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Chapter 405 – Little White

There wasn’t much vegetation on this moon, but there were a lot of mountains. There were no mortals on this planet and there were very few cultivators.

After all, there weren’t many cultivators who could break through the planet’s atmosphere; they would have to be at least at the Soul Transformation stage to do so. Even then, they would still need a star compass or they would find it very hard to navigate their way through the void.

Wang Lin carried Zhou Ru and Little White as they flew across the sky. There were many large mountains under them, causing Zhou Ru to often exclaim out loud.

At a forest in the northern part of the moon, Wang Lin caught Zhou Ru a big tiger. This tiger was completely purple and 30 feet long. It gave off a very oppressive aura.

However, what Wang Lin found very weird was that this tiger had no intelligence. It was far from being as smart as Little White.

But there was a mysterious force inside it. With one roar it could send the sand around it flying and with one pounce it could break metal. Its power wasn’t much weaker than a late stage Foundation Establishment cultivator’s.

Wang Lin easily dealt with the tiger. He left an imprint on the tiger’s soul, making Zhou Ru its master. After it couldn’t possibly turn on Zhou Ru, Wang Lin gave it to her as a gift.

Zhou Ru’s love for this tiger immediately reached the same level as her love for Little White.

“In the future, let’s call you Little Violet!” Zhou Ru said, as she sat on Little Violet’s back and happily clapped her hands.

Little White was beside them with his head down. He felt disdain toward the purple tiger. He was a proper demonic tiger; how could this lump compare to him?

Thinking about this, he lazily roared at the purple tiger.

However, he didn’t think that the purple tiger would turn its head toward him and let out a roar in retaliation. This roar was filled with power; it was as if it could shatter the heavens.

Little White howled as every hair on his body stood up and he backed up dozens of feet. He stared at the purple tiger in fear and no longer dared to move up.

This made Zhou Ru clap her hands in joy. She said, “Little White, you can’t beat Little Violet.”

Wang Lin watched Zhou Ru’s happy face and began to ponder. Strictly speaking, Wang Lin didn’t care too much about Zhou Ru. At most he felt like a parent watching their child after spending so much time with her.

The only thing he cared about in the end was Li Muwan.

The day Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul wakes up is the day Zhou Ru’s soul will be devoured. There was no chance for both of them to survive.

If he were to take out Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul early, it would save Zhou Ru, but that would make it almost impossible for Li Muwan to escape death.

After all, Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul was in a deep slumber and was still recovering; if it were taken out now, it would disappear.

Wang Lin understood who was more important in his heart. There was no hesitation there.

However, to sacrifice this child’s life just for his own selfish desire for Li Muwan to awaken caused Wang Lin’s heart to struggle.

Although he had killed countless people in his life, he was able to face himself and the heavens after he killed them. Although he was a demon, he wasn’t a demon that lost had its humanity.

Spring passed and autumn came. In the blink of an eye, two years passed.

Zhou Ru was now 15 years old. There were still four years until Li Muwan awakens.

In these past two years, Zhou Ru slowly grew and bloomed into a lovely girl. The amount of times Li Muwan appeared in her dreams greatly increased.

Wang Lin spent these past two years cultivating. Throughout this time, the bitterness in his heart became stronger and stronger.

Choosing Li Muwan was a must; however, how he would ensure this child’s life when Li Muwan awakened was a question he was still mulling over.

Zhou Ru became more and more quiet in these past two years. She would often sit on Little Violet’s back with Little White behind them and stare at the sky.

Zhou Ru whispered, “Little White, I can feel the big sister inside me slowly awaken. When she finally wakes up, I’ll be gone… After I’m gone, you must be good, Little White. I’ll ask uncle to take you back home. Little White, after I leave, will you think of me…”

Little White raised his head to look at Zhou Ru. His eyes were filled with complex feelings.

Although Zhou Ru would often bully him, in truth, he could feel that Zhou Ru really loved him. When Little Violet would bully him, Zhou Ru would side with him and scold Little Violet.

Little White kept all of this in his heart. Although he was a demonic tiger, his heart felt bitter as he looked at Zhou Ru and nodded his big head.

Zhou Ru faintly smiled. She jumped off Little Violet and arrived next to Little White. She rubbed his fur and said, “Little White, after I’m gone, do you think uncle will think of me…”

Little White let out a soft growl and looked at Zhou Ru.

Zhou Ru rubbed Little White’s fur and felt depressed. She looked at the figure sitting on the mountain in the distance and quietly though in her heart, “Uncle, Little Ru Er understands. Even now, whenever you look at me, you are looking at the big sister and not at me. She must be very important to you. Little Ru Er knows what to do.”

Zhou Ru’s eyes became watery as she looked over at the big and dumb Little Violet and whispered, “Little Violet, once I’m gone, you will be free…”

Wang Lin was sitting at the top of the mountain. Although he looked like he was cultivating, he was actually just staring at the sky.

Wang Lin pondered. “The heavens’ will… I, Wang Lin, have always resisted the heavens’ will, but I was still played by it this time…”

Zhou Ru’s call came from below. “Uncle, uncle, can you come down?”

Wang Lin lowered his head and looked at Zhou Ru with a complex expression. He jump off the mountain and landed next to her.

“Uncle, sit down. Little Ru Er wants to brush your hair.” Zhou Ru revealed an innocent smile. She was holding a wooden brush that Tie Yan had gifted her.

She didn’t wait for Wang Lin to answer before she dragged him to a big rock. After having Wang Lin sit down, she went behind him and began to carefully brush his hair.

Her expression was very serious. After a while, she said, “Uncle, can you tell little Ru Er stories of you and big sister?”

Wang Lin pondered. After a long time, he slowly nodded.

A story came from his mouth and landed in Zhou Ru’s ears. She brushed his hair as she listened and her body would occasionally tremble as if she had understood something.

Zhou Ru put down the wooden brush and whispered, “Uncle, if I die early, does that mean big sister Wan Er won’t be able to wake up…”

Wang Lin turned around to look at Zhou Ru. What he saw was a hint of unfamiliarity in her.

Zhou Ru raised her head to look at Wang Lin. Her eyes were filled with sadness as she whispered, “Uncle, in your eyes, is little Ru Er only a body for big sister Wan Er to wake up in? Ever since I was small, I considered you my family, my uncle… When you look at me, I want you to see the real me and not big sister Wan Er, even if only once.”

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru. After pondering for a bit, he said, “Little Ru Er, you are tired. Go rest.” With that, he turned around and disappeared.

The wooden brush in Zhou Ru’s hand fell to the ground. She squated down on the ground and began to cry.

Two streams of tears flowed down from the corners of her eyes…

While Zhou Ru cried, she muttered, “Uncle, I’m scared!”

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the distance and slightly trembled. The complex emotions in his eyes became even stronger.

“Wan Er, if it was you, how would you choose…”

Little White went missing.

He went missing without a sound, but Wang Lin saw that he had quietly left in the middle of the night.

Zhou Ru became very sad over Little White leaving and became very sick.

While she slept due to her illness, she could often call out to Little White.

Although she often bullied Little White, he held a very important place in her heart. Although she had Little Violet now, Little White was still very important to her.

Little White was her friend, her only friend.

However, when Wang Lin was going to get Little White back, she stopped him. She begged Wang Lin and whispered, “If Little White wants to leave, it is his choice. He should have the right to choose. He is more fortunate than little Zhou Ru… don’t go looking for him…”

Wang Lin’s heart felt very painful as he walked away in silence. He thought about what to do four years from now to save both of them and came up with a plan.

“Uncle doesn’t want me anymore. Little White, you also left…” One month later, Zhou Ru’s illness had gotten better, but she was even quieter than before and would often be in a daze looking into the distance.

On one morning two months later, a tired but excited roar could be heard. Little White appeared in Zhou Ru’s vision and with a few jumps arrived next to her.

In his mouth was a fire-red tree branch with a fruit attached to it.

Little White returned!

Zhou Ru looked at Little White. She was very happy and angry at the same time.

“Little White, you didn’t abandon me. Little White…” Zhou Ru hugged Little White. As tears rolled down her cheeks, she revealed a happy smile.

Little White was skinnier now and his fur was no longer neat. There were clear signs of injuries on his body and he was no longer as fierce. Instead, he looked very tired.

There was even a deep wound on his stomach. Although that wound was already sealed, there was still some blood on his fur.

Little White put down the branch on the ground and licked Zhou Ru. Then he carefully looked around to make sure that Wang Lin wasn’t around. He pulled Zhou Ru’s clothes and then touched the fruit on the ground.

“Little White, what are you….” Zhou Ru was startled as she picked up the fruit on the ground.

Little White looked around and became very anxious. He let out a few growls, telling Zhou Ru to quickly eat it.

“Little White, you want me to eat this?” Zhou Ru had been with Little White for a long time, so she was able to immediately tell what he meant.

Little White quickly nodded and his eyes were anxious again.

Zhou Ru picked up the fruit and whispered, “Little White, what fruit is this?”

Wang Lin’s voice floated in from the distance. He said, “That is a Nascent-Soul-shattering fruit!”

All the hair on Little White’s body stood straight up. He quickly jumped to block Zhou Ru from Wang Lin and began to growl.

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