looked at the gentle primary soul and whispered, “I have lived my life not hoping to live forever but to die in peace. All of the previous ancestors of my Soul Refining Sect willingly gave up going back into the reincarnation cycle and wiped out their consciousnesses to become primary souls. I, Du Tian, won’t be any different! Senior apprentice brother, wait for me! I’ll join you soon!”

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