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Chapter 414 – Wealth

All of the cultivators in the Tian Dao Sect were very excited. They all looked at Wang Lin with respect.

The white-haired old man walked out from the crowd. He bowed toward Wang Lin and respectfully said, “Junior Zhen Fengxiao of the Tian Dao Sect greets ancestor.”

“Greeting ancestor!” The moment the old man finished speaking, all the other cultivators also greeted Wang Lin. This sound was very loud and spread very far.

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “I’m not your ancestor.”

The old man took a deep breath and respectfully said, “You became the ancestor of all cultivators in Zhao when you reached the Soul Formation stage 200 years ago in the Tian Dao Sect. I hope ancestor won’t reject the title.”

Wang Lin let out a sigh and looked at the land of Zhao. This was where he grew up. Now that more than 500 years had passed, he still recalled the past. Sometimes it felt like the last 500 years were just a dream.

“Lord ancestor, if you aren’t in a rush, please stay at the Tian Dao Sect for a few days so that the juniors can pay their respects.” The old man’s eyes were filled with fanaticism and respect.

Wang Lin pondered a bit. At this moment, Wang Zhuo sighed and said, “Wang Lin, stay in Zhao for a few days. Don’t you want to see fourth uncle’s descendants…”

The old man looked at Wang Zhuo with a startled expression. Wang Zhuo was one of the most talented disciples of the Tian Dao Sect, so he naturally knew who he was, but what he had just said was a bit weird. The old man took a closer look and found that something was wrong. Although Wang Zhuo looked exactly the same, his eyes were no longer the eyes of Wang Zhuo of the Tian Dao Sect; they now displayed the passage of time.

Wang Zhuo smiled at the old man and sent him a message using voice transmission. The old man’s body trembled after hearing it and he looked at Wang Lin with disbelief. He knew that this wasn’t a lie, so he let out a bitter smile and respectfully said, “Greetings, ancestor…”

“Zheng Fengxiao, you were a disciple I personally brought to the Tian Dao Sect. Back then you were still a young man, yet in a blink of an eye, so many years have passed…” Wang Zhuo let out a sigh.

Zheng Fengxiao bitterly nodded. He was still trying to comprehend what he had just heard.

Wang Lin stayed at the Tian Dao Sect.

Aside from a few people from each sect, all of the remaining cultivators of Zhao returned to their own sects.

In the Tian Dao Sect, Wang Lin gave a lecture on dao to all the Core Formation cultivators. This left a mark of dao on them that drastically increased their chances of reaching the Nascent Soul stage.

He did the same for the few Nascent Soul cultivators. He held nothing back as he told them about his experiences when reaching the Soul Formation stage. From that day on, they were no longer confused and had a clear path.

Three days later, Wang Lin and Wang Zhuo left the Tian Dao Sect. Before Wang Lin left, he placed down a formation for the Tian Dao Sect. It would keep out all Soul Formation cultivators; only Soul Transformation cultivators could break it.

For a rank 3 cultivation country to have a formation like this was unprecedented. Normally, only a rank 5 cultivation country would have such a powerful sect protection formation.

After doing this one last thing for Zhao, Wang Lin no longer had any more worries about the country that raised him. He then followed Wang Zhuo to silently look at the Wang family descendants.

Then, in the ancestral home, Wang Lin saw Yu Er and her parents. Upon seeing Yu Er, it reminded Wang Lin of Da Niu and Zhou Ru when they were kids. He felt melancholy at this moment.

Wang Zhuo took Yu Er as a disciple and passed down cultivation methods to her.

Before Wang Lin left, he took away the Ji Realm from the jade in the ancestral home and replaced it with his divine sense.

Wang Zhuo didn’t return to the Tian Dao Sect but stayed with the Wang family in the capital. Two hundred years ago, he was placed into a pregnant woman in the Wang family. He had remained physically close to the Wang family In both his past and current lives, so his feelings for them were far stronger than Wang Lin’s.

He intended to dedicate his life to protect the Wang family descendents.

The matter with the country of Zhao was finished.

However, Wang Lin still had one lingering thought: the Heng Yue Sect. This was the sect that set him onto the path of cultivation. Before he left Zhao, he decided to look for them.

He spread out his divine sense and all the various mountains and caves appeared in his mind. With a simple movement, his body disappeared.

From memory, Wang Lin’s figure appeared outside a mountain called Elephant Snake Mountain.

Wang Lin looked around with a complex expression. There was a formation here. He didn’t break the formation but instead went through it and entered the mountain.

Inside was a large cave. When Wang Lin entered the cave, he saw a lot of dust.

No one had lived here for a very long time.

There were three ancient words carved on a large piece of jade in the main hall.

“Heng Yue Sect!”

Wang Lin let out a sigh as he wiped away the dust and silently stared at it for a very long time.

Shortly after, Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and walked to the side. He broke the formation that was protecting a door and walked inside. In there were rows of shelves with jades on them that were releasing faint, ghostly lights.

There was a corpse sitting in the lotus position in the corner. The bones were in pretty good condition, meaning that this person had clearly died due to old age.

The corpse’s right index finger was pointing at the ground.

Wang Lin walked up, wiped away the dust on the ground, and saw the words that were carved there.

“The Heng Yue Sect died with me. I have wronged the ancestors… I have wronged the ancestors…”

Wang Lin pondered. He took a step back, respectfully bowed, and said, “Disciple Wang Lin greets senior…”

After letting out a sigh, Wang Lin picked up the jades one by one and scanned them with his divine sense. When he picked up one jade, he suddenly stopped.

“This old man’s talent is lacking, so my cultivation won’t reach a high level, but I have a strange comprehension of swords. It is as if my life is for the sword. However, I don’t know why, but whenever my divine sense enters a sword, the sword shatters after one breath of time. There are no exceptions…”

“The word useless is a good way to describe this old man. Since I can’t use my divine sense to control swords, I can’t use swords in battle. I’m a disgrace to my teacher.”

“When I was 80, I had a dream that I was a sword spirit that swept the land. I was a king amongst swords.”

“After I awakened, the sword from my dream remained engraved in my mind as if that was my life’s pursuit, as if that was my past life… I gave up on trying to break past the Foundation Establishment stage and focused on swordsmithing!”

“This idea was so powerful that it felt like I was possessed. I was completely fixated on this; I had to create this sword!”

“After a decade, this old man was even willing to beg for materials to create swords. I have created several swords, but none of them were what I wanted, so I gave up on them.”

“This year, the Heng Yue Sect faced a great calamity because powerful enemies attacked us, so the sect was about to be destroyed.”

“This old man was born in the Heng Yue Sect and would naturally die in the Heng Yue Sect. This old man opened up his furnace one last time to create a sword. I was short on time, so I gave up on precious materials and used mortal metals, then I created a large sword.”

“After creating the sword. I suddenly felt a sign from the heavens, so I coated the sword in gold and soon it was shining.”

“Looking at the sword, the feelings I experienced in my dream suddenly came back to me. At that moment, I was back in my dream and I was this sword’s spirit.”

“That was the feeling I had been looking for. I named the sword Wealth. Although this name isn’t anything fancy, it was what I was feeling.”

“My soul seemed to be completely merged with this sword, so I charged out and resolved the calamity for my Heng Yue Sect. Then, as I left, I left a sword technique inside the sword. I hope future disciples will treat the sword kindly.”

Wang Lin put down the jade and closed his eyes. He was shaking on the inside. Although the main reason he came was to see what had happened to the Heng Yue Sect, another reason was to find out more about Wealth.

“A sword spirit in his previous life… This sword is exactly the same as the celestial sword. Could this senior’s soul have contained a fragment of the celestial sword’s spirit…”

Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes were sparkling.

He pondered a bit before his body disappeared and left this place.

When he reappeared, he was outside the Jue Ming Valley. This was where his bag of holding was destroyed. Back then he had to go into the spatial rift to find the sword sheath.

After creating a spatial rift, Wang Lin entered it. This time his only target was Wealth.

“That sword was created from ordinary metals, so I don’t know if it could have survived inside the spatial rift for 500 years. Also, I don’t know if the sword was destroyed along with the bag. Unfortunately, my cultivation level wasn’t even high enough to notice the sword technique inside the sword, otherwise…” Wang Lin let out a sigh as he spread out his divine sense.

Half a month later, Wang Lin walked out from the spatial rift with a frown. He had found nothing.

“I’m afraid that the sword has already been destroyed…”

“I must quickly returned to the Soul Refining Sect and find a lot of celestial jades to reach the Soul Transformation stage!” With that, Wang Lin disappeared. When he reappeared, he was inside an ancient transfer array and then he disappeared from Zhao.

In a rank 4 cultivation country on the western side of planet Suzaku. This country had already been taken over by the Forsaken Immortal Clan and the cultivators of this country had became servants to the Forsaken Immortal Clan. Someone wearing a straw hat was currently standing at the edge of the country. He was covered in a golden glow.

“Wang Lin, you finally came back. Senior already knows that you returned. I hope you don’t disappoint him.” This person slapped his bag of holding and a piece of jade appeared in his hand.

“You helped me kill Li Yuanfeng and sealed the country of Xue Yue. I, Zhou Wutai, have no way to repay you besides giving you this jade. This jade contains Liu Mei’s domain that I used my life to obtain. I hope you can fulfill senior’s hope and devour Liu Mei’s dao heart and then become the next Suzaku.”

He took one step and disappeared.

In an ancient transfer array in the country of Pilu, a bright light flashed and Wang Lin walked out of it. He immediately flew into the air and charged toward the Soul Refining Sect.

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