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Chapter 413 – Ancestor

As he spoke, he pointed at the carving with his right hand. The tattoo dragons charged toward the wood carving, creating sonic booms.

The cultivators of Zhao that had gathered here all looked toward the wood carving. The carving was a symbol of hope and was extremely respected in Zhao.

The carving gently trembled and shined brightly. Then a ring of light extended from it and collided with the tattoo dragons.

Boom! Boom!

With a series of bangs, the tattoos that formed the dragons became unstable and weakened. Eventually, a majority of the tattoo dragons shattered and disappeared.

The remaining tattoo dragons all became smaller by one size.

The cultivators of Zhao all became excited when they saw this.

“What’s this? This carving is indeed interesting. It would be a waste to destroy it.” The Forsaken Immortal Clan member’s eyes lit up as he waved his hand and several ancient-looking tattoos appeared.

These tattoos circled around him as he took a step and walked forward.

The wood carving lit up once more. The ring of light expanded and touched the tattoos around the Forsaken Immortal Clan member. The ring of light trembled violently, but it wasn’t able to resist and in the end dissipated.

With one step, the Forsaken Immortal Clan member arrived at the top of Heng Yue Mountain. He reached out and was about to grab the wood carving.

But the light from the wood carving suddenly became so blinding that it lit up the whole area, but the disdain in the Forsaken Immortal Clan member’s eyes was still there. He reached out and pressed down on the wood carving.

“Even if your owner personally comes, I’ll still take it when I want to!” The man picked up the wood carving, took a look at it, and smiled. “This is indeed a treasure. If there is a chance in the future, I want to see the junior that left this carving.”

The entire Heng Yue Mountain became silent. All of the cultivators silently pondered. Their symbol of hope was so easily taken. It seemed like the destruction of Zhao was inevitable.

The disdain in the Forsaken Immortal Clan old man’s eyes became even stronger as he slowly said, “Looking on the fact that I got this treasure, I won’t be too hard on you guys. Give up and become a subservient of my Forsaken Immortal Clan. I can promise you that it is much better than being under the country of Suzaku.”

“My wood carving is not something you can take.” A calm voice came from the void and shortly after, two figures appeared.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan old man suddenly turned around and looked behind him with a terrified expression on his face. What terrified him was that someone was able to sneak up on him without him noticing.

The two people that appeared from the void were Wang Lin and Wang Zhuo.

The moment the two of them appeared, some of the cultivators of Zhao recognized Wang Lin.



One shout of excitement after another came from the cultivators below. Soon, these shouts seemed to be the only sound left in the world.

“Ancestor…” Wang Lin let out a faint smile and nodded.

The shouting became even louder.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan old man’s expression was very ugly. The disdain in his eyes had long disappeared and was replaced with deep sense of dread.

“Sir…” He opened his mouth to speak but was immediately cut off by Wang Lin.

“Hand back my wood carving!” Although Wang Lin’s tone was bland, it contained a powerful aura.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan old man’s expression was gloomy. At a glance, this person looked like he was at the peak of the late stage of Soul Formation. However, upon closer inspection, he could feel a mysterious power inside this person. He had heard of this power from seniors in the clan. This power was the sign of a Soul Transformation cultivator.

After pondering a bit, he threw the wood carving toward Wang Lin without any hesitation.

The moment Wang Lin raised his hand to catch the wood carving, the old man shouted, “Tattoos, explode!”

In the blink of an eye, a large amount of tattoos came from the wood carving and exploded, creating a powerful force.

Wang Lin remained calm and pointed at the explosion with his right hand. The explosion was surrounded by a mysterious force and compressed into a small ball.

The ball was filled with smoke and contained the explosive power of all those tattoos.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan old man’s expression changed greatly. He never would’ve thought that his attack would be so easily blocked by Wang Lin.

“Soul Transformation…” he bitterly muttered to himself before turning around without any hesitation to escape. He knew that he stood no chance against a Soul Transformation cultivator.

“Unlucky. I can’t believe a rank 3 cultivation country’s ancestor is a Soul Transformation old monster. How did I get so unlucky to run into someone like this?!” The Forsaken Immortal Clan old man’s heart felt bitter. Just as he was about to leave, the sky darkened. A loud, tearing sound could be heard and a huge spatial rift appeared to block his escape.

This old man stopped in terror.

“Did I let you leave?” Wang Lin coldly looked at the person before placing a new divine sense into the wood carving. He threw the wood carving and it sank back into Heng Yue Mountain.

The old man’s expression was gloomy as he slowly said, “Sir, according to the agreement, the country of Suzaku gave up all rank 3 cultivation countries for us to delay our attack on rank 4 cultivation countries. Do you want to break that agreement?”

Wang Lin frowned and asked, “Who made the agreement with you? Zhuque Zi?”

The old man was startled. He glanced at Wang Lin and said, “Since sir is a Soul Formation cultivator, you must know Qian Feng. It was him who represented Zhuque Zi and signed the agreement with our young master.”

“Qian Feng…” Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. He had heard this name twice, once from Liu Mei and the second time was now.

Wang Lin coldly said, “Ridiculous!” He raised his right hand and pointed at the ball that contained the power of the explosion. The ball turned into a shadow as it flew toward the Forsaken Immortal Clan old man.

The old man’s expression changed greatly as he pointed at his brow. A green light shined from his forehead. A giant plant with six leaves grew from the light and collided with the ball.


The old man was forced back and coughed out blood. Not only did the plant coming out of his forehead not get injured, it shined even brighter. However, he didn’t want to fight. As he backed up, he took out a purple stick. He used the stick to create ripples in the space before him and he was about to charge into a ripple.

The purple stick he used was a branch from the reincarnation tree. The Forsaken Immortal Clan has a special method to use branches of the reincarnation tree to teleport back to the main reincarnation tree.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He calmly raised his right hand and said, “Absorb!”

With the old man as the center, all of the clouds in the area gathered to form a ring and it quickly shrank until it was only 30 feet wide.

The old man’s face was filled with terror. The ripple that contained the power to teleport him lost its effect and collapsed.

A powerful pressure came from all sides and landed on his body in the blink of an eye.

He felt despair that he had never felt before. The panic in his eyes deepened as his hand formed a strange sign over his chest. He pressed down over his chest and clawed ten bloody streaks.

A large amount of blood sprayed out and then the plant on his forehead absorbed the blood like crazy. The planet grew rapidly and filled the entire ring.

The old man’s face was fierce as he shouted, “If you kill me, there will be a lingering tattoo curse on you. If my clan’s ancestors see it, they will kill you!” The vein on his forehead was bulging. Although his life plant was already out, it was still unable to resist the pressure coming from the ring.

Waves of cracking sounds could be heard as the 30-foot-wide ring shrank to 10 feet wide. The branches from the plant shattered one by one. Every time a branch shattered, the old man coughed out blood and his face became a bit paler.

Wang Lin was still calm and he even smiled. “I have already killed quite a few Forsaken Immortal Clan members. Is this the tattoo curse that you speak of?”

Wang Lin pointed at his chest and five balls of grey gas appeared. These five balls of gas formed five flashing tattoos.

When he was attempting to reach the Soul Transformation stage, he felt these five masses of grey gas hidden in his body. They normally wouldn’t do any harm; in fact, they helped his spiritual energy move more smoothly.

That old man stared at the five balls of grey gas and his face turned pale. He could feel the aura of a six-leaf shaman from the five balls of grey gas. The person who cast the curse was definitely killed by this person.

Wang Lin calmly glanced at the old man as his right hand reached out and closed. The ring quickly shrank and the old man let out a series of miserable groans. The plant with six leaves was crushed and as the ring shrank, the old man was crushed into a ball of flesh and blood.

The ring disappeared and the ball of flesh and blood turned into a cloud of bloody mist.

With Wang Lin’s cultivation level, killing this person was as easy as blowing off dust. He didn’t even need to use magic treasures. After all, his domain was different from other Soul Formation cultivators’, and it already contained some celestial spiritual energy.

The current him was half a step into the Soul Transformation stage. The moment he obtains enough celestial jades, he will reach the Soul Transformation stage.

However, there were simply too few celestial jades.

Wang Lin looked at where the Forsaken Immortal Clan old man died and began to ponder.

“Zhuque Zi wouldn’t make a deal with the Forsaken Immortal Clan. This is strange… There is also Qian Feng…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

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