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Chapter 398 – Chi Hu’s choice

Chi Hu’s figure moved like lightning and arrived almost immediately after he heard those words. He looked at his surrounding clan members who each had a light and dark mark on their foreheads.

Chi Hu could only detect very faint spiritual energy fluctuations. It was clear that their cultivations had already been sealed.

These more than 100 clan members all displayed very ugly expressions with shock mixed in. Although they had already heard of this, to experience it themselves made them feel very bitter.

Chi Hu looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression and loudly asked, “Ceng Niu, do you consider me, Chi Hu, your friend?”

Wang Lin looked at Chi Hu and nodded. “I don’t have many friends in my life, but you, Chi Hu, can be considered one!”

Chi Hu stared at Wang Lin and said, word for word, “Ceng Niu, if you consider I, Chi Hu, your friend, then immediately leave the Giant Demon Clan!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. After a while, he slowly said, “Chi Hu, do you know why I haven’t killed a single person in the Giant Demon Clan yet? If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have spared them.”

As the two spoke, even more Giant Demon Clan members arrived and surrounded them. They created an oppressive aura that slowly closed in.

Chi Hu’s heart felt bitter. He revealed a strained expression and said, “Ceng Niu, you…”

Wang Lin looked at Chi Hu and gently sighed. “Chi Hu, tell me where the Giant Demon Clan ancestor is and I’ll go find him. As for the other Giant Demon Clan members, I won’t hurt them”

“So bold!”


Countless curses came from the surrounding Giant Demon Clan members, then three old men wearing purple and with axes flashing on their foreheads walked out.

When the three of them appeared, a powerful spiritual pressure came with them.

Wang Lin glanced at them. All three of them were at the peak of the late stage of Soul Formation. They also had traces of celestial spiritual energy inside them. They were clearly on the edge of breaking through to the Soul Transformation stage.

One of the purple-robed elders gloomily said, “Ceng Niu, I’m the head elder of the Giant Demon Clan. I challenge you to a duel!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold. He looked at the elder and said, “You are not worthy!” With that, he turned back to Chi Hu for his reply.

The old man’s face changed from green to red as he stared at Wang Lin. After letting out a laugh, his eyes became cold and he stepped forward. A giant axe appeared in his hand and he charged toward Wang Lin with a roar.

Members of the Giant Demon Clan rarely used any spells or techniques; they mostly used their powerful bodies to attack.

Wang Lin glanced at that old man. He formed a fist with his right hand and threw a punch.


With a loud bang, the old man was forced back several feet and his face paled as he revealed a look of disbelief. The other purple-robed elders’ expressions changed greatly as they secretly cursed.

Wang Lin didn’t even move. He looked at the old man and said, “You are still not worthy!”

Chi Hu bitterly said, “I don’t know where the ancestor is. Ceng Niu, stay your hand; my Giant Demon Clan is not your enemy.”

Wang Lin pondered. After a long time, he looked into the sky and then pointed at Chi Hu. “Chi Hu, tell your ancestor to return my flying sword and I’ll leave immediately!”

Chi Hu secretly sighed. He looked at Wang Lin as he struggled to make a choice in his heart. Shortly after, he depressingly said, “No one knows where the ancestor is, but once we open the Heaven Passage formation, we can contact the ancestor. Ceng Niu, once you have the celestial sword, you should quickly leave.”

Wang Lin looked at Chi Hu and slowly nodded.

The three purple-robed elders remained silent. They were the three strongest members of the clan aside from the ancestor. If they couldn’t resist against Wang Lin, there was no need to talk about the other clan members.

Especially after they saw that more than 100 clan members were sealed, their hearts immediately darkened.

Chi Hu turned around to look at the three elders with a complex expression in his eyes and said, “Three elders, please open the Giant Demon Clan’s Heaven Passage formation. I order it as the junior sect master!”

The three purple-robed elders looked at each other and quickly nodded. Without any hesitation, they slapped their foreheads and a purple axe appeared in each of their hands.

“Open the western Giant Demon Palaces!” one of the elders shouted. He threw the axe in his hand into the air and shot out rays of spiritual energy.

The ground of the Giant Demon Clan suddenly began to shake and a black pillar of light that pierced through the sky appeared in the western part of the Giant Demon Clan.

A powerful wave of spiritual energy began to spread from it.

At the same time, a black pillar of light appeared in the east.

This didn’t end just yet. After the two pillars of black light appeared, a third one soon followed. The ground shook even more and countless cracks spread all over the ground.

Ripples of spiritual energy spread out from each of the three pillars.

“Open the southern Giant Demon Palaces!”

“Open the northern Giant Demon Palaces!”

The other two purple-robed elders shouted almost at the same time as the first and threw their axes into the air as well.

The north and south suddenly began to rumble as a total of six more black pillars appeared. At this moment, a mysterious sound began to echo in all directions.

Chi Hu looked at Wang Lin. He clenched his teeth and said, “Open the eastern Giant Demon Palaces!”

The moment he said that, rumblings could be heard from the east and three black pillars appeared.

If someone were to look from above, the entire Giant Demon Clan was completely covered by the black light from the 12 pillars. With three pillars in each direction, it seemed to form a heavenly prison.

At this moment, as the 12 pillars rose into the sky, all of the clan members around Wang Lin sat down cross-legged and began to mutter.

Their voices fused together in a very strange way and like an endless curse, it began to spread.

At this moment, the Giant Demon Clan members who hadn’t arrived yet, whether they were at the Qi Condensation stage or the Soul Formation stage, all stopped and began to echo this strange song.

The song seemed to be the only sound left in this world.

The 12 black pillars emitted a black light, and in reaction to this strange song, the black light became even stronger.

Wang Lin revealed a hint of sadness in his eyes. He saw the struggle in Chi Hu’s eyes. However, he had very few relations with anyone and really considered Chi Hu his friend.

In a 5,000 kilometer radius, he and Chi Hu were the only ones standing. Everyone else was sitting down cross-legged while singing that strange song.

Chi Hu looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression and bitterly said, “Ceng Niu, I let you down! However, the ancestor is the hope of my Giant Demon Clan, and as the junior sect master, this is my duty… Even with the ancestor’s body, he can’t withstand eight blows from the Heaven Passage formation. Your body isn’t as strong as the bodies of my Giant Demon Clan’s members, so there is no chance of survival…”

He raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Lin.

The strange song that surrounded the entire Giant Demon Clan suddenly became even louder and more intense. The 12 black pillars suddenly trembled and started moving very quickly toward Wang Lin, who was at the center.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He looked at Chi Hu and blandly said, “Chi Hu, for what happened at the Celestial Realm, you owed me, and from two years ago, I owe you. Consider the two matters even!”

Chi Hu’s eyes darkened. “Even… that is indeed correct, we are even.”

Wang Lin raised his head to look at the 12 black pillars coming from all directions and laughed. “Chi Hu, do you really think this Heaven Passage formation can kill me? Break for me!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He suddenly appeared before one of the black pillars and threw a punch.


The black pillar suddenly shattered, creating a powerful force. Wang Lin’s body was pushed back several feet and his right fist started bleeding.

“The first pillar!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. During the fight with Li Yuanfeng, he wasn’t able to use the full power of a three-star ancient god’s body. At this moment, his eyes were filled with battle intent. He licked the blood from his right fist and charged toward the next pillar.

With a bang, the second pillar suddenly collapsed. Wang Lin laughed and said, “The second pillar!”

His figure moved once more and appeared next to another pillar. The sky was currently filled with countless cracks due to the black pillars. It was reaching its limit before shattering.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wang Lin began to laugh like mad. He moved again and and shattered another pillar. Every time he shattered a pillar, his fist would bleed and he would lick away the blood. The current Wang Lin was very fierce. As he laughed, he shouted, “The eighth pillar!”

His clothes were in pieces, revealing his well-toned upper body filled with tiny cracks. The three stars on his forehead spun rapidly, not allowing anyone to see exactly what was there.

The song from the Giant Demon Clan became even louder and stranger. Their bodies were no longer unmoving but waving back and forth in a pattern.

Chi Hu revealed a look of disbelief. In the Giant Demon Clan, no one but the ancestor could withstand eight pillars, and that was the ancestor’s limit.

Of course, this was when he was only using his body. If the ancestor were to use spells, he could withstand all 12 pillars but would be injured.

Wang Lin let out a roar and moved like lightning as he threw out more punches. He shattered three of pillars in a row. The current Wang Lin was like a primal demon god.

“The last pillar. Chi Hu, look carefully!” As Wang Lin’s voice echoed in the heavens, the last pillar arrived.

This time Wang Lin didn’t punch, but with a roar, his body suddenly grew into a giant more than 100 feet tall.


The black pillar hit Wang Lin’s chest and shattered. Wang Lin was forced back three steps, but he wasn’t injured at all. He let out a roar and the Heaven Passage formation shattered.

This was a real display of the peak power of a three-star ancient god!

“Chi Hu, things are even between us. Giant Demon Clan, seal!” Wang Lin’s giant finger pointed at the sky and countless strands of grey gas appeared and entered the bodies of all the Giant Demon Clan members.

“From today onward, there will be no Nascent Soul or above cultivators! If anyone wants to break through past the Core Formation stage, they must have my approval! This is your punishment!” Wang Lin’s eyes were cold. At this moment, his word was like the heavens’ law that would decide the fate of the Giant Demon Clan.

The fusion of the avatar and the original body, the fusion of a late stage Soul Formation cultivator and a three-star ancient god; they created a very powerful Wang Lin.

Unless a Soul Transformation cultivator used celestial spiritual energy, no one on the planet had a body that could match the strength of his body.

This was an ancient god! A three-star ancient god!

Wang Lin already considered all of this. If he were to keep on hiding his strength like before, it would only invite trouble from more people. He might as well use killing Li Yuanfeng and the Giant Demon Clan ancestor as examples to show the entire planet and especially Zhuque Zhi that he was not a pawn!

After going to the country of Suzaku, Wang Lin felt a depressing feeling shrouding him. This was caused by the country of Suzaku and Mount Suzaku. Liu Mei’s appearance was like a corner of the fog being lifted, allowing Wang Lin to confirm that he was trapped in a conspiracy.

With Wang Lin’s personality, how could he allow others to push him about? This was why he didn’t hesitate to show his full strength.

He didn’t want to become a pawn. Even if he was a pawn, he would be a pawn covered in thorns, causing anyone who touched him to bleed.

Even if the matter of him being an ancient god was exposed, he had a way out. The ancient gods had already been extinct for countless years and were legends from ancient times. Even if Zhuque Zhi saw Wang Lin, he wouldn’t even be able to confirm if Wang Lin really was an ancient god.

After all, there were people who focused on refining their bodies; the Giant Demon Clan was a whole group of these people.

Wang Lin already considered all of this. He didn’t plan on staying on Suzaku for long; he planned to leave and go to planet Tian Yun once he obtains the one-billion-soul soul flag!

“Giant Demon Clan Ancestor, come out now!” Wang Lin floated in the air as he shouted. His voice spread across the entire Giant Demon Clan.

Chi Hu let out a wry smile as his body slumped over and fell down. Wang Lin didn’t kill him, but as the person in control of the formation, he suffered the backlash and sustained heavy injuries when it was destroyed.

Wang Lin’s voice spread across the entire Giant Demon Clan. At this moment, no one dared to stand up and resist this shout. The only person who had the power to resist was the Giant Demon Clan ancestor who remained hidden!

At this moment, at the boarder of the Giant Demon Clan, a woman wearing purple stood there, looking toward Wang Lin. She was very beautiful. Her eyes were filled with a mysterious light as she muttered to herself, “So this is your true strength… Wang Lin… It looks like even master underestimated you…”

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