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Chapter 412 – Remaining Treasure

The woman’s eyes lit up as she said, “Great-grandfather is an odd person; even the other immortals in the capital have to be respectful to him. Sadly, we can’t find him.”

“I’m afraid great-grandfather doesn’t have time to bother with us. His sect has probably been attacked by those invaders too. Now the only hope left is the ancestral home…” The man sighed as his gaze fell on the child.

Inside the capital, three children had already been taken away by the invaders. Whether they were alive or dead was uncertain. Yu Er was the fourth and this man had done everything he could to save his child.

The woman looked at the sleeping child and whispered, “My lord, what is so special about the ancestral home?”

The man pondered for a bit before shaking his head and saying, “I don’t know what is so special about it. Only that an immortal ancestor once left a message saying that if my Wang family faces great calamity, come to the ancestral home and smear the family blood on something. I was told that doing so could save our lives.”

The woman was startled. She had been married to him for many years but had never heard of this.

“It was said that… before my Wang family entered the capital, an immortal countless times more powerful than great-grandfather appeared. No one could stop him. The ancestral home has something he left behind…” The man’s eyes lit up.

“Even stronger than great-grandfather…” The woman’s eyes were filled with disbelief as she asked, “Is that immortal ancestor still alive?”

The man pondered a bit and uncertainly said, “Great-grandfather has lived for over 200 years. The immortal ancestor should be able to live even longer, so he should still be alive…”

The woman’s eyes lit up and she quickly said, “If that immortal ancestor can help us, then Yu Er will be safe.”

The man shook his head and bitterly smiled. “It is only a rumor. No one knows whether it is true or false. However…” The man pondered.

The woman quickly asked, “What is it?”

“The records of my Wang family state that 200 years ago, there was a powerful family that existed in both the mortal and the immortal worlds of Zhao. That family was named Teng!”

“The Teng family was so powerful that all the immortals had to take orders from them and the kings of the mortal world had to bow to them.”

“The Teng family was the mortal enemy of my Wang family.” The man’s voice echoed in the carriage.

“Then, overnight, the Teng family was wiped out; all of their family members were killed. It is rumored that the person that wiped them out was that immortal ancestor…”

The carriage moved very quickly and three days later they arrived at a manor.

This manor was not very large. 200 years ago, it was still part of a village before it was bought by the Wang family. It still remained the same as 200 years ago.

After the carriage stopped, the bald, burly man jumped off the carriage with a tired expression. He opened the door and respectfully said, “My lord, we have arrived..”

The man got off the carriage and looked at the manor with a hint of reminiscence in his eyes. “During my childhood, I lived here for one year with my father. In the blink of an eye, 30 years have passed, but this place hasn’t changed at all.”

The woman followed him off the carriage. Yu Er had her big eyes opened as he looked at the manor.

“Follow me,” the man said with a deep tone and walked forward.

There weren’t any servants in the manor, only some elderly people. These elders were the most devoted followers of the Wang family.

Although they were all white-haired, their eyes were still filled with life. One look from them could cause anyone’s heart to tremble.

That bald man felt terrified when he saw these elderly people. He felt like any one of them could defeat him in one move.

His eyes suddenly locked onto one of the old men. After recognizing the item in his hand, he was startled and immediately recognized who the old man was. This old man was the number one expert in the martial arts world.

The man didn’t say a word as he walked deep into the manor. Deep inside was a very normal-looking house.

Yu Er curiously asked, “Dad, is this our ancestral home?”

The man nodded. He was about to speak when a thunderous roar came from the distance. Then two men with tattoos covering parts of their bodies suddenly appeared above the manor. One of them gloomily looked at the people below him and said, “You guys sure ran fast.”

The man’s expression quickly changed. He quickly got in front of his wife and bitterly said, “Honored immortals, your battles are with the other immortals; why make it so difficult for us mortals?”

The surrounding elders stared at the two in the air with eyes like lightning.

The one with the gloomy expression coldly looked at the man and reached out. His goal today was the child with the spirit root.

Just at this moment, all the surrounding elders let out roars and blocked the man.

However, their bodies weren’t able resist, so they all coughed out blood and then were thrown to the side.

The man’s expression greatly changed. He quickly grabbed his wife and child and dragged them into the ancestral home.

After entering the ancestral home, cold sweat covered the man’s forehead. His eyes were bloodshot as he quickly pressed a series of tablets, causing a secret compartment to open. He immediately bit his finger and used blood to draw a symbol in the secret compartment.

This symbol was something every generation’s family head had to carve into their mind when they become the family head.

Just at this moment, with a bang, the wall of the ancestral home turned to dust as the gloomy-looking person walked in.

The woman got in front of her child with a look of despair on her face.

At this moment, the place where the man had drawn the symbol released a mysterious light and a piece of jade floated out from the secret compartment.

A mysterious power quickly surrounded the area.

The gloomy-looking person’s expression suddenly changed. He revealed a look of disbelief and quickly backed away. His buddy in the air also noticed the mysterious power and was about to go investigate.

But just at this moment, the piece of jade flashed.

The gloomy-looking person let out a miserable scream as the vein on his forehead bulged and he quickly backed away. Terror filled his eyes. He could feel a destructive aura coming from the jade. This aura was something even his clan’s four-leaf members couldn’t resist.

But once the jade was activated, the gloomy-looking person had no chance of survival with his cultivation level.

The jade flashed once and the gloomy-looking person coughed out blood as he was pushed out of the ancestral home. He fell to the ground and immediately died.

His buddy who was about go investigate suddenly stopped and immediately turned around to escape. He could feel an aura that he stood no chance against coming from inside the house.

However, before he got far, the jade flashed once more. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and fell from the sky, dead.

This strange scene caused the three inside the ancestral home to be completely shocked.

The man muttered to himself, “The rumors are true…”

The jade Wang Lin had left here contained a tiny piece of his Ji Realm. With his cultivation back then, any Nascent Soul cultivator would immediately die before it.

Right now, at the bottom of the Heng Yue mountain outside the Tian Dao Sect, most of Zhao’s cultivators were gathered. Their faces were filled with anger as they stared into the distance.

They were all staring at a lone person floating in the air.

A large portion of this person’s body was covered in tattoos. Just by standing there, he emitted a powerful aura.

A husky voice came from that person. “This cultivation country is indeed interesting. Do you guys think there is some treasure here that will allow you to reverse the situation?”

A white-haired old man wearing a black robe walked out from the Tian Dao Sect. He stared at the Forsaken Immortal Clan member with hatred in his eyes and said, “You can try!”

The person let out a laugh as his eyes lit up and his aura revealed its truth strength. His tattoos moved until they eventually left his body and formed dragons that flew around him.

“Interesting. I wasn’t sent here to deal with you lowly cultivators, I was just passing by. However, since you asked, I now want to see what kind of treasure makes you guys so confident.” His eyes revealed a look of disdain. As a six-leaf shaman, unless he meets a late stage Soul Formation cultivator, no one else is a threat to him.

He didn’t believe that a late stage Soul Formation cultivator would exist in a mere rank 3 cultivation country.

With one step, he closed in on the Tian Dao Sect. The dragons around him all let out roars and flew toward the Tian Dao Sect.

The tattoo dragons moved like lightning. All of the remaining cultivators of Zhao held their breaths as they looked on and their eyes all revealed a mysterious light.

There was a rumor that a native Zhao cultivator reached the Soul Formation stage here two hundred years ago. The rumor said that he had left behind a wood carving and anyone who obtains it can become his direct disciple.

The place that the wood carving was kept was surrounded by a piece of his divine sense. If there was no fated person, it wouldn’t open up.

But if Zhao was facing great calamity, this carving would release a huge power.

The moment the dragons closed in, the entire Heng Yue Mountain shook as a wood carving flew into the sky.

The moment the wood carving appeared, the dragons charging forth trembled and the eyes of the man from the Forsaken Immortal Clan revealed a mysterious light.

“So there is a treasure with a hint of a domain in it left behind by a Soul Formation cultivator. However, this Soul Formation cultivator’s cultivation level is too low, only at the early stage of Soul Formation. Even if he personally comes, I can still kill him right here, so how could a treasure stop me?” After the old man from the Forsaken Immortal clan finished speaking, the mysterious light in his eyes disappeared and they once more filled with disdain.

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