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Chapter 400 – Xu Liguo

Wang Lin took a deep breath and gently threw a punch. Although the punch was gentle, it moved the ancient god figure behind him. The figure also raised its fist and threw out a punch at the same time.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s fist quickly arrived and collided with Wang Lin’s fist.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s face became pale as he coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his body weakened. Without any hesitation, he slapped his bag of holding, causing the celestial sword to appear. His expression was fierce as he shouted, “Wang Lin, accept your death!” Then he threw the celestial sword and then pointed at it.

Wang Lin’s body flew back like a meteor and was thrown far away. His entire right arm felt sore and numb; he had lost all feeling in his arm. The combination of the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s body and celestial spiritual energy inflicted damage upon him, causing his body to turn from a giant over 100 feet tall to normal size, but his eyes were still sparkling.

The moment the celestial sword appeared, black gas came out of it, forming the shape of Xu Liguo. The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s face was fierce as he shouted, “Slice!”

The moment he said that word, a powerful sword energy gathered on the celestial sword and descended upon Wang Lin.

Xu Liguo let out a roar and shouted, “Wang Lin, I’m coming for my revenge!”

The Giant Demon Clan’s ancestor revealed a smile and laughed. “Wang Lin, watch this old man use your own treasure to kill you!”

Wang Lin revealed a mocking smile. He didn’t dodge but pointed at the celestial sword. The celestial sword suddenly turned around and slashed down on the Giant Demon Clan ancestor like lightning.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor was stunned and his expression changed. The sword energy was already upon him, so it was too late for him to dodge; he was only able to move back a bit.

The sword energy slashed down and along with a splash of blood, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s left arm was cut clean off. He let out a miserable groan as he quickly backed up, leaving a trail of blood.

“Xu Liguo!!!! This old man will extract your soul and refine you alive in Yang fire!!!”

The hatred within the Giant Demon Clan ancestor could shatter the heavens and his anger could swallow the land. He let out a roar of rage as he quickly backed away.

He couldn’t help but back away for he hadn’t finished his possession and had to use celestial spiritual energy in that punch. Then Wang Lin met it with a punch with power equal to his own, causing his injuries to worsen.

But he calculated that Wang Lin would be injured as well, so he took out the celestial sword to kill Wang Lin. However, at that important moment, Xu Liguo betrayed him, and he wasn’t able to dodge in time, so he lost an arm.

Xu Liguo immediately laughed and shouted, “Little brat, no matter how powerful you are, you can’t compare to your grandpa Xu. I’m forever loyal; how could I be so easily controlled by you?!”

After Xu Liguo finished speaking, he quickly turned toward Wang Lin and smiled. “Master, how was it? How was it? Have I done good this time?”

Wang Lin let out a faint smile. He moved and grabbed the celestial sword, then he charged toward the Giant Demon Clan ancestor and said, “You did good. After we kill this person, I’ll take you to the foreign battleground and let you absorb the wandering souls there to increase your soul power.”

Xu Liguo immediately became very happy. During these past two years, he was indeed tempted; after all, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor was good to him. However, whenever he thought about how Wang Lin treated the wandering souls and number 2 and number 3, his heart shivered and he immediately gave up on betraying Wang Lin.

In his view, this Wang Lin walked a bloody path; everyone who had messed with Wang Lin had been killed and none were spared. He felt that this Giant Demon Clan ancestor wouldn’t be any different, so he had to make sure he picked the right side or else there would be disaster to come.

Right now he felt very proud and thought, “Your grandpa Xu is still the smartest. It looks like I did the right thing this time. In the future, this fiend will definitely see me in a new light.”

Thinking about how good the Giant Demon Clan ancestor had treated him, he couldn’t help but feel a bit sad and think, “Why couldn’t master have come in a few years so I could enjoy it a bit more? So unfortunate…”

Especially when he thought about that little sister fairy, his heart ached and he thought, “Don’t worry, little sister fairy, I’ll definitely save you from the sea of fire!”

Another reason why Xu Liguo betrayed the Giant Demon Clan ancestor without any hesitation beside his crippling fear of Wang Lin was Feng Luan’s soul.

When he interacted with that soul, he personally promised to save her from the hands of the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

Thinking about this, he quickly said to Wang Lin, “Master, that Giant Demon Clan old bag of bones has a wheel-shaped treasure inside his bag which has a soul sealed inside it. Once you kill that old bag of bones, you have to save that soul.”

Wang Lin nodded. He moved like lightning with the celestial sword in his hand as he chased after the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor continued to roar. Most of his anger came from Xu Liguo. In these past two years, he had treated Xu Liguo well and even took out the sealed lust soul, but in the end, this Xu Liguo still defected.

“Xu Liguo! This old man will definitely refine you alive!” After the Giant Demon Clan ancestor shouted this, he started moving even faster.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He raised his hand and swung down the celestial sword without any hesitation. A ray of sword energy suddenly shot out from the celestial sword.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor dodged it and continued to escape. Soon, he arrived at the eastern edge of the Giant Demon Clan. When he got here, he suddenly stopped and turned around. He slapped his bag of holding and a black stick appeared. He waved the stick, causing black flames to appear, then the stick suddenly turned into a torch.

“Wang Lin, this place will be your graveyard! Your body will be used for my next possession!” the Giant Demon Clan ancestor shouted, and then he swung the torch in his hand.

With a boom, the surrounding 10,000 feet suddenly became a sea of fire.

“Black flame beast!” As he shouted, he stabbed the torch into the ground. Then he activated the celestial energy in his body and started to create seals, all of which were thrown at the torch.

The black torch quickly started releasing a demonic light. All of the surrounding flames suddenly began to move mysteriously toward the torch. The flames gathered above the torch to form a beast over 100 feet tall.

This beast had a big head and its body was covered in flaming spikes. The beast kind of looked like a bear but didn’t seem to be one.

This black flame beast let out a roar as its fiery red eyes locked onto Wang Lin and then it charged toward him.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He swung the celestial sword and a ray of sword energy hit the black flame beast. The black flame beast was knocked back and a wound appeared on its chest; however, that wound quickly healed.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared in his hand. He waved the flag and countless strands of restriction gas flew out. He softly said, “Seal!”

The restriction gas transformed into many lances, all of which flew down on the black flame beast like a rain of lances.

After a series of bangs, the lances landed all around the black flame beast and completely trapped it.

Wang Lin pointed with his right hand and whispered, “Explode!”


All of the lances exploded in one loud boom, creating a shock wave that spread out in all directions.

As the shock wave approached Wang Lin, a soul flag flew out. This wasn’t the one-billion-soul soul flag but the thousand-soul soul flag that Wang Lin had refined himself.

However, with Li Yuanfeng as the primary soul of this soul flag, it had already become very powerful.

With a shake of the flag, more than one thousand soul fragments flew out with Li Yuanfeng’s soul fragment at the front. This soul fragment had long had its memories wiped by Wang Lin; now it was just a primary soul that accepted orders from the owner of the soul flag.

“Destroy!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. The one thousand plus soul fragments all let out ghostly wails. Under the command of Li Yuanfeng’s soul fragment, the soul fragments all charged toward the black flame beast that had just escaped the shock wave.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin looked at the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. Wang Lin didn’t believe that a Soul Transformation cultivator only had this small amount of techniques. The Giant Demon Clan ancestor had to be hiding his ace. Also, there must’ve been a reason for the Giant Demon Clan ancestor to stop here.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor took a deep breath. Both of his hands formed a seal and then a giant print appeared before him. With a roar, he pushed the giant print into the sky. The print quickly turned into countless smaller prints and disappeared.

At the same time, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor moved. He got down on both knees in the air and bowed to the sky. Then he shouted, “The Giant Demon Clan’s 67th generation clan member requests to retrieve the treasure left by our ancestor to resolve a calamity for my Giant Demon Clan!”

The moment he finished speaking, the sky immediately darkened and the ground began to shake across the entire Giant Demon Clan.

There was a mountain on the eastern border of the Giant Demon Clan. This mountain was very tall and was in fact the tallest mountain in the country. From a distance, it looked like it pierced into the heavens. At this moment, the mountain split in half and a giant axe emitting a red glow flew out.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor revealed a look of respect he had never shown before. He reached out and the giant axe flew into his hand.

In an instant, rays of red lightning came from the axe and covered the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s body. A powerful aura never felt from the Giant Demon Clan ancestor suddenly appeared.

“Wang Lin, back when my Giant Demon Clan first moved to this planet, our founding ancestor used this axe to break into the Immortal Graveyard. While in there, he killed two nine-leaf Savages to earn the right for my Giant Demon Clan to live here. Today the founding ancestor is still missing, but the axe still remains here!”

Wang Lin looked at the red axe in the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s hand. He couldn’t help but think of the body that was buried under the Corpse Sect in Zhao.

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