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Chapter 399 – The ancestor appears

Wang Lin’s voice echoed inside the Giant Demon Clan. At the northern part of the Giant Demon Clan, 500 kilometers underground, there was a golden cave with one person sitting inside.

This person was sitting in the lotus position and cultivating. He looked very handsome.

At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the cave walls and see the outside. Shortly after, his eyes became cold and he muttered, “Junior Wang Lin, I’ll let you be be arrogant for a bit longer. Once I have finished my possession, I’ll kill you. Even if you seal the Giant Demon Clan members, I can just unseal them.”

With that, he closed his eyes again and began to cultivate.

Just at this moment, his bag of holding began to glow black. He frowned as he slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword he had stolen from Wang Lin flew out.

Black gas came out of the celestial sword and took the form of Xu Liguo. Xu Liguo’s eyes were bloodshot and his expression was filled with hatred. He looked into the distance and said, “Master, I can feel that the fiend is here. Master, I swore to get revenge on this person. Let me go out and fight him!”

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor looked at Xu Liguo. Throughout the last two years, he had interacted a lot with Xu Liguo. He felt that a sword spirit with intelligence was really amazing and he really liked this sword spirit.

“You want to kill him, but you have to wait until I finish my possession.”

Xu Liguo immediately changed his expression to one where he was trying to please the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. He quickly nodded and said, “Master really cares about me; you’re much better than that fiend, Wang Lin. I will forever remain loyal to master! However, master, when you are killing Wang Lin, can you let me land the final blow?”

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor laughed and said, “How did that Wang Lin treat you to make you hate him so?”

Xu Liguo clenched his teeth and said, “Master, you don’t know how much I hate that Wang Lin; not only did he force me to work, but he would call me out just to beat and curse at me. Those don’t matter much, but the more important thing was that he never gave me any benefits, unlike master, who gives me spirit stones to absorb. Master, when we kill that Wang Lin, how about you award me with a few women. How about calling out little sister fairy. I haven’t seen her in a while and I really miss her.”

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor faintly smiled and said, “This is easy. Once we kill Wang Lin, I’ll call out Feng Luan’s soul and let you meet her. Now this old man needs to go into closed door cultivation, so go back inside!” With that, he reached out. Although Xu Liguo had a smile on his face, he cursed in his heart. He went back into the celestial sword and was put back inside the bag.

“This sword spirit is filled with human greed. It is indeed very mysterious, but this also makes him easy to control. I can give him spirit stones and female cultivators, so I don’t believe he will betray me. Also, this sword spirit seems to be obsessed with Feng Luan’s soul. With her in my hands, he won’t be able to escape me!” The Giant Demon Clan ancestor sneered as he closed his eyes to cultivate once more.

Feng Luan’s soul was the soul of a treasure he accidently obtained one day.

This soul was very beautiful and filled with lust. When he met it for the first time, he was almost mesmerized by it due to his low cultivation level back then. Luckily, this soul was damaged, so he was able to escape that calamity, and to this day, he still dreaded it.

After obtaining the celestial sword, he found that Xu Liguo was very mysterious and so, to control the sword spirit completely, he called out Feng Luan’s soul. As he expected, Xu Liguo jumped at the soul like a hungry wolf and was completely captivated by her.

Wang Lin waited in the sky above the Giant Demon Clan for a while. After seeing the Giant Demon Clan ancestor not appearing, his expression darkened. The Giant Demon Clan was very large and contained many mountains. If he really wanted to hide, it would be very difficult to find him. Wang Lin looked toward the east and saw the tallest mountain in the Giant Demon Clan. For some reason, he felt a mysterious force coming from that mountain.

Just as he was about to check it out, his eyes suddenly became serious as he looked toward the north and let out a faint smile.

“Xu Liguo…”

Wang Lin’s figure disappeared and he charged north.

He was flying with the body of a three-star ancient god, so he moved as fast as lightning. With only a few teleports, he arrived at the northern part of the Giant Demon Clan. Looking at it from above, it was a grassy plain.

Wang Lin’s eyes were sharp. As he spread out his divine sense, he felt like something was off. Around 500 kilometers underground, there was a thin barrier that would gently redirect his divine sense when it passed over it. If he wasn’t so close, he wouldn’t be able to detect it.

With a sneer on his face, Wang Lin let out a roar, formed a fist, and smashed into the ground.


An earth-shattering sound echoed and a crack appeared in the earth. This crack spread in all directions and also quickly spread deep underground.

Waves of crackling sounds came from underground for a long time before it finally died down.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he let out another shout and punched the ground.

The violent shock wave quickly spread underground. The sound of the earth shattering was like a dragon’s roar.

“Giant Demon Clan ancestor, come out, now!” Wang Lin shouted, and then he threw another punch.


With this punch, the plain immediately collapsed, creating a huge hole, and then a green figure suddenly charged out from underground.

“Ceng Niu!” This person was middle-aged, but his eyes revealed an age not fitting for his appearance. He looked at Wang Lin and shouted, “I originally didn’t want to deal with you yet, but since you came, it’s obvious that you’re looking for death!”

With that, he took a step forward, closed in on Wang Lin like lightning, and threw a punch.

Wang Lin let out a laugh. He didn’t back up but instead threw a punch to meet the punch of the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.


The shock wave blew back all the surrounding rocks and sand. The Giant Demon Clan ancestor was knocked back tens of feet and cracks appeared in the bones of his right fist. His face was filled with disbelief.

Wang Lin’s body only backed up several steps and his arm slightly trembled. He could feel a powerful force enter his body and try to tear him apart, but that was quickly dissolved by his origin soul.

“The Giant Demon Clan’s body refining technique is indeed mysterious.” Wang Lin charged toward the Giant Demon Clan ancestor once more.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor cursed in his heart. His possession wasn’t complete, so he could only use 80% of his power. But even at 80%, the strength of his body was terrifying enough that he was not even afraid of certain treasures.

But just now, when he traded that punch with Wang Lin, the hardest bones in his body had cracked. How could he not be shocked?

“What is your cultivation method?!” The Giant Demon Clan ancestor quickly backed up with a gloomy expression. However, Wang Lin was too fast; he had already arrived before him with another punch. This punch created a pressure that locked him in place. Thin lines appeared out of nowhere and attempted to wrap around him.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s eyes lit up. As his body moved, it creaked due to the pressure and the thin lines. He jumped into the air and used a kick to meet Wang Lin’s punch.


Another earth-shattering sound echoed across the entire Giant Demon Clan.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s face turned red. He used the force of the impact to quickly back away.

Wang Lin felt pain in his right fist. He took a few steps back before finally stopping. Wang Lin took a deep breath. This Giant Demon Clan ancestor hadn’t finished his possession and yet his body was almost on par with a three-star ancient god. If he was able to complete his possession, his body would be almost no weaker than a three-star ancient god.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s face was really gloomy. When he saw Wang Lin destroy the 12 pillars, he decided to not appear. However, now that Wang Lin had found him, he had no choice but to fight.

Wang Lin glared at the Giant Demon Clan ancestor and charged forth once more.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor let out a roar as his body grew and became a giant more than 100 feet tall. Without any hesitation, he used celestial spiritual energy and a golden light spread across his body. The amount of celestial spiritual energy Li Yuanfeng could use couldn’t compare to him. After all, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor had reached the early stage of Soul Transformation on his own.

“This old man didn’t want to use celestial spiritual energy because it will mess with my possession. Otherwise, I would have instantly killed you with it. Now that you have forced me to use celestial spiritual energy, you’re just asking for death!” the Giant Demon Clan ancestor shouted, and the golden light on his body became even brighter. Like the sun, the light was blinding.

As his body moved, the sky shattered, creating countless spatial rifts. Waves of destructive wind came out from the rifts and covered the surrounding area.

He threw a punch filled with golden light. This punch was filled with celestial spiritual energy. It was the full power of an early stage Soul Transformation cultivator.

Normal cultivators would infuse celestial spiritual energy into their spells and techniques, but for the Giant Demon Clan members, nothing was better than their bodies, so this punch not only contained celestial spiritual energy, it also contained the powerful force of the body of a Giant Demon Clan member.

The power of one punch caused the entire plain north of the Giant Demon Clan to shatter and collapse into countless specks of dust that were pushed far away by the pressure.

“Wang Lin, accept your death!” The Giant Demon Clan ancestor also felt helpless. Now that he had used celestial spiritual energy, this body could no longer be used again and he would have to find another body.

After the body has been damaged by the celestial energy, he won’t be able to properly fuse with it anymore. It would only be possible to use it if his cultivation level was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with a strange light. The power of that punch made him feel a sense of danger. Aside from the time he fought against the heavens’ messenger, this was the second time Wang Lin had felt danger when he was fused with his original body.

But at this moment, Wang Lin wasn’t afraid at all. He let out a roar as the three stars on his forehead began to rapidly spin and a purple aura covered his body.

At the same time, the figure of the ancient god appeared behind him once more.

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