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Chapter 396 – One billion soul soul flag

As the news of Ceng Niu’s battle with Li Yuanfeng spread across the planet, Ceng Niu disappeared once more.

After Wang Lin left Xue Yue, he immediately found an isolated place before bringing the two arms into the heaven defying bead.

He stood before Situ Nan’s giant soul. When he arrived, he released the seal on the two arms.

The moment he unsealed them, the two arms mysteriously floated around Situ Nan’s soul.

Wang Lin looked at what was happening with a serious expression. He had guessed that these were Situ Nan’s arms and now he was even more sure.

For the first time in hundreds of years, Situ Nan’s soul trembled. Then a bright light immediately appeared and surrounded the two severed arms.

The severed arms slowly moved toward his soul and eventually disappeared into it.

Wang Lin could clearly feel Situ Nan’s soul recovering at a very fast pace. From its half-transparent state, it was gradually becoming solid.

Shortly after, the light from the soul disappeared. At this moment, Situ Nan’s soul became solid once more, but he still hadn’t awakened yet.

“Back then, Situ Nan told me that only after I reach the Soul Transformation stage will I be able to help him reawaken. He was very vague about it. I’m afraid it has something to do with celestial spiritual energy.” Wang pondered a bit while looking at Situ Nan’s soul before looking at his parents’ soul.

He had stared at them for a very long time before he bitterly said, “Mom, dad, your son is supposed to send you both off back into the reincarnation cycle, but I can’t let go…”

After a very long time, Wang Lin let out a sigh and left the heaven defying bead.

“Those severed arms were indeed parts of Situ Nan’s body. I wonder if there are any more pieces of his body still remaining.” Wang Lin looked into the distance as he walked out from the heaven defying bead. That was where the Giant Demon Clan was located.

“I have already checked Li Yuanfeng’s soul. He only obtained the two severed arms by accident and has no idea where they came from.” Wang Lin shook his head, then he took a step and disappeared.

“I must take back the celestial sword from the Giant Demon Clan ancestor! Back then, Sun Tai fought against the Giant Demon Clan ancestor, but in the end, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor won by using his bloodline power. However, he was then hunted by Sun Tai’s corpse puppet, so whether he’s alive or dead is unknown.”

“Even if he didn’t die, he will still need to posses a new body. The time it takes for someone to get used to their new body could be long or short. I wonder if he has fully adapted to his new body…” With one step, Wang Lin appeared outside an ancient transfer array.

“The Giant Demon Clan ancestor is different from Li Yuanfeng. Li Yuanfeng reached the Soul Transformation stage by force, but the Giant Demon Clan ancestor reached it through his own cultivation. Also, the Giant Demon Clan’s fighting style is similar to an ancient god’s. Maybe their ancestor had some relation to the ancient gods.”

“As a result, I’m not confident in my fight against him!”

Wang Lin slightly frowned and stopped before entering the transfer array. One of the destinations on the transfer array was the Giant Demon Clan.

Wang Lin’s expression was very unsettled as he began to think.

“These aren’t even the most important things. The most important thing is the bloodline power he has that even the mid stage Soul Transformation Sun Tai dreaded. In the end, even Sun Tai was sucked into the vortex. As a result, my confidence in winning is even lower.”

“To battle or not to battle?!” For one of the first few times in Wang Lin’s life, he began to hesitate.

“If I battle, the outcome is uncertain!”

“Not battling would mean missing the best chance to kill this person. If I wait until he finishes his possession, I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait until I can kill him. The reason he wants to kill me must be because of the Giant Demon Clan member who saw the heaven defying bead all those years ago.”

Wang Lin has lived for 500 years; even the dumbest person would become like a fox, and he wasn’t dumb. These 500 years have given him the experience to see through many things.

After combining various clues, he had already seen through everything when he awakened two years ago.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stepped into the ancient transfer array. He placed a celestial jade into the formation and suddenly a map with ten shining dots appeared.

Wang Lin touched one of the dots with his right hand. The map disappeared and the transfer array opened.

As the array grew brighter and brighter, Wang Lin’s figure slowly disappeared.

An ancient transfer array in the country of Pilu flashed and a figure walked out.

The figure didn’t stop but directly charged toward the Soul Refining Sect.

At night, the three mountains of the Soul Refining Sect looked like three sharp swords pointing at the sky.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared outside the Soul Refining Sect. He passed through the defense formation and flew toward the nine golden rings.

The nine golden rings shined and then a middle-aged man appeared. When he saw Wang Lin, he revealed a complex expression before letting out a sigh and saying, “I, Ouyang Tian, greet junior sect master.”

“Junior sect master…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He realized that Du Tian must have told these Soul Formation cultivators what they had talked about.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, “Fellow cultivator Ouyang, I want to greet the ancestor.”

Ouyang Tian shook his head and said, “Ancestor has already gone into closed door cultivation, so unless it’s a very urgent matter, he is not to be disturbed. However, the ancestor already guessed that you would come, so he prepared two things for me to give you.”

With that, his expression became even more complex as he threw out a bag of holding.

Wang Lin calmly caught the bag of holding. After scanning it, his expression immediately became strange.

Ouyang Tian bitterly smiled. “Junior sect master is the next successor appointed by ancestor Du Tian himself. I have been in the Soul Refining Sect for 700 years and have never seen the ancestor give this to anyone even though it isn’t even the main flag but an illusionary sub flag.”

Earlier, he was called by ancestor Du Tian and was told to give Wang Lin this bag once Wang Lin arrived. He was curious and checked what was in the bag. What he found was shocking. If it wasn’t for his undying loyalty toward the Soul Refining Sect and his respect to ancestor Du Tian, he would have been consumed by greed.

There were only two things inside the bag.

A piece of jade and a soul flag.

Wang Lin took out the jade and scanned it. After a while, he took a deep breath and bowed toward the blood ring while saying, “Thank you!” Although it was soft, he remembered this in his heart.

With that, he nodded toward Ouyang Tian and disappeared.

Ouyang Tian’s expression became even more complex. He shook his head as he let out a sigh and returned to his golden ring.

“The Giant Demon Clan’s bloodline power is very strong, but the Giant Demon Clan ancestor has just reached the Soul Transformation stage, so he can’t use it to its full extent. He can only use it to teleport someone into the void outside of Suzaku.” Wang Lin didn’t leave the Soul Refining Sect but sat on top of the Soul Refining Mountain, his eyes sparking.

Inside the jade, Du Tian had recorded a very detailed description of the Giant Demon Clan’s bloodline power.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He touched the bag of holding Du Tian had left him and then a purple and golden light flew out.

This purple and golden light was very bright. It immediately turned into a 30-foot-tall flag that moved without any wind.

At the same time, waves of ghostly wails seemed to come out from the flag and the sky darkened even more. Even the moon seemed to be hiding behind the clouds as if it were too scared to come out.

Several purple and golden lights could be seen inside the flag. It was as if they were going to come out and devour the heavens and the earth.

“One-billion-soul soul flag!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and stared at this flag.

This was the second object ancestor Du Tian had placed in the bag and what caused Ouyang Tian’s expression to be so complex. Wang Lin came back this time to borrow a treasure from ancestor Du Tian so he could kill the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

However, this flag wasn’t the real flag; the real flag was beside Du Tian during his closed door cultivation.

The flag before him was a sub flag created from the main flag. It contained ⅓ of the power of the real flag and could only be used twice. After two uses, it will disappear.

Even so, this sub flag was priceless. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he grabbed the flag. The moment he touched it, his origin soul shook and extended from his body into the soul flag. Then the feeling of having entered a hell for cultivators appeared.

He could see a sea of souls crashing toward him and drowning him.

Waves of screams and painful sounds crashed toward Wang Lin like waves of powerful attacks. He suddenly felt like he was being hit by a billion soul fragments.

Even with his powerful body, he felt like he was about to shatter under this force. What shocked him the most was that his origin soul showed signs of collapsing.

He wasn’t even able to resist one attack!

The right hand holding the flag trembled. Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled and he quickly regained his focus to activate the soul sealing technique Du Tian gave him.

The one-billion-soul soul flag was the number one treasure of the Soul Refining Sect. Even on the entire planet, this treasure could be considered one of the top treasures.

This treasure was like the war chariot and the celestial sword; it required its own unique method that was inherited from previous generations to control.

The method to controlling this soul flag was the soul sealing method. As of now, including Wang Lin, only two people knew the soul sealing technique.

This was different from the war chariot. Although he had the technique to control it, Wang Lin was too weak to use it properly, so the power wasn’t as strong as it should be.

However, this soul flag wasn’t the same. Although there was a cultivation level requirement, it wasn’t as high as the war chariot’s. With his original body and avatar fused, Wang Lin’s current cultivation level was enough to use this flag.

The soul sealing technique activated in his body and his origin soul inside the soul flag suddenly began to glow. All of the soul fragments that were charging toward him let out painful screams.

Among those soul fragments there were 12 purple and golden souls that flew out and surrounded Wang Lin. These souls gave off a powerful pressure.

The 12 purple and golden soul fragments bowed toward Wang Lin.

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