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Chapter 404 – Zhou Ru

After she gained sentience, everyone she had meet was charmed by her. Even the Giant Demon Clan ancestor was charmed. Although he managed to break free from her in the end, he was never able to do anything malicious to her, so he only sealed her away.

After she was sealed, she was still looking for a way to escape the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. One day, she met Xu Liguo. She easily charmed Xu Liguo and he did good by finally saving her.

However, she never would’ve imagined that there would be a man like this. Not only was all her charm useless against him, but he could even bear to harm her.

“What is the matter with that domain in your body?” Wang Lin wasn’t affected by her charm because of his life experience and his cultivation of the soul sealing technique.

In his 500 years of cultivation, Wang Lin had never been with a woman, so his heart was much more determined than the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s.

At the same time, the soul sealing technique was the most revered technique in the Soul Refining Sect. Aside from controlling the one-billion-soul soul flag, its other use was to make it impossible for his soul to be affected by anything.

It was because of this that he could control the one billion soul fragments and not suffer the backlash.

The woman looked at Wang Lin in terror. No longer daring to use her domain, she said, “I don’t know how it came to be. When I woke up, the domain was already there.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. This woman’s cultivation level was only at the Core Formation stage, but her domain was powerful enough to affect someone like Li Yuanfeng. This made matters very strange.

“This woman must have been formed when a part of a powerful senior’s origin soul split off. The result was this soul fragment. That would explain why it has such a powerful domain. This domain should be related to charm or lust.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His hand formed a seal to place a restriction on the woman and then he put her inside the soul flag.

Xu Liguo immediately let out a smile and carefully said, “Master, this… if there is nothing else, I’ll head back first.” With that, he went back into the celestial sword and didn’t dare to come out.

Wang Lin found it very funny and no longer bothered with Xu Liguo. He slapped his bag of holding, causing the pagoda to fly out and become large next to him.

Zhou Yi’s domain immediately spread out and surround everything within 50 kilometers.

The moment the pagoda appeared, Zhou Ru quickly ran out. After seeing Wang Lin, she immediately pouted and said, “Bad uncle, you are a bad uncle! I don’t like you anymore!”

Little White came out next to Zhou Ru with his head down and lied down next to her. Although it was hard to notice because he was covered in fur, it wouldn’t be wrong to describe him as completely famished.

“I’m a demonic tiger yet I had to eat fruit for months. Not only that, but I couldn’t eat my fill and only ate one fruit a day. I couldn’t even smell any meat. How sad…” Little White let out a pitiful growl and tears almost fell from his eyes.

There were several occasions where he wanted to eat Zhou Ru, but he couldn’t help but think of how Wang Lin would deal with him if he did, so he gave up on the idea.

More importantly, as time passed, he could feel a terrifying power slowly growing inside Zhou Ru. He was worried that before he even started eating her, this little brat would eat him instead.

“Bad uncle, look at how thin Little White is. We had to eat fruit for months!” She looked at Wang Lin with eyes filled with dissatisfaction. Not just Little White, but even she herself had gotten a lot thinner.

Wang Lin rubbed his nose. He had indeed forgotten about this matter. After all, he hadn’t needed to eat in 400 years, so he forgot that Zhou Ru still needed food.

Luckily, when he sent Zhou Ru into the pagoda, he gave her a lot of spirit fruits as snacks. Also, the celestial spiritual energy inside the tower was very thick; as long as one didn’t directly absorb it, it could still make them not need to eat.

Wang Lin’s forehead was covered in sweat. Even when he faced Soul Transformation old monsters, he didn’t feel this awkward or embarrassed. After hearing Zhou Ru’s words, he could only bitterly smile.

“Eh… This is uncle’s fault. I definitely won’t forget next time!” Wang Lin quickly promised.

Zhou Ru rolled her eyes and pouted. “Uncle’s promises never count. Last time you promised me a big tiger and that never came true. I won’t believe you this time.”

Wang Lin wryly smiled. “Okay, little Zhou Ru, uncle will bring you to catch a big tiger. I think that there should be some demonic beasts here.”

Zhou Ru was a child after all, so when she heard this, she immediately smiled and clapped her hands. “Uncle has to keep his promise this time. Let us go right now!”

Wang Lin revealed a gentle look as he rubbed Zhou Ru’s head and smiled. “Let’s go now.”

Zhou Ru quickly nodded. She pondered for a bit and then said, “Uncle, I don’t know why, but every day I would dream. In my dreams, I would see a big sister with you. That big sister looked very familiar. So strange.”

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. He lowered his head and looked at Zhou Ru. After a while, he let out a sigh and looked into the sky. “Wan Er, only six more years and you can awaken…”

Zhou Ru looked at Wang Lin and then a faint and undetectable trace of fear appeared in her eyes.

Zhou Ru whispered, “Uncle, little Ru Er is a monster…”

Little White was lying on the side. When he heard this, he quickly nodded and thought, “Indeed, you are a little monster. How else would a demonic tiger such as myself be bullied by you? I was forced to leave the mountain and leave behind all my female tigers… alas.”

Wang Lin was startled. He looked down and rubbed Zhou Ru’s head as he whispered, “Little Ru Er, what’s wrong?”

Tears fell from Zhou Ru’s eyes as she began to cry. “Little Ru Er is a monster. Uncle, little Ru Er is a monster. In fact, about a year ago, I could feel a little person inside me. Uncle, I’m scared!”

Wang Lin stared at Zhou Ru. He wasn’t able to say anything for a very long time before he finally said, “Little Ru Er isn’t a monster, she isn’t.”

Zhou Ru jumped into Wang Lin’s embrace. She grabbed on to his clothes and said, “Uncle, I can feel that the little person in my body is like… like the big sister in my dream. She is that little person. Uncle, little Ru Er is scared. Can you take her out…” Her little hand firmly gripped Wang Lin’s clothes as if Wang Lin would disappear she let go. She was scared… and this was the only way for her to feel safe.

Wang Lin’s body trembled. At this moment, he felt like he had been struck by lightning.

“Why did it turn out like this…” Wang Lin muttered to himself, as his eyes were filled with complex emotions.

Back then, Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul was placed into the pregnant woman by Wang Lin. This was a type of possession, but the baby had no soul yet and was only a mass of flesh.

In principle, Li Muwan was Zhou Ru and Zhou Ru was Li Muwan, so why was this situation of Zhou Ru rejecting Li Muwan happening?

“Could it be that when Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul entered the pregnant lady’s stomach, the baby had already developed its own soul…” Wang Lin’s body trembled. He was fighting the heavens’ messenger back then, so he wasn’t able to take a closer look.

“If this is true, then Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul will slowly devour Zhou Ru’s soul and she will completely replace Zhou Ru as the owner of the body when she wakes up.” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with confusion.

Zhou Ru raised her head. Her eyes were filled with tears as she whispered, “Uncle, little Ru Er is scared. Can you quickly take her out, please?”

“Did I do the wrong thing…” Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru. He felt pain in his heart.

“Little Ru Er, don’t be scared. Just pretend that the little person inside you is your big sister. Don’t worry.” Wang Lin smiled while watching Zhou Ru. His smile was filled with complex emotions.

“Really? Uncle isn’t lying to me?” Zhou Ru’s big eyes revealed naivety, purity, and innocence. In addition, Wang Lin could also see a deep sense of attachment and trust in her eyes.

“Really…” The pain in Wang Lin’s heart intensified. Wang Lin knew the choice he had to make, but in life, choosing one life sometimes means giving up another.

“Why it is like this….” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with pain.

Although Zhou Ru was little, she was a very sensitive person. She looked at Wang Lin before burying her little head in his chest and said, “Uncle, don’t feel bad. When uncle feels bad, I feel bad as well. In the future, I won’t talk about this matter. I believe that if uncle says it’s not a problem then it’s not a problem. Uncle, weren’t you going to take me to catch a big tiger?”

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru. He nodded as he wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and said, “Uncle will take you to catch a big tiger!”

With that, he hugged Zhou Ru and flew into the air.

Zhou Ru smiled, but this smile was like a silent cry in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“Uncle, bring Little White. Hmph, Little White has been naughty. Once uncle catches me a big tiger, I’ll see if Little White continues to be naughty. If he continues, I’ll have the big tiger bite Little White.”

Little White’s body trembled as he let out a pitiful cry and thought, “I’m a demonic tiger…” Before he could finish, he was grabbed by Wang Lin and disappeared along with them.

As they flew, Zhou Ru’s eyes were still on Wang Lin. She held back her tears and thought silently in her heart, “Uncle, little Ru Er is already 13 years old. There are some things I already understand. You are different from grandpa Tie Yan. When you look at me, you aren’t looking at me but at the little person inside me. Grapnda Tie Yan wasn’t the same. What he looked at was me…”

“I know that when you saved me from that bad cultivator, it wasn’t for me but for the big sister inside me…”

“The big sister I saw in my dreams is very pretty, but I believe that when I grow up, I’ll be even prettier, so uncle, don’t leave me…”

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