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Chapter 406 – Shocking change

Wang Lin slowly walked over from where he was. He immediately noticed when Little White returned and saw the fruit he was carrying.

“What a good demonic tiger, sacrificing yourself for your master!” Wang Lin looked at Little White.

Fear appeared in Little White’s eyes, but he still stood before Zhou Ru and growled.

Zhou Ru rubbed Little White’s fur and asked, “Uncle, what is a Nascent-Soul-shattering fruit?”

Wang Lin slowly said, “After you eat the fruit, although Wan Er, who is inside you, won’t die, she will become very weak…”

Zhou Ru was startled. She lowered her head to look at Little White and whispered, “Little White, so you went to look for this fruit for me when you left.” She let out a sigh and threw the fruit to the side. The fruit rolled a few times before falling down a cliff.

Zhou Ru raised her head and looked at Wang Lin. “Uncle, don’t hurt Little White, okay?”

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru. He nodded and then left.

Zhou Ru bit her lower lip as she looked at Wang Lin’s back. That figure was so unfamiliar.

Zhou Ru exclaimed, “Uncle, you can relax. Zhou Ru knows what to do to allow you and big sister Wan Er to reunite.”

Wang Lin’s body paused. He pondered a bit before continuing to walk away.

Another two years quickly passed by.

On this day, a thick mass of black fog erupted from the giant hole that led to the immortal graveyard. This black fog pierced into the sky.

The fog turned into a very strange plant with very large leaves. There were countless tattoos on the plant and it gave off a strange aura.

Just at this moment, a golden light appeared in the sky. Inside the golden light were the illusions of five glowing flying swords.

The moment the golden light appeared, it turned into a net and covered the plant. After a series of rumbling sounds, it forcibly suppressed the plant.

“My clan has been hiding for tens of thousands of years, but today, no one will stop my clan from taking back planet Fu Wen!” an ancient voice said, from deep within the immortal graveyard, and then a very ancient-looking old man walked out from the hole.

There weren’t any tattoos on the old man’s body, but if one looked closely, there was a plant flashing on his forehead. Upon closer inspection, there were 11 leaves on that plant!


After another closer look, there was another leaf under the 11 leaves. Although it was not completely open, it was opened ⅓ of the way.

The moment the old man walked out from the hole, the five swords in the sky all hummed in unison. Two of the swords left the golden net and charged toward the old man.

The old man’s expression was calm as he whispered, “The country of Suzaku’s first generation Suzaku sacrificed himself along with nine mid stage Ascendant Cultivators to create these five swords to seal my Forsaken Immortal Clan for tens of thousands of years. Today I can do the same thing by sacrificing myself to free my Forsaken Immortal Clan. Absorb!” He pointed forward with his right hand and a giant tattoo appeared before him. This tattoo let out a primal aura and immediately began to spread.

Those two flyings sword began to tremble, then they managed to break free from the power of the tattoo and quickly backed away.

“Return!” The old man’s eyes were calm. It was as if he had seen through everything. He waved his right hand and then a heaven-shattering roar came from the sky. Countless tattoos appeared in the air soon after. They interlocked with each other to create a tattoo that looked like it could split the heavens.

The two flying swords stopped struggling and flew toward the old man like lightning.

Bang! Bang!

Two bangs that echoed across the entire planet could be heard as the two swords stabbed into the old man’s chest. They were struggling to escape but couldn’t.

“Back then, this old man was but a coward who had to watch countless clan members die. Although I lived, my heart died back then!” The old man pointed at the golden net in the sky.

Two more flying swords quickly flew toward him. Although they struggled, it was to avail. They were controlled by the old man to stab into his chest as well.

“It has been tens of thousands of years and I was originally supposed to be dead, but my clan regarded me as their founding ancestor. They fed me my own clan’s tattoos to keep me alive. I survived on the lives of my own clan members… I’m a sinner of my clan…”

The old man looked at the last flying sword in the golden net. He took a deep breath and reached out, then the final golden sword suddenly began to struggle.

But it seemed like the golden sword didn’t have enough power to resist. After a while, it charged out from the golden net and stabbed toward the old man.

“This old man is a sinner of the Forsaken Immortal Clan who deserves to die. Today this old man broke through the 11-leaves stage and my 12th leaf has started to open, placing me a level above what the cultivators call Ascendant. However, this old man’s talent is limited, so I wasn’t able to fully absorb the power to truly take that last step. I’m a disgrace to the ancestors and I’m not worthy of all the clan members who died to keep me alive…”

The last flying sword rushed over and stabbed the old man right between the eyes.

The old man’s eyes slowly dimmed.

“This old man is a sinner, but my death will allow my clan to return to the surface. Allow me to be sealed in place of the Forsaken Immortal Tree. With my soul as a sacrifice, my clan can reappear!” At that moment, the light in the old man’s eyes went out and his hands reached out to tear open the sky.

A sound that reverberated through the entire planet could be heard as the golden net was split in half.

The giant plant that was suppressed by the golden net immediately charged out and became like a pillar holding up the heavens.

At the same time, the countless tattoos surrounding the area shattered and disappeared.

The old man’s body slowly merged with the giant plant and disappeared.

At this moment, the Forsaken Immortal Clan members came out of the hole one by one. More and more of them came out and every single one of them bowed deeply toward the plant.

Among those Forsaken Immortal Clan members was a woman who was wearing a veil. Her eyes undermeath the veil were calm.

“I hope you aren’t lying to me… I want that Qian Feng to die without a grave!”

Fifty kilometers away, a burly man wearing a straw hat looked at the giant plant and muttered, “I hope you didn’t lie to me. I want the Four Sect Alliance to return…”

“Kill!!” A roar that could pierce the heavens came from the Immortal Graveyard. This wasn’t a roar from one person but from all the Forsaken Immortal Clan members. This roar traveled through the high heavens and echoed across the land.

At this moment, an angry roar came from the cave Zhuque Zi was cultivating in at the top of Mount Suzaku. The roar caused the cave to explode, leaving behind only dust.

Zhuque Zi, who was wearing a red robe, appeared from the void. He looked at the direction of the Immortal Graveyard with a very ugly expression.

“Damn remnants of the Forsaken Immortal Clan. You guys are courting death!!!” Zhuque Zi reached out and all the clouds seemed to gather in his hand. Soon, a white token formed from the clouds appeared in his palm.

He slapped it with his left hand and the token split into two, then to four, and so on.

“I’m calling all cultivation countries as the 14th generation Suzaku. The second war with the Forsaken Immortal Clan begins!”

The cloud tokens quickly disappeared. Then the old man walked out of his long years of closed door cultivation in the Heavenly Jade Sect in the country of Suzaku.

He was wearing a black robe and was very skinny, but his eyes lit up as he looked toward the Immortal Graveyard. He whispered, “Things are changing!”

This old man was the early stage Ascendant ancestor that the entire Heavenly Jade Sect respected, Chu Yunfei.

The Earth Soul Sect was in eastern side of Suzaku. There was a cave deep underground below the sect, and inside it sat a middle-aged man.

At this moment, this man suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes gave off an ancient feel as he sighed. “This day has finally come. I can’t believe I got caught up in this, ah!”

The final sect in Suzaku was the Immortal’s Path Sect; however, there was no commotion here. The Ascendant ancestor of the Immortal’s Path Sect was very mysterious. Very few people knew of his whereabouts or even what he looked like.

Pilu, Soul Refining Sect.

Du Tian opened his eyes and sneered before closing them once more.

This calamity on planet Suzaku had nothing to do with Wang Lin. He was only focused on facing the second arrival of the heavens’ messenger so Li Muwan could be reborn.

There were two years left until Li Muwan’s awakening.

In these two years, Zhou Ru spent most of her time in silence. It was as if there was already a huge barrier between her and Wang Lin.

Wang Lin could feel Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul slowly awakening in her body and Zhou Ru’s life force slowly disappearing.

When her life force completely disappears, Li Muwan will have completely devoured Zhou Ru’s soul.

However, the speed at which Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul was growing had slowed down over the last year. It was as if it wasn’t willing to grow, it wasn’t willing to devour Zhou Ru’s soul.

Wang Lin knew that it was because Li Muwan had recovered some of her consciousness. She wasn’t willing to sacrifice a child to allow herself to reawaken.

This was her choice and it was not Wang Lin’s decision to make. He used his spiritual energy to stop her, allowing her Nascent Soul to continue to grow inside Zhou Ru.

“Wan Er, I know you aren’t willing to devour this child. Believe in me, I’ll do this properly and not harm her at all. Once you have awakened, we can send her back to her parents. What I want is your Nascent Soul, not this child’s body…”

This was Wang Lin’s promise to Li Muwan.

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