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Chapter 393 – The power of one word

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He pointed at this brow and the heaven defying bead appeared.

His eyes lit up and he slapped his bag of holding, causing a piece of crystal to appear. This was the wood spirit Wang Lin stole before the elder of the country of Suzaku after his battle with Red Butterfly.

“Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth; the heaven defying bead is only missing metal and half of the wood element. According to what Situ Nan said, once the five elements are complete, it will be able to recognize an owner. That day will soon arrive.” Wang Lin moved the wood-element crystal toward the bead.

The moment the two touched, the wood crystal disappeared into the heaven defying bead. The leaves on the heaven defying bead began to move and open one by one until finally it reached completion.

“Now I’m only missing the metal element!” Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled as he looked toward Xue Yue. “The metal element can wait. Li Yuanfeng, I’m coming!”

He put away the heaven defying bead, landed on the thunder toad, and laughed. “Old friend, let us go!”

The thunder toad let out a happy roar and kicked the ground, causing it to shatter. The thunder toad shot into the sky like a meteor.

Wang Lin let out a laugh and slapped his bag of holding. The mosquito appeared and let out a roar. Then its sharp mouth stabbed toward the thunder toad.

The thunder toad rolled its eyes. Its tongue shot out like lightning and started to play with the mosquito.

Wang Lin sat on the back of the thunder toad and smiled as he looked at the two beasts play. He then turned toward Xue Yue. Although his smile was still there, it now contained a hint of coldness.

Xue Yue.

The once green land of the Four Sect Alliance was now completely white; it had turned into a snow field.

The sun reflected off the snow, causing a powerful glare. If one looked at it for too long, their eyes would tear up from the pain or they might even lose their eyesight.

The mortals living in Xue Yue had their own ways of protecting their eyes. After Xue Yue became a rank 5 cultivation country, the mortal world naturally became more prosperous.

At the center of Xue Yue was an ice palace.

This was the most sacred place in Xue Yue; it was where the only Soul Transformation cultivator of Xue Yue, Li Yuanfeng, cultivated all year round.

After being injured by Sun Tai’s lightning, he had been recovering slowly. He did after all reach the Soul Transformation stage by force. It was already very lucky that he didn’t lose his life.

There were several large blocks of ice around him, each one emitting celestial spiritual energy.

Using this method to heal was still not enough for Li Yuanfeng.

In these past two years, he had been sending people to Mount Suzaku to get some celestial jade from Red Butterfly, but they were stopped outside every time.

Li Yuanfeng was very puzzled. As time passed, he became suspicious and couldn’t help but resent Red Butterfly.

After all, he was injured from trying to kill Ceng Niu, which was all for Red Butterfly.

He had spent these two years trying to heal his injuries. Based on his calculations, he would need another year to completely recover.

On this day, at the edge of Xue Yue, a white figure slowly entered the country. He looked toward Xue Yue with a reminiscent look.

“Four Sect Alliance…” Wang Lin let out a sigh and disappeared into the distance.

The capital of Xue Yue was where the capital of the Four Sect Alliance once was. There was a street in this city containing decades of Wang Lin’s memories.

On this day, on this street, Wang Lin appeared. As he looked at the familiar street, he couldn’t help but think of Da Niu’s family.

After a very long time, his eyes were filled with melancholy as he left.

Inside the Snow and Ice Palace, Li Yuanfeng was cultivating when he suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes lit up as he raised his head and looked toward outside the palace.

“Li Yuanfeng!” In the square outside the palace, the roaring wind caused the snow to fly through the air.

An illusionary figure slowly walked through the snow. It gradually became more solid, and when it was ten steps from the palace gates, the figure revealed itself as Wang Lin.

The current Wang Lin had a cold expression as he looked at the shocked Li Yuanfeng.

Li Yuanfeng’s pupils shrank as he stared at Wang Lin. After a while, he gloomily said, “Ceng Niu!” Although his expression remained calm, his heart was shocked. He couldn’t imagine how Ceng Niu was not only able to recover from the injuries his domain had caused in just two years, but he even increased his cultivation level from the mid stage of Soul Formation to the late stage.

Two years of time was nothing to cultivators. To be able to do this much in just two years, it was no wonder Li Yuanfeng was shocked.

Just at this moment, three people appeared between Li Yuanfeng and Wang Lin. All of them were very old. There were two men and one woman.

One of the elders shouted, “You’ve got guts to invade my Xue Yue’s Ice and Snow Palace!”

“Ceng Niu!” The old woman’s eyes became cold as she stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as he took a step forward.

With a bang, countless cracks appeared where Wang Lin had stepped and quickly spread across the palace.

Wang Lin whispered, “Break!”

The entire palace began to rumble and then half of the palace collapsed.

The three elders’ expressions changed greatly as a powerful force pushed them away. One of the old men looked at Wang Lin with an expression of disbelief and shouted, “Could you have reached the Soul Transformation stage?!”

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the three of them; his gaze had always been on Li Yuanfeng. At this moment, he moved toward Li Yuanfeng like lightning.

The three elders immediately shouted and immediately appeared before Wang Lin in an attempt to block him.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He appeared before one of the elders and threw a punch at his chest.


The elder’s chest caved in and he coughed out blood. His body was sent flying. He was completely dead. Even his origin soul didn’t have time to escape; it had shattered from the force of the punch.

This was the power of his original body and avatar fused together.

A mid stage Soul Formation cultivator would die in one punch!

The remaining two immediately froze in terror.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the remaining two as he walked once more toward Li Yuanfeng.

Li Yuanfeng’s expression was dark as his hand formed seals and pointed at the eight giant blocks of ice. The blocks immediately moved to protect him.

Wang Lin snorted and threw a punch at the ice blocks.

Bang! Bang!

A series of heaven-shattering explosions echoed through Xue Yue.

The ice blocks before Li Yuanfeng became filled with cracks before shattering into tiny pieces. The powerful shockwave caused the rest of the palace to collapse as well.

Li Yuanfeng’s figure charged out as the ice blocks shattered. Floated in the air, his hair moved without any wind as he said, “Ceng Niu, today you will die for sure!”

Wang Lin raised his head. He looked at Li Yuanfeng and slowly said, “Today I’m going to take your soul and refine it!”

Li YuanFeng’s hand formed a seal and then a giant tea mark suddenly appeared before him. He pushed the tea mark forward and it began to descend upon Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with battle intent. He quickly raised his fist and collided with the tea mark.


The tea mark descending from the sky immediately collapsed and the shock wave force Li Yuanfeng to back up 100 feet. Li Yuanfeng’s eyes were filled with shock but even more so with fear.

Wang Lin backed up three steps. Each step caused countless cracks to appear on the ground.

The battle between the two had caught the attention of everyone in Xue Yue. Aside from the old man who had died and the two others, the remaining 17 Soul Formation cultivators were frantically teleporting toward the palace.

To them, Li Yuanfeng was the sect master of the entire country. As long as he lived, they were a rank 5 cultivation country. If he were to die, they wouldn’t be able to produce another Soul Transformation cultivator any time soon, meaning the only fate left was for their country’s rank to drop.

In almost the blink of an eye, the Soul Formation cultivators arrived. Without any hesitation, they took out their treasures and were about to attack.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He only said one word. “Scram!”

It was just one word. At first it was soft, but in the blink of an eye, it echoed in the sky as if it were the heavens’ wrath!

“Scram! Scram! Scram! Scram! Scram….”

This was the sound of the heavens shattering, and it rumbled in the sky. This was the voice of an ancient god, the anger of an ancient god, and Wang Lin’s first roar as an ancient god at full power.

The clouds in the sky disappeared without a trace and cracks began to appear in the sky like spatial rifts.

The earth began to shake and split open like a piece of paper being torn apart.

The heavens shattered and the earth cracked!

Those Soul Formation cultivators who were about to attack all coughed out blood and were forced back. Their eyes were filled with fear and they no longer dared to attack.

The power of one word!

Wang Lin took a deep breath. The fusion of his original body and the avatar caused a strange mutation that had never happened before.

The current him could be considered a three-star ancient god with late stage Soul Formation cultivation who controlled the life and death domain. Or he could be considered a late stage Soul Formation cultivator who controlled the life and death domain and had the body of a three-star ancient god.

Li Yuanfeng’s expression was extremely ugly. He stared at Wang Lin and for the first time considered Wang Lin his enemy. The power of Wang Lin’s word earlier wasn’t any weaker than a Soul Transformation cultivator’s.

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