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Chapter 407 – Arrival of the heaven’s messenger

Wang Lin lied to Li Muwan.

He couldn’t think of a way to protect Li Muwan and also make sure Zhou Ru’s soul remained intact.

If he were to pull out Zhou Ru’s soul in advance, the death aura created at that moment would be very harmful to Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul. Even if her Nascent Soul could withstand it, it would be seriously injured and would most likely shatter soon after.

This was still secondary though; the moment Zhou Ru’s soul is removed, the heavens’ messenger will descend. Without Zhou Ru’s soul to mask Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul, Li Muwan will be exposed before the heavens.

At that moment, Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul won’t be fully recovered, so the heavens’ law will still affect her greatly.

The original plan wasn’t like this. Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul was supposed to fuse with the baby’s flesh. Doing this would make it so that her soul would belong to the baby, allowing her to effectively dodge the heavens’ law.

But right now everything had changed. Aside from Li Muwan devouring Zhou Ru’s soul, nothing else could resolve this change.

This answer was the dead end Wang Lin had reached after four years of struggling.

There was no doubt in his heart when he thought about who was more important. He had already decided to sacrifice Zhou Ru to allow Li Muwan to awaken.

This choice was very cruel and was very painful for Wang Lin as well. However, Wang Lin was an old monster who had cultivated for 500 years. After four years of struggling, his heart was as hard as steel.

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru, who was silently pondering on a rock in the distance, and thought to himself, “Zhou Ru, I will not forget this kindness. I’ll make sure your family lives in prosperity for ten generations. They will rule over Chu…”

As if she had heard Wang Lin, her body trembled as she turned toward him. Tears appeared at the corners of her eyes, but there was a big smile on her face.

These last two years slowly went by day by day. The day at which the heavens’ messenger will arrive was getting closer.

After arriving at the moon, Wang Lin had never gone back to Suzaku, so he naturally didn’t know about the big changes that were taking place in the country of Suzaku.

The current country of Suzaku could be said to be covered in the flames of war.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan had moved out with four nine-leaf shamans, which were equal in power to Ascendant cultivators, and began a back and forth war with the country of Suzaku.

At the same time, one shocking piece of news after another echoed across planet Suzaku. Most of the news contained the word “betrayal.”

Various figureheads of cultivation countries and ancestors of sects betrayed the country of Suzaku.

Due to many of these betrayals at key points of battles, the country of Suzaku was forced to retreat many times.

Now a rumor was spreading across planet Suzaku.

Countless years ago, the Forsaken Immortal Clan came up with a technique. By sacrificing a large number of clan members, they could turn a clan member into a cultivator.

In these countless years, the Forsaken Immortal Clan converted nine different people. Because they didn’t have the bodies of Forsaken Immortal Clan members, they weren’t restricted by the seal, so they went out and joined various sects.

This was the strongest card the Forsaken Immortal Clan had for this war.

The moon was currently countless times quieter than planet Suzaku. There were only three more months until the fated day.

Zhou Ru hadn’t spoken for an entire year. The time she spent sleeping had increased greatly. Now she was sleeping for a majority of the day.

Little White still stayed by her side. The sadness in his eyes deepened more each day.

As for Little Violent, he didn’t understand anything, so he just lied on the ground and looked at Zhou Ru and Little White in confusion.

Wang Lin’s divine sense was always locked onto Zhou Ru to keep an eye on Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul. He also kept his body at peak condition so he could deal with the heavens’ messenger at any moment.

The original body was doing the same deep in the molten core of the moon. He couldn’t allow himself to lose this battle against the heavens’ messenger.

While Zhou Ru was sleeping, she would sometimes sleep talk. She would still say, “Uncle, I’m scared!” but these words became less and less frequent.

Most of the time she was muttering something too jumbled to make out. Whenever she spoke like this, tears would come out of her eyes.

The 19-year-old Zhou Ru had grown up. Although she wasn’t an exquisite beauty, she had a sense of innocence and purity.

Zhou Ru spent the whole final month sleeping.

She didn’t wake up even once this month. Li Muwan’s Nascent soul had begun to devour her.

Little White and Little Violet had been sealed away by Wang Lin to prevent them from messing with Li Muwan’s awakening. He was currently beside Zhou Ru. His heart felt pain as he looked at the little girl.

“Uncle, who are you?”

“Uncle, thank you for saving me…”

“Uncle, you promised to catch me a big tiger…”

“Uncle, I’m scared. Can you take away the little person inside me…”

His memories of Zhou Ru flashed across his mind. After a while, Wang Lin let out a long sigh.

Time slowly passed by and the last month slowly came to its end.

The final day had finally arrived. Wang Lin could feel Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul awaken. She was currently devouring Zhou Ru’s soul.

Grey clouds suddenly appeared in the sky above the moon. The moment they appeared, they began to gather.

Inside the clouds, a pair of eyes appeared. Wang Lin was very familiar with this pair of eyes.

The heavens’ messenger from 19 years ago descended once more.

That gaze swept past Wang Lin and landed on Zhou Ru. The pair of eyes glowed as a giant hand reached out toward her.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, he jumped into the air and pointed at the giant hand.

At this moment, the life and death scroll appeared in the sky. Wang Lin shouted, “Scram!”

Thick strands of grey gas came out of the life and death scroll and gathered before Wang Lin. The giant hand from the heavens’ messenger arrived and collided with the grey gas.


An earth-shattering sound echoed across the area as the grey gas from the life and death scroll was pushed apart and the giant hand bounced back.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. After sending out a message with his mind, the ground began to crack open. His original body charged out of the ground, went after the giant hand, and punched it hard!


Another earth-shattering sound echoed across the area. The sky split open and the earth shattered. The retreating hand was completely shattered by the original body’s punch.

Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning. He said, in a deep voice, “This time you still won’t be able to take away Li Muwan’s soul!”

The pair of eyes in the clouds didn’t change at all, but this time two hands suddenly came down from the sky. There was red lightning crackling and popping all over the two hands.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. This time the heaven’s messenger seemed to be prepared.

The two giant hands quickly arrived. One reached toward Wang Lin and the other toward his original body.

The original body let out a roar and immediately grew into a giant more than 100 feet tall. The three purple stars on its forehead began to rapidly spin as it threw out a punch.


A powerful shockwave quickly spread out in the air. The original body was knocked back with red light all over its body. It then smashed into a mountain, causing the entire mountain to turn to dust.

That giant arm was bounced back once more, but this time it didn’t shatter.

As for Wang Lin, when the arm came, his hand formed a seal and pointed at the giant hand. The life and death scroll in the sky suddenly closed and moved before him to block for him.

The giant hand grabbed the scroll. It paused for a moment and then was about to withdraw with the scroll.

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, “Shake!”

The life and death scroll shook and a large amount of grey gas came out of it. Sizzling sounds came from the hand along with white gas. In the end, the giant hand had to let go of the scroll and withdraw.

The pair of eyes ruthlessly looked at Zhou Ru, who was currently behind Wang Lin. The pair of giant hands ripped apart the clouds, revealing a giant face.

This face looked extremely normal, but the moment one saw it, they would feel respect for it. This face represented the might of the heavens.

He coldly stared at Wang Lin and opened his mouth. A strand of grey light suddenly flew out of his mouth and formed a wheel. The moment this wheel appeared, the sky changed colors and the earth shook.

Countless cracks began to spread with Wang Lin as the center and in the blink of an eye the land within 5,000 kilometers began to crack open.

Countless spatial rifts appeared in the sky. These spatial rifts linked together, making it look as if the sky was going to fall.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy. With only a thought, his original body arrived and fused with him. The real Wang Lin appeared!

The giant face didn’t even look at Wang Lin. He moved his large hand toward the wheel and touched it. A mysterious sound came from the wheel and then the entire area seemed to be surrounded by a powerful force.

Wang Lin’s expression changed. He was familiar with this power; it was the power of the reincarnation cycle.

Just as his body was about to move, all of the surrounding reincarnation cycle power gathered and descended upon Wang Lin.

At this moment, the power of the reincarnation cycle seemed to form a prison and Wang Lin was trapped inside.

He wasn’t able to move his body even one inch; he couldn’t even raise a single finger.

After the giant hand finished messing with the wheel, it descended like lightning. Its target was Zhou Ru.

Wang Lin wasn’t able to move his body at all, but his heart screamed, “NO!!!”

He had worked hard for 19 years just for this moment, but now he could only watch as the giant hand was about to take Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul away.

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