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Chapter 417 – The second battle with the Forsaken Immortal Clan begins

Wang Lin smiled at the old woman’s question and said, “I’m Ceng Niu.”

The old woman’s expression changed. She looked at Wang Lin and said, “To kill Xue Yue’s Li Yuanfeng and the Giant Demon Clan ancestor at only the Soul Formation stage…. Today this old woman indeed can’t kill you.”

The old woman let out a sigh. Although she was at the late stage of Soul Transformation and could easily kill Wang Lin, she had no chance of doing so with Du Tian present.

After looking at the old man beside her, she let out another sigh in her heart.

The purple-robed old man beside the woman had a gloomy expression on his face. He was at the early stage of Soul Transformation. He knew that he could have killed Li Yuanfeng without question, but against the Giant Demon Clan ancestor, it would be very difficult to win. However, this young man before him managed to kill both. Although Wang Lin wasn’t a Soul Transformation cultivator yet, he already saw Wang Lin as someone of the same cultivation level.

Du Tian let out a laugh. He was very satisfied with Wang Lin’s actions. People of the Soul Refining Sect should be like this.

Du Tian said, “Let’s not waste anymore time. According to the rules, give me half of your celestial jades!”

The old woman pondered a bit. She then looked at Du Tian for a bit before her eyes lit up and she said, “I can give you half our celestial jades, but with the battle with the Forsaken Immortal Clan at hand, if my Demonic Insect Sect is in danger, you must help us at once!”

Du Tian looked at the old woman and said, “That will depend on how many celestial jades you give me.”

The old woman bitterly smiled. She took out a bag of holding and threw it at Du Tain without even looking at it. She said, “This should satisfy you.”

Du Tian caught the bag. After he scanned it with his divine sense, his expression became strange. He looked at the old woman and said, “You people of the Demonic Insect Sect really were filthy rich in the past. My master took so many celestial jades from you guys, but you still have this many. Did you guys find some way to gather them?”

The old woman calmly said, “You don’t need to know about this. Remember our agreement.” With that, she flew off into the distance.

The purple-robed elder looked at Wang Lin once more before clasping his hands at him and leaving.

Just like this, Du Tain took Wang Lin across Pilu and stole a large number of celestial jades. Along the way, Wang Lin really got to see just how tyrannical Du Tian really was. Du Tian would take out the one-billion-soul soul flag and demand celestial jades. If they didn’t give him any, he would release the soul fragments and use what little time he had left to mess with the sect.

The Soul Refining Sect’s notoriety was well known. The other two sects of Pilu were really angry, but since the Soul Refining Sect has always done this, they handed the celestial jades over in the end.

Du Tian slapped his bag of holding and smiled at Wang Lin. “See all of this? This is how my Soul Refining Sect has acted for tens of thousands of years. When you own the one-billion-soul soul flag, you must do the same or else you’ll drag down my Soul Refining Sect’s name.”

Although his body was filled with death aura, Wang Lin could sense some relief in Du Tian’s heart.

“A long time ago, an ancestor of my Soul Refining Sect wanted to reach the Ascendant stage. The amount of celestial jades he needed was many times more than what you require. Finally, after sweeping the entire planet, he went to the country of Suzaku. With the one-billion-soul soul flag, even the Ascendant cultivators wouldn’t carelessly act against him. As a result, he was able to take celestial jades by force,” Du Tian said.

Wang Lin bitterly smiled. He could feel the headache that the Ascendant cultivators of Suzaku back then had. Giving the celestial jades away made it feel like they were gifting someone free money.

After all, every generation that held the one-billion-soul soul flag was a tyrant.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “I think I see how this Soul Refining Sect went from a rank 5 cultivation country to only a sect now…”

“However, that ancestor failed and still died in the end. In truth, I don’t agree with his actions; unless it is absolutely needed, it is better not to mess with Ascendant cultivators. He would’ve been better off doing what we are doing right now. With this flag, we can go through a rank 5 cultivation country and steal from any sect we see. Even if we meet powerful cultivators of the Forsaken Immortal Clan, it won’t matter.”

Wang Lin bitterly smiled once more.

Du Tian’s tyrannical actions weren’t limited to Pilu. In fact, Du Tian was fairly reserved in Pilu. After all, they were all neighbors, so he couldn’t push them too far.

However, the moment they left Pilu, Wang Lin finally got to see just how tyrannical Du Tian could be.

In three months of time, Du Tian took Wang Lin across four rank 5 cultivation countries. When they left, it was like a locust swarm had gone by. Even some cultivation families were affected and had to hand over the few celestial jades they had.

As for the sects, Du Tian didn’t even say anything before taking out the one-billion-soul soul flag. The soul fragments would cover the sects and then more than ten Soul Transformation soul fragments would come out. This was not an attack any sect in a rank 5 cultivation country could resist.

Du Tian collected a large number of celestial jades and placed them in a bag of holding.

In the fourth rank 5 cultivation country, Du Tian finally aroused a reaction from the local cultivators. Four Soul Transformation cultivators banded together to attack Du Tian.

This time, Wang Lin finally recognized just how strong the one-billion-soul soul flag was.

Wang Lin didn’t even have time to act before the four of them were beaten back. This was only because Du Tian didn’t want to kill anyone; otherwise, one of them would have definitely become another primary soul for the soul flag.

With how tyrannical Du Tian was acting in the last two years of his life, Wang Lin had to take out his straw hat and use it to cover his appearance.

This was to prevent all of the sects that they had stolen from from looking for him in the future.

Four rank 5 cultivation countries, 13 sects, and more than 100 cultivation families. Counting the ones in Pilu, that is 16 sects in total.

In these three months, Du Tian stole a large number of celestial jades from them. On this day, Du Tian stopped.

Du Tian said to Wang Lin, in a serious tone, “This many celestial jades should be enough for you to reach the Soul Transformation stage. Maybe there will even be some left over. In the future, if you want to raise your cultivation level, you will have to get your own celestial jades. Remember, in the cultivation world, especially for Soul Transformation cultivators, the only way to get celestial jades is to steal. No matter how many disciples you send to the Celestial Realm, you won’t get enough celestial jades.”

Wang Lin nodded. He had no issues with stealing, but he didn’t agree with Du Tian’s methods. He believed that he should either take everything or not steal at all.

Perhaps the process would be a lot more difficult, but the number of celestial jades in their possession would be more than double what they currently had.

After obtaining enough celestial jades, Du Tian took Wang Lin and rushed back to the Soul Refining Sect. He was going to protect Wang Lin so he could break through to the Soul Transformation stage safely.

Du Tian let out a sigh and said, “Planet Suzaku is too small. When I was young, I left the planet once and went to Tian Yun. That planet is ten times larger than planet Suzaku. There are a lot of sects there and naturally more celestial jades. If it wasn’t for that fact I wasn’t strong enough, it would have felt good to steal from the sects there. It is said that among the cultivation alliance, there are many rank 6 cultivation countries that organize raids to steal from other cultivation planets.”

“Planet Tian Yun…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Du Tian said, “That Tian Yunzi on planet Tian Yun has a very high cultivation level. It is said he even has a seat in the cultivation alliance. That is not something the small Zhuque Zi can compare with.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. Just as he was about to ask more, Du Tian’s expression changed and he looked into the distance. Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and turned his head.

A black fog was closing in from the horizon and devouring clouds on the way. The black fog was so large that one couldn’t see where it ended.

A powerful aura of tattoo power slowly spread out.

“Forsaken Immortal Clan!” Du Tian’s eyes lit up.

During their time together, Wang Lin had talked with Du Tian and learned that several years ago, the Immortal Forsaken Clan gathered a large amount of people and directly started their attack on the continent of Suzaku.

Countless cultivators died during that battle. Some shamans from the Forsaken Immortal Clan who were as powerful as Ascendant cultivators fought with Zhuque Zi and the other two Ascendant cultivators.

This battle lasted for three years and then the Forsaken Immortal Clan retreated. They took over the rank 3 cultivation countries and began this slow battle with the country of Suzaku.

In this battle, two people rose above all others: Liu Mei and Qian Feng.

Liu Mei, with her peerless beauty, had caught the eyes of all the young male cultivators. Her cultivation level was also very high; she was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation. This made her even more eye-catching.

The moment she appeared, she completely suppressed Red Butterfly’s fame and became the new heavens’ daughter.

It seemed like no one was paying attention to Red Butterfly anymore.

What got everyone talking even more was that she was the personal disciple of the current Suzaku and a candidate to become the next Suzaku.

The moment she appeared, she caught several seven-leaf shamans. She was even able to capture an eight-leaf shaman who was as powerful as a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator.

As a result, her fame skyrocketed.

There was one more thing about her that caught everyone’s attention. The rumors went like this: she was kind and had a pure heart yet was still able to reach this level of cultivation. She had never killed a person in her life; even when she fought against the Forsaken Immortal Clan, she only captured them and didn’t kill them.

With all of these good qualities, she naturally caught everyone’s attention. Whenever she appeared, all of the surrounding cultivators respectfully obeyed her orders.

Even in battles that they were destined to lose, when she appeared, all of the cultivators present would regain their vigor and then win the battle with her help.

This woman was considered one of the twin geniuses of this generation.

The other genius was Qian Feng. He was very handsome and had a dignified appearance. His cultivation level was also at the mid stage of Soul Transformation. There was no trace of arrogance on him and he was very morally upright, just, and mild-mannered.

Qian Feng suddenly appeared in the second year of the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s attack.

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