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Chapter 397 – Giant Demon Clan

Wang Lin’s origin soul emitted a golden light. This golden light came from activating the soul sealing technique. The 12 souls were the 12 Soul Transformation ancestors of the Soul Refining Sect that willingly gave up their souls to be sealed within the soul flag.

With the 12 Soul Transformation soul fragments in there, the power of this soul flag was already enough to shake the heavens.

In addition to those 12 Soul Transformation soul fragments, there were more than 100 Soul Formation soul fragments and countless Nascent Soul soul fragments.

As the 12 Soul Transformation soul fragments bowed, all the other soul fragments inside the flag became silent. Soul force came out from all the soul fragments in the form of black gas and gathered before Wang Lin’s origin soul.

Strands of black gas gathered from all directions; even the 12 Soul Transformation soul fragments turned into stands of black gas. All of the black gas gathered to form a 30-foot-tall flag before Wang Lin’s origin soul.

Everything Wang Lin saw was inside the soul flag. The flag that appeared before him was the spirit of the soul flag. If he could control this, he could truly control the one-billion-soul soul flag.

Wang Lin’s origin soul reached out and grabbed the flag. He suddenly felt his body tremble and then his origin soul returned to his body.

At the top of the Soul Refining Mountain, Wang Lin opened his eyes and found that there was nothing before him, but he could sense a purple and gold flag within him being refined by his origin soul.

“Giant Demon Clan ancestor, this will be a calamity you’ll have a hard time escaping from!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he disappeared from the Soul Refining Sect.

After Wang Lin left, a sigh came from the blood ring where Du Tian was doing his closed door cultivation.

Wang Lin quickly appeared at the ancient transfer array, opened it up, and disappeared from Pilu.

Giant Demon Clan.

The Giant Demon Clan’s territory was very large. When they moved over from another planet, they made an agreement with the one who was Suzaku at the time and were given this land to flourish upon.

In the Giant Demon Clan, there were 12 Giant Demon Palaces. All 12 palaces looked the same and were very large.

Ever since two years ago, when the ancestor lost his body and possessed another, his whereabouts were unknown.

After all, one was at their weakest during possession. This was why the ancestor changed his closed door cultivation location three times.

On this day, Chi Hu sat inside the third palace with a piece of jade in his hand. His face was pale and filled with confusion.

“Ceng Niu killed Xue Yue’s Li Yuanfeng. With my understanding of him, I think that his next target will be the ancestor…. If he comes, that means he is confident… What should I do…”

“Although the ancestor is wrong, he is the hope of the Giant Demon Clan; everything he has done was for the future of the Giant Demon Clan.”

“But Ceng Niu considers me a real friend… ah!”

Chi Hu bitterly shook his head. His eyes were filled with confusion.

Wang Lin appeared at the edge of the Giant Demon Clan. He wasn’t in a rush to enter the Giant Demon Clan. Instead, he created a cave at the border and began to use various materials in his bag to build a formation.

The only purpose of this formation was to act as a beacon.

This was what Wang Lin came up with to deal with the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s bloodline power. Even if he were to get teleported into space, he could use this formation as a beacon to return and not be lost in space.

This was like attaching himself with a rope, so even if he gets teleported, he won’t be teleported too far and will be able to find his way back.

This was formation from the jade Du Tian had left him. Wang Lin studied it and added some changes to it, making it even more intricate.

He spent three months to completely set up this formation and even placed a celestial jade as its energy source. Then he placed down countless restrictions around the area to protect it.

After finishing all of this, Wang Lin raised his head toward the Giant Demon Clan. His eyes became cold and then he disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already at the center of the Giant Demon Clan.

He spread out his divine sense and immediately covered a majority of the country.

“Giant Demon Clan ancestor, come out now!” Wang Lin’s message spread through his divine sense and was immediately heard by countless Giant Demon Clan clan members.

Some of these clan members were in the middle of cultivating or sparing, but the moment they heard this, they stopped what they were doing and looked toward Wang Lin.

Chi Hu sighed and disappeared from the palace.

After Wang Lin sent out the message, he calmly stood there.

In almost the blink of an eye, countless rays of light came from all directions and stopped 1,000 feet away from him. There were males and females, old and young; all of them stared at Wang Lin with gloomy expressions.

Aside from those people, there were countless more flying over.

At this moment, an old man appeared from thin air and all the other clan members made way for him.

The old man stopped 100 feet before Wang Lin. He frowned and shouted, “Who are you?”

Wang Lin’s gaze was like lightning as he stared at the old man and said, “Ceng Niu!”

The moment those two words came out, the surroundings immediately became silent. Almost all of the Giant Demon Clan clan members’ eyes were filled with fear.

“Ceng Niu, it was he who won against Red Butterfly!”

“He is the Ceng Niu that killed Li Yuanfeng, caused Xue Yue to become a rank 3 cultivation country, and sealed all of Xue Yue’s Soul Formation cultivators.”

“The number one cultivator under the Soul Transformation stage!”

“Rumor has it that he has already reached the Soul Transformation stage or else there is no way he could’ve killed Li Yuanfeng.”

Even the old man who had spoken took a deep breath. He looked at Ceng Niu and slowly asked, “Fellow cultivator Ceng Niu, what are you looking for my clan’s ancestor for?”

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he said, “Kill!”

The old man’s expression was ugly. He let out an angry laugh as he pointed at Wang Lin and said, “I have heard that you were arrogant. Now that I’ve met you, I can see that you are indeed so! Ceng Niu, my Giant Demon Clan isn’t Xue Yue; how can we let you kill as you wish? Today, without even the need for the ancestor to come out, my Giant Demon Clan will kill you!” With that, the old man slapped his bag of holding and a black token appeared. He held the black token up and shouted, “I use my status as the elder of the Giant Demon Clan to order all clan members to use everything to kill Ceng Niu!”

The moment he said it, the token turned to dust and a mysterious power quickly spread across the entire Giant Demon Clan.

Every clan member felt the message from the mysterious power.

As the old man gave out the order, the hundred plus clan members around Wang Lin all let out roars and their bodies grew several times larger. In the blink of an eye, they had all turned into giants tens of feet tall. They all touched their foreheads and war axes appeared in their hands.

The aura they exuded was heaven-shattering!

“Kill!” The old man let out a roar as crackling sounds came from all over his body. He became a 100-foot-tall giant and swung down an axe covered by a purple light on Wang Lin.

“Kill!!!” The surrounding clan members all let out roars as they charged at Wang Lin. Their roars merged into a sound wave which also joined the charge.

The Giant Demon Clan was very different from other clans. Once an enemy is identified by an elder, they would never fight by themselves but attack in groups.

They would also no longer try to talk anymore; “kill” was the only word they would say.

An ordinary cultivator would be scared to death by these giants charging at them. Even if their expression remained calm, their heart would still tremble.

This sound contained heaven-shaking killing intent like a primal beast, but compared to Wang Lin, this was still not enough.

Wang Lin’s killing intent was very scary. He had lived almost his entire life by killing and this was especially true for his original body.

His avatar had fused with his original body, so all the killing intent from his original body was here. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as all the killing intent in his body exploded forth.

“Tell me where the Giant Demon Clan ancestor is hiding, or else die!”

Aside from Chi Hu, Wang Lin had no good intent toward the rest of the Giant Demon Clan. Because he couldn’t find where the Giant Demon Clan ancestor was when he spread out his divine sense, he became impatient.

As he spoke, he didn’t even look at the Giant Demon Clan members charging at him but instead activated his domain. The sky above the Giant Demon Clan darkened.

A mysterious power surrounded the heavens and earth. The life and death reincarnation scroll appeared in the sky along with the ancient god’s figure.

The ancient god in the sky held the life and death scroll. At this moment, this was the only thing in the sky.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he revealed a ruthless expression and calmly said, “Seal!”

Countless strands of grey gas suddenly came out from the scroll and landed on the bodies of the Giant Demon Clan members who were charging at Wang Lin.

The old man’s expression changed greatly. He clenched teeth and didn’t back down as he swung down the axe. Wang Lin glanced at the old man and softly said, “Scram!”

With just the power of one word, the old man’s body trembled and his origin soul became unstable; however, he let out a roar and used some unknown technique to recover and continue swinging down the axe.

Surprised, Wang Lin quickly threw out a punch.


The old man coughed out blood and was knocked back several feet before colliding with another clan member. That member also coughed out blood and together they were knocked back over 100 feet before they finally stopped.

At this moment, two strands of grey gas caught up to the two of them and entered their bodies.

“Ceng Niu, stop!” At this moment, a voice filled with pain came from the distance.

Wang Lin raised his head and the coldness on his face lessened.

“Chi Hu.”

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