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Chapter 394 – The weakest soul transformation and the real Wang Lin

Li Yuanfeng took a deep breath and slowly said, “Ceng Niu, don’t drag others into our fight. All of you leave, stay 5,000 kilometers away. No one is allowed to come closer.”

The Soul Formation cultivators of Xue Yue all backed up. Their arrival was fierce, but they had to leave like this. The stark difference caused many of them to feel bitterness in their hearts and deep fear toward Wang Lin.

Just the power of one word was enough to match a Soul Transformation cultivator.

Wang Lin took one step forward and jumped toward Li Yuanfeng with a punch. The punch hadn’t even arrived but the sonic booms could be heard.

“Li Yuanfeng, let us settle the matter from two years ago!” As Wang Lin shouted, he suddenly arrived before Li Yuanfeng and his punch landed.

Li Yuanfeng’s expression was gloomy as he quickly backed up. His right hand slapped his bag of holding and a small, black drum appeared. As soon as it came out, the drum began to let out a beat.

This song was very strange; it didn’t sound like a drum beating but instead like a heart beating.

As the sound echoed, Wang Lin felt his heartbeat being affected by this sound. His expression remained calm as he finished the punch.

Li Yuanfeng’s expression changed. The beating of the drum became even louder and faster.

Wang Lin let out a roar. The mysterious power affecting his heartbeat immediately shattered and his fist landed on the small drum.


Li Yuanfeng backed up once more. The small drum turned to dust and disappeared.

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as he closed in once more.

As Wang Lin closed in, he coldly said, “Li Yuanfeng, is this the power of a Soul Transformation cultivator?”

Li Yuanfeng looked at Wang Lin as he backed up and let out a roar. Both of his hands formed a seal and pressed it on his chest. He suddenly spat out a ray of golden light.

The golden light quickly turned into a 1,000-foot-tall ice giant and then Li Yuanfeng disappeared into the ice giant.

The ice giant let out a roar that quickly spread everywhere.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. This ice giant looked almost exactly the same as the one Red Butterfly used but smaller.

It took a step forward as it roared and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. The body of the ancient god had only lost to the heaven’s messenger. He let out a laugh as he charged toward the ice giant.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of collisions occurred between Wang Lin’s fists and the ice giant. The ground shattered as the two continued their battle and the cracks in the sky increased until it looked like it was about to fall down.

Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder with every punch. A three-star ancient god already possessed unimaginable strength, so he didn’t even feel any pain; each punch only made his hands feel a bit itchy.

Every punch would cause small cracks to appear on the ice giant, and after every punch, it would let out an angry roar as it took a step back.

“Li Yuanfeng, today you will die!” Wang Lin threw a punch.


Li Yuanfeng backed up once more. Even more cracks appeared on the ice giant.

“Break!” Wang Lin let out a roar and then he suddenly charged out and slammed into the chest of the ice giant.

A series of cracking sounds came from the ice giant. Pieces of ice fell until its entire body collapsed. Li Yuanfeng coughed out a mouthful of blood as he flew out. His eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, “Ceng Niu, if it wasn’t for the fact that my injuries haven’t healed yet, how could I let you humiliate me so!? Forget it. I’ll risk my cultivation level dropping to kill you today!”

Aside from their domains, Soul Transformation cultivators can also use celestial spiritual energy.

Li Yuanfeng’s eyes were gloomy. His hands formed seals and then a mysterious power surrounded him as tea leaves appeared around him.

These tea leaves all looked to be of top quality and an exotic aroma began to spread from them.

“Domain taking physical form…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. When he was hit by Li Yuanfeng’s tea mark before, he had an idea. Soul Transformation cultivators should be able to make their domains take physical form rather than remain non-corporeal.

At this moment, with Li Yuanfeng’s domain attack, Wang Lin got the answer to his question.

In reality, aside from getting revenge, the battle with Li Yuanfeng was also Wang Lin getting himself ready for the Soul Transformation stage.

After reaching his current cultivation level, comprehending the heavens was one way to break through, but fighting a Soul Transformation cultivator was another way to comprehend his domain.

There was one more reason though, which was to look for that broken arm that called itself Situ Nan.

Staring at the tea leaves around Li Yuanfeng’s body, Wang Lin took a deep breath and his origin soul spread from his body to communicate with the heavens and earth. The space had already been sealed by Li Yuanfeng, but rifts opened in space as if there was a pair of invisible hands tearing the sky open and then a mass of grey gas came out from the rifts.

More and more grey gas gathered and then a giant scroll that covered most of the sky suddenly appeared.

Life and death reincarnation scroll!

“Now that my original body and avatar have fused, will my domain also have changed…” Wang Lin thought about the image that appeared behind his original body when he fought against the heaven’s messenger.

His heart skipped a beat, then the three stars quickly appeared on his forehead and began to spin. Soon, a giant figure slowly appeared behind his body.

This figure’s head pierced into the sky and its foot was on the ground. The moment the figure appeared, its hand reached out and grabbed the scroll.

This bizarre scene caused Li Yuanfeng to stare at the sky dumbfoundedly. He was unable for speak for a long time. Although he knew that Ceng Niu’s domain was life and death, now that he suddenly saw this figure, his heart began to tremble.

“What… what domain is this!?!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He didn’t think that his avatar’s domain and the ancient god’s image could work together like this. He pointed at Li Yuanfeng.

The giant figure shook the scroll, causing a large amount of grey gas to appear. The gas transformed into an illusionary figure similar to the heaven’s messenger. It was made up completely of the grey gas. The figure charged toward Li Yuanfeng.

A sense of danger like when he was chased by Sun Tai’s lightning appeared in his heart. He didn’t hesitate to shout, “Tea domain!”

At this moment, the tea leaves around him suddenly grew and turned into tea flowers. The mysterious aroma became even stronger.

The illusionary figure quickly arrived and collided with the tea flowers. The figure quickly disappeared, but the tea flowers also collapsed.

This collapse happened in an instant. All of the tea flowers disappeared so quickly that it was like they had never existed. The domain aura that covered the area also disappeared.

At the same time, Wang Lin felt his origin soul become weak as if some kind of power had been pulled out of him. The life and death reincarnation scroll disappeared and the figure also slowly dissipated.

Li Yuanfeng’s face was pale. His body trembled as he coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

“You are not at the late stage of Soul Formation… your domain has already reached the Soul Transformation stage…” Li Yuanfeng’s face showed his pain as he stared at Wang Lin, but his eyes were filled with madness.

“Celestial spiritual energy!” Li Yuanfeng decided to ignore the injuries in his body and use celestial spiritual energy. A small piece of celestial jade appeared in his hand and then the celestial spiritual energy in his body began to move.

To be able to absorb and use celestial spiritual energy, this was the standard for a Soul Transformation cultivator.

At this moment, as a result of Li Yuanfeng using all of the celestial spiritual energy in his body, a powerful pressure appeared from him.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. He slapped his bag of holding and the soul flag appeared. With a shake of the soul flag, countless souls came out, forming a mass of black gas around him.

At the same time, the restriction flag also appeared. With a wave, countless restrictions flew out. Looking from a distance, Wang Lin was covered by a swirl of black gas like a storm.

Li Yuanfeng stared at Wang Lin and let out a grin. His hand formed a seal and then countless balls of ice appeared. This was the most common technique in Xue Yue; almost everyone knew it.

But these balls of ice contained the power to destroy the heavens and earth.

“Ceng Niu, accept death!” Li Yuanfeng shouted, as he pushed his hands forward. At this moment, all of the balls of ice trembled and shot toward Wang Lin.

The souls and restrictions weren’t able to slow the balls of ice at all. The moment they touched the balls of ice, they disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He could feel celestial spiritual energy inside each of those balls of ice, only there wasn’t a lot in them.

“Let’s see how strong these balls of ice that contain a hint of celestial spiritual energy are!” He charged out of the mass of black gas and punched a ball of ice.

Boom boom boom!

An earth-shattering sound that all of Xue Yue and the surrounding countries heard spread out. The entire land of Xue Yue began to shatter and the thick layer of snow began to collapse.

Wang Lin’s body quickly backed up. His right fist was slightly trembling. Layers of ice appeared on his fist but quickly disappeared.

“If I can reach the Soul Transformation stage and control celestial spiritual energy, the soul flag and restriction flag will be countless times stronger when celestial spiritual energy is infused into them.”

“Also, the celestial sword; if celestial energy is infused into it, it will become much more powerful than before!” At this moment, Wang Lin couldn’t wait to reach the Soul Transformation stage. His eyes sparkled brightly.

“Ceng Niu, die for me!” Li Yuanfeng’s eyes were bloodshot, his veins were bulging, and his expression was fierce. However, his body was trembling. This was the sign of him overusing celestial spiritual energy.

After all, he didn’t reach the Soul Transformation stage normally; he reached it by force. The amount of celestial spiritual energy he could use was very small.

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